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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R14 of 2017

JockMcPie: If Hawthorn can beat Adelaide, we can beat the worse SA team…surely
PLACEBOPIE: go pies 🙂
pcaman2003: Pies will win this.
JockMcPie: Nice kick Dixon…
AT_123: Port should win, Im calling 27 points
Yelse: comnnn pies lift geez
oh_lol: Thought Charlie would show Robbie how to kick it from there
LMartos: I’ve got some deadset butchers in my team
JockMcPie: Grundy’s actually an idiot
King_Robbo: God Treloar is a shit kick
leorosman_: what did grundy do?
pcaman2003: Pendles,Adams and SPP go big today please.
JockMcPie: @leo tried to take on two tacklers at once…resulted in a turnover goal
leorosman_: far out, gotta know his limits
Yelse: pies wake up the bye is finished
SilverLion: Treloar, Adams, Grundy. Great start.
JRedden: do something grundy ffs
frenzy: turn it round Adams
pcaman2003: Shite Adams.You plonker!
th3rio: wow here i was happy that oppt has grundy and treloar…then adams does this to me
Beast_Mode: Sorry i brought in Adams before last weeks game, my fault lads
poolboybob: 11 points collectively for Adams and Treloar, awesome start.
DrSeuss: Come on Treloar and Adams, lift
Pokerface: robbie with the shovel? mmm
Torz: Finally getting a few midfield minutes Pokerface. Mostly forward though. Brought him in this week for Barlow.
Yelse: geez the pies aren’t getting any favours with the HTB or incorrect disp
King_Robbo: Grundy is playing some pretty pathetic footy here – lift you spud!
pcaman2003: Might have to take back about the Pies winning this. My clanger!
Pokerface: ok thanks Torz, only just switched on. very much on my radar if he gets mid minutes
LMartos: good from Treloar and Adams
Yelse: Pies hit a target FGS
circle52: Will be spewing if Scooter a late out. Held of trading scooter to Wines when he was named,
Pokerface: plus he was 6.50 to top group 2 at sbet 🙂
wadaramus: Lift your game Collingwood!
pcaman2003: My opp has Goldsack and Faz,beating my Pendles ,Adams. FFS!
Raspel31: Hmm, Adams, Grundy and Pepper as no Gablett or Kelly-over the moon.
StuL: Great effort pies.
LMartos: I had to choose between fielding Ryan or hoping Scooter wasn’t a late out, went safe with Ryan
Pokerface: lol pcaman
Pokerface: ryan will serve you well martos, good choice.
SilverLion: WOuld take 80 from here out of my 3 pies haha
Yelse: Treolaor got an effective HB and went backwards lol
pcaman2003: @pokerface. Hopefully it will improve. It needs to!
th3rio: good boy adams, bad boy grundy
Sloaneyyyy: It’s a shame Robbie Gray take half a season to warm up, could be such a good fantasy pig
LMartos: how is Aaron Young playing over Brett Eddy
SilverLion: The trio have all doubled their scores in the last 5 min.
King_Robbo: collingwood can’t hit a target
Fatbar5tad: Pies fumbling and handballing behind their team mates.
pcaman2003: Keep it up Pendles. I likey ver muchy.
AngryRyno: Young and Eddy play a different role, not really comparable
Yelse: Darcy moore keeps getting held
Pokerface: eddy won’t get a game while dixon’s ankle holds up
frenzy: c’mon robbie
King_Robbo: grundy is literally playing with concrete in his boots – pathetic
King_Robbo: that’s better brodie!
Torz: At least everytime Robbie touches it, it’s usually a goal. Haha.
LMartos: Robbie Gray is that good
JockMcPie: Fuck of Gray, done nothing all year, dont do this you fucker
LMartos: how did Gray not get DPP this year, could be just forward next year maybe
poolboybob: Okay, time to trade in Gray for Steele next week
Donz: Come on SPP I’d take 60 from ya, Don’t want Barrett to outscore you. So lift please bud!
Torz: He already got DPP LMartos.
bongidongi: Robbie Gray, wingard, adams and pendles (c) so far so good
AngryRyno: obviously LMartos is talking SC
pcaman2003: Lift SPP and Adams. Your ok Pendles.
Beast_Mode: its hard to lift being on the bench half the game
wadaramus: Well, this is gettting out of hand, the umpiring is disgraceful.
Yelse: this umpires have lost it today
Fatbar5tad: This code is to difficult to officate. Rules committee to blame.
Lestat: Only been watching for 5 mins and the umpiring is woeful at best.
sfmmp23: These umpires are fuckwits, absolute shit. Do something AFL
poolboybob: Almost a cape quarter for Adams
pcaman2003: @Beast. How true!
lzaffina: fair to say darcy moore may have the duties of peeling oranges next week
sfmmp23: Game after game we have to witness it, but the AFL fine anyone who says a thing about the umps
Yelse: whats the free kick count in this game
pcaman2003: Great 1/4 from my 3,finally. No complaints!
PLACEBOPIE: reminds me of the melbourne game
Beast_Mode: SPP would be on pace for a ton if he wasn’t playing the least minutes on the ground!
Donz: @Beast, well then its Mr. Hinkley that needs to lift his game!!
bongidongi: only need wingard to lift! no complaints about pendles, r. gray and spp
Beast_Mode: *2nd least
Gebs: hinkley is smasrt for playing him in bursts. would burn out otherwise
9inch: Agree umps favouring Port in calls. No consistency
King_Robbo: agree, pies have been smashed by the umps in the first half
daniel87: if we are getting favoured it wouls be the first time this year normally calls go against us weekly
SilverLion: @daniel said every clubs’ supporter base ever week.
kano: Free kick count 13-11. Umps have been no worse than every other week
bernieV: there was one free kick they missed for the pies but made up for it 10 seconds later. The rest have been there
faisca7: Adams with 100% efficiency and also 3 clangers..
kano: The Brown free kick goal was ludicrous
AngryRyno: what’s so amazing about that @faisca7?
m0nty: It’s an untidy game, to be fair to the umps. At least they’re being consistent.
faisca7: What is a clanger then?
AngryRyno: clangers aren’t just disposals, free against for example
wadaramus: It’s the one’s they don’t pay that then get compounded by the ridiculous ones that they do pay.
circle52: Frees against are classed as clangers
mickelo: Umps are always consistent, they are terrible every game of every week.
faisca7: Ah yes.. makes sense
SilverLion: Consistently inconsistent as I like to say.
Lestat: WTF are they reviewing that for? Field umpire called touched straight away.
pcaman2003: C’mon Pendles. -2 pts this 1/4
Yelse: there was no need to review that waste time
AT_123: Could say Im hapy so far. Ryder, Wines, Howe and Adams! 🙂
Apachecats: Gray is murdering Collingwood.
pcaman2003: R Gray unstoppable. Smart player.
bongidongi: pendles pls lift. dont make me regret taking the c of jpk
SilverLion: Do something Grundy you spud
Haydo: Grundy is such a spud (:
pcaman2003: The fat lady is warming up the vocal chords
Beast_Mode: bland and white have forgot about the gray
Yelse: so many throws by port going unnoticed
Haydo: Lol @beast
chris7399: one thing for a buddy or jjk to outscore you. almost outscored by a mid. a new low for the pies
man0005: Thanks Captain Gray
poolboybob: It’s Collingwood at the MCG, there is way more than one fat lady
kano: Lol yelse. Every team gets away with throws every week
AngryRyno: big qtr from Ads, disposal eff has lifted immensely
shents: westhoff icicle?
King_Robbo: bye bye bucks
korza: Collingwood has more s/c pts than Port. What a joke
Yelse: @korza a lot more disposals top
9inch: Inside 50 kicks are usless.
happytimes: Can we sack Buckley now
Beast_Mode: pies are kings of empty stats
korza: Buck’s will resign, better than being sacked
King_Robbo: Hold on – Grundy just took a contested mark off an opp kick, had an effective kick for +6sc – umm ok…
happytimes: Good point Korea, I thought sc was meant to reward influential acts
happytimes: Lol Korea = korza
poolboybob: Give Treloar more points please
korza: *happy, spot on, lets just sit back and watch c’woods kick to kick
pcaman2003: Is Pendles hibernating?
Manowar: I have the C on Wobbie Gray today!
happytimes: As long as the pies are losing I can watch it all day
aces-high: Grundy has always been a dream team ruck never SuperCoach worthy. Ryder today will outscore him with half the disposals
pcaman2003: @happytimes. lol!
AngryRyno: hard to believe mano
Yelse: can the pies come back like the swans
King_Robbo: no you don’t Manowar lol stop trolling
sfmmp23: Treloar and Grundy being ripped off
Lewysport: Manowar you said you had C on greenwood last night?
AT_123: Manowar probably had the C on Gibbs last week aswell…
9inch: Lot of missed opportunity in the end of that qtr.
pcaman2003: Manowar taking over the roll of GOD.
LMartos: Would take 410 from Ryder, Adams, Treloar and Wines, I’d say that’s realistic
AngryRyno: 47DT points for Treloar that qtr
King_Robbo: I agree sfmmp – Grundy took that massive mark and only got 6 points. If Rance did that it would be a plus 10!
pcaman2003: After a shower qtr from Pendles,need big last qtr to make it up.
daniel87: come on port dont get complacent finish them
Haydo: Lol, Manowar is happy he has the C on Robby Gray this afternoon
korza: Bucks writing out his pink slip. Good riddance
Lestat: @LMartos 410? You are dreaming.
Torz: So much for the midfield stints. R Gray is always the deepest forward.
JackRipper: If Bucks was a car he would be a Lemon !!!
King_Robbo: Crocker is a bit of a spud ey
daniel87: come port wake up finish the job
daniel87: yes well done gray
Lestat: Must have learned how to be a spud from Cloke ey Robbo.
AT_123: Jeremy Howe is surely going to be top 5 Supercoach defenders… Blokes a gun.
bongidongi: pandles pls get to 120
chris7399: Collingwood with more disposals but 10 scoring shots less. poor execution
korza: 76 goal game and C/Data has Collingwood the better team
Haydo: Lol Lestat
daniel87: i dont care who you follow when your team puts the que in the rack with a quarter to go its annoying
Haydo: 76 goal game???
AngryRyno: Grundy always comes home strong, cheers stud
daniel87: ollie wines dissapointing 60 points half time looks like h miss the ton
poolboybob: I keep hearing how important Paddy is to Port but then he scores like 85 points
mickelo: Come on Adams,almost there.
luke394: port winning by 5 goals and one bloke tonnes up
mickelo: Yeah coz all teams measure a players importance by supercoach points
LMartos: Ollie that disgusts me
Thedude24: Did Ebert play at all in the 2nd half? wtf
poolboybob: Supercoach is supposed to measure a player’s impact on the game
frenzy: geez Hartlett does it hard in SC, no love there
luke394: Wines has 14CP and doesn’t tonne up fark off
daniel87: well done port glad we won but it could been better players took it easy in the last
Pokerface: look at his efficiency luke. terrible
Haydo: @poolboybob, sometimes players impact the game through intimidation
Pokerface: they are beautiful quads
frenzy: you’d swear the pies won

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