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Chat log from R13 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, R13 of 2017

JockMcPie: Hoping this is a great game
m0nty: good play Hunter
rtz23: how’s bugg’s tagging?
CBeezDeez: Wood got Bugg first. Serve em right!
Lestat: Hunter rolled ankle? He limped off after Watts tackle
cusch1: and we are 2 hours away from the conclusion of the dreaded bye rounds
CamT: 9 players haven’t touched it and I’ve got 4 of them :O
CBeezDeez: Hey m0nty no Lamb today. Suckling OK?
AT_123: Im down by 12, I have Oliver, Opponent has Dahl, who wins?
CBeezDeez: U do @AT. Oli a tackling machine today.
th3rio: Good olive oil, keep lifting
m0nty: you can’t go Picken and choosin’ the names that are playing
LMartos: can’t believe some of Bont’s touches aren’t considered contested
CBeezDeez: We can Hunt for some tho can’t we?
AT_123: cheers @deez, its gonna be a tight one i reckon
cusch1: We don’t need Lamb anymore, we have McDonalds
m0nty: good point cusch, you can wash it down with a frosty melksham
Pokerface: Watts all this about naming??
CBeezDeez: Dahls been a bit down on forn last couple too I think
cusch1: We must consider the Harmes that fast food has on our health though M0nty
wadaramus: Dahls form is Bugging me.
DrSeuss: Macrae, Dollhouse and Oliver – the byes just keep getting better.
m0nty: seriously though, I hope Jong’s injury isn’t really bad… apparently he’s crying on the bench
th3rio: Wallis a good pick over kennedy from wce or greene to replace steele lads?
thommoae: Puns … the poverty-line of humour.
AngryRyno: the Dahl crash is real
cusch1: Unfortunately, he was in the jong place at the jong time. Hopefully he can be back soon. He Wood be a big loss
JackRipper: @th3rio The Wallis pick was better then my Tom Lynch pick for Steele this week mate 🙁
AT_123: Assuming everyone here took Dangers VC score?
PLACEBOPIE: all these players should give there medals back pathetic
Zeratul: I almost took Danger VC…. but then gave the big C to Docherty 🙂
CamT: Yes AT_123. Locked that in very quickly.
th3rio: There was so much hype over lynch and his performance vs price and im glad i held steele to wait for next week lol.
wadaramus: 1 point quarter, Boyd oh Boyd, wowee, not good.
Screech23: I took a risk and went doc as capt
cusch1: Locked in Danger’s score at quarter time of that game in all honesty
th3rio: Jackripper im leaning toward greene mate
JackRipper: Last time Lynch played Carlton in Round 4 at Eithad this year he kicked 7 and got 161 SC points. Then gets 37 !!!
Brenno_173: The melbourne demons are hannan upa whopping to the Western Bulldogs!
StuL: Dogs aren’t hungover, they’re still drunk.
cusch1: M0nty, Luke Dahlhaus isn’t listed as an option in the watchlist section. Or I cant find him anyway
Brenno_173: The Western Bulldogs are gonna need to put a jetta on this quarter!
Raspel31: If this was soccer fantasy no Bulldogs player would have a point-but they match up interestingly.
JackRipper: Totally agree th3rio. That was who I wanted but ofc couldn’t get him cause of the bye. He is looking very good.
dipstick: Oliver.. you want some more????
CBeezDeez: A few proppy dogs out there by the sounds of it…
frenzy: Um Dahl wtf
Lestat: Get rid of the reviews. It doesn’t work.
AngryRyno: damnit, pay Dahl the goal
StuL: I think Dahl git robbed
th3rio: You might need tonl sideways to him too ripper 😉
LMartos: any danger of HTB being paid jeez
JackRipper: If he keeps that crap up i will have no choice but to break a SC Golden Rule at do that th3rio.
HawkTalker: The game doesn’t need more freekicks, Martos
Lestat: Need to pay the frees when they are there @Hawk
CBeezDeez: Am I hearing Hawkers correctly about #freekicks? LoL
JockMcPie: Dogs need to lift…a lot. My supercoach team depends on it
HawkTalker: fan expectation that there should be a free on every play is ruining the game
th3rio: I think im in love with oliver… my boy from round 1
AT_123: Is dahl just in a bad patch? Or do we ask if he is still SC relevant. I know he can go big but are there better options?
LMartos: how can that not be overturned
JockMcPie: ‘Is Dahl relevant’ – he’s only averaging 100 so yeah, he’s relevant
Stuart88: Good goal by harmes I say
m0nty: I talking about Dahl in the draft kit, just doesn’t spread enough for marks, or use his foot enough
Ladbrokes_: averaging 99 for a forward is still very good. Not worth dropping whatsoever
HawkTalker: Bont almost due for the snowflake
PLACEBOPIE: pick vickery then 😛
AT_123: My thoughts exactly Monty. I feel like there are better options personally.
Stuart88: Port Lin Jon look ill on the bench
JockMcPie: Muppet for Wood, vice captain not leading by example
CBeezDeez: Geez Doggies…..
Pokerface: $ hannan
luke394: Happy I kept Hannan he’s turning into a great cash cow
Ladbrokes_: See, nothing to worry about with Dahl
Pokerface: he’s been great recently Luke
CBeezDeez: Deez getting sucked in now I think. Bring on 1/2 time!
rtz23: would you trade jj?
LMartos: Bont only 9 for that snag 🙁
Lestat: Umpires have zero control over this shower game.
Pokerface: he’s a hold till Hogan is back
luke394: yeah just need some luck with the rookies sometimes @Pokerface
LMartos: Hibberd got crunched in the middle before, this is ridiculous intensity
cusch1: Any news on when Hogan will return?
CBeezDeez: 3/4 weeks they’re saying now Cusch.
CBeezDeez: I think its more just letting him get his head around everything thats gone on with him this year.
9inch: The McDonald’s taking all Hibberds points
cusch1: I think that, if Melbourne cannot make finals and he still hasnt returned, give him the season off
CBeezDeez: True Cusch but think we’re looking at finals tho
heppelitis: @9inch….and Pedersen
CBeezDeez: Club that is. Me? Only hopeful…
cusch1: Three teams from last season most likely wont make it, so three have to come in Melbourne/Richmond are most likely
coldog: Cmon Melksham! More points please
CBeezDeez: Don’t under sell your guys either Cusch. Rate you very highly
cusch1: Dont overestimate us either. Our good can compete with the best, but we can always revert to our worst
heppelitis: McDonald pinching Pedersens points too I meant to say
cusch1: We were horrendous against Richmond and Melbourne, who we should be at similar places
heppelitis: 5 good weeks in a row..2 tight losses…we playing good footy atm cusch1
cusch1: No doubt about it. As i said, we can match it with the best just like the GWS game
heppelitis: nice for a change hey lol
cusch1: You cant say we dont deserve it after the last four years of torment haha
King_Robbo: Essendon won’t make the 8, too many average players
AngryRyno: rare to see king robbo when dogs are losing, take photos
cobrakai00: Essendon deserve a but of success as long as they admit Hird was responsible
luke394: its great when both your cash leagues are sewn up already 🙂
cusch1: We have too many average players, yet have mad top 4 sides look average
heppelitis: classic Ryno
Heizenberg: Hi guys, how is everyone?
Heizenberg: Hi hepp!!
Roksta: Dogs in poor form wouldn’t read into this game much
heppelitis: good Heiz…sick of bye rounds though tbh
cusch1: *Cue the back on the game please post*
Raspel31: Arvo Heiz-you’d be a happy chappy.
Heizenberg: Cool hepp and haha okay, well last one so…
m0nty: indeed cusch
LuvIt74: Dogs have been in poor form all year
Heizenberg: Hi raspel and hahah yes yes 🙂
cusch1: I wouldnt say poor form, but just that the players who stood up last year havent gone to the next level
AngryRyno: that’s nice but you’ll drop out of the 8 soon enough @Roksta
cusch1: JJ, McLean, Biggs and Daniel come straight to mind
LMartos: has Anthony Hudson always excessively said “double touch”, never noticed it before
heppelitis: does anyone rate biggs? with all the changes the doggies make stuffed if i know how he gets regular games
LuvIt74: @cusch Or haven’t been able to maintain the level they were at last season
Heizenberg: Yes cmon dogs, my tips are shit this round!!
LuvIt74: To many handballs have caused dogs a ton of turn over’s
Heizenberg: I’m 2/5, anyone the same?
Heizenberg: Too*
cusch1: For me, kelly, Oliver and Merrett have overtaken Bont, based on current form of course
LuvIt74: I tipped the first 4 games, missed out on Carlton & looks like dogs also
Heizenberg: That’s good luvit
Raspel31: 2/5 as well Heiz
Heizenberg: I haveport and blues
luke394: someone call the cops Macrae is being robbed
LuvIt74: @cusch without a doubt, bont has been average. Merrett much more consistent. Dogs will struggle to make 8
Heizenberg: Don’t think anyone tipped this pre season, dogs dropped heaps
Heizenberg: And they were super lucky against north in Ed 5
coldog: Biggs is a dud. And jj isn’t worth the money he is asking for
LuvIt74: As a dogs supporter, It’s unreal the difference from last year to this year
Torz: Really happy I got Hibberd two weeks ago. Not.
Lestat: This is really a shower game unless you’re a Dees fan
MONEY TALK: brought bont in this week
luke394: I think a lot of teams have taken the next step and figured the dogs out
MONEY TALK: my bont and oliver vs 91+ and macrea gonna be close
LuvIt74: Torz same here m8
Ladbrokes_: We all love watching the Dogs lose though @Lestat. Good fun
cusch1: JJ, Picken, Boyd, Wood, Suckling and Biggs have all struggled off half back. Last year they were prolific
Heizenberg: I know luvit
Torz: Bit of backline junk there helps LuvIt.
Lestat: Rather watch Coll or Rich lose @Ladbrokes.
m0nty: nominations for star please
LuvIt74: @luke don’t think there was much to figure out.Dogs were clean & fast last year this year their handballs are deploraabl
LuvIt74: It’s their handballing thats causing so many turn overs
CBeezDeez: Watts m0nty
PLACEBOPIE: umps are on to crow throws this year 😛
MONEY TALK: geez just saw the fan footy live feed Eddy 6 goals, still won’t get picked so i traded him out
Lestat: Umpire Rosebury for star. He has been great 😛
Heizenberg: Such a crazy season this year
ademase: oliver
luke394: @LuvIt74 teams structuring has been able to put pressure on the dogs handball game they aren’t allowed to spread
MONEY TALK: plz get some touches bont and oliver
LuvIt74: @money did Eddy kick 6 in the reserves
luke394: plus they have a small fwd line so if ur hot with pressure they can’t kick long down the line at all
MONEY TALK: yea luvit thats what it says
luke394: dogs had a good month of footy last year when it mattered timing is everything
Heizenberg: David king dillusinal i think
LuvIt74: Luke there handballing this season is shocking, you dont hand ball to your a pack of 3 or 4 when theres only 1 of ur
Heizenberg: He thinks Melbourne are a contender for the flag
MONEY TALK: as it stands im up by 1 point in one of my league games
LuvIt74: players in that pack. Its killing them every week.
Torz: Good quarter by Hibbo.
Torz: We fired him up.
Heizenberg: Where’s wends today? 🙁
Heizenberg: And zad
MONEY TALK: good push hibberd, but stay low macrea
MONEY TALK: can every one call bont and oliver shit then seems to work when u call players shit
luke394: Macrae tackle, FF and effective kick for 4 points lol
CBeezDeez: Geez boyz. We’ve still got a qtr to go! Don’t start dropping now pls
luke394: yes because of perceived pressure @LuvIt thats what it does causes mistakes
Heizenberg: Well done deez, good win
LuvIt74: @Deez your safe as houses mate, no chance of losing even if there was 3/4 to go. lol
Beast_Mode: roughead bluemoon surely!
LuvIt74: I’d love to see the Dee’s make the finals and win a flag.
banta: two weeks in a row johannisen tagged. he is pathetic. shoudl be dropped
CBeezDeez: Here’s hoping Heiz. I always wait for the fat lady tho LoL. U still killing match day?
banta: ead JJ
CBeezDeez: Been a long time LuvIt. You guys last year. Ours soon hopefully.
Torz: Dogs haven’t done anything to help JJ out. Throw him forward or something. Just mix it up.
LuvIt74: @Deez hope so m8- unfortunetly GWS look as tho they will b far to good for many seasons
JackRipper: We have all seen how effrctive tags can be on JJ. Why do teams not tag Doc ?
Lestat: Doc is miles better than JJ @Jack
cusch1: Simple Ripper, Doch > JJ my miles
CBeezDeez: Yeap LuvIt. AFL House Giants looking daunting for me also.
LuvIt74: Some players can’t handle the tag, others it doesn’t stop them such as Doch
circle52: Salary Cap may bite Giants though.
luke394: that free wasn’t against Hibberd CD
CBeezDeez: I’m sure concessions will be made to suit @Circle
JackRipper: Has any team this year put a hard tag on Doc ? I cant believe opposition teams just let him run riot.
Heizenberg: I know jack ripper and I love it hahaa
JackRipper: lol
Heizenberg: It if doesn’t always stop him at leas crates a contest etc
circle52: Will tell Fagan to put one on when we play the blues, Jackripper
LuvIt74: @circle yeah it will, but they can afford to lose players & get much better quality players for future by trading them.
Crowls: four prems playing and only 1 will >80, disgraceful
King_Robbo: Beccause Carlton are average – they can beat the blues without tagging Doc
Heizenberg: @circle who mate?
circle52: *Fagan*
Heizenberg: Ahhh I see
LuvIt74: much better draft picks is what I mean.
JackRipper: @Heiz… Totally agree mate. Blues have just beaten GWS and won again this week.
Heizenberg: But he cuts off a lot of would be attacks
circle52: Would love to see hipwood run with him all day.
Lestat: Really Robbo? Didn’t help GWs last week or Suns last night did it?
Heizenberg: Who would tag him circle? Maybe Robinson?
Heizenberg: Thansk ripper, heaps of young talent there and Gibbs gone to another level this season
zadolinnyj: Gent
Heizenberg: I hope crops can take that massive step next year
zadolinnyj: Hey heiz
Heizenberg: Cripps*
King_Robbo: Point is, you can easily beat Carlton without worrying about Doc
circle52: Still reckon Macrae being ripped by CD.
casey22: start game; my dahl/mcrae vs hannan/pedersen & im stuffed
AngryRyno: junk it up pls dogs duo
Raspel31: The Doch my last primo pick up next week Heiz.
Heizenberg: How are you zad?
JackRipper: Absolutely Heiz….. And ur comment about a tag on Doc at least making it a contest is a good one imo
LuvIt74: @King Carlton are playing a ship load better then we are of late and thats a FACT.
Lestat: GWS and Suns didn’t worry about Doc and how did that work out @Robbo?
zadolinnyj: Good mate. You?
King_Robbo: So glad I grabbed Robertson over spud Hibberd
luke394: sht SC match
Heizenberg: Thansk ripper bro
CBeezDeez: Lot of scaling up probably @Luke
Heizenberg: That’s good sad and yeah pretty good mate
Heizenberg: Zad*
Heizenberg: Carlton one of many with a bright future
casey22: Talk about tag/scrag what was done to GAJ yesterday was disgusting
LuvIt74: Wallis looking brilliant as a top 6 forward based on averages
zadolinnyj: Carlton look good
Heizenberg: Why Casey? No dirty tactics
Lestat: No different to what Syd did to JJ last week @Casey.
JackRipper: HaHa np Heiz. Also Goodwin said on radio that Gawn will play next week. Interesting to see how many trade him in.
MONEY TALK: person in my league is 12-0 im making him 12-1 hehe
King_Robbo: Carlton will still be average for a long time, only have 5-6 good young players
frenzy: don’t panic dogs, Nth will play you back into form next week
LuvIt74: @frenzy not if dogs play like this, they’ll get done
Roksta: Hope so frenzy we are putrid atm
Lestat: Stop being sour Robbo. Just because the Dogs have been Shower all year.
Torz: There’s a few blue moons going on in this match.
frenzy: we the greatest 16th team ever
cusch1: Remember when Tom McDonald was SC relevant?
Ash777: time to address the elephant in the room and call it a hangover
Raspel31: Yep, Robbo got a bit of a chip on ye olde shoulder.
LuvIt74: Look at Libba, wtf was he dropped. I still think something is going on at the kennel.
LuvIt74: Think its more serious then a hang over
cusch1: Dogs remind me of 2010 magpies. Surprise winners, beating a team who were good for a while, then fell to shit
King_Robbo: Lols no chip – still premiers. Just saying Carlton aren’t that good which is what we were talking about..
Nuffman: Pigs DT:SC ratio is hurting my heart
JockMcPie: Great recruits for me in Macrae and Bont this week, stupid duds.
cusch1: Relatively young side to win it too
Ladbrokes_: Hibberd, 8 clangers? Wow
luke394: Hibberd 8 clangers killed his score
vartic: Needed Hannan & Wallis to outscore Macrae by 59 for a win, couldn’t have even imagined how comfortably they’d do that
LuvIt74: How can Cloke get a game & leave libba out. Unless Libba was chopped due to discipline reasons & club didn’t wanna say
Lestat: Robbo Dogs are shower this year so you can’t say too much. Will not make the 8 this year or the next few. No kids coming
Lestat: through at all.
LuvIt74: The pies turned to ship because they got rid of Malthouse coz Eddy is in love with Bucks

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