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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R15 of 2017

missmagic: bugg 6 weeks for the strike and 1 week for each donut he has given me,with a 1 week discount for remorse that= 18 weeks
King_Robbo: agree missmagic, it was a pathetic act – will go for 6+
dipstick: plus an extra week discount for admitting it. Houli stood up in court and swore he was not guilty.
King_Robbo: at least he admitted he was guilty as opposed to houli playing the ‘good guy’ card
frenzy: c’mon toasters
chinkas: why Johannisen wearing 2 minute noodles as a hat
tbrowne: poor JJ getting bumped around, someone get Sandy some tissues
anthsill03: sorry guys finally brought the bont in this week, forgive me if scores low
th3rio: bont and macrae not looking promising 🙁
Lestat: Wow Greg Louganis playing for the Dogs today.
Donz: very early to call that 3rio
Donz: Hoping Bont goes HUGE! Got him in this week, he’ll go bananas towards the end
th3rio: I have him so I do hope you’re right Donz
th3rio: Gaff is beginning to be that pig SC scorer that nobody thinks about getting lol
pcaman2003: Don’t worry about Bont. 10 possies = 150pts
LMartos: umps call there costing me points on Macrae
King_Robbo: Gaff will never be a SC option, turnover king
th3rio: not for me, but 12 touches a quarter is pretty favourable
Ben_Gogos: @King_Robbo Gaff’s issue is that he’s an outside accumulator.
circle52: Is Gaff the benefactor of Priddiss missing.
Ben_Gogos: @circle52 doubt it, not sure it alters his role seriously since he’s already part of that first rotation.
King_Robbo: this is some bizarre umpiring! how was that not holding the ball for the bont?!?!
Roksta: Media stopping the dogs. Getting frees
tankin: haha. a dogs fan complaining about umpiring. wat a joke
Ben_Gogos: I’m still dumbfounded by the umpires positioning during the Honeychurch incident.
pcaman2003: Macrae,you’re killing me.
Roksta: Tankin is butthurt
TheBoy89: Macrae and Bont lift
TheBoy89: Dahl and yeo keep it
cobrakai00: Love that eagles strip
Lestat: What is Stringer doing?
King_Robbo: again, just bizarre umpiring. How is that a free against Picken? Lol
pcaman2003: @Lestat. Nothing as usual
duckky: Who is this Karpany?
Lestat: LOL pcaman
luke394: lift Bont ffs
Donz: lift bulldogs!!! Got yas 1 – 39, geezz louizzzee
chinkas: bont too many points as it is
Roksta: Bont 1point for a clearance and a kick
King_Robbo: Yeah I saw that Roksta! No idea what CD are doing
Roksta: #freekickwettoast
chinkas: all warranted
pcaman2003: Karpany looks the goods. Might go on the SC radar
Lewysport: Gee these doggy supporters have some bark today!😎
pcaman2003: CD doing their job. Score has been adjusted for Bont. Settle!
Beast_Mode: S.Mitchell had 4 clangers that 1/4 and still racked up 32sc pts lol
Roksta: If only our players had some bark lewy
J_Herer: Yeo so bad when in midfield role
Umpirespet: Macrae having a stinker?
Lestat: If the Dogs can’t beat Weagles in Melb they won’t make finals.
poolboybob: Magnet for Gaff
J_Herer: no run from JJ is hurting the dogs
pcaman2003: Bont 3rd lowest DE on ground,but still scores pts easily.
Lewysport: Round 19 Rocksta, we’ll see if the dogs have any bark left.🤞
Lestat: JJ needs a game or 2 for Footscray.
King_Robbo: Because he wins contested ball and clearances pcaman
Roksta: Nah lewy I think we are shot
whafc: 6 and 1 king yobbo
Lestat: 1 clearance and 6 CP? Yep you’re right once again Robbo.
J_Herer: Bulldogs dont win this and I think there gone for the year (IMO)
King_Robbo: Exactly my point. Gets the hard pill.
Lestat: King_Yobbo can’t even tell what is sarcasm.
pcaman2003: @KingRobbo. That’s not many at all.
King_Robbo: Lestat can’t even put a sentence together that’s grammatically correct
Lewysport: Can you cash in Boyd Rocksta and get a ruckman?
Lestat: King_Yobbo Hunter has had more CP than spudtompelli and he is an outside player.
Lewysport: Where’s your full stop Robbo?
Umpirespet: Cripps is becoming a better player the the Bont
Roksta: I’m a fan of Boyd think he’s been ok. Will obviously improve
Lestat: @Lewy HAHAHA. Yobbo tries to be a smart but and fails.
DrSeuss: Yeo, Macrae and Dahlhaus in this game. I thought it was supposed to be easier after the bye….
Apachecats: Lot of popular ones doing sfa
Lewysport: Lestat, got him yes, as bill would say
King_Robbo: A smart but and fails – again showing you have an IQ of a carrot
Apachecats: Selwood Late out 3AW
pcaman2003: LOL. BBont gets paid for a feeble half a tackle.
Roksta: Lol Daniel high on vardy
Lestat: but = body part douche. DUH can’t swear here.
Lewysport: Quite intelligent for a vegetable the carrot is Robbo!
J_Herer: Clap clap clap – Yeo got a kick
pcaman2003: @Lestat. You mean butt with double t
King_Robbo: Oh, you mean butt. Lol
Lestat: yes but thought that might be called swearing also
MarksMen: Correct. Selwood out and S.Simpson in
NoneyaB: Jelwood is out according to triple M
Erich1036: Why would butt ever be a swear word hahahahaha
Beast_Mode: will dogs make the 8?
J_Herer: no
Roksta: No beast
Lewysport: If Jelwood out l have to give PP another run, damn it.
King_Robbo: I rest my case – lespud
King_Robbo: @ beastmode – I think we’ll still make the 8. Have some easier games to come
Donz: Bont to have a 50 point qtr! please?
Lestat: Dogs make the 8? HAHAHA. Can’t even beat the Eagles in Melb. Zero chance of making the 8
Donz: @ Robbo if dogs cant beat west coast at etihad you will be struggling to make the 8 surely!
pcaman2003: The Dogs have gone to the Dogs.
man0005: The Hawks have gone to the Dogs.
LuvIt74: @Donz exactly right & im a dogs supporter, even if the dogs did make the finals they are no threat to Crows, Cats & GWS
Lewysport: Only out of 8 on % if dogs lose today, what’s the worry, plenty of games left to win.
Apachecats: So glad I got rid of JJ
JRedden: the week i trade yeo in.. great
DrSeuss: Dahlhaus fallen asleep? Yeo – do something
King_Robbo: Yeo never plays well out of Melbourne though, to be expected
armalitemk: King_Robbo the joker back at it again with his misinformed stats how I have missed that!
Raspel31: In all fairness to King_Robbo-he really does know everything
poolboybob: haha another prime Eagles choke incoming
King_Robbo: Yeo hasn’t scored a 100 in his past 3 games in Melbourne.
Donz: here them doggies come! maybe they can make the 8 😛
J_Herer: this is the game, they win they go 8 and go final bound, they lose and game over
King_Robbo: And shhhhh goes Raspel
chinkas: eagles need a goal
Donz: how much game time left? Anyone watching on T.V?
Costanza: Mitchell lol – no way – can he breath proprerly like that
Donz: need the doggiez to come good for my multi to stay alive
Apachecats: Muppet of the year Monty
pcaman2003: What’s happened to Dollhouse? Not sighted.
poolboybob: lol what a muppet
Raspel31: 6 mins Donz
Lewysport: 5 min donz
Donz: cheers Raspel! enough time for Bont to come up with the game winner
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Barrass turns it over deep in defence with the slowest kick of all time.
chinkas: permanent muppet
J_Herer: far out
Donz: cheers barrass!
SC_brAh: piss off yeo junk +10 for what? who is watching
Roksta: Bont robbed should have been his free
Raspel31: That would be cool Donz-3 mins to go with Vardy goal
pcaman2003: Ton up Yeo. King Robbo has no faith in you.
Donz: would have been Raspel 🙁
pcaman2003: Stringer free against surely?
J_Herer: see ya bulldogs
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
King_Robbo: Yeo sub 100 again. I’m right. Again.
banta: Lol bulldogs you are patheTic. Worst premiers ever.. can’t even beat a depleted eagles hahah
chinkas: good win eaglesssss
PLACEBOPIE: butthurt bulldogs 😀
pcaman2003: Eagles too good for the pretenders.

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