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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R14 of 2017

J.Worrall: Carna Crows!
zadolinnyj: go crows
jaypeee: help should I keep otten or trade out? I think he’ll ton up against the hawks
missmagic: cmon crows,that hawthorn first round pick is looking sweeter with carlton up and about
cusch1: Trade to lloyd JP
Viscount: @jaypeee Unless ou have a brillant upgrade then it is difficult to rule with 5 minutes to go
Yelse: why does greenwood always start on the pine
jaypeee: I’m going to risk it. I planned march bank/otten to docherty and ryan
Thedude24: Come on Greenwood, ton it up please
King_Robbo: good start Rory. Clanger handball
jaypeee: and with sandi out i need to trade there too. Let’s hope otten greenwood and sloane VC get me a good start
J.Worrall: Isn’t Hodgy due a holiday?
Donz: VC on Sloane dog! Backing him in for a big return to form!
jaypeee: oh no it’s gonna be a long night
Donz: Hope you didnt leave it too late jaypee… you left it to the very last minute
Lestat: VC on Laird for something different.
LMartos: we’re on tonight, jeez
jaypeee: I did @Donz. I have a plan B if i fail tonight. Otten on the bench anyway. but could drop $$$
Raspel31: Am I alone in thinking Thursday night just not right for footy-doesn’t leave a week to sober up.
cusch1: I keep thinking that its Saturday on a Friday morning Raspel
J.Worrall: with u, cusch and raspel
Lestat: I agree Raspel Thurs night footy is shower.
cusch1: What is with Hawthorns jumper? Ridiculous
PowerBug: I enjoy it. It extends the weekend another day 😛
Raspel31: But here we all are.
J.Worrall: Never seen the “HFC” logo before.
PowerBug: As a fantasy football coach it gets annoying though
J.Worrall: Footy Tragics
Donz: love thursday night footy.. perfect excuse for froffies
Raspel31: Main point Powerbug.
J.Worrall: Here’s Hooey!
LMartos: Greenwood’s a gun
LMartos: Birchall keeps getting hurt
Raspel31: Cheapest and best late grab LMartos-may he get game time.
LuvIt74: Who needs a excuse to enjoy a few beers
The Hawker: is Titchell alive?
J.Worrall: btw, Here’s hooey was a long forgotten Ozzie radio show
King_Robbo: How good is Greenwood!
duckky: Where’s Mitchell?
Donz: I don’t need AN excuse LuvIt… But Thursday night footy is a good one.
Donz: I like Thursday night footy is the main point. A lot of people complaining about it on here
wadaramus: Looking like we may need to loop Greenwood!
Donz: what is your excuse for poor grammar?
Yelse: thurs nights good but not with the byes. not enough games on weekends
cusch1: Huge Greenwood
J.Worrall: Best part of the weekend should be Friday night.
H A MM E R: Come on Mitchell and Sloane
Donz: Titchell has had 3 disposals so he is alive…
J.Worrall: Friday gets undervalued by footy on a Thrusday.
LMartos: Crows fans jeering as if they haven’t had any free kicks
Donz: Still will end up with 30+
luke394: happy I kept sandi, swung nank into rucks and put Greenwood on field!
Donz: Ridiculous statement Worrall… Best part of the weekend is when the footy starts. Earlier the better.
CamT: Hope Greenwood doesn’t do a Shai Bolton on me.
J.Worrall: “Huge”=Hugh is common where?
The Hawker: thats what i like to see, unsociable hawks
J.Worrall: Nope – best part is when week’s work is done.
Raspel31: Is it time to lose Mr Sloane-so easily tagged.
Donz: Flowered up Fridays arent bad… Suck it up princess
J.Worrall: Donz, we were having a chat, but you’ve moved to abuse
frenzy: titchell icicle surely
luke394: Greenwood going nuts!
casey22: Titch gort a kick
Breezey: Bring in more teams and have footy every day of the week.
J.Worrall: Why?
Raspel31: Worrall-stay cool-he’s an interloper.
Donz: Yeah… Lose him Raspel. when he goes 150+ toward the end of year you wont be kicking yourself
J.Worrall: Thx Raspel
Donz: Just poking fun Worrall… dont know why so many complain about Thursday night footy. sorry if I offended you
Thedude24: Mitchell and Sloane, really????
SilverLion: Greenwood huge, now if only Laird and Titch could follow suit.
colin wood: Sloane, Laird & Mitchell…. wow..
Yelse: we need every team to play each other twice like 99 percent of the sports in the world.
Snarfy: Greenwood’s lookin’ good!
Apachecats: took the vc off Laird at the lastminute TG
Lewysport: They’ve weathered the storm ,
King_Robbo: loving Sloane and Titch spudding it up, hopefully they get held to sub 80s
Lestat: This is normal for Sloane.
Lewysport: Now good night Hawthorn
Texwalker: The onky reason we have thurs nite footy is because foxtel and channel 7 are greedy and want more money, an
PowerBug: Gosh may need 9 mids and have Sloane at M9… Turn it around please 🙁
J.Worrall: Donz. I told you my reasons against Thurs footy
Donz: So sweet Raspel. Do the Sloane trade, top idea
J.Worrall: Abusing me was no accident – you asked, I told, you abused
LuvIt74: @Robbo if your still looking to bring in Sloane & Titch now your team is cooked.
poolboybob: Keep going Greenwood
The Hawker: M Crouch = gun, thank you every team for tagging Sloane
Donz: Yeah and I disagree. I do apologise the princess comment was not needed
J.Worrall: Not about me being offended. About you being nasty
Thedude24: I love Thursday night footy. Seriously, thank you AFL
Raspel31: Okay Donz-you like sex and travel-so f off-lweave old mates to chat.
DrSeuss: Laird – go get the ball and stop handballing damnit
J.Worrall: Steady Raspel, I’ve got this!
Umpirespet: Not nice Popa Raspel
Donz: Raspel. Wow. That is uncalled for. You asked for the advice
m0nty: back on the game please
H A MM E R: Sloane just can’t dea with a tag. There’s one pointer to taking on Adelaide
LuvIt74: bloody hell must be a full moon out tonight
Raspel31: a
The Hawker: Don, please keep greenwood on the field
cusch1: Probably the earliest we’ve needed M0nty intervention
Breezey: Good game so far hey
mardyb: they dont protect sloane
Raspel31: Back to footy and no personal abuse. My wife has a date tonight-thrilled.
wadaramus: Got the E on Greenwod, need Steele to not play to get it!
Texwalker: Why tag sloane when m crouch is dominating every single game
Breezey: @cusch. You mean earliest ever on a Thursday night footy game
cusch1: I meant earliest in a round 🙂 normally we start to get bored on a sunday night game and abuse each other hahahaha
mardyb: cos m crouch doesnt hurt u
J.Worrall: Raspel – which of you is as thrilled as Hooey Greenwood?
Donz: Never abused you Raspel. I guess it means you get to watch Sloane ton up tonight
cusch1: And why is Sicily playing defense? Is a natural forward?????
wadaramus: Extract the digit T.Mitch!
MONEY TALK: good work greenwood now need laird and itch to lift
PowerBug: Crows have lots of tall fwds which is why he’s gone back
Lestat: Cows look very flat tonight
Umpirespet: We look slow tonight
LMartos: Sicily, O’Brien and Burton are all natural forwards who we’ve given experience down back when needed
PowerBug: Walker, Jenkins, Lynch and Otten all up forward
casey22: Greenwood game time ??????
Donz: Really surprised by Hawks effort so far. Hope they can keep it up, making for a cracking game
LuvIt74: Sounds like most are in the same predicament Re: Sloane, Titch & Laird
cusch1: Schoenmakers would surely go back before Siciliy though PowerBug
Lestat: @casey 57%
LMartos: #FreeKickAdelaide??
LMartos: oh they called wrong player
Apachecats: Any one like Heaer for VC in his 250th.?
casey22: Atkins=1 sc ffs?
Donz: Got that right LuvIt. It is a good predicament but a predicament nonetheless
Apachecats: *Heater
Raspel31: No offence taken Donz but Sloane and Bont are not able to handle tags and one asks the question about your mids.
LuvIt74: It really has me stuffed why Greenwood’s TOG is always so low. Bizarre
casey22: Lestat: [point I make ; lowest of all players
Donz: You want to know who I have in the mid Raspel?
Texwalker: Sloanes works harder than bont.. he tackles and does other stuff.. bont looks lost when he gets tagged
luke394: cmon Laird get going
MONEY TALK: i might of traded heaters to lloyd this wwek watch shaw go big
LuvIt74: @Apach your plums must be the size of a watermelon.
luke394: Bont is 21 ease up people he will be an absolute superstar he hasn’t even matured yet
JRedden: sloane 3 tackles in a minute, so cheap
jaypeee: i agree Tex.
LMartos: Tex can’t mark anymore
frenzy: Lard alps lift
duckky: Mitchell Kick the blessed thing!!!
JockMcPie: Laird? Titch?
Apachecats: Was gong to say” I wish” but on second thoughts….
cusch1: Bont is still going through puberty relax boys
DrSeuss: Come on Laird – Sloane is getting tagged and still killing your effort – pick it up
The Hawker: Don please put crouch back on the grass
luke394: Compare Sloane and Bont at the same age Bont is miles ahead
LMartos: Channel 7’s cross promotion is sickening
LuvIt74: @luke well said, he will be another Jellwood
luke394: hope so @LuvIt haha
Apachecats: Any way if I get the last laugh on the Heater idea I’ll give you a reminder @luvit.
chinkas: got greenwood on the pine and beech starting. smh..
Texwalker: Come on crows, stop giving them easy goals..
spudaroos: Bont is better under a tag, he atleast has some kind of impact.
Raspel31: Except Luvit Sloane was a late bloomer and has gone from strength to strength and the Bont just goes downhill.
Yelse: laird starting to worry me!!!
MONEY TALK: anyone on the tag pretty much can’t do much
J.Worrall: Bont skiing for rest of season?
DrSeuss: Where is Laird? Haven’t even sighted him recently
th3rio: of course laird goes for coffees when i VC him
Apachecats: Michell starting to kick on a bit ,wish he would kick it a bit more.
luke394: lol @Raspel31 Bont has won numerous games off his own boot this year and was unbelievable in the grand final last year
oh_lol: @moneytalk unless you’re being ‘tagged’ by Zac Dawson
cusch1: If players still had an impact while being tagged then we wouldnt be having this chat as taggers would be obsolete
cusch1: Hows that for sliding doors Damien Barrett
oh_lol: Not sure what games Raspel is watching. Bont kills it. Probably just looks at his disposals.
MONEY TALK: what you mean zac dawson got banned from tagging because you can’t even get near the ball
LMartos: Cameron is so selfish
Raspel31: Last year was last year Luvit.
Texwalker: Its about time the afl allowed the boundary umpires to pay free kicks.
luke394: Laird VC not working out lol
J.Worrall: there are also “failed” taggers
JRedden: stay down laird
Breezey: How goods this Jake Lever. Terrific footballer
Breezey: @Texwalker. They stand there watching throw after throw and can’t do anything
LuvIt74: @Raspel I never mentioned anything about Bont and last Season
chinkas: walker needs a spell
Apachecats: Laird a shadow of his 135 SC last game.
oh_lol: Zac Dawson also banned from winning the Brownlow because it’d be too unfair. Hence why he’s never polled a vote.
LuvIt74: All I said is Bont will be like a Jelwood as he matures. WTF is everyone getting do picky tonight.
Texwalker: @breezer exactly, blatant throw by hawks before and the ump was 5 metres away, saw it, and couldnt do shit
DrSeuss: Laird on – got a touch – handball….
happytimes: Think I might put some cash on burton to win the rising star
CamT: mOnty. R5 2008 Geelong v Sydney. Ablett 256 SC points. The game stats don’t include him.
Donz: Bont has been terrible for over a month now… Sloane is a much better player right now. Bont’s time will come
Raspel31: Well, yes you did Luvit, but regardless, the Bont hasn’t tonned up for 5 weeks-not good enough for a primo.
Snarfy: The whole games is being played on one side of the ground.
Texwalker: Jake lever new contract, 5 years at 750k..
happytimes: Bont will be better than sellwood
cusch1: Snarfy what are you talking about? According to the comments there isn’t even a game on!!
Breezey: I’m happy with Greenwood on the field and Beech on the bench
luke394: Premo’s go on runs of form @Raspel they don’t get 100+ for 23 rounds
CamT: Dahlhaus is being mauled every game and he dished out to Bontempelli. That’s all stopped.
frenzy: hate hearing bont bull
The Hawker: got some handball kings in my team, Titchell and Crouch lol
oh_lol: Ahh Raspel is talking about Bont v Sloane regarding SC scores. Makes sense now.
J.Worrall: Boats are stopped too!
LMartos: Laird 68% TOG very interesting
Raspel31: Let we all who have Greenwood have a quiet beer at half time.
cusch1: Jenkins just threw Hodge around like a ragdoll. Sad times when the toughest player in the game is no longer
pcaman2003: Can Breust be any more useless this year?Spud!
Breezey: Just pushed Hodgey aside like he was nothing. Coming towards the end the champ
LuvIt74: @Raspel your confusing me with someone else as I just agreed with Luke. Have another beer m8. lol
Donz: on ya Raspel.. Will be doing that. Sloane, Laird and Titch starting to get amongst it too
J.Worrall: Goatex
pcaman2003: @cusch. Slight difference in size too in fairness.
Torz: Laird knows how to score quickly. He can make it up in second half junk time.
Texwalker: Typical crows, let them in for a quarter and a half then kick into 2nd gear
LMartos: Surely Tex gets more than 9 for that goal, otherwise that ridiculous
luke394: Laird will still tonne up
The Hawker: i have a feeling that Breusts will be traded this year
cusch1: Yes pcaman youre right, bit a younger Hodgey would have stood his ground. unfortunately age is catching up with thechamp
SilverLion: Lift Laird and Titch…
Breezey: The VC on Matt Crouch may yet work out, if he continues like this
J.Worrall: What does 3rd look like?
Chelskiman: Naturally I have Greenwood on the bench.
Donz: Adelaide will go beserk I reckon Worrall
jayrox: Tex SuperCoach is once more nothing short of a blight on SC. it is an abomination that he is only on 33
jaypeee: otten killing me but he’s on the bench
TheOnyas: onya greeny
LuvIt74: Gr8 come back from Sloane, Titchh & Laird
jayrox: How does contented mark then outside 50 goal only = that
Texwalker: Jenkins more than twice texs score??? Umm ok…
LuvIt74: I would have had Greenwood on the bench if Sandilands was playing although I would have had the (E) on him.
wadaramus: Titch 19 possessions, 11 contested for 41SC.
LMartos: @jayrox 9 points only for that last goal, got 14 for his first goal, interesting
Pokerface: we don’t have supergoals in the main season.
Monfries96: Would’ve taken 66 from Greenwood before this game, let alone at half time
Raspel31: Chelks-you have Greenwood on the bench? Midfield obviously ina year of bad forwards. Move him up front.
frenzy: never seen so many with Tex in their side
LuvIt74: You dont get extra points depending on the degree of difficulty on the goal, only a game winning goal gets extra points
Texwalker: U cant have tex in ur side, crows have way to many forwards that kick bags..
cusch1: How can we still be unsure about point weighting for certain plays? We have this conversation every week
LMartos: @luvit74, you get points for i50’s though
jayrox: Yep tex in mine. Too cheap to ignore. F7. But aside that sc scoring is so random
LMartos: to make it clear, I have Tex in my side because I’m special, especially when it comes to decision making
Bull8: will someone pls smash HOWE hard!!
LMartos: He’ll be my F7 as well when I convert Ryder/Nank to my forward line to finish my team
Texwalker: Tom lynch or eddie betts would be better value i wouldve thought than tex
MONEY TALK: didn’t even realise titch got up there
CamT: Important second half for Beech career-wise.
Texwalker: @camt beech wont hold his spot unfortunately. Mcgovern in, seedsman will push wen hes fit
Costanza: blackout
Raspel31: Just to break things up we’re happily expecting our first child in 10 months. Which gives me a month to meet her.
circle52: Gee I hate Thursday night footy – plays havoc with fantasy teams.
circle52: Reverse trdaes left Greenwood at mid e and not on field in forwards where i had him. Can not get his score unless Scoote
circle52: Scooter late out.
circle52: haha raspel
Texwalker: @circle52 ouch..
ScootD: #freekickhawthorn
Breezey: Might use that one Raspel at some stage
LMartos: how can that free possibly be given to Laird
wadaramus: Crows forward kicking is rubbish.
wadaramus: Poor decision LMartos.
th3rio: true LMartos, hawks player was just standing there and he knocked himself out on him lol
cusch1: Laird getting a bit of the ball early
th3rio: Laird a FF, 2 kicks and still on 34, is it just me or is update slow?
cusch1: Hawk player went to bump and Laird slipped over. Just bad luck but the free was there
Breezey: Laird flying now
Donz: 32 now th3rio… losing points for clangers I think
pcaman2003: Breust needs to be dropped. Too soft!
Tommo2909: Ineffective kicks though from Laird
Torz: Told yas Laird would get going.
th3rio: looking a bit healthier now, had me worried.
DrSeuss: Laird moving up – time to get Greenwood back on the ground
th3rio: think laird can crack 120?
LMartos: been really impressed with Sicily tonight, lots of intercepts and field kicking better than usual
casey22: Greenwood: 59% game time ffs!
wadaramus: Laird getting zero love from CD.
Yelse: lord not hitting targets costing his SC
Texwalker: Wtf are u doin adelaide.. its only hawthorn.. get ur shit together
wadaramus: He’s hitting 4 out of every 5.
Lestat: Crows defenders butchering the ball.
MONEY TALK: who else loves greenwood
Costanza: it’s only Adelaide
Texwalker: @constanza thats true, its only 1st vs 17th.
Raspel31: As Churchill said-this is not the best of the best meeting the worst of the worst. But he did say-heck-i’LL SIGN YOU gRE
Beast_Mode: Hodge looks fat, give him the burger
LMartos: Burton you make me moist
cusch1: Move over Burgoyne, the Hawks have a new silk. His name is Ryan Burton
JockMcPie: Agree @Beast, definitely burger-worthy
th3rio: who was saying otten would ton up lol
Yelse: Laird lift get to 70 at 3QT
The Hawker: Sloane needs a beating
pcaman2003: Hawks playing better tonight,finally.
LMartos: How can Hodge be fat, he’s on the lite-and-easy diet
Donz: Raspel. Gave you stick earlier but Sloane clearly struggles with the tag. It’s working for hawks
Donz: I won’t be trading him out though
Breezey: Maybe some KFC in between the Lite n Easy feeds
spudaroos: Otten has been woeful
Costanza: goaless and souless
Donz: Got a nice cheap kick just before and still didnt do anything with it. The tagger gets into his head far too easy
Donz: Nice grab there though for Sloane Dawwwggg! But butchered the kick
LMartos: Burton is so good oh my god
Donz: Thanks for that Roughead. Sloane needs all the help possible…
Donz: LMartos just might be the most biased supporter I have seen on this chat
Breezey: Hoooeyyy baby.
NoneyaB: a strange f8 but burton is my last fwd
casey22: Greenwood is starring
JockMcPie: Greenwood have my babies
The Hawker: Crouch – Greenwood – Goal. Good for SC but bad for my hawks 🙁 haha
Torz: Hard to believe it took so long for Greenwood to get a game. Does it all.
th3rio: lock and load greenwood for F7
J.Worrall: Woo hoo Hooey!
LuvIt74: Greenwood bloody special!!!
Donz: But Burton does look like a talent for the future.
MONEY TALK: go greenwood go
casey22: Should lift his sc score
luke394: Greenwood going 120+?
wadaramus: Picked up Burton R5, was a good buy, had to trade him last week.
Breezey: I’m waiting for someone to say they put the VC on Greenwood
pcaman2003: @The Hawker.Too right!
LMartos: Greenwood cheeky ton at 3QT
CamT: Greenwood should be fresh. He’s spent more time off the ground than anyone.
Raspel31: As 3qtr time approaches I want you all to clasp your hands and sing-Go The Lions against The All Blacks. Such is life.
Umpirespet: Nice price rise for greenwood pity everyone has him
aces-high: Did Adelaide really pick Milera over burton when he was right under their nose? Gonna hurt long term guys a jet
MONEY TALK: person im versing has sloane i have greenwood hehe
cusch1: Greenwood at 66% TOG, meaning thats a tonne in a half of football
Donz: nah Raspel dont care for that shirty game. Just going to grab another beer
aces-high: Now question is who to bench for greenwood lynch nank Dahl
Umpirespet: Raspel you mean the united nations against the all blacks?
Raspel31: Greenwood a blinking hero-you don’t want to trade him for a primo-he is a primo.
Donz: any of the below aces… really. probably Nank though with his form of late
ronl: Come on, Laird, 80 plus!
SilverLion: Titch 26 possies at 73% including 13 CP. Whats he done wrong?
cusch1: Aces adelaide had 2 picks before Burton, Milera and Doedee
Raspel31: 84 million against four million is fair if they’re Maori Umpire.
Texwalker: @aces high milera will be a star, hes improved out of sight this year, if crows get a premo mid next year he will unbeli
Ladbrokes_: @aces-high defs not dahl. maybe nank because his time in the ruck could be under threat with maric possibly in
cusch1: Doedee yet to play a game and doesnt look like getting one any time soon. Milera has been great though
Crowls: need steele to be Emerg for saints so i get greenwoods score
Umpirespet: lol Raspel
LMartos: “Sloane finally got one [freekick]” – Carey, Sloane has 6 frees mate
Crowls: or park one of stef, nank and ryder and bring on strndica
aces-high: Yeah fair call on Milera shows glimpses! But doedee? Could’ve had burton and Milera and boy oh boy they’d be scary
Manowar: durrr! Pyke has run out of ideas
Manowar: Joe the goose missed one!
Texwalker: Kick goals jenkins and tex
DrSeuss: Get Greenwood back on if you want to win Crows
cusch1: Breust mare surely
The Hawker: i swear breust… please..
Donz: nice Titchell
casey22: Andy who?
CamT: Greenwood being rested on the bench again.
Breezey: Greenwood also the most tackles on the ground with 7
Texwalker: Jeez the crows r infuriating sometimes..
LMartos: can Titch even carry 45 on a setty??
H A MM E R: Sloane, Otten and Laird 🖕Gone next week! Drop em
cusch1: First draw of the season on the cards here
Lestat: Please share what you’re smoking Hammer.
LMartos: blow the siren
Manowar: I have the C on H. Greenwood tonight!
Brown*Dog: Get the cape ready for Titch
Pokerface: did bruce just emphasise the goyne in burgoyne?
LMartos: boy oh boy, big decision here
StuL: That was a goal. Review complete, rubbish.
cusch1: Langford has to be one of the dumbest footballers going around
Raspel31: Agree sadly-Sloane can’t handle the tag. Been gone for weeks. But keep Laird.
duckky: One ump should be up the country next week
Manowar: Pressure on Betts is gone!!
LeFtBehinD: Good lord review umpire. You just lost your job
Texwalker: It wasnt over the line completely
LuvIt74: Awesome game
Umpirespet: Geez how many throws can hawks get away with in 1 night?
pcaman2003: Cracking game!
StuL: It looked past the post.
The Hawker: It was fully over the line… Zoom in on that pill
Lestat: @StuL not a goal as the ball didn’t clear the line. The padding on the post is the line.
casey22: Again, Greenwood tog vs points is amazing
pcaman2003: Birchall great game tonight
StuL: I think, “texwalker” may not be an entirely neutral judge.
LMartos: Tex how dare you pass that off >:(
Manowar: Crow choke is on
LeFtBehinD: Punched back into the back of the post is over the line Lestat
Breezey: You are a clown Bruce. “Not sure if the Crows can win”
Texwalker: @lestat spot in, just rewound it and ball wasnt completely over the line
heppelitis: agree Lestat..point for mine
Lestat: The ball was NOT past the padding, therefor NOT a goal. Correct call.
Umpirespet: Manowar how can any Carlton sup talk cabout another team after your 10 yrs of flower?
pcaman2003: Another goal Hawks would be handy.
Texwalker: Im calling it.. hawks win..
Chelskiman: Harsh free on Mitchell, he got taken high as he was brought down anyway.
Lestat: Hawks are home. Crows been terrible.
LMartos: Mitchell dived on it, HTB imo
Manowar: Yes as I predicted the Crows choke again!
Umpirespet: Yup we are gonski
Costanza: it’s only Adelaide
Texwalker: Get modra and the birdman in next week pykey, maybe they can teach the players how to hold a mark…
ScootD: HTB definately. On eof fhe few the umps did get right tonight
Lestat: BTW Saints fans are crying over this result.
MONEY TALK: greenwood i love u rn
StuL: Handy for us and the rest of the comp if the hawks win.
ScootD: Puopolo was born to be a soccer player
Yelse: what happened to laird tonight
cusch1: Only handy for the top 4. Hawks now one game from the 5 sides all battline for 7/8th spot
StuL: Greenpig.
Torz: Not many marks for Laird tonight. That’s all.
LMartos: wow we’ve beaten Adelaide
frenzy: hughgo huge
Manowar: It’s oooooovvvveeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!
Texwalker: Mcgovern back next week will be very handy, otten can go back and help out
casey22: Should have looped crouch, ffs
NoneyaB: i trded out otten for burgoyne this week thank god i did
luke394: Adelaide suck
Pokerface: x factor burg
Umpirespet: We’ve done a geelong after the bye
Costanza: the Adelaide Oval hush lol
Raspel31: This year of your Aussie Rules has been most unsettling-back to football-soccer.
pcaman2003: You little beauty! Great win Hawks
LMartos: how do you tip 9 this year??
casey22: Why give the gun to titch; no way
Texwalker: U play so poorly this it what u get.. theplus side is 3rd at worst on the ladder by percentage
duckky: Nank onto the bench for the greenwood loophole
kano: Love it costanza
Umpirespet: LMartos I gave up already on footy tipping
Crowls: 3 handballs and kick in junk time for laird
cusch1: Burton gun over titch
LMartos: I tipped Adelaide by 76 lol
Lestat: @LMartos how do you tip 8?
kano: Ride from the umps and still cant win. Haha. Scrubs
casey22: Burgoyne outplayed titch
Crowls: @duck already done the move. only way to get greenwood score. Stef or Nank to bench
The Hawker: M Crouch, Greenwood and Titchell 🙂
LuvIt74: @Texwalker what do u mean the plus side 3rd at worst do u mean after this round?
Texwalker: @luvit yeah, after the round
Manowar: Sack Pyke!
LuvIt74: The mighty wee’s & Poo’s
MONEY TALK: greenwood, titch and laird
ScootD: Ride from the umps. U been smokin up kano. BONG ON
frenzy: welldone hawks
Breezey: Greenwood, M.Crouch and Shiels. Nice start
LuvIt74: Not too bad with Laird, Sloane, Greenwood & Titch afterall 380 from 4 players
LMartos: I wouldn’t say Adelaide got a ride but they did get double the frees, which is unusual
kano: 25-13 fk. Take the goggles off spanker
Ladbrokes_: Thank you lord greenwood, accidentally left him captain from loopholing last week, worked out great luckily hahah
MONEY TALK: wow C on greenwood
ScootD: Did u watch the game kano. Free count doesnt mean shit if the frees were there
Manowar: Got the C on Greenwood tonight, no acciedent

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