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Chat log from R15 of 2017: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R15 of 2017

frenzy: Brad Scott you are an idiot, what are you thinking bringing in Lindsay Flowering Thomas
frenzy: that is the stupidest thing any coach has done this season
man0005: As if Brayshaw will sack him, so he can do whatever he wants really
DrSeuss: Come on GAJ and Witts
Screech23: @man0005 Hi w can Brayshaw sack a coach as a suppoter?
chinkas: lol
JMC23: Whoa…. Lynch has broken the single figure!!!
JMC23: It’s not golf mate
cusch1: Potentially a dead game for 90% of the SC competition this one hahaha
chinkas: north games are the most boring
yablettt: Let’s go Yablettttt
Ben_Gogos: A.Lynch just said Tom Lynch has struggled with a back issue the past two weeks, for anyone interested.
Haydo: got ainsworth on bench did loophole with murphy but decided to keep murphies score also got harbrow
Umpirespet: Have Ainsworth on field in Dt
JMC23: I was too late to loop greenwood with lynch. Please outscore him big fella!!
DrSeuss: Come on Wittsy
Pokerface: whoa what happened to lynch. ducked out 5 minutes ago and he was on 1!
Umpirespet: On Jock Reynolds everyone was gunna dump Lynch…Never trade premos
circle52: 2 goals helps Poker
frenzy: flower off Thomas you shower me
Umpirespet: Weird decision to bring him in hey Frenzy
Umpirespet: Don’t you guys have kids worth trying?
frenzy: Lindsay has been in stunning form in the VFL, 2 games 2 reports and six weeks off
Thedude24: Lindsay is back? Lmao. Look at that sc score
Apachecats: Lynch just passed last weeks score.
LuvIt74: The Roo’s are a pathetic side, there going backwards fast. They will be the Brisbane Lions in a couple more years.
CBeezDeez: Hobart Wallabies LuvIt?
circle52: That not nice Luvit – We are on the improve
Haydo: in my ladder at the start of the year I had North at the bottom, just had a feeling they would do crap this year
Haydo: I was hoping brisbane did better this year 4 their sake
LuvIt74: Deez nah the Hobart Wannabees are much better…lol
LuvIt74: On the improve, thats hilarious
Lestat: Main reason Brisbane is so bad is because of the players who left them.
DrSeuss: Come on Witts – and don’t stop now GAJ
LuvIt74: Those who got rid of Lynch would be spewing
Umpirespet: Luv it forgets the Dogs no ducks or throws = no wins
Haydo: what a goal ainsworth
BeastMode: wittsy +15 was nice
LuvIt74: @Umpirespet I’m not Robbo mate, first to admit the dogs have been found out and are crap this season.
Apachecats: Has Lindsay donged anyone yet?
Pokerface: is witts to gawn a waste of a trade? not sure gawn is the must have that people think
Umpirespet: Lol I know …No one is like Robbo
LuvIt74: Poker yeah it seems like a sideways trade m8 as Witts is doing the job
circle52: Luvit – Ipersonally think we are better this year than last and think we will be challenging in 2/3 years
Umpirespet: Gawn will drop in price for 2 more weeks yet so a wait and see
Lestat: I would wait with Gawn as Witts is doing well enough atm.
LuvIt74: How a club can include Thomas in their best 22 is a joke. Speaking of ducking, he is the king of ducking. lol
weca: do it, for the same price, gawn will get 100-150 consistently
Haydo: u go 4 brisbane circle
circle52: Brisbane member Haydo so yes
LuvIt74: @Circle if you’re a Roo’s supporter I have you going for the wooden spoon in 2/3 years. Poor list mate.
Hooks: Luvit you have no idea, Carlton have to play Thomas if they don’t they will get scrutinised lol
Pokerface: thanks guys, yeah i think Witts is doing enough as a keeper. trades are a scarce resource
Umpirespet: How much for hip wood Circle think he’s gunna be good
Erich1036: @Hooks he is clearly talking about Thomas from North LOL
LuvIt74: @circle oh you’re a lions supporter well thats different I concur, Lions are doing much better then previous years
Haydo: nice, they’re my second favorite team circle, my mum was from brisi
Pokerface: not sure if hooks is trolling or really can’t keep up
circle52: Not going anywhere Umpirepet – Haerting Crows may be making a big play for Rocky
LuvIt74: @Hooks try stay on the same page mate, I’m talking about Lindsey Thomas
Haydo: same @luvit, they’ve got some good young talent
Hooks: Oh thank god, apologies to you Luvit I take that back and actually agree.
circle52: Sorry luvit should have qualified when made remark
Umpirespet: I have Lynch opp has Gazz looking good so far…..think we are over Rocky m8
NoneyaB: opp has gaz i have nartin hes my de6 though
Umpirespet: Gibbs wants to come home
Hooks: Adelaide could of really used Lyons
Umpirespet: We have too many Lyons Hooks
Beast_Mode: thats it mountford make me some money
Umpirespet: We need a star mid
Hooks: Apparently not @Umpirespet but if he does thats fine if Kelly is inbound 🙂
Haydo: lynch has already beaten his projected by 21 lol, oppo has him 🙁
Raspel31: Gablett tore the heart out of Norff a few months ago-give him to 3/4 time before switching cap to Danger
JMC23: Haha he has almost beaten his last 2 weeks combined in a half. Has bee so poor, hopefully it’s the end of those scores
Umpirespet: Raspel worried about Dangers points with no Selwood there
Umpirespet: Had a back injury JMC23
Raspel31: Me too ump-and away against a fast midfield.
JMC23: Ah explains it. Wish he had of just rested and he wouldn’t of hit my teams score so hard
LuvIt74: Lyons is a gun and will only improve over the next 3 years. Did he want to leave the crows or did crows axe him
JMC23: Good to see him back 😉
pcaman2003: Send Thomas back to the 2’s again.
Umpirespet: We thought we would get Gibbs and with Croch bros similar they let him go
Umpirespet: Raspel I only have Pendles or Rocky I could C so have left C on Danger atm
Lestat: No Kelly or Merrett Ump?
Umpirespet: Agree he is a good player Luvit we need a star mid otherwise no prem for us
JMC23: Can u loop 2mro ump? Why not Vc danger in case
Raspel31: Well, I’ve given up on Sloane-have Pendles, Martin, Merrett, Neale but taken punt on Gazza Ump. Can cahange to Danger
Umpirespet: No Lestat running out of trades m8
LuvIt74: @Umpire did u use the VC already?
Umpirespet: Cv was on Bont
LuvIt74: If not go VC Danger & C on Pendles
LuvIt74: ok fair call
Umpirespet: Thought Bont would go big today
JMC23: Oh right. I C’d Merret myself. Only bought him in this week so expect him to go sht from now on. Sorry those who have hi
LuvIt74: Anyone who has already used their VC would be bloody brave not to throw the C on Danger
LuvIt74: @Umpire I had the same plan but changed my mind last minute and went VC on Danger & C on Pendles
Raspel31: Agreed Luvit-hanging on for one more quarter.
Umpirespet: Well done luvit you made the right call ..Still might C pendles yet
Lewysport: Had vc on doc and c on danger, but something’s telling me to go to Merrett?
jaypeee: i went docherty VC and i’m not risking it.
LuvIt74: @Paspel you’ll have enough time to watch what GAJ scores b4 deciding whether to go C on Danger
Umpirespet: Good move jaypeee
Raspel31: Yep Luvit
LuvIt74: Any score over 120 take it, especially this week coz if Jelwood ends up being a late out it may very well effect Dangers
LuvIt74: @jaypee smart move
Umpirespet: Selwood is out Luvit
Raspel31: Jelwood already out isn’t he?
Pokerface: he’s already confirmed out
LuvIt74: is he?
pies13: where are the 2 @rooboys havnt scene them comment this year good 2see they stand by there team in hard times
circle52: Yep confirmed about 2hrs ago luvit.
LuvIt74: shit he is too, oh well I get Greenwoods score
Umpirespet: LolPies think Rooboy and Robbo are related
Pokerface: toby greene a late out
Umpirespet: No way poker really?
JMC23: U can still see the yellow bruising on his jaw! Who’s our cover for him? SPP here.
StuL: Come on Higgins you girl. Scoring worse than a rookie (on the never again list for next year)
LuvIt74: Well there ya go I won a $500 bet with a good m8 of mine
Pokerface: yep, confirmed UP
anthsill03: Final teams #AFLGiantsCats: @GWSGIANTS: Toby Greene (ankle) replaced by Daniel Lloyd @GeelongCats: No late changes
LuvIt74: #StuL you listen to Higgo to much mate. 🙂
J_Herer: higgins is about as good as north melbourne
Raspel31: Greene out-you’re joking. Brought him in this week. Aargh.
wadaramus: Me too Raspel, luckily have Greenwood covering, hopefully he’s back next week!
JMC23: Ouch
poido123: suck it greene owners hahahaha
pies13: @umpirespet wouldnt suprise me robbo and happytimes talk alot of smack!
Raspel31: Moved Greenwood mid-but got Ainsworth to cover Wad-go Ainsworth you gun.
poido123: and monty is the biggest site owner on the internet. stupid ranga
Raspel31: bye bye poido
poido123: obviously i dont care Raspel you retard
Umpirespet: Where did that come from Poido?
J_Herer: when will Prues get a run, next week as the roos season is over?
LuvIt74: yep think poido just secured himself a red card
Lewysport: Is that you King Robbo?
LuvIt74: @poido123 get lost ya fool, take ya crap else where.
poido123: listen to all the lickers on here sucking up to ranga
anthsill03: how old is poido? 10 maybe
luke394: go Goldy need a big one today
Raspel31: Poido’s obviously very mentally challenged-let us show compassion.
Umpirespet: Wouldn’t doubt if preuss asked to be traded at seasons end Herer
poido123: monty the d.ckless jerkoff. your site sucks and so does the knobs on here who kiss your
Erich1036: Why are you here poido?
J_Herer: yeah Pruess will go if he doesn’t get a run, he had 63 hit outs in the 2nds last week
Lewysport: Sounds like poido enjoys life!
Umpirespet: How can you jerkoff if ya d.ckless?
Apachecats: Ben GG are you out having a coffee break or what?
Kahunas: Poido has a banana stuck up his butt
Breezey: Now that deserves a well earned Good bye to Poido
boo!: @umpirespet, look at red tube
poido123: jerkoff other males? not very bright
J_Herer: Higgins tackling his way to a 90 lol
Umpirespet: Geez kids today are to educated
PLACEBOPIE: let him speak you have the floor poido 🙂
poido123: all you gutless wonders wont dare say to monty and everytime im here, i see all the same knobs sucking up to him
J_Herer: put Gazza on ice, game is won
Raspel31: Poidi is what happens when you give computer access to the criminally insane.
Pokerface: its his 300th, let him enjoy the party herer
poido123: raspel truth hurts. you one of monty’s personal jizz rags
Umpirespet: Poido how can I rubbish someone I have never met?
J_Herer: lol poker, my oponent has him and i am sucking this week
poido123: greene owners bahahahahahah
anthsill03: if you stop engaging with the moron – he might stop !
Breezey: This game not done yet. Only 23 pts now
JMC23: Ignore poido and let him type away. Surely he’ll get bored… then realise how sad he really is
colin wood: Gaz and Martin gone to bed?
poido123: thomas lynch VC in SC cheers
Pokerface: gaz hasnt touched it in about 20 minutes
poido123: how am I not banned yet? Monty must of choked to death on another man’s sausage
hinsch: I am the lucky one got Greene and Jelwood both late withdraws hahaha
Pokerface: step up ben
zadolinnyj: Gents. Hard tipping week. Lyons enjoying the queensland sun
Raspel31: In your pain I feel 50% better hinsch. Bad luck.
Lestat: Did you seriously think Selwood was playing hinsch?
JMC23: If anyone could get up lestat it would be him. Not surprised though
Lestat: Agreed JMC but he was out cold for a long time.
poido123: Jelwood owners bahahahahha
JMC23: Anyone give Cats a chance tonight? $20 Syd/WCE/Cats pays me $329
poido123: why pick players that get injured? dumb
JMC23: Yeah true lestat. And he still looks a bit average too
poido123: cats no chance
zadolinnyj: dangerfield and duncan could still get them there. can you cash out during game?
fozzy2013: No Chance and I follow them.
DrSeuss: Looks like Mountford on the bench will be outscoring a bunch of my ‘premiums’ this week
Lewysport: Cash out option JMC?
Lestat: Any other year JMC no, but this year 25% chance.
Raspel31: Hope so Zado-Danger getting my cap now Gablett hasn’t fired
JMC23: Not sure.. I put the bet on at the TAB though not online so have the ticket… too many already to drive and way too
JMC23: Cold to walk.
zadolinnyj: no cash out on that mate. Ride the roller coaster to then end
Lewysport: Get you a few more frothies if they do get up JMC!
zadolinnyj: I got the C to Raspel. Should be a normal day for Danger. More mid less forward though
JMC23: Yeah I tried to see if the check and collect would show me a cash out price. No go
colin wood: Good boy mountford
Raspel31: I’m not playing tonight Zado. Bad achilles.
Umpirespet: Hope so Zad need at least 100 from Danger
JMC23: Never been one to cash out tho. That’s when final legs actually will win.
sfmmp23: Happy with Mountford, great cover for Jelwood.
Umpirespet: Welcome back Lynchy
zadolinnyj: lol raspel. Grammatical joke!
circle52: Hanley done for game red croos
boo!: #wherespoido
fonzie: i hate you lynch
Umpirespet: On red tube boo
poido123: im here boo you stump
man0005: #wherespoido
NoneyaB: finally martin pulls his finger out
Lewysport: His mother won’t play with him man005
JackRipper: Has it actually been confirmed anywhere that Lynch has been carrying a back injury the last 2 weeks for his SC 30’s ?
Lestat: Waite red cross
DrSeuss: Finish strong Wittsy
poido123: good one Lewy you special child
NoneyaB: Im gonna turn witts into gawn next week
Lewysport: I used to be, l moved out remember!
Raspel31: Atta boy Ainsworth-covering for Greene.
Umpirespet: Jack lynch the commentator said he had been
JackRipper: @Pet. Soz not the sharpest tool in the shed. ” Jack Lynch the Commentator ” ?
Umpirespet: Jack….Lynch the commentator
Lestat: @Jack, Lynch the commentator.
Hadouken: come on gaj, anything less than 120 is a fail haha
Umpirespet: Alastair Lynch
sfenda1: Ainsworth or Curnow rising star this week?
JackRipper: Arr ..Thx mate
Umpirespet: Think curnow played better today
Lestat: Curnow played on Lever and did very well.
anthsill03: curnow 1 goal, 11 marks and 18 touches
sfenda1: anthsill it was 22 touches i think. Looks like we have our 5th nom
Raspel31: Well done lads for collectively ignoring the troll.
anthsill03: my math is bad sorry sfenda1 – fingers crossed
Lestat: @anths it was 18 kicks 🙂
Lestat: Was there a troll here Raspel? Didn’t notice
luke394: crap last quarter Goldy u flog
wadaramus: Ignorance is bliss Raspel 🙂
Raspel31: Lol all.
anthsill03: thanks lestat
JMC23: Second that
yablettt: On ya abblet
Hadouken: wow gaj, my 120…. you old devil you 🙂
anthsill03: did swallow only get 4 points for that goal, cant complain finally hit the ton
Hadouken: btw, bringing in docherty next round, so sorry in advance if i break him for you all.
LuvIt74: Raspel I presume you’re going with Danger?
poido123: wow you are so cool Raspel. you are referring to the troll so you aren’t actually ignoring me
Lestat: @Hado, not quite 120 but close.
Raspel31: Don’t go near him Hadouken.
poido123: Raspel chooses injured players. I wouldnt follow anything he does
LuvIt74: @anthsill03 If ya still have swallow its time to give up on any form of FF
OnTheRocks: Doc is unbreakable!
Haydo: hes gonna be near 660 tho hadouken
Raspel31: Yep Luvit-but Gablett kind of came good.
GOD: CD gave Ablett some cheap SC points late!
LuvIt74: yeah its a tough call, my concern with Danger is now there is no Jelwood so its risky. Hope he scores you 150+
anthsill03: i know trust me this year has been a struggle with injuries, had no other choice
anthsill03: @luvit based on some of your comments you should give up on FF too

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