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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, R14 of 2017

J.Worrall: Same Olds Forever!
circle52: Gee early Pros
circle52: Worth a punt on Buddy as VC
9inch: Lot of love for Lloyd this week. Personally I’m passing. Good value at 411k sc but is he really in top 6? Don’t think so
9inch: Buddy no. Due for a big one but not worth the risk.
Apachecats: I bought him @9inch ,screams good value.We’ll soon know.
Umpirespet: Supercoach carnage this week fellas
Umpirespet: Circle have Heeney as VC
9inch: We will indeed.
CBeezDeez: Crappola! I’d better reverse my trade real quick also. His DPP hard to go past
dipstick: lloyd is the 5th highest averaging def. for 411K thtas dirt cheap. basically avging 99 without the concussion game
9inch: I have one space to fill in Def and hascto be Laird next week.
circle52: Think mine will be Roberton Newman doing a fair job at D^ so can wait a while.
circle52: Itchy fingers may go back to JPK
m0nty: Newman warming up with the mids in pre-game apparently
Umpirespet: Nice think Newman is a lock for the D6
circle52: Ground looks wet and spongy so JPK may have a field day
Umpirespet: You trying to talk yourself into it Circle?
9inch: Merrett, Heeny ,Jpk. Lets go boys.
circle52: Did it just before bounce changed mind about 100 times today between JPK and Buddy
Breezey: Just me and Buddy involved in this game tonight.
dipstick: heeneye a nice sneaky 140 sc score tonight
Manowar: Merrett BOG for Sydney
Lestat: I think Parker will have a huge night. He is overdue
AngryRyno: two heeney clangers early
Yelse: How did the kick to franklin from JKP be ineffective or clanger when buddy dropped it
m0nty: Grundy not being given the best forward any more, getting old is Reg
LMartos: great start Isaac
th3rio: heeneys score lagging or?
dipstick: i benched nank over you old fuddy duddy cruddy buddy so dont fuck me
LMartos: love my players making easy skill errors
AngryRyno: damnit Jakey
Umpirespet: Haven’t heard Newmans name yet
AngryRyno: newman always starts on the bench @Pet
Torz: Newman always starts on the bench.
Texwalker: Its the yellow thing hanners, now go fetch…
Manowar: Z. Merrett injured?
Beast_Mode: relax, newman on been on 3 minutes
Umpirespet: Well get him on Horse
th3rio: wtf bunnings
Beast_Mode: lol bunnings
DrSeuss: Long start on the bench for Newman
MONEY TALK: lol was that acommercial for a behind again
Brenno_173: Hopefully Merret died
pcaman2003: Will Duddy Buddy burn his owners again tonight?
Umpirespet: Good mark Mills
Brenno_173: pcaman2003 is a spud
poolboybob: Hey Heppell, game has started
dipstick: is someone pulling my pud or is newman eating donuts?
Manowar: Hello Newman
DrSeuss: Newman getting ignored by team mates it seems
LMartos: Lloyd’s score is disgraceful
LMartos: 4 points for mark, effective kick and effective handball
J.Worrall: Bomberrs fans have waited 15 years to see this!
Lestat: Surprise surprise. More whinging about the SC scores.
Pokerface: martos you cry about scores every game. give it up
hinsch: Tossed up between Lloyd and Heeney took Heeney ?????
fonzie: cmon buddy do somethin
Manowar: CD are bias against Tipinwidi tonight
Pokerface: scores are disgraceful when your players don’t score what you want. you do not know the CD system better than they do
LuvIt74: Lloyd wont go up a huge amount in price
Umpirespet: Circle your choice of VC lookin alright
LMartos: oh really? I wan’t aware of that, thanks
happytimes: How the fuck does ling get paid to dribble such crap
Donz: on the AFL site trying to listen live as I am at work… Anyone on here have any idea why it wont work?
LuvIt74: wtf is Heppell doing the stupid frog
circle52: For DT want Merrett to beat Titchells 117
Yelse: whats wrong with coaches always starting same players on bench… greenwood newman etc
Apachecats: Luvit Lloyd will beat his break even before half time at this rate.
casey22: Heppell on fire tonight: dawsonesque performance
Lestat: @happytimes the same way BT gets paid for is shower dibble.
LuvIt74: @Donz coz you’re at work, get back to work and leave chat.
oh_lol: Donz just watc
StuL: Heppell, wtf? Lucky my opp has you and not me!
oh_lol: Donz just watch it on the crownbet app!
happytimes: @donz even the AFL can’t listen to long anymore
feralmong: Donz maybe your work proxy blocks streaming media.
dipstick: lingy doesnt even have a head for radio
Lestat: his* dribble. Scotch talking 😛
Gotigres: Might have to upgrade Spuddy Franklin to Stewart
Breezey: Newman will be up near the top before you know it
JButcher: BT is on fire tonight, love his work
Pokerface: does anyone here like BT?
Yelse: newman never wastes possession
LuvIt74: @Apach yes correct his B/E is only 50 but he is projected to rise $7,200 and they go by the players average.
poolboybob: Try hitting a target Heppell you tosser
Donz: not a member of crownbet… but cheers Ohlol
Apachecats: uddy a long way behind scratch now ,
happytimes: @lestat just wondering if Richo has been sacked because he’s no better
Donz: I can live stream on youtube though feral!
Umpirespet: Nope Poker think BT is cringeworthy
Apachecats: *Buddy
LuvIt74: So lets say Lloyd scores 100 his price may go up by $10 to 15k and his B/E next week will be reduced again.
Apachecats: Better get a Buddy move on.
Snarfy: SO MANY ERRORS! AFL kicking quality is officially crap.
Breezey: BT loves Oratzioooo.
dipstick: just get an overseas betting account to watch AFL games free
happytimes: Fair point dipstick
Pokerface: given his price, doesn’t everyone have him now though luvit?
Snarfy: I would be interested in a survey on kicking accuracy for goal compared to 20 years ago.
Donz: it gives me the absolute poos when Luke Darcy or BT find a ‘T’ in the blokes name
oh_lol: You can get an Aus crownbet account and watch it. No need to bet 🙂
LuvIt74: Apparently not
JButcher: @Poker its not Friday Night Footy without BT
Lestat: Nice joke JButcher. BT is a waste of air.
Apachecats: I think he goes up by a se ammount for every point over break even ,someone might knowe $Figure per point luvit
J.Worrall: Its just Fir night with BT
feralmong: Call your help desk donz. Let them know you can’t bludge effectively.
dipstick: @donz like Melicant
Apachecats: *set amount
Lestat: @happytimes Richo is a great bloke, just a tool at commentary.
Snarfy: The way BT says Jake LLLLLLLLoyd’s name for instance.
dipstick: @apache it used to 1/3
feralmong: Nice recovery zerrett from the muppet moment.
Pokerface: lol feral
feralmong: Qtr time sweet Caroline an ode to Caro?
AngryRyno: they play sweet caroline QT every week
Umpirespet: Sam Newman requests it
Costanza: Parker looking for rain
vamos77: Baguley wearing eye liner flowering emo
Donz: I have an 100% bludge efficiency Feral.. Don’t worry about that
LuvIt74: $4,505 per point is his price based on his average.
The39Steps: Forwards should be paid on their conversion rate performance. Like the rest of us.
LuvIt74: but that has nothing to do with his future price over his B/E
Lestat: 3-7 from set shots combined is a disgrace.
Ladbrokes_: Yes Stewart!
Lestat: Gifted goal there. Daniher dropped it and so did McKernan.
wadaramus: Z.Merrett is a total deadset GUN, and not in my team ;(
poolboybob: Gee Heppell really sucks
pcaman2003: Once again Duddy earning his mega!
AngryRyno: brought in McKernan, why isn’t he on track for his 90 average?
StuL: I talked up Watson and Heppell pre season and took neither, thank flower.
Pokerface: Rohan has beautiful hands. we know that
Lestat: @Ryno his average is when he was #1 ruck.
poolboybob: BT is such a knob
Lestat: agreed poolboy
RooBoyStu: Perfect example as to why the umps are sponsored by OPSM
AngryRyno: don’t worry Lestat i’m only pulling your leg
fonzie: buddy u r useless
MONEY TALK: good work newman
LuvIt74: @StuL shutup I have Heppell the 1 eyed spud needs a shit load more eyes to see where the ball is
Donz: good week to have brought in Zerrett!! Keep going you good thing
Breezey: And most of the Fantasy world just went Yippee
LMartos: imagine BT commentating his son
pcaman2003: Go Newman! Good goal.
Texwalker: Hanners and zerrett have just pulled the handbrake on..
wadaramus: Well thanks for talking me into picking Watson StuL!!
feralmong: I did donz. Not many have him it appears.
Donz: Only 29% still have him in SC Breezey… Pour souls who dont
StuL: Well I pointlessly got Hibberd and cashed in Newmy for nothing. No need. Newman is a pig.
LuvIt74: ok think I worked it out, Lloyd projection of $7,200 is based on his projected score of 66 not his Yearly average.
Umpirespet: Go Heeney you good thing
Yelse: how is zerrett the same as JPK
The39Steps: Is Newman Rookie of the Year eligible?
wadaramus: Go Newman and Heeney!
pcaman2003: Thank you Heeney.More please!
Pokerface: too old 39
StuL: Newman is rookie of all time eligible.
9inch: Jpk Merrett and Heeny. Cant complain.
Beast_Mode: lol at trading newman
RooBoyStu: Parker clap clap clap
The39Steps: Tks @poker.
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Newman just ripped out a new one, while all my chat on Lloyd is making his point generation go in reverse
StuL: Byes, beast mode. Wouldn’t have otherwise. Just won my first bye game.
Growlers: Happy Birthday for last Tuesday JPK same birthday as me, just a tad younger!
MONEY TALK: probs a dumb move but went shaw to lloyd instead of newman to lloyd
poolboybob: Can’t wait to rage trade Heppell on Sunday night
Breezey: He has some e lec tricity has Colyer. For a behind you wanker
feralmong: I’m inclined to keep Newman and Stewart from cats. They are good D6 options.
Growlers: JPK celebrating his birthday in style!
Lestat: Lloyd 1 kick only this qtr. Remove finger please.
AngryRyno: Heeney is a JET
wadaramus: GO Jobey 1 Kenobey.
Gotigres: Great leader Heppell is.
StuL: Heenpig is helping at least. And Spuddy is helping my opponent sark.
Lestat: Time to trade Duddy to get someone more consistent.
MONEY TALK: buddy doesn’t know how to take set shots anymore ever since i got him
fonzie: spud on bud
Breezey: Bit better Bud. Be big,bold and belt the Bombers
Lestat: I 2nd that fonzie. Spud for Duddy.
Brenno_173: fonzie- your the spud
LuvIt74: @Feral Newman yes good D6 but not Stewart mate. D7 yes otherwise trade stewart to upgrade
Gotigres: 16 sc points Heppell. You champ.
Texwalker: Zerrett decided to have the qaurter off i guess… hopeless
DrSeuss: Come on Newman don’t stop now
pcaman2003: @Brenno_173. You got spuds on the brain. Go to bed.
LuvIt74: chop those bloody dredlocks off heppell their weighing you down son
feralmong: Yep luvit what u said. Have Stewart D7. Keep my trades for finals.
mickelo: How can Heeney contested kick to a contest resulting in turnover be a clanger??? #toughcall
LuvIt74: Feral nice move m8
Brenno_173: pcaman2003 atleast i’m not spuddy enough to support Hawthorn
LuvIt74: Lloyd scored a whopping 8 points that quarter
Heizenberg: Hi guys
casey22: Hurley playing a sensational game
Heizenberg: Match day anyone?
pcaman2003: @Brenno. Better than Carrrlton.
feralmong: U know the answer heize.
happytimes: Surely Watson retires at the end of the season
mickelo: Still over halfway to 100 LuvIt
happytimes: Hi h
Brenno_173: pcaman2003 who’s higher on the ladder??
Heizenberg: Haha feral
AngryRyno: pack it in jab
Manowar: Carlton!
Heizenberg: Hi happy times
feralmong: No ruck joy here tonite.
Brenno_173: Manowar- Your Awesome!
casey22: Watson just needs a steak or two!
Ladbrokes_: Mckernan burger if he does bugger all in the first 10 mins into the 3rd. Been woeful tonight
Heizenberg: I’m 391 half time, buddy killing me
LuvIt74: If thats not calling the kettle black dunno what is. It doesn’t matter if you end the season 1st or 18th all that matter
LuvIt74: is Flags
Manowar: No Matthew Kreuzer
happytimes: How do you rate our chances against the tigers
Heizenberg: Big chance happy tigers
Apachecats: Hooker a massive out for bombers.missing him big time tonight.
LuvIt74: @Happy Zero to SFA mate.
Brenno_173: Carlton should win by 3pts
feralmong: Nervous as hell happy times.
LuvIt74: Heizenberg “Tell em their dreaming”
Manowar: Carlton no problem
happytimes: @ luv is SFA really good?
LuvIt74: Tigers will win by 28 why coz I backed em
happytimes: @ feral I’m a bit the same we are due to get a touch up
Yelse: since we talking about tips pies will be port and good price for betting
LuvIt74: @Happy no mate it equates to NO CHANCE in hell.
Lestat: @Heiz 375 with Heppell killing me.
LuvIt74: @Yelse what are you drinking/smoking? lol
happytimes: Young side and we have been up for a couple of weeks
Texwalker: Wen will sportsbet allow us to bet on tigers leading in final quarter and lose…
happytimes: Just can’t back the pie yelse would rather lose my money
Lestat: @Luvit Blues will win because you backed toothless Tigers.
wadaramus: Why is Watson’s SC so poor?
happytimes: Oh luv surely after beating Gws we must have some chance
LuvIt74: @Yelse I need some of what your having – I need to start feeling as optimistic about Heppell.
Manowar: Carlton’s gonna smash Richmond
Heizenberg: Okay cool lestat
LuvIt74: @Happy anythings possible but i cant see it happening
Pokerface: @wada because he isn’t juiced up this year
Haydo: hey
happytimes: @luv 24 points in with the tigers is a big call, tigers haven’t put too many teams away this year
Brenno_173: who’s this haydo guy???
Heizenberg: That Auskick kid was cute
happytimes: I’d be happy to punt on the blues with 24 point line
Haydo: A supporter of the team that’s gonna wreck Carlton this week @brenno
Brenno_173: nice joke!
LuvIt74: @Happy did I say 24 points? Sorry mate I meant 44
happytimes: Are you a pat of the Catholic Church heiz
wadaramus: Not nice Poker, but quite possibly legitimate!
Haydo: Richmond by 43
happytimes: Now you can fuck off luv
m0nty: Smack not going bang so far
Haydo: I’m sorry, but can anyone remember the scores from rd1 this year
Lestat: @Haydo that was round 1, not round 14.
StuL: Spuddy never been the same since Jesinta. Can understand I guess.
Haydo: IF not, I’ll tell u, it was Richmond 132 to Carlton 89
valkorum: keep the chatter about the game and not directed at other people – thanks
Heizenberg: Go captain Merrett!!!
Haydo: Yeah, since round one Richmond has only improved @lestat
Breezey: Carlton are a bit different now than Round 1
AngryRyno: how to make mates with Haydo
Heizenberg: Picking fantasy players is harder than trying to understand. Onnor mcjenna
LuvIt74: My only concern about richmond is Nank, I’m concerned about Nank being a late out seeing Maric & Markov are Emergencies
Haydo: Do u go for Carlton @lestat
Apachecats: Go ding dong Bellchambers!!
boo!: i know jesintas window cleaners electricity provider
Heizenberg: Exactly breezy!!!
Lestat: In your dreams Haydo. They have choked at least 4 times since then and Carlton have won close games.
LuvIt74: lol Apache
carlton_99: Same problem @LuvIt. Had to move him in the ruck for sandif hes announced as a late chnage may need to trade sandi.
Haydo: If by a bit different u mean a bit worse @breezy then yeah I agree
Haydo: Yeah, and if we hadn’t we would be 2 games clear on top of the ladder @lestat
carlton_99: How are we worse, may I ask?
carlton_99: Coulda woulda shoulda @Haydo
AngryRyno: talk about this game ya dimwit
Haydo: Yeah, I honestly don’t know carlton_99, fair point
LuvIt74: @Carlton same here but i’ll hold Sandi a extra week now since Ross the toss said it was hamstring tightness yeah right.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you Heppell. Turnover merchant, sheepdog, passenger. GRRR
Lestat: And yet you’re not. Still not won a final since Jesus was a boy Haydo.
Haydo: anyway…
carlton_99: @LuvIt. Cant trust a thing that comes out of Lyon Sandi has been out for 3-4 weeks would like to hold and trade for gawn
Breezey: First class clown we’re dealing with here people
LuvIt74: But my scrotum its Sandiballs Toe AGAIN. He really needs to keep his toe out the turf.
carlton_99: in a couple of weeks when he gets <500K
Brenno_173: i know right Ryno, but Carlton is still gonna win
LuvIt74: if thats not holding the ball nothing is
Apachecats: S points are 1028 to 884.You’d think Essendon were being thrashed from that.
carlton_99: less then 500K
Umpirespet: Umps Bombers fans?
happytimes: Get up swans
Apachecats: *SC points
LuvIt74: Where is heppell he hasn’t done a thing
Pokerface: bruce wants to marry jpk
Fatbar5tad: Footsteppell can’t even get an accidental possession.
Breezey: Where is thou Sir Buderick
LuvIt74: @Carlton99 i’m concerned about Gawn getting injured but love Goldy, he has hit form now
Breezey: @Poker. That’s because Cyril is injured
MONEY TALK: i come back to see buddy linging up better kick it
LuvIt74: buddy beautiful now kick it son
Haydo: Just kidding, it should be a close game
happytimes: How does Langford get a game
Lestat: Hurley’s DE not his usual 85%
MONEY TALK: and on my way out i go again
Costanza: Newman!
pcaman2003: Not called Duddy for nuttin.
poolboybob: Give Spuddy the cleaver
LuvIt74: buddy what a spud
Apachecats: Duddy at 22%
Brenno_173: pcaman2003 is a spud
DrSeuss: Pick it up Newman – get back into champion
LuvIt74: oh look its heppell
MONEY TALK: maybe if i trade spuddy out he will pick up wish i got heeney over him
boo!: buddy to parsons rage trade
Lestat: Heeney will have a headache from that for sure.
Yelse: whats newman’s TOG?
Fatbar5tad: And he kicked it to a Bomber LuvIt
feralmong: Heeney!
LuvIt74: Heeney future star.
MONEY TALK: i don’t think heeney has no headache no more
pcaman2003: @Brenno.Boring!!
Breezey: Give Heeney the Star and the Gun
Fatbar5tad: Heeney is a tough kid! Sausage!
Apachecats: Must have done him good @lestat
Lestat: @Yelse not too bad tonight 78%
AngryRyno: Heeney again, beast, Newman 77% TOG btw
PLACEBOPIE: go big heeney 🙂
casey22: Yelse: see name, go 15 columns to right
Heizenberg: Holy hell imagine Heeney captain
Yelse: Llyd and newman lift
MONEY TALK: to think i chucked the VC on spuddy lmao
Apachecats: Buddy’s 2 effective disposals have earned really good points
Brenno_173: pcaman2003 boring just like Hawthorn this year
Haydo: I have Heeney as vice 🙂
boo!: lift elderberry
pcaman2003: @Brenno. Can’t wait to see Carlton getting flogged Sunday.
Fatbar5tad: Pretty ordinary Baugley
carlton_99: Give Baugley the mare lots of FA against plus a few other mistakes. Having a very dirty day.
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now Lloyd
Haydo: Same @pcaman
Yelse: VC JKP what score would keep him than danger Captain
Brenno_173: pcaman2003 we won’t it’s only chokemond
Umpirespet: Brenno you guys never have had a chance to choke been flower sooo long
circle52: @Yelse anything above 125
pcaman2003: @Brenno. If you lose,you’ll never live it!
Apachecats: Lloyd very ordinary since 1/4 time.
Breezey: Grundy going real good tonight.
Lestat: Grundy having a blue moon game SC wise.
AngryRyno: i’d take whatever this score ends up being, he should get 130+
Umpirespet: You don’t think Danger wont get over 125 with no fyfe?
Umpirespet: Circle52
pcaman2003: @lestat. Prob his best game this year.
Pokerface: why would fyfe make a difference? he wouldn’t be tagging danger
Lestat: Score wise it is for sure. He normally plays well but doesn’t score high.
Umpirespet: Without Fyfe who else is there besides Neale in that midfield?
circle52: I usually work on 125 as say Danger goes 150 only lose 25 points.
bongidongi: bloody buddy. good thing i have the vc on jpk
Umpirespet: Geelong should dominate clearances
Apachecats: I think you could put the loop on him right now @Yelse ,he’s heading for 130 plus.
Haydo: @umpirespet Connor Blakely might tag Danger,
circle52: I Have VC on JPK as well for what it is worth. Have Danger and Doc as well who may go large.
Umpirespet: Depends to if danger is 100% fit
Apachecats: Stick to your 125 rule @circle
Donz: thats if Doc plays Circle
CamT: What’s the latest with Docherty ? Anyone in the know ?
Lestat: I think Blakely will tag J. Selwood.
Haydo: why wouldn’t doc play donz
Yelse: yeah thinking of taking JKP too much risk otherwise. even though i think selwood will get tagged not danger
AngryRyno: Blakely ends up getting the pill rather than tagging, never really stops oppo scoring
CamT: Doherty got a kick to the calf lat week.
Haydo: Thanks Cam T
carlton_99: Sam Mcclure just put out a tweet saying Doch has trained all week and will play for sure, sayshedoesntknowhowrumourbegan
boo!: cmon newman another 4sc this qtr….
Yelse: how is frankly on 51 with 25 DE
Donz: I hope he is right blue 99
Donz: did you mean 40 boo
Apachecats: Buddy 14 SC for that mark and pss.
Donz: nice, carn the donzzz!!!
Umpirespet: Newmans BE is 59 atm Donz
Apachecats: *pass
Lestat: CD love Duddy that’s how.
Donz: ahhh I see, cheers pet
Texwalker: Come on reid 2 goals please…
Apachecats: Make that 18
Umpirespet: BT just had an Orgasm from Orazio
AngryRyno: get to 80 thanks N.N
Donz: RAZZLE DAZZLE kick straight please
StuL: Come on Lloyd, come on Heeney. Come on Bombers. We all want Sydney tot surely!?
StuL: BT, Bruce, Lingy, all shower
Yelse: newmans gonna get dropped at this rate
Lestat: Longmire knows all about close games against the Swans???
Donz: Raz will be the GOAT, once eddie betts retires that is
The39Steps: left to too few to do too much for the bombers. Gutsy efforts.
boo!: cmon cape up more handball
pcaman2003: Bloody hell Newman.
casey22: Few sc points for tippa for that
Breezey: But the Bombers are in front
Umpirespet: I have Buddy but how is he on 65?
LuvIt74: BT Legend
Donz: I smell it, that Don magic is coming!
faisca7: He said Worsfold Lestat
Lestat: BT goose.
StuL: Settle down jpk. Ok, should have got him when he dipped.
Donz: because it was clutch AF casey and because its WALLAA
StuL: Ist don ist gut.
AngryRyno: Newman comes up clutch again
Umpirespet: That smell Donz is Essendons secret herbs and spices they put into their water
MONEY TALK: y do i feel like im the only one who loves BT makes it more fun to watch
Donz: you wish you had it pet.
Donz: adelaide got done by the hawks last night… dont be bitter
JButcher: Ripping game this
Manowar: Sydney season is over for you
carlton_99: The amount of throws in this game is laughable.
feralmong: Phew I tipped bombers.
StuL: Squeeze, poker, chiseller, measure. Here’s an original idea, how bout they kick the flowerin ball!?
th3rio: how did newman go from 61 to 71 without tocuhing it
boo!: fyfe to zerrett..ne1 else
Yelse: why doesn’t anyone ever tag zerrett
th3rio: 74 now, wtf
AngryRyno: they’re called tackles @th3rio
Lestat: @th3rio tackle, FF and a kick
th3rio: he mustve laid 4 tackles in like 30 seconds then champ
th3rio: all i saw were fumbles and him getting holding the ball
Texwalker: Wen was the last time essendon were this far up the ladder?? 2012 perhaps?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Joe Daniher to suck the ump in for a free against Rampe.
StuL: Anyone remember wispy!? Might bombers win flog at this rate.
casey22: Hurley the star
th3rio: cheers Lestat, didn’t see the FF
casey22: Zach the gun (or heeney)
Donz: see the bombers fly up, up to win the premiership flag!!
MONEY TALK: the one time i verse someone who has hurely
Donz: fat lady is singing a most magnificent tune
Apachecats: Raise the bat Tom bellchambers
fonzie: Is buddy injured
Lestat: Was against Baguley I believe.
Donz: who cares Tex, you lost to Hawks last night pal… All about the DONZZ tonight pal
LuvIt74: What great commentary BT
LMartos: umpiring so questionable
LuvIt74: @Donz If the Donz win the flag this year I’ll give ya 5000 bucks
Donz: ok luv it, you do that…
Lestat: BT you flog. Clearly touched.
Donz: you’d go quiet in the unlikely event they do… you wont do shower
MONEY TALK: … Just give me a buddy goal
LuvIt74: This is BS this 3rd umpire how can you say that was touched
Apachecats: Camera does not lie.
pcaman2003: BT needs Specsavers.
Manowar: Could you do something Lloyd
happytimes: Am I the only 1 that saw his finger bend back
oh_lol: They got the video ref from state of origin
Heizenberg: Time left?
Umpirespet: Not over yet Donz
Lestat: Index finger bent back. Clear as.
NoneyaB: bt needs the sack
oh_lol: What’s the point of paying these goal umps 80k a year to go to video ref every single time.
Breezey: A draw is coming
Heizenberg: It did happy but over the line imo
MONEY TALK: we love newman we do we do
LuvIt74: You could not tell that was touched 100% his hand could have been 5cm away the angle makes it look closer but no fingers
boo!: draw
pcaman2003: Hurley has killed the Swans forwards .
Haydo: 1 min
LuvIt74: no fingers can visibly see the ball being touched
bongidongi: buddy absolutely butchering it tonight
Breezey: Swans are gonna win. INcredible
LuvIt74: what a game
tankin: bahahahahaha donz
Haydo: Unlucky Donzzz
Lestat: OMG how did that happen?
Roksta: Lol cheaters never prosper
Lestat: You were saying donz?
Apachecats: Now I know how Richmond feel
LuvIt74: Swans deserve it after that B/S camera both buddys goals too
casey22: What that goodards fault?
pcaman2003: WTF! Unbelievable stuff
Umpirespet: Still a good game
Donz: my heart just broke
JButcher: Jesus Christ that was a game and a half
Breezey: Can’t smell anything at all actually Donz
Beast_Mode: bigger choke than the tiges last week
poolboybob: Goddard muppet, how can he get that kick in smothered?
fonzie: Bombers robbed
happytimes: Could not happen to a better team
Yelse: newmans goal didn’t get enough points if you ask me
LMartos: can’t believe that
3rdstriker: nothing funnier than someone going early on here and getting burnt
MONEY TALK: give buddy some extra for that extra behind to get infront plz CD
Tigger5: onya goddard
carlton_99: How were bombers robbed
Lestat: donz has become the invisible man all of a sudden.
Pokerface: Essemondy
LuvIt74: Told ya Donz – The fat lady went off prematurely. Not good going off prematurely gotta take your time son
Donz: I think I will be crying myself to sleep tonight, night all
MONEY TALK: didn’t he kick the winning goal last time
Gotigres: That’s what you deserve Heppell after that performance.
Manowar: Well done Goddard, it’s your fault!
LuvIt74: Goddard will be crying for a week
Donz: yeah on ya luvit, you legend!
LuvIt74: night donze sleep well son
Pokerface: anyone note Rohan’s SC with 20 seconds to go?
faisca7: Bad luck Donz, great game.
MONEY TALK: where was that person who was happy he put the bet on dons and was happy
happytimes: Have some more pretzels Goddard you flog
Haydo: Choakendon
Yelse: lloyd score dropped by 8 after the siren lol
Roksta: Lollies are gonna cop a hammering from Goddard
elvundir: what the actual… how did they let that happen
Donz: all the self players come out after dons lose on the bell… good on yas
LuvIt74: Heppell u flog get a hair cut u look like the scarecrow from wizard of oz
RooBoyStu: Suck a fat one jabbers
Apachecats: Goddard should attack the prettzles again ,he stuffed it twice in the last minute.
jgilf: How does Newman only get 4 points for his last quarter goal btw?
happytimes: Good banter all have a good night and go blue
LuvIt74: @Donz get a new captain he’s crapola mate
LuvIt74: @happy 24 point loss to the Tigers mate
MONEY TALK: just trying to imagine if buddy kicked the winner would of got his efficiency up and that winning goal boost
happytimes: I will have a slab on that luv if you give me 24 points
Lestat: You went the early crow Donz. Expect a caning after than.
shrtlg: Scores not all confirmed yet

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