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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, R14 of 2017

JackRipper: I don’t think I can bare watching the scoring on this match and seeing Stef struggle to reach 60 !
Haydo: yeah
Haydo: Lol, I tipped Brisbane
th3rio: god forbid JackRipper , why couldnt archie be a late withdrawl 🙁
korza: Need Rocky to go huge
JackRipper: Yup….. I wanted to trade Stef to Kruz… But too much carnage this week stopped the trade 🙁
th3rio: Feel ya, I have to watch my boy kelly sit on my bench, no fisher no cousins to cover
JackRipper: Ouch… I got cousins, Fisher, Fyfe, sandy and still worried about Nank and Scooter too boot.
oh_lol: Wow. Mummy lined up Beams good!
King_Robbo: Beams gawnski!
Lestat: FFS Beams injured
Haydo: I have Kelly on bench but have Ainsworth or Bolton to cover, who should I choose
Yelse: noooo beams out goneee
Gotigres: Beams injured
Torz: Shiel on record pace for possessions.
frenzy: beams taken out by mummy
Costanza: byebye Beams
LMartos: Shane Mumford you dog you’ve ruined my team
th3rio: please no
SilverLion: Bye bye decent SC score this round
King_Robbo: Sad for Beamer but helpful for those who traded him 🙂
daniel87: oh for fucksake
Yelse: SC week just got finished for me with beams out. No chance now
th3rio: go bolton haydo
pcaman2003: Thank you Mummy. Opponent has Beams.
Haydo: U have so much sympathy for him robbo
poolboybob: Whelp there’s one “luxury trade”
Pokerface: shiel will go well today as the main man with no kelly
th3rio: whys stefs score blanked lol
mickelo: lol Beams out but score still going up
AngryRyno: stef score blanked because he was on -1, which shows up as 0 on this site which shows up blank, trust me
King_Robbo: Lol CD doing their best to give Beams some more points.
SilverLion: Reckon SC should allow emergencies to cover sc scores of 20 or less, 20 or less is pretty much only 1st qtr injuries
JButcher: Rocky could go big with no Beams
th3rio: beams lloyd #2 , kiss that POD goodbye if not many had him in your league like mine
Pokerface: lol mickelo still doesnt know the scores are estomated to scale to 3300 at the end of game
AngryRyno: beams might be done for the year, won’t get time to get cheap for SC
Pokerface: @silverlion pickett says hi
Haydo: I was thinking ainsworth th3rio his average is 10 better but got 39 lasst week
SilverLion: Or maybe a TOG thing, if they finish the game with less than 30% TOG, emergency can cover. etc.
th3rio: yep lol, last weeks score is what made me say Bolton, Bolton didnt alright in 1 quarter last eek lol
poolboybob: lol my opponent has Beams as captain, that hurts a little less now.
King_Robbo: Haha bit desperate Silverlion? As a Beams owner I’m loving it
Haydo: but what if you don’t have anyone playing on the bench
Lewysport: I heard Manowar has Shiel as C this week. Lol
Haydo: or if they got a better score in 29% game time than ur emergency
SilverLion: It just makes sense Robbo. Emergencies are there for a reason.
th3rio: good stef keep going
Pokerface: if steele ever gets back his tank might not get him 30% game time
fonzie: how bad is beams injury
AngryRyno: think about it, in real life brisbane don’t get an emergency to replace beams…
Pokerface: he has the tombstone for a reason fonzie. probably broken collarbone
JackRipper: Martin playing main ruck with Archie forward ??? Ow My there is a god lol
fonzie: ahh crud
Lestat: I have never seen a bigger flog than King_Robbo being happy someone is seriously injured.
Pokerface: @AR not anymore anyway.. im having horrible flashbacks
JButcher: Looks like we’re in for another sub-100 Rocky performance
Haydo: yeah lestat
Torz: Rocky looks like he doesn’t want any physical contact.
th3rio: ffs why is smith in the ruck after stefan is dominating….
pcaman2003: I’ve got Barrett on for Kelly. Crapola!
SilverLion: True Ryno. And we’re at a disadvantage for the rest of the game because of it. Seems very fair.
Haydo: I have Barrett on anyway pcaman
fonzie: any suggestions for beams replacement
Lestat: Barrett will eventually go past Beams though pcaman
Haydo: bont
Haydo: depending on how he plays this week fonzie
daniel87: robbie gray bont
faisca7: beams to gibbs
fonzie: ive got bont oliver martin sellwood
fonzie: danger murphy and t mich
th3rio: anyone know how long a collar bone usually is? ive got scooter to cover if he stops being a shit
daniel87: someone go find mr miyagi for beams
AngryRyno: a collar bone is usually about 30-40cm long
Lestat: Murphy, Shuey, Zorko, JPK, Ablett or Z. Merrett
th3rio: oh ty
Lewysport: Lochy Neale or Merrett be my swap for beams.
happytimes: Last week trade in GAJ and this week put the c on beams
foolysik: Lin Jong did his collar bone last year in the finals, had surgery then nearly played 2 weeks later in the Prelim
daniel87: barret minus 5
poolboybob: Wow 2 touches Heater, great work
th3rio: good stef give mummy a knee to the head for beams
faisca7: sad times, happytimes
StuL: This is the new Rocky it seems. He sucks.
PLACEBOPIE: rocky got stiffed that qtr
King_Robbo: Haha Barrett another FA – too funny
9inch: Just a matter of time before Rocky is injured again too.
LMartos: I’m in real strife trade wise with Beams going down
LMartos: scores haven’t updated properly for some reason
StuL: Barrett -8 in sc
Haydo: Stef struggling to 60??? More like 200
StuL: Barrett -8 in sc site
Lewysport: Good times happy times, not, poor bugger.
Snarfy: Nice one Ryno!
korza: Own up pplz who started Barrett
Haydo: Yep Korza
JackRipper: Is Archie playing 90% forward lads ? I am only listening not watching.
9inch: Traded Barrett to Witherden pre game for cash.
Snarfy: You’d be loaded then 9inch!
JackRipper: Great move 9inch… Use LLoyd as your Def – Mid swingman if needed.
LMartos: were scores not working for a long time for just me or everyone?
th3rio: yes Jack, he is
9inch: Yeah and Adams. Also allowed me to get Greenwoods score bringing Hibberd down to mids.
th3rio: and at this rate, archie will get dropped next week 😀
korza: Shaw>Dockerty Rockliffe>Gray monday morning. F this
JackRipper: Great news th3rio.. Saved me a trade.
th3rio: stef is saving my ass with no Kelly
duckky: Come on Williams. Beams will outscore you at this rate.
JackRipper: HaHa.. I did the same 9 inch to get greenwoods 127. But I used Mcinnes instead of Hibberd.
coldog: Bloody hell was gonna loophole Barrett but now will have to rely on Pickett I’m screwed
9inch: Good move. Hope Witherden holds his spot now.
Haydo: I’v got Barrett, rockliff and zorko, thank god iv got s martin
bongidongi: s martin & shaw vs taranto, mcsuitcase and s martin
bongidongi: traded out shiel though last week…
th3rio: honestly why s martin out of ruck, i hope its just a breather on the pine
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Zork. Bring you a n for 600k and you give me possies. FMSC
Fatbar5tad: 4 possies ack
Haydo: Same fatbar
m0nty: lot of hair in that contest with Mathieson and Taranto
poolboybob: Iclcle for Heater
toddyelton: geez beams is playing bad
Haydo: hes injured
9inch: Wish Derm would put a sock in it.
pcaman2003: Barrett you flog. Can’t even beat a player with 5% TOG. Weak as!
poolboybob: This time when I say never again to Shaw, I’m pretty sure I will not go back on my word.
StuL: May as well dig a hole for Barrett too.
Pokerface: shaw firing up for his 250th
LMartos: imagine having Barrett and Beams
faisca7: dont need to imagine lmartos.. chuck shaw in there too
pcaman2003: @Lmartos. No thanks! One is enough.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Zork. Unbeatable….until I trade him in. Grrr
JackRipper: Gee I have Shaw.. He is lucky to be on 30 SC with those stats.
pcaman2003: faisca7. Commiserations! lol
poolboybob: Shaw has one more touch than a guy who got knocked out practically in the first minute of the match.
King_Robbo: Unfair on Shaw, the ball has hardly been down there
pcaman2003: @king-robbo. True. Williams having a horror too.
Lestat: Add Williams to that LMartos
th3rio: hope greene doesnt go up too much, need to wait for gawn to come back so can go sando to gawn and nank to greene
frenzy: zzzzoooorrrrkkkkooo lift
LuvIt74: evening all
JockMcPie: Hello? Zorko? Shaw?
LuvIt74: screen has gone blank
Raspel31: Phew, I lost Gablett and Kaelly-my main op Fyfe and now Beams-tough round for injuries.
LuvIt74: I wonder how much longer those that have Heater will stick with him, I wont be.
Manowar: Zorko Dorko tonight, get your act together fool!
JackRipper: Kick a point Lions. Need Shaw to get a hardball get and play on to get a kick.
Manowar: No Greene! No idea! delete your SC team
Haydo: Good Martin
Brenno_173: my opponent has beams and shaw
JackRipper: lol… The guy at number 1 in SC Ranking doesn’t have Greene. He should delete his team Manowar.
Haydo: my opponent wait… it’s brenno…
poolboybob: Give Mummey the x-factor for knocking out one of Brisbane’s best players early on
Thedude24: Lol Mano… I’ve got Greene but he isn’t as necessary as you make it sound. A good pick though
King_Robbo: Monawar is just a complete spud
Raspel31: Well said Ripper
anthsill03: squizzy is hungry AF loves to burn his team mates
Ben_Gogos: Shiel slowed drastically this term.
StuL: Beams score gone up from beyond the grave.
StuL: Taylor had Barrett inside on his own, hog.
brent_007: Captain Zorko is going to cost me this week
DrSeuss: Surely this is the last week of the Archie Smith experiment
Raspel31: Other Lions giving All Blacks run for their money-sorry, back to the footy.
poolboybob: Might trade out Shaw for someone better, like Witherden
StuL: Gee Brisbane are woeful.
JButcher: Witherden looks to be playing a similar role to Marchbank, could be a handy downgrade
pcaman2003: I’m sacking Barrett this week. He’s topped out.
oc16: surely schache comes in for smith
th3rio: lol beams played 2 mins and still nearly has more than smith looool
Raspel31: Got rid of Barrett this week pcaman and brought in Kelly-just thrilled.
th3rio: you won’t regret it Rasp if you can get thru this week 🙂
pcaman2003: @Raspel31. I have Barrett on the ground for Kelly.
oh_lol: Shaw on 48? Extra points for it being his 250th you beauty!
9inch: Happy with Witherden so far, few turnovers coming out back but hopefully enough to hold a spot
th3rio: i reckon theyll put shaw forward last quarter
Raspel31: Interesting rio-might just hang in -they lost Beams. Cheers
9inch: Surely Shaw will sure up in the last for some junk.
th3rio: i have absolutely no cover for Kelly as it is, no cousins, no fisher, if scooter is a late im fucked
Raspel31: Bummer rio.
Beast_Mode: shaw 6 possies but on 50sc lmao
Raspel31: I’ve got Ablett, Fyfe, Kelly and Beams-well, no I don’t but somone will.l.
bongidongi: i have zac smith and zak jones out with no cover – thankfully my opp has 3 players out
Fatbar5tad: Any chance Zork?
m0nty: all but two of the Giants’ 17 goals are from their forwards, that is impressive
LMartos: Toby 5 points for that goal lol
9inch: Got rid of both Ablett and Fyfe during byes. Time will tell if it was wise but so far I’m happyish.
Lestat: Sheil is 1 m0nty, who is the other?
pcaman2003: Hope the coach can wake Barrett from his coma.
pcaman2003: @Lestat. Is it Taranto? He’s listed as a mid.
pcaman2003: Or maybe Himmelberg as he’s a backman.
Raspel31: Think so pcaman.
StuL: Half expect Scooter won’t actually play. Will be a few midfield donuts.
SC_brAh: Beams and J.B on the field…fing great
Lestat: Taranto is a mid/fwd and Himmelberg is normally a def, but playing fwd today
colin wood: barrett has gone up +3 for nothing… lol
m0nty: Himmelberg is a forward.
Pokerface: here come rocky’s usual pointless easy junk stats
Ben_Gogos: Himmelberg played forward past couple of years. Spent periods down back in his junior career.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Zorko. 120k per possession.shithouse.
bongidongi: heater needs to take some more kick ins
coldog: Anyone know if nank is gonna line up tomorrow??
J_Herer: Bring back the byes to remove these horrible scores from my field!
Pokerface: yes i know coldog. but i’m not telling
frenzy: glad to pass Heater
Ben_Gogos: Witherden is someone that seems likely to play out the remainder of the season.
LuvIt74: @coldog Will let you know tomorrow but there is a big risk he wont with Maric being called up
anthsill03: good boy berry make me more $$$
Lestat: Berry and McCluggage also should play every game from now on.
Manowar: Put the C on Kreuzer
LuvIt74: Glad i traded barrett out this week
Lestat: @Manowar I bet you have Patton as C as well.
colin wood: Good boy berry. Another 10 more buddy
StuL: Flower off Greene.
jgilf: Yeesh I have VC on Zorko
Manowar: Yes correct @Lestat I have the C on J. Patton
LuvIt74: Great 250th Shaw, your impact on this game was mammoth. What a flog
LuvIt74: Berry delicious
Lestat: Zorko donuts in the 2nd half.
9inch: As much as I hate Greene think he will be my final fwd.
LMartos: Take a 130+ from Greene or give Danger/Doch the C?
Lestat: Beams has gone up 5 since injury. Fair effort from the pine
frenzy: General Patton Bluemoon
Raspel31: Both under injury clouds-take Greene-much as I dislike him
LuvIt74: @Lmartos stupid question
poolboybob: How does Zorko only get 5 touches?!?
9inch: Reckon you need 140+ to pass on Danger capt. Depends how your fairing in matchups.
LuvIt74: by not touching the all im guessing
bernieV: literally zero possessions in the second half, how does that happen. Sorry to echo lestat, but unbelievable
Lestat: If you pass up 125+ you are mad. Anything can happen like Beams today.
DrSeuss: Imagine if Zorko didn’t have 9 tackles…
Hooks: Shaw is so shit
LMartos: how is it a stupid question, they’re bot averaging more than 140 in the last 3
LuvIt74: @9inch ya gotta be kidding. Anyone who doesn’t take 120+ is a greedy fool and will get burned more times then not.
JockMcPie: Why did I start Shaw over Docherty round 1….
Raspel31: And Ibenched Cutler-well, why wouldn’t you. Good game Martin.
LuvIt74: @Martos you wanna risk a 130+ for someone that averages 126? It’s greed and you’ll get burnt doing it. but go for it
Hooks: Beams to who next week?
frenzy: thanks Toby
LMartos: 125 is my rule usually but their form is making it more difficult
9inch: Or a pussy
luke394: Is Beams injured im loving his score?
luke394: Heath Shaw is a complete spud this year
LuvIt74: Well go for it then.
boo!: Beams to Parsons lock
Lestat: Yes Luke. Played 2 mins only
bernieV: how does zorko not touch the ball for 2 and a half quarters

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