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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R12 of 2017

JockMcPie: Heath Shaw, this is your last chance. Fail, and I’ll turn you into Jake Lloyd.
LuvIt74: You tell him Jock
Nephrite7: Gut feeling, going with Doc as C.
th3rio: im struggling to decide between doc, kelly or oliver…any thoughts ?
LuvIt74: I brought Doc in this week
LuvIt74: I could never go the C on a defender when ya got someone like Pndles to play but high risk high reward. Good Luck
LuvIt74: @th3rio defiantly go Oliver mate
th3rio: yeah? his TOG worries me sometimes…
Nephrite7: vince tag scares me with Pendles and Treloar.
LuvIt74: Olivers lowest score this year has been 91 mate and being a midfielder you have a better chance of him going 100+
LMartos: Going Doch captain to match a league opponent who has him skip, was going to change to Treloar but will stick fat
th3rio: yeah it was really between oliver and kelly…a possible tag on kelly was the worry. Thanks mate
LMartos: to be fair @Luvit94, Doch’s lowest score is 91 too
LuvIt74: Pendles shakes off a tag its generally not a issue.
m0nty: looking forward to see the triumphant return of Liam Jones to the seniors
Lestat: Jones will surprise a few with how he goes against Cameron and Patton.
King_Robbo: Missed Doc handball – and was that his FA?
CamT: Jones is a “competitive beast” according to Mick Malthouse.
th3rio: saw that too Robbo wtf
CBeezDeez: Wonder wot Giant cheaters bring 2day? Afta having19 men on ground in NEAFL yday!
Apachecats: Sort of want murphy to go good but not too good.Could have captained him but waiting til Oliver or adams tomorrow
m0nty: Couple of wins by Jones already
LMartos: Docherty holding off the ball on Shiel
LuvIt74: jones & Vickery the biggest spuds in AFL – Shoouldn’t even be playing in the 2’s let alone AFL level
King_Robbo: And missed tackle
CBeezDeez: Didn’t help them tho. They lost by 28 goals!
LMartos: smothered kicks shouldn’t be clangers
dipstick: apparently L Jones is dominating in his new defense role and has been BOG for 4 weeks straight
King_Robbo: I saw that too LMartos – how the fuck is a smothered kick a clanger?! lol?!
LMartos: put Docherty back ffs, not a midfielder
LMartos: Docherty hardly ever goes off when he plays back, midfield role not good at all, especially with him as my C
Thedude24: What’s docherty doing!!?? ffs got the C on him
m0nty: Marchbank playing on Cameron means his scores will probably suck today, in DT in particular
Heizenberg: Hi guys
LuvIt74: Almost half a quarter gone & Docherty in the
th3rio: Luvit74, i went kelly lol – forgot to change him to oliver
dipstick: is timmy down the well?
frenzy: Doc > Jones chipdown
King_Robbo: So, Shiel has a kick that is smothered and no clanger. CD bias at it again
SilverLion: Would you believe that this is the week I chose to bring in Docherty…
Fizzy343: would you believe i did the same silverlion
Thedude24: wtf is docherty doing
dipstick: TIMMEHHH!! also i need 1 fitty Murphs. Thanks
LuvIt74: #th3rio good luck m8 lucky u didn’t go Docherty
Nephrite7: I have him as C lol, was a gut feeling, gut is feeling sick atm.
LuvIt74: @The Dude SFA mate
Heizenberg: Match day anyone?
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
th3rio: @LuvIt74, thanks bro…doesn’t seem to be a tag on him so far so heres hoping
Lestat: Umpires loving GWS as usual.
LuvIt74: The Doc is on the move finally. ;lol
Gotigres: I got Docherty in as well this week
LuvIt74: This change in Doc’s role in the midfield not gonna do good for his scores.
LMartos: Doch back to spare man, sitting off the back of defensive stoppages too
Heizenberg: I had Kelly captain and changed to bloody Cameron
CamT: Heath Shaw going backwards again 🙁
TheBoy89: Doc will still ton up
Apachecats: A few popular ones are only luke warm ,Doc ,Marchb ,Taranto
LuvIt74: @th3rio looking good bro
Heizenberg: I should
Beast_Mode: dont worry about docherty, he’s had slow starts before. will still ton up
Heizenberg: Should have left
Heizenberg: Should have left fuckin jelly capt
King_Robbo: Not sure where Shaw got the 2 clangers from. One went backwards and didn’t hit the target but wasnt a clanger
banta: scully is such a little puss. never lays tackles.
LuvIt74: This week im seriously contemplating going Fyfe to Zorko, Shaw to Lloyd oor Roberton & Selwood to Goldy
Heizenberg: Kelly*
Apachecats: Sounds like you went Kelly @trio ,well done
Costanza: What score you after from Shaw after 1 qtr @CamT?
LMartos: Shaw’s kicking this year has been abysmal
LuvIt74: Sorry not Selwood – I meant Sandi to Goldy
luke394: Shaw is a shtdog
Apachecats: Fyfe on my chopping block too @luvit for Swellwood and cash.
J_Herer: Marchback good for a brick wall today?
King_Robbo: Yeah Shaw is shit now. He’s also getting shafted by CD. Had a intercept mark and effective kick and it was only +3
CamT: I’m happy with anything above 85 from Shaw these days, Costanza.
luke394: cos he kicked em straight to Liam Jones @King_Robbo
Lestat: How many times are Carlton going to kick it OOTF? Terrible kicking.
Beast_Mode: no, he’s on Cameron. was never going to score well anyway
Nephrite7: Doc (C) and Shaw today, not a good start lol.
Lestat: @Luvit Goldstein is a bad option
Heizenberg: Anyone doing match day?
banta: do something scully you hack
King_Robbo: Shaw and Fyfe are absolute cows this year, two of the worst selections
CamT: Agree King Robbo. Shaw’s stats are the same this year as any other year.
Beast_Mode: Lol 4 tons in 5 games is a bad option? haha
King_Robbo: @ Luke. That was the last one but not the play I’m talking about
BzBman8: lol my thoughts exactly beast
frenzy: yep Heiz
LMartos: Docherty given that tackle Robbo
BzBman8: north got easy run home.
Apachecats: Doc lovers can relax now.
desafinado: Fyfe to Cotchin or Martin or Selwood for me.
desafinado: And i have to deal with Sloane who can’t handle a tag, sigh
DrSeuss: Let’s go Captain Kelly
CamT: Still amazed at how few people have Docherty in their SC teams.
desafinado: And i was hoping Doc to have a shocker so that i could pick him up cheaply LOL
SilverLion: Doch has put the jets on now. Now I’ve got Simpson and Shaw to worry about though hah
LMartos: d’you know what amazed me? 50k+ people trading Beams out
King_Robbo: Anyone who doesn’t have Doc is too far behind to worry about re overall
desafinado: Another shocking round tipping wise
BzBman8: im 344th without doc 🙁 been waiting forever for him to drop
Nephrite7: I traded Beams to Doc when he got injured. Glad to see him back and playing well, great player.
AT_123: anyone reckon Shiel is worth having in SC?
BzBman8: shiel way to inconsistent. Burnt me last year
frenzy: thank flower I avoided Shaw
dipstick: lift cvipps… LIFT mr cvipps
CamT: Saw was my worst pick this year.
BzBman8: haha same frenzy, no way is he going to score 200 this year, so i stayed away
LuvIt74: Wouldn’t be touching Shiel to inconsistent ya want elite premo’s now
CamT: * Shaw
LuvIt74: Doch doing ok now
LuvIt74: @Camt I think many are iin the same situation including myself
cusch1: Come on Jelly need a 150 to compete with Laird as captain
Costanza: Shaw twelfth best defender based on total scores (in DT) – some bums above him so now sure where you go
Nephrite7: might go shaw to lloyd soon
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Harry Himmelberg went down like the Hindenberg.
King_Robbo: How is Reid on 22 SC and Shaw on 23 lol
Ash777: best kermit news flash yet
CamT: The thing affecting Shaw’s scoring the most is that he isn’t laying any tackles.
Costanza: Harry’s bro is on the Crows list so I guess we have Himmelbergers
frenzy: Blues only kicked 2 points @ camt
dipstick: over 30 people died on the hindenberg
Costanza: “oh the humanity”
King_Robbo: I have seen at least 3-4 smothered kicks today and the only one that has counted as a clanger is Doc’s – fuck off CD
CamT: The 0.06% of people who have Liam Jones would be pretty happy.
dipstick: nice work marchbank. 80 would be nice. and simmo pull out ye finger facker
StuL: Simpson!! Oh oh, spaghetti Os.
StuL: Doc owners were worried about nothing.
SilverLion: Lift Simpson
JRedden: docherty proves to everyone he is the king of cheap possessions
LMartos: Docherty I actually idolise you <3
DrSeuss: Let’s go Kelly, get near it
sfmmp23: Great qtr from Doc and TT.
Ladbrokes_: Wowee would’ve been nice to have the C on Doc rn. I don’t trust Pendles or Adams to deliver for some reason haha
Nephrite7: I think Adams is a good choice for C this week if you have him, only 1 score below 105 this year.
luke394: Liam Jones what a star
LMartos: Liam Jones F1 option?
King_Robbo: I have the C on Doc. He is a bonafide SC star
Costanza: love the Liam profile – NEWS: Liam Jones scored a goal… ANALYSIS: It was a windy day.
m0nty: I suspect Liam is a bit too tall to fit in a race car.
Apachecats: Thanks @nephrite ,leaning towards Adams over Oliver.or hibberd
wadaramus: After one good week, Heater returning to his stinky best.
Heizenberg: Haha good one M0nty
Heizenberg: m0nty*
Apachecats: I musthave nodded off during the one good week@wada ,when was that.
wadaramus: Haha, yeah, blink and you’ve missed it!
Apachecats: Do you mean the 99 from last week
Nephrite7: With my def rookies in Berry and Stewart making cash still, might trade Shaw to Lloyd.
wadaramus: Yep, 99 last week, I did say good, it wasn’t great!
Gotigres: Onya Doc
Apachecats: Actually I’ll shut up about him @Wada he’s starting to get possies.
LMartos: 4 umpires is worse than 3
Torz: Gee, the Giants are really carrying a few players.
JButcher: Z.Williams you are trash
luke394: please stay low Kelly
LMartos: Greene gains 5 points for a free against haha, I love it
LuvIt74: Docherty killing it and loving the looks Kreuzer he seems to be moving perfectly.
Costanza: to be Shaw, to be sure
LuvIt74: bloody those who said Murphy wouldn’t keep it scoring 100+ were well and truly wrong.
Apachecats: Time for another flurry of points heater
LuvIt74: Silvagni iis on isn’t he?
Heizenberg: Hey does anyone know if SuperCoach do a match day?
TheBoy89: I knew doc will still ton up
Heizenberg: Please
Lestat: @Heiz closest is perfect 9
pies4spoon: Any danger of pinging your darling GWS for their throws umps?
Apachecats: Comment of the day @costanza “oh the humanity ” at least I got it.LOL
Ladbrokes_: Cmon greene get on the scoreboard
King_Robbo: Zero points for that incredible Doc spoil. Again, laughable
LuvIt74: Docherty should score 120+ at this rate, unbelievable considering he started so slow
Heizenberg: What’s that exactly lestat?
Heizenberg: 9 players based on sc liek scores?
Lestat: Pick 1 player per game to score highest SC score to get perfect 9 players
TheBoy89: Mate doc to get 140+
TyCarlisle: @king_robbo – do you ever get tired of constantly complaining?
Heizenberg: Okay thanks, wow that sounds cool
Ladbrokes_: Shaw’s had a decent quarter, better than expected
Ladbrokes_: Mostly because of Carlton’s behinds tho hahah, gets most of his disposals from the kickouts
Nephrite7: Marchbank having a good game
casty46: afternoon gents.
King_Robbo: Haha Greene got +5 for that ineffective handball. Fuck CD is a joke this year
poolboybob: Piss off Kreuzer
TyCarlisle: I guess not Robbo…
Costanza: no he doesn’t @TyC
Torz: Taranto has been awful today.
casty46: so many blokes complaining about CD get over it
oh_lol: I swear all KingRobbo does is complain. Miserable way to spend your weekend.
Lestat: King_Robbo complains yet again.
StuL: Deliberate out of bounds has disappeared again too.
JRedden: kreuzer is very underrated
Apachecats: muppett Shaw
Lestat: @casty46 it is terrible I know.
Ladbrokes_: Uwot heater. Shouldn’t have got my hopes
Costanza: if only Kruezer wasn’t so susceptible to injury.
King_Robbo: Just pulling up what others tend to turn a blind eye too
oh_lol: Taranto has had the ball go through his legs 3 times. He should get a few points for that.
LMartos: Shaw loves ruining his good work, could’ve been 70+ after a good kick there
desafinado: Kreuzer is worth getting i think
DrSeuss: Nice quarter Kelly, same again next Quarter please.
Lestat: @King_Robbo no your not, you’re constantly complaining about CD. As if they look at sites like this.
m0nty: I can tell you they do look at FF. 🙂
King_Robbo: Blue Moon Jones?
oh_lol: Heater to kick the game winning goal for 50+ points. Then everyone will talk about bringing him in next week?
Costanza: now ur just being sarcastic King 😉
King_Robbo: 84 SC for Jones, that’s a blue moon
Lestat: Averaging 84 SC so not a blue moon.
jgilf: Jones has been genuinely good
tommy10: That’s it I’m bringing Jones in next week 😉
jgilf: Reminds me of Tom Lonegan’s move back
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
King_Robbo: As Lestat doesn’t have an icon can we just put a potato next to his name?
Heizenberg: Damn wish I was watching this
Heizenberg: That’s good jgilf
Lestat: I don’t need an icon to be smarter than King_Dumbo
Heizenberg: Cmon blues!!!!
J_Herer: lets go 150 Doc
poolboybob: I should have taken Berry’s 84 instead of Spud Shaw’s score
Apachecats: Shaw SC score going backwards at a rate of knots.
LMartos: how can that be HTB against Greene wtf
cusch1: It would be quite embarrassing for the GWS seniors to lose to the GWS reserves
LuvIt74: @Pool it automatically choses the highest 18 scores
Ladbrokes_: Kick a snag pleeease Toby
TheBoy89: Told u doc will get 140+
LMartos: Toby robbed
Nephrite7: Put Scharenberg on the bench for Ryan’s score, maybe shouldve put Shaw there.
StuL: So much for getting doc cheaper.
Apachecats: This mob are flag favourites in some markets pfft!
Ladbrokes_: Greene losing a point/min
Heizenberg: Don’t undersell Carlton apache!!!!
The Hawker: Come on Murph! get up
Apachecats: Murphy -3 for the quarter
pies4spoon: Shaw loose in defence now, hopefully rank up some more points
LuvIt74: great game
Heizenberg: It’s that kind of year
Heizenberg: Go blues
Apachecats: Shaw just went up 22 points
wadaramus: Murphy has had a poor second half.
Raspel31: Had to pop out-the Doch certainly come good. Go Carlton.
LMartos: getting the ball now will reap lots of points
LuvIt74: glad i got doch this week
LMartos: Dwayne Russell froths Greene
Apachecats: dodged a bullet not giving the c to murph
Nuffman: was planning on after this week.. bah
cold pies: Glad I started with Doc. To expensive now!!
LMartos: Toby what the fucccccc
Crowls: what happended to murphy?
Ladbrokes_: Greene 0.5, this is beyond a joke
CamT: Docherty’s score is bouncing around.
The Hawker: oh theres murphy haha, hes alive
Torz: They missed a Marchbank +6, I think.
Breezey: My opponent had Zerrett (C) with 151. Pleased to respond with Dochers as my skipper
aces-high: Giants are a bunch of individuals sticks out so bad! Greene been greedy all qtr
Apachecats: Tipped GWS but would love Carlton to get this
Costanza: losing point – shocker – end to end GWS
Texwalker: Please lose gws..
Breezey: Is Jones about to ton up
LuvIt74: best game of the year
Costanza: l u c k y
wadaramus: Fantastic game of footy:):):)
LMartos: Toby Greene has the worst best quarter every jeez
King_Robbo: Greene the X factor – he was the difference between GWS loosing and winning
sfmmp23: Toby lost it
Raspel31: Phew
THESKUNK: fisher with the winning point
SilverLion: New recruit Doch delivering the goods. Bloody amazing win Carlton
Ladbrokes_: Greene, Shaw and Doch massive 4th quarter from them. Chuffed
LuvIt74: Watch Jones get 3 possessions next week
pcaman2003: Kelly shizenhausen second half.
Tommo2909: Mumford did nothing in the last Q
batt: Leon Cameron said “f’in selfish” after Toby did the chip shot instead of handball
9inch: Greene could of dawn that twice
frenzy: Lol, Loosing
LuvIt74: Heater survives another week
Lestat: Kreuzer star?
cold pies: Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth?? You a gay fish
King_Robbo: Doc for the star, Kruz gun
Nephrite7: Doc (C) and Shaw, very very happy. Well done Blues.
cold pies: Gay fish
cold pies: Gay fish gay fish… not great fish Monty..
JockMcPie: Ffs shaw…another week of pain
cold pies: Well played Monty.. hehe
Lestat: Muppet for Greene?
Ladbrokes_: 95 is a nice score, especially with the way his season has been going. At least he’s making money this week
Ladbrokes_: @JockMcPie

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