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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Carlton vs Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R15 of 2017

m0nty: Marchbank plying tall again on McGovern, bad sign for his scoring today
StuL: A rare quiet one doc please.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jacob Weitering with a Gonzo play on the HBF to set up a McGovern goal.
Lestat: Is Jones playing on Betts? If so that’s just dumb.
dipstick: LOL gonzo? why the porn reference
Thedude24: Terrible terrible scores everywhere in both games
pcaman2003: C’mon Murphy. Some points please!
LMartos: Docherty will rack up the DT points at this rate but will be far behind on his SC
banta: Docherty is pathetic. Only gets cheap sideways kicks. Can’t someone man him up for once!!!
TheBoy89: Sloane, laird, greenwood lift boys!
TheBoy89: Good stuff doc keep it up try and get some sc points tho
Torz: He’s only pathetic if you don’t have him banta. 😉
Lestat: Why is Doc pathetic if Crows refuse to go near him? More like Crows pathetic.
LMartos: @banta, the reason why he’s not manned up is at the start of your sentence
LMartos: but Docherty has proven that he can be influential when he’s needed to be
Torz: Docherty has been a pig in this quarter. They just keep giving it to him.
J_Herer: go Doch go!
Thedude24: Seriously? Calling him pathetic because he’s playing his +1 role to perfection?
iZander: This is embarrassing for carlton, its not keepings off
Apachecats: Doch racking them up now
J_Herer: Captain Doch
TheBoy89: Doc is the most consistent sc player
Apachecats: TG everyone has got Laird.
m0nty: Crows are playing footy, Blues are playing Dream Team.
Haydo: @theboy89, I would say danger is actually, 5 in a row over 140
TheBoy89: Sloane is trash now!
Apachecats: Think I’ll do my loop on Doc now.lookin for a lazy 150.
dipstick: poor @banta! doesnt have and cant afford docherty 🙁
TheBoy89: This year @Haydo doc hasn’t gotten under 90
pcaman2003: Hope Doc does this every qtr. Loving it so far.
TheBoy89: But last five matches danger
th3rio: of course doc goes bang when I dont VC him lol
LMartos: Are Laird’s stats changed with someone else? don’t remember any clangers he did
Donz: Sloane is killing me!
Lestat: @LM 2 FA and 2 dropped sitters = 4 clangers.
circle52: 2 frees agaisnt Martos for starters so there is 2
King_Robbo: I love how much of a spud Sloane is now. And to think that some bought him at 600,000 lmao
Erich1036: @LMartos yep, they changed Laird’s stats with someone else….
poolboybob: The good news for Sloane is that nobody needs to tag him any more since he sucks.
DrSeuss: Lift Laird. How is Greenwood’s TOG?
pcaman2003: Sloane will be $200k soon.
Umpirespet: Sloane playing like the whole Bulldogs side
Lestat: Still won’t be worth getting
pcaman2003: Wish Greenwood had more TOG. Be handy.
dipstick: about 6 weeks ago Champion Data said on SEN that when Sloane’s tagged he has NEVER got more than 22 touches. LOL
Roksta: Sloane irrelevant when tagged
King_Robbo: Sloane is normally a contested ball beast. None so far. The taggers have got in his head. Piss weak
poolboybob: Magnifying glass for Sloane
Lestat: Sloane irrelevant period
Roksta: A Adelaide need another midfielder to challenge premiership
Thedude24: That free kick to adelaide in the goal square. Why umpire? It was a 50-50, just let it go you flog
Umpirespet: Agree on that Rocksta
Lestat: Clear push in the back dude.
Thedude24: Same thing happenes to Cripps seconds later. It’s completely random as to whether they pay those
Raspel31: Hmm-just home. Sloane tagged out again. Becoming a worryt.
th3rio: sloaneeeeeee
Raspel31: Timed that well/
th3rio: dochertys only scored like 6 points since 1/4 time :
Umpirespet: He has had a good last 5 mins Raspel
poolboybob: Sloane needs to run harder to break tags
Raspel31: Thanks umpirespet
JRedden: peopole forget how quickly sloane can accumulate points
pcaman2003: th3trio. he’s scored 17pts
Apachecats: Doc was 45 SC at 1/4 time @thrio
th3rio: really? I thought 55
th3rio: my bad
Apachecats: Greenwood 0 pt 1/4
Apachecats: I’ll un-loop Doc if he keeps this up
pcaman2003: LOL! Opponent has Laird and Bont. Hope both stay low.
DrSeuss: Laird and Greenwood – get the ball FFS
Lestat: Big 2nd half Murphy and Laird.
MarksMen: Correct. Selwood out and S.Simpson in
Raspel31: Perhaps I got unduly excited by Greenwood-carn Lairdy
Lestat: Selwood was never playing.
Umpirespet: Agree Lestat
pies4spoon: Wtf Laird? 21 from 13 disposals!!!
pcaman2003: Go Laird. Hahaha!
dipstick: pump these maggots with our DT friendly footy blue baggers
JRedden: gibbs is unbelivable, truly crazy fantasy player
Lestat: Well I won’t be using loophole. Thanks Laird.
Torz: Laird actually getting midfield time. Unusual.
sfenda1: gibbs playing out of his mind this year
Apachecats: Any one here in the 1.3% that has Gibbs ,Manowar I presume you have him?
man0005: I have him as captain
Lestat: Jones has given Walker a flogging. That’s 4 in a row.
Lestat: I have Gibbs in draft league.
DrSeuss: Do something Laird – pick it up
Raspel31: Me too Lestat
Apachecats: Are you any relation to Manowar @man005?
dipstick: jones is a gun now. was always a cop when he shoulda been a robber
Umpirespet: Lol Jones is a gun after 4 games
Umpirespet: Stop playin with ya dipstick
Lestat: Not sure a gun, but improving.
Lewysport: Hartigan, 1 touch 1 hammy.
Kahunas: Pull a finger out Fisher
Lewysport: Improving every minute Lestat!
DrSeuss: What is Greenwoods TOG today?
Terlob: 61% – it’s the rightmost column
pcaman2003: C’mon Doc. 60 pt + last qtr. Luv u forever then
J_Herer: Laird and Greenwood, shesh… 🙁
Lestat: @Terlob You can’t see TOG on a phone.
DrSeuss: @terlob – can’t see it on phone
Raspel31: Sloaney-pleeeeez-just going backwards.
King_Robbo: Go blues!
chinkas: i can’t see TOG or jumper numbers on my laptop either
poolboybob: Rock for L Jones
SC_brAh: come on greenwood kick the winning goal
th3rio: i hate it when commentators say someone has been quiet, greenwood has been on the fucking bench
faisca7: Who has m. crouch been suckin?
th3rio: and boom greenwood goes 🙂
King_Robbo: Lol Greenwood beating Sloane now in SC! Sloane, what a potato
Gotigres: Greenwood now 84 sc
SC_brAh: Greenwood beast
Umpirespet: Can’t be any worse than the whole Bulldogs side hey Knobbo
Gotigres: Greenwood might ton up
Raspel31: Seem to remember you telling me last week Sloane was a gun Robbo the omnipotent
Lestat: Exactly what Yobbo said Raspel.
King_Robbo: Raspel, never said that. Always stood by that he’s a potato
Haydo: had cripps since start of the year, last 2 have been much better 🙂
King_Robbo: Lestat and Raspel pulling each other off again lol
TheBoy89: Greenwood what a gun
duckky: Docherty or Danger for C
Lewysport: Raspel l think he said if you haven’t got Sloane in your team you don’t know what you doing?
Lestat: m0nty you going to let that comment pass?
chinkas: ff means fantasy flog not fan footy when robbo in the chat
Thedude24: Take Docherty’s vc score?
Lestat: Time for King_Robbo to be banned.
Lewysport: Same dilemma duckky, hoping for 10 more from doc?
pcaman2003: @Lestat. Sgreed. I was banned last week for less.
Umpirespet: Mustn’t feed the troll
Erich1036: lol geez you are soft lestat, claiming butt is a swear word, now this hahahaha
Apachecats: I’m taking it @dude
Raspel31: Peace lads-we’d miss Knobbo.
duckky: Well opponent VC’d Bonti – so he’ll be going Danger. Given its a top of table game – I guess I will too.
Lestat: Read the site rule Erich. Oh you’re a pies fan, you can’t read.
th3rio: I didnt VC doch so hoping danger goes large if not, got the C on zerrett
Umpirespet: Whoo hoo
chinkas: who crows got next week?
Erich1036: Just read “no abuse of other posters”. Shame you just broke it yourself then?
Raspel31: Off for a beer-cheers lads.
Lewysport: Might even chance the C on Zerrett?
Lewysport: Crows chinkas
Lewysport: Dogs v crows chinkas
chinkas: hmm might keep sloane for another week
chinkas: cheers lew

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