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Chat log from R13 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R13 of 2017

korza: Gazza please (C)
CBeezDeez: Tempting Korza. Not sticking with Danger?
shaker: Gazza should go very big tonight
Lestat: He will have Ed Curnow following him all night.
Hawks_13: Can’t believe Carlton aren’t favourite.i think it’s a great bet.
AngryRyno: Ed Curnow the GOAT to keep Gaz to 15 touches
CBeezDeez: I think he’ll play fwd a bit to shake Curnow a bit
J.Worrall: head to head with gibbs
AngryRyno: looks like a team effort on Gaz rather than just Ed
CBeezDeez: That’s good for us then Ryno
AngryRyno: 8 points for that 2m Peter knock on sheesh
boo!: loving my witts and lynch trade
hinsch: My Fisher for Ablett trade looks promising
Breezey: Curnow ain’t gunna stop GAJ.
faisca7: Joyce is having a mare
Lestat: Blues started well.
boo!: curnow…more like curyes
cusch1: Joyce having a shocker
circle52: The last free though was soft
m0nty: if I give Lamb the spud icon will that constitute a roast?
cobrakai00: Docherty going huge tonight
Breezey: That’s mint Monty
Nuffman: I’m amazed you haven’t gotten a fishing rod for Fisher yet…
JRedden: docherty goes huge every night
faisca7: You need some greens with your dinner Monty.. Give him the muppet too
LMartos: Docherty cops no points for mark and kick, bull even though it went back
Raspel31: Hmm-last trade for primo was going to be Docherty next week-will be exxy
Lestat: @m0nty Pumkin works too
Hawks_13: I thought this might be one sided
boo!: minty and lamb go well
Apachecats: Got him this week @Raspel tg
sfmmp23: Of course the week i trade in Jelwood and Tom Lynch this happens
Lewysport: Cape for doc already!
Breezey: Doc might go the double ton tonight.
cusch1: My biggest regret this season has been swapping Doch and Shaw last minute before round 1
Ladbrokes_: Docherty :*
Nuffman: Think it’s most people’s regret this season
boo!: cmon sps make your be!!
cusch1: My second biggest regret is trading Hurley after his slow start to the season
luke394: Docherty is a super freak
YBSHY: i’d be regretting supporting bombers 😛
faisca7: I think the 0.1% of Gaz owners that traded him out before his 210 have the biggest regret
SilverLion: Jesus Docherty…
Rush: Having Docherty from the start is one of my few good moves this season
StuL: Taking simo when I could have got doc. Although the extra cash got Heeney I think.
anthsill03: Where is dipstick. always bags the doc.
StuL: Nobody is going to Broken Hill.
SilverLion: Only 1 of his 12 disposals contested though. Lot of cheapies in there.
cusch1: YBSHY after todays performance, I wouldnt be talking about regretting supporting a club mate 🙂
frenzy: do they have penguins on the gold coast
benty691: silver, his touches aren’t that cheap, he has had heaps of intercept possessions the GC are just bombing it long
Lestat: Would rather follow Ess than Ninthmond. At least Ess can win the close games.
arbel: how do teams not put effort into docherty … just let him do as he pleases
circle52: Yep why leavew him free behind the ball to launch counter attacks.
Hawks_13: This looks like a slaughter
anthsill03: Doc is attending more CB hopefully equals more points
Snarfy: The Suns need to do to Docherty what the Swans did to Johannsen last week.
luke394: Please get a good score Z Fisher just once
cusch1: The suns need to do a lot more than that Snarfy. Theyre lucky to be as close as they are
Breezey: Seriously what is Rocket doing. Change something for flower’s sake
Lestat: How dumb from Rosa
casey22: Anyone that hits daisy should get credit weeks
DrSeuss: Has Ablett had the hard tag all night?
shaker: Spot on Breezy get Lynch up the ground shower coach
circle52: Very dumb lestat and if he is not cited something wrong with MRP
TheBoy89: When u forgot to put clothes on danger but u have it on docherty
TheBoy89: Captain*
CamT: On Perth radio today callers were saying Shuey should get off because he had eyes for the ball :O
TheBoy89: No joke u can even check my team
cusch1: The boy, no one cares about your insignificant team
AngryRyno: no one said otherwise ya turkey
TheBoy89: My team is called MonkeyInTheDaBank
pharace: Yes Seuss, more than a hard tag, every Carlton player bumping him ala JJ last week
Fatbar5tad: I did the same thing boy. Doc has a way to go though.
TyCarlisle: You said your team was ‘The TransGender’ a week ago?
LuvIt74: lol Gobble, gobble, gobble
DrSeuss: Docherty will go quiet if it starts becoming about contested possessions.
Snarfy: Chances of the Suns leading at half time?
LuvIt74: @Ty well stated mate.
TheBoy89: Yeah this ones my second and please don’t diss me
LuvIt74: TheBoy has 10 tams
vamos77: Rosa swang an arm to what would of been bicep area but Daisy ducked at same time. Nothing in it
TheBoy89: I only have 2 and I’m shit at sc
man0005: TheBoy has 10 tim tams
TyCarlisle: Your supercoach doesn’t count if you started round 3.
anthsill03: @drseuss u got no idea just salty u lost a good player
Breezey: Diss diss. I don’t give a power
LuvIt74: I smell a Pathological liar in the room.
AngryRyno: you’re not allowed to have two teams ya skidmark
PLACEBOPIE: but 1st in dt 😀
LuvIt74: lol
cusch1: Thebo has enough teams to select every player in the competition, just so he never misses a good score
TheBoy89: Yeah ik ty I got hooked onto sc in round 3 but in I’m coming 109
frenzy: who brang Liam Jones in, hands up
JackRipper: Hard to believe that in Round 4 at Etithad this year against Carlton Lynch scored 161 Sc points !!!
Lestat: That’s a shower call on Boekhorst.
Breezey: I think Luvit is correct about pathological
LMartos: umps are so bad this year
Lestat: You are full of it TheBoy
CBeezDeez: I think I’m agreeing with LuvIt
cusch1: Stephen Dank has more credibility than you? I hope that isnt considered abuse 😉
TheBoy89: Ok look you’ve exposed me I’m shit at sc Allso I don’t play dt
DrSeuss: @anthsill – How many contested possessions to Docherty so far tonight?
LuvIt74: I really need GCS to win to make it 5 from 5
CBeezDeez: Seeing tho it’s self abuse it’s ok Cusch! LoL
pharace: At least when there was just one umpire they could say they were unsighted – now with four……!
Breezey: So you say your shower at SC but your coming 109.
anthsill03: Good bump daisy lol
LuvIt74: @TheBoy Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt. What a fool.
Lestat: Daisy in trouble?
LMartos: Ramadan affecting Saaf’s decision making
cusch1: You know its a poor game when the FanFooty chat is getting philosophical
sfmmp23: Good on you Tom Lynch, dont be afraid to touch the footy mate.
Raspel31: Not a touch this qtr Gablett?
Breezey: Luvit calls it. Game Over. Stop the fight
Lestat: @Raspel 1 HB only I think.
Beast_Mode: When daisy is dominating you know you’re fucked
Ladbrokes_: Shh don’t jinx it @Raspel
Thedude24: LMartos. They break their fast at 5:10pm so he’ll be fine at the moment
m0nty: back on the game please 🙂
Snarfy: Saad only eats Papadams during Ramadan 🙂
Breezey: Dochers nearly a DT ton by HT
LuvIt74: “Push a little daisy and make them come up.”
Thedude24: Saad was able to eat anything for the last 3 hours now. Him and Houli are okay for night games
vamos77: Suns to win by 7pts, Gaz & Lynch to ton up
StuL: I know the week I get doc he’ll pump out an 80.
man0005: Gun for Dale Thomas?3
shaker: Can’t believe a coach can let there best player be tagged yet leave opposition players run free
Brenno_173: Vamos77- your a complete Idiot
AngryRyno: watch this space for a daisy zombie in about 90 minutes
StuL: Witts 1 posession. Blinder!
vamos77: Lol, the week you get Doc. Give yourself an upper cut.
DrSeuss: Capt Ablett and Witts in the Ruck – Oh what a night….
ryan: shaker your an absolute peanut who obviously has no idea about footy
Screech23: Doc as C. So far so good.
CBeezDeez: At least send him deep fwd with a tag i reckon…
vamos77: Too many zit faced geeks on here to know those lyrics luvit
Fizzy343: zit faced geeks lol what an insult
Hooks: What do you mean he isn’t letting him get tagged, if it were up to him GAZ wouldn’t be getting tagged.
LuvIt74: @vamos i didn’t think anyone in here would gerry what i was on about
frenzy: need an antenna icon m0nty
SilverLion: Why does it say Doch is mostly starting on a wing? Thats definitely false. And he and Simpson are rotating as the spare.
LuvIt74: yup the silliest song ive ever heard in my 43 years of living.
shaker: Just get personal ryan it’s ok I understand you are not a mental giant
werdna007: hey gaz , how’s your shoulder
PLACEBOPIE: about raising nipples
boo!: i only 18 but have zits
vamos77: What about detachable penis, luvit?
AngryRyno: must support my namesake, shaker you are a peanut
PLACEBOPIE: Milkshakes 😀
LuvIt74: @boo thers a cure for that m8 go out & find a woman at least for a few minutes.
shaker: Jeez m0nty you have to clamp down on these trolls this chat is just turning into an insult fest
werdna007: hey gaz, geelong don’t want you back…time to retire
Screech23: @LuvIt74 ur being kinds. Think u meant seconds.
vamos77: A woman who can give you a facial, boo
Raspel31: I’ve been sitting here quietly-you one of the worst shaker
shaker: Really what have I said ? that the coach is stupid for just letting his best player get tagged
AngryRyno: it’s a body of work
boo!: @luvit i am woman
Breezey: Bloody hell. When’s the second halfstart agai
shaker: That’s getting personal is it flower off that’s all I’ve posted
PLACEBOPIE: double secret probation
LuvIt74: @boo “Hear me roar”
m0nty: back on the game everyone, I will start banning.
CBeezDeez: What about “I kissed a girl…” LuvIt
Lestat: What did I miss?
shaker: You can ban me m0nty I’ve had enough of this troll fest shaker out for good
Ash777: wtf ablett
CBeezDeez: An Ablett disposal LeStat!
Lestat: bye
AngryRyno: ah, the chat is a better place already, carn Dochers
Apachecats: Raise the bat Docherty
m0nty: Lamb butchered that chance.
pies4spoon: and another free for the suns in FWD50
Apachecats: At least he’s in for his chop Monty.
Fatbar5tad: Looking for a chop out m0nty
runt: Ablett will light up now and score 120
Fatbar5tad: Damm you Apache 🙂
Donz: Doch is the ducks nutz… feeling for those who dont have him… perhaps waiting for him to drop in price.
Apachecats: You’ve been fleeced @fatbar
Breezey: With that ball drop it’s amazing Casboult even kicks it all
Donz: You’ll be waiting for Round 1 2019
Grumpman: he’s been Doc’d to.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
AngryRyno: mare TJ Lynch
Apachecats: Hi Dirty
biggerz: hey team, cant get the scores to load on my iphone for some reason after it worked last week. anyone know problem?
Fatbar5tad: Shear genius ewe lot
Lestat: That was shower from Levi
Apachecats: We’ll see if Lamb is a four quarter player tonight
Fatbar5tad: Blues losing the plot a bit here
Breezey: Suns coming from na
pcaman2003: Happier tonight. Have Doc,Murph,Kreuz and Marchbank.
runt: Lamb May Swallow Lyons Lemmens
Breezey: There ya go coach. It’s not science Rocket
DrSeuss: Lift GAJ and Witts
pcaman2003: @Runt. Nicely done!
anthsill03: Did u mean rocket science?
Breezey: No. Rocket is Eade
boo!: noice simmo
man0005: Isn’t it Rodney Eade?
frenzy: Lambs racking it up tonite
anthsill03: My bad. Totally slipped my mind
Lestat: His nickname is Rocket.
PLACEBOPIE: his nickname is Rocket Rodney Eade
Apachecats: I’m really just waiting for Lamb to shank one @frenzy.
CBeezDeez: His shanks lets him down sometimes
StuL: You can’t roast Lamb. Turn it up you two.
Beast_Mode: lol muppets
Breezey: Levi is from a different gene pool. Or jean pool even
J.Worrall: Did you see the Swallow Dive?
frenzy: Lamb copped a roasting
m0nty: fair suck of the sauce bottle you lot
CBeezDeez: That’s setting the Bar low U guys!
Donz: Doch’s effort there deserves 10 points
runt: Lamb fleece when he hears the squelch of gumboots
StuL: Levi’s entry for the worst kick at goal ever comp.
Ash777: lamb shanks? sounds delicious
duckky: Mint sauce Monty?
pies4spoon: That was as bad as Ty Zantuck’s effort lol
anthsill03: Do you boys like LEMMENS on your lamb
Fatbar5tad: Well done Wright
DrSeuss: He dropped the ball in a tackle and gets the penalty – these umps are horrific
luke394: awesome quarter Docherty
pcaman2003: Get the ball Marchbank.You’re letting down my team
J.Worrall: Gibbs could go mental here …
frenzy: Sam Rocherty
Donz: pcaman… if your team is relying on Marchbank then I think its the coach that let the team down
Donz: Worrall.. Safe to say Gibbs is in for a 160 + he has already gone mental
mookie: Carltank will choke
runt: Gibbs and Simpson bringing the kick back into vogue. Hope it catches on
GOD: GOD has the C on B. Gibbs tonight!
Lestat: They didn’t choke last week against the premiership favs mookie.
Stuart88: Levi for all the good work in the 1st half your single Handley let them back in 😡
DrSeuss: At least Gibbs is getting contested possies. Can’t say the same for Docherty
mookie: Last time I looked they were still 16th, the odds are good
Donz: GOD must have been on the billies when he thought it a good idea to put the C on Gibbs. That is in a category worse than
runt: Oh mookie Tigers found a way to lose today. Fuck off mookie
anthsill03: So many games this year when teams are losing by 30+ and winning
Donz: beginners luck
Breezey: Lynch plays a good qtr and the GC will win.
Donz: Doch still going along nicely Doctor
mookie: flower off runt
CamT: GOD had the C on Dangerfield on Thursday night.
JockMcPie: Docherty why are you so goddam expensive…
Donz: I guess GOD can have more than one captain CamT?
Lestat: Muppet icon for mookie?
CamT: You’re right, Donz
mardyb: god says the same thing every game… flog
LuvIt74: When is Harbrow back?
Donz: Because he is THE premium defender Jock… Should have already had him in your calculations… Feel the pain
mookie: lol @ runt. Rockys been slow to get get going again. I need my no 1 Capt back
anthsill03: I think there is a mistake in ur name mookie. Should be sookie or rookie
Donz: GOD should realise that he is obsolete and does not exist?
JButcher: God is providing some good comic relief which is what this chat needs @mardyb
DrSeuss: Doc always goes along nicely – until the game is contested….
Vich: and the C on Zorko earlier..must be talking matchday 🙂
Donz: God is dead and no one cares.
anthsill03: Let it go dr. Lets talk about rich and how he cant handle a tag?
Donz: Doctor didnt get the right medicine. Docherty slotted at D1 is the cure for all the fantasy illnesses
vamos77: GOD My Pal great aussie song from the 90s
LMartos: Docherty always stands up in clutch time
Lestat: I have Doc @ D2 behind Laird.
pcaman2003: If I had Pendles as C on field and Danger VC .does he get double score?
Donz: Definitely would be nice if the doch could turn the gun into some cherries with some clutch efficient ball
Donz: wont be that way after this week Lestat. Get with the program
Ash777: GOD probably has Dyslexia
LMartos: Docherty is averaging 10 more than Laird though @Lestat
Lestat: yes pcaman
Donz: Yes pcaman.. VC gets double when C does not play
Apachecats: I get it @sha
pcaman2003: @Donz. Thanks .Was having doubt as Pendles had the bye.
LMartos: Boekhorst dribble files
Lestat: Queue the Dunstall rant to Boekhosrt
Donz: No worries
Breezey: Gibbs going for the double ton
frenzy: did Luvit change his name to Donz
anthsill03: Am i the only blues supoorter that wants gibbs to stay?
Donz: wont be far off at this rate Breezey… Anyone (apart from GOD of course who C’d him) have him in there team?
pcaman2003: Thanks @Lestat.
Lestat: Laird and Doc both guns, so D1 or D2 no matter 🙂
Donz: No Frenzy. I am my own man/boy/girl
Apachecats: I think your’e the only Blues supporter in the room @anths
Lestat: I don’t have Gibbs, but the wife does.
Lestat: np pcaman
pcaman2003: Where the hell is Murphy this qtr? Unseen!
Donz: significant difference when trying to correct someone though Lestat…
anthsill03: Nothing wrong with that..
casey22: Go Suns
Donz: but you are right both were locks in my teams from day dot… absolute stars
Lestat: Who was I trying to correct @Donz?
Apachecats: I’ll bet someone will say they’e got Gibbs as captain.
StuL: Gaz been avg but could easily ton up. Don’t doubt the 🐐
cusch1: Didn’t someone say Suns by 5 points earlier? Albeit they got the Lynch SC tonne wrong but margin looks alright
Donz: Maybe I misunderstood.. I thought you were poking at my comment about him being THE D1
Lestat: Ouch. Barlow gone.
Breezey: Barlow snapped ankle by the looks
NoneyaB: barlow 🙁
Beast_Mode: Barlow tombstone
Ash777: ouch
cusch1: The Boy probably has Gibbs captain
LMartos: that would hurt so much
tankin: tombstone for barlow
travo: erg!
Donz: Still a long time to go cusch. I thnk Carlton still get up from here
Breezey: Only in his second team Cusch
Apachecats: Nothing wrong with it at all @anths ,just letting you know your questiion about Gibbs probably would go unanswered
Lestat: Hell no Donz. Just stating I had Laird D1
Beast_Mode: poor bastard, he took it like a champ though unlike hairy gary
NoneyaB: lower leg u can see the lump
mardyb: hate seeing that… #prayforbarlow
Roksta: Barlow going down gave has extra rest time
DirtyDawn: Round of applause Barlow. Champion effort top come back from the last break
man0005: #prayforbarlow
StuL: Green whistle. Your lower leg isn’t meant to flex I don’t think
AngryRyno: shoutout to fantasy royalty Michael Barlow first year brilliance
NoneyaB: i reckon hes broken his leg again
Lestat: Season done, hopefully not career.
Raspel31: Indeed mardy-well said.
Donz: Just for this week though… Again. Doch is THE D1
anthsill03: @apache you’re right. Not sure where the blues supporters are tonight.
PLACEBOPIE: #I’ll ride with you
man0005: #I’ll ride with you
THESKUNK: barlow was all class there
Lestat: Blues fans staying quiet to see how this plays out.
LMartos: Gibbs will double ton
Roksta: Gibbs gonna break records here
casey22: Gibbs for 200 sc
frenzy: double ton squibbs
Donz: wow… Gibbs with the extra cherries on top looking @ 220 + for sure with still 9 mins game time
Apachecats: Cheers anths hope they can get up for you
anthsill03: @lestat there are no blue fans on here tonight besides me. I think we have a chance.
J.Worrall: I tpped it!
pcaman2003: Bloody nasty. Poor bugger!
Donz: 40 points for a goal CD? its done
Stuart88: Give Levi the mare
Beast_Mode: Lol what a spud
Raspel31: So should have capped Gibbs-except don’t have him.
JButcher: If there is anyone in the game that can come back from this its Barlow
cusch1: Imagine Gibbs kicking the winner after the siren. Will score 250
LuvIt74: bloody oath you’re a chance
TheLegend6: It was 21 points
LMartos: 207 jeez haha
Ash777: that injury broke suns too
pcaman2003: And GOD didn’t put the C on Gibbs. Plonker!
travo: @ ant blues fans are too bust screaming at the tv
Umpirespet: Glad your comin home Gibbsy
Donz: you are in the majority there Raspel
Donz: God is dead and no one cares… Been quiet for awhile
anthsill03: 100% agree@travo my poor dogs have no idea what is goin on lol
Apachecats: Why do they deliberately dribble shots at goal.
Donz: Just another for Dunstall to rip on. ALmost hoping Suns get up to watch him go bananas tomorrow night
CBeezDeez: Give Barlow the star m0nty for how classy the guy is
Apachecats: Casboult i a liabilty at this stage
casey22: All over for the suns
anthsill03: Stop the dribble kicks boys
pcaman2003: Gibbs gone quiet. Hasn’t touched it for 20 seconds.
Lestat: Who said Curnow couldn’t stop GAZ?
JockMcPie: S/O to Simpson for matching Docherty mostly, good onya
travo: tackle, free kick, goals gibsy bring up the double ton
LMartos: Imagine having Gibbs, Docherty, Kreuzer and Simpson
Lestat: Purple Superman for the former Docker m0nty
frenzy: when did flowerin Kruezer get to 150 SC
mardyb: got the C on kreuzer in a draft league
anthsill03: Kreuz needs to be considered for AA
man0005: I have all 4 plus Lyons LMartos. Captained Dangerfield though 🙁
LMartos: yeah righto man0005 lol
m0nty: Lamb with the cherry on top!
Donz: Gibbs has dominated this game… this is a ridiculous display he is putting on
Breezey: Good leg on Lamb
Lestat: Looks like man0005 has taken TheBoy’s seat in liarville
Lestat: @mookie how is choking Blues going?
casey22: Sure glad I picked up docherty in all my teams this week
Ash777: I like gravy on my lamb
anthsill03: Where is the rookie? I mean mookie.
Breezey: Carrying on like Liam Jones is an all Australian chance
StuL: Might have been a Lamb chop if it wasn’t a mark.
LMartos: If Jones was Rance he’d be on 150
frenzy: CD really has no idea
Donz: frenzy really has no idea
LeFtBehinD: Give Liam Jones the star surely
9inch: SC xcores would of been embarrassing if Blues lost.
luke394: Sewell is a super awkward bloke
luke394: back at the whinging again LMartos
Lestat: 2 weeks at full back Jones has flogged a #1 draft pick and the best young key fwd in the game. Nice career move.
frenzy: Luvit Donz
AngryRyno: Ed Curnow x factor

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