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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Port Adelaide, R12 of 2017

th3rio: lets go bombers! stewart and myers lets get 60+
9inch: Big big big game from Zerrett and Ess for the win :p
CBeezDeez: Go Bombers!
Apachecats: I’ve tipped Ess in all the tipping comps.Go bombers
frenzy: power me
cold pies: Switched captain to Merrett last minute over Pendles.. Please pay off!!
hinsch: Stewart will go big tonight I traded him out
th3rio: yes stewart!!! my man
9inch: Cold pies I switched from Zerrett to Sloane last minute. Your winning already.
LuvIt74: interesting start
shaker: Mums 92 just getting over a broken leg she has tipped the Bombers get on 🙂
Apachecats: Same here @Hinsch ,big for sure and myers to got rid of him as well
th3rio: oh my god tippa!
pcaman2003: Move over Cyril. There’s a new hangman in town.
frenzy: power more passengers than a tram
StuL: I had a feeling this could be a bit of a bomber v us night.
Raspel31: As an uninterested party this is rather a good start.
CBeezDeez: Yeah. Couldn’t care less could you @Rasp!
Apachecats: Must have dreamt I saw McGrath involved in a string of handballs that ended in a goal .Didn’t seem to register.
Raspel31: How could you tell CBeez
th3rio: stewart I love you dearly
CamT: Flame for Ebert ??
Crowls: how good does this look. hope they can keep it up
poolboybob: FML my opponent has Stewart
casey22: Bomber Blitzreig
CBeezDeez: An uneducated guess is all mate. Luv bomber crowds. Some of the loudest going around i reckon
Raspel31: And I benched Stewart-aargh.
th3rio: Stewart nearly made his projected in half a 1/4 lol
m0nty: Green learned that trick from Bewick
LMartos: 3 players in the negatives hmm
cold pies: I have Merrett. Wines and Stewart. Opp has salt n pep. Looking ok atm
Apachecats: Lucky you Raspel I traded him out.
cold pies: Oops I also have Ryder aswel.
pcaman2003: Looks like SPP will be my bottom 3 this week.
StuL: And Myers still sucks!
Stu7: Go you good thing Merrett!!!!
Raspel31: He’s a bench player at the best of times Apache.
th3rio: fml where is myers
CamT: I need SPP to get a game next week.
StuL: I knew I didn’t rate Port. Their list is still meh! Looks at it. Are they top 4, really!?
carlton_99: Is myers on?
Ladbrokes_: Onya stewart! Was nervous he
Ladbrokes_: Onya stewart! Was nervous he would struggle to make his be, let alone in the 1st quarter
th3rio: dont think so carlton
Lestat: Has Hutley neen the best of the returning banned players this year?
Lestat: Hurley*
hinsch: the rookies like Stewart go strong in the first quarter then stop I hope
Raspel31: Need P.P to top 65 so I don’t cop my cap Sloane’s score-yeah,right.
shaker: Is that Galic Lestat ?
casey22: Cape for Hooker
King_Robbo: Do something Myers you slug
th3rio: hinsch, would you be saying that if you didn’t trade him out? lol
casey22: Nothing like good hooker
CamT: If a Captain got 35pts would they count it as 70 and include that in your best 18 or count the 35 ?
benzammit: Go Bombers!
Lestat: Latin I think Shaker lol
Apachecats: That an interesting one @Raspel ,can your captain drop out if not in top 18?
shaker: You need SPP to get less than 66 then I’m not sure what happens?
carlton_99: Good job myers getting a touch AFTER THE Siren
Raspel31: As a totally impartial viewer I’m rather enjoying this.
Lestat: Set a Captain (and Vice Captain) as you normally would for double points. If your Captain’s doubled score is NOT in your
SilverLion: Put myers on the ground ahead of Cousins and Fisher. Surely 50+ at least…
Lestat: Best 18 scores, then their points will not count – you simply get your Best 18 scores only. Similarly, if your Captain’s
mjdub: witches hat and a spud for hombsch
tbrowne: It works out so its the captains score doubled. Eg, you need everyone to score above 132 if u dont want Sloanes score
Yelse: this season is a mess… tipping, premiums struggling, injuries captain disasters
shaker: I’m sure someone has had a C in the bye rounds that has been injured
Apachecats: Hookers got his contacts in tonight.
Lestat: doubled-score is NOT in your Best 18 scores, you do NOT automatically receive double points from your Vice Captain – you
pcaman2003: Only best 18 scores. no exceptions
Raspel31: Ah, thanks tbrowne-sorted.
Yelse: didn’t SPP get any stats?
Lestat: If your C double score not best 18, not counted. But you only get dble VC score if your C doesnt play
Crowls: c’mon who has kept spp for cover?
casey22: SPP definitely finished
th3rio: I don’t get myers..i know he had a long time out but he was dominating the 2’s…and has experience..why such a dud ?
Apachecats: Sounds like you’re stuck with Sloane as C @Raspel
Brenno_173: nice one, SPP!
SilverLion: Pepper had a kick directly to an essendon defender, not sure why CD didn’t catch that…
Raspel31: Yep Apache-but thank god others covering my butt.
Yelse: layers hardly been on the ground every game @th3rio
LMartos: Unless Basil lied I swear SPP had a clanger kick in the first quarter
Sloan4Pres: havent seen essendon play like this since 2012
whafc: was wingard not pepper
mick403: @SilverLion, that was Wingard. Commentators called the wrong name
Breezey: I reckon Port will still win this game
Bulky: P-P lighting it up!!
LuvIt74: got rid of pepper last week gotta expect them to be inconsistent although its a pain when their this crap when ya have t
wadaramus: Traded Stewart, kept Myers 🙁
LuvIt74: them
pcaman2003: SPP TOG a worry for those still with him.
luke394: Wouldn’t it be nice if Myers could just hit one score god he’s a pleb
th3rio: looks like stewart will be covering for myers too..fuck
luke394: SPP has a b/e of 49 and he’s got to 325k he’s done his job punt him next week
Hawks_13: go watson you good thing. finally might see him find some form
Raspel31: One more week-till after the byes Luke.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Dyson Heppell is now playing the triangle for the Electric Mayhem.
LuvIt74: heppell needed a kermit the frog News flash
th3rio: myers kind of looks like pendlebury lol…not that hes on screen much
shaker: No Luke is right SPP needs to go just get 49 please
CBeezDeez: Aaahhh the Happy Hooker
9inch: Hooker in fine form of late.
shaker: except Pendles is good
9inch: Nice Zerrett. Goal is what was needed.
Jackina: Traded out Heppell for Rocky this week… Not looking good atm haha
Costanza: nothing like a hot Hooker
Jukes82: Sure SPP gets the TOG symbol???
Erich1036: @Jackina why the hell would you do that? lmao
Apachecats: uch advantage having more than 18 in SC ,don’t have to cop
tbrowne: Wines my captain and he looks done for the day, i don’t reckon i’m going to have 3 more people score more than 60..
9inch: Hooker can do no wrong tonight.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Hamish Hartlett did a fair imitation of my arm flailing just then!
King_Robbo: Speaks volumes of your character Costanza
Apachecats: 22 from Johan or 5 from SPP
Costanza: and your’s ya poonce
cold pies: Wines!!!!! Farrrrrrrrr outttttt!!!!!! Dafaqqqqqqqq
Texwalker: C’mon lingy every other game u commentate u manage to shove geelong sown outr throats, why stop now???
Jackina: @Erich because Heppell isn’t good enough to be a premium in the mids in AF, too many sub 100 scores
CBeezDeez: She must be on her game @9Inch
Erich1036: @King_Robbo Costanza was quoting Basil…
Erich1036: @Jackina his average is still over 100, for the third consecutive season and rocky was coming back from injury?
Costanza: Daniher already better than Salmon
LuvIt74: Hooker my Captain, im surprised no one has said that yet.
Jackina: @Erich not saying it was a great decision haha, but I think I’ll be happy with it for the long run
LuvIt74: oh and no i was joking about hooker being my C, he’s not even in my side
casey22: Goota laugh; I reckon hamish is tagging Tippa!
Zeratul: I wouldve made Hooker captain, but went for Myers isntead… hyuek!
pcaman2003: @Luvit74. GOD not here to write that.
shaker: Hooker my C 🙂
Yelse: geez both my players SPP and Myers enjoying too much pine FML
Texwalker: Get in forward line and kick some goals dixon, thats what you get overpaid for at port
King_Robbo: Myers is actually a cow
Raspel31: Haven’t been this excited since I got divorced. Go lads-as an impartial observer.
shaker: They are also sharing shower scores Yelse
pcaman2003: @Yelse. At this rate, SPP will be dropped next week
circle52: Thought I would be dropping Cousins 40 but SPP doing his best not to get there
th3rio: stewart actually looks slick as
LMartos: is there an icon for a duck/flop for Wingard?
Bulky: P-P should have been dropped weeks ago.
Erich1036: @Jackina fingers crossed for ya mate, rocky is a beast after all
9inch: Future looking good for bombers fans. The year off with a chance to look at younger players may actually pay off.. do dr
JockMcPie: Myers? Breakeven? Please…
jgilf: Loopholed Berry at the expense of SPP at the last second. Definitely paying off 🙂
pcaman2003: @L martos. lol! Wingard such an actor.Should be cited.
th3rio: AHAHHAA why is myers being interviewed
Yelse: not worried about him getting dropped.. just need him to keep his price
SilverLion: Loving it Myers.
aces-high: Lel lingy interviewing Myers bog
Raspel31: Zerrett certainly made the most of it 9inch
carlton_99: Does Myers get points for an interview?
poolboybob: 70 points in a half from Stewart, what a joke
9inch: * The message is it pays to cheat and do drugs kids :p
pcaman2003: 95,000 owners stil with SPP. Ouch!
Raspel31: That’s banned 9inch.
hinsch: Happy so far my opponent has McGrath SPP and Howlett
man0005: One Hawthorn team with Vickery. Ouch!
H A MM E R: gez the bombers are looking great tonight! Once the boys get some consistency they seriously can push for the top.
wadaramus: I reckon it’s worth 25SC carlton_99!
GOD: GOD has the C on C. Hooker tonight!
9inch: Good to see though. I picked bombers tonight so all that other stuff matters not.
pcaman2003: @man0005 That hurts,but touche’
Yelse: bombers where always gonna be a decent team this year.. got lots of games into the youngsters last year
FishStick: stewart repaying the faith
man0005: Haha sorry couldn’t resist. Just annoys me
JockMcPie: Give Myers the spud, he’s crap
th3rio: daniher such a lad.
wadaramus: Lucky to have 21 this week to absorb the rubbish being served up.
th3rio: did myers just get his first kick and turn it over? ffs
th3rio: and again…. is this guy alright
LMartos: Myers is so bad lol
LMartos: SPP that was elite son
JockMcPie: SPP still a
th3rio: basil is retarded lol
Bulky: It’s Wingard you knob jockey Basil.
TheBoy89: Spp is apparently wingard
Texwalker: Darcy, ling basil, worst commentators around..
mickelo: Thats twice this useless twat has called Chad SPP
Lestat: BT worst commentator ever.
LMartos: BT isn’t that bad a commentator though, he’s just a weird unit
th3rio: is it just me or has dixon done fuck all? so many people wouldve traded him in too
wadaramus: Taking a siesta this qtr Jobe?
TheBoy89: McKenna has been brilliant tonight the pace is just too good
pcaman2003: Football is missing Mr Commetti
Raspel31: BT has the advantage of being seriously stupid which makes anything he says interesting.
LuvIt74: Cmon Heppell keep it going ton up b4 3/4 time.
BOMBRBLITZ: Footy is missing Clinton Grybass!
LMartos: how can Wines not kick 40m >:(
Texwalker: Classy game by port powa
Raspel31: I must say I do rather rate young Merrett-super chap.
pcaman2003: @texwalker. This Karma for Port fans giving it to Hawk fans last weak. This is fun to see.
Breezey: Not enjoying my opponent having the C on Zerrett
Hawks_13: watsons best game of the year
TheBoy89: titch or zerrett?
Texwalker: 3 goals from eixon, and ebert to kill the last quarter please port… haha i know u arent good enough, but try anyway..
9inch: BT is one of the last characters of footy left on media. You just gotta appreciate that era. Probably flys over the youn
wadaramus: I miss Rexy and Clinton Grybas.
SilverLion: I’d take 50 from Myers.
9inch: If Zerrett can manage 140 and Ryder stay down to 90, it might save my week.
Snarfy: Can anyone shed any light on why Steele (St Kilda) spent somuch time off the ground last night.
Raspel31: Because he was on the bench a lot Snarfy.
whafc: had 3 fouls in the 1st qtr snarfy
Lestat: @Snarfy. Happens most weeks.
Torz: His TOG always sucks Snarfy.
frenzy: coach said he was rusty
TheBoy89: Opponent hasn’t got 1 Melbourne or Collingwood player so I’ve won my league match
Texwalker: If u played for st kilda last night would u have wanted to be on the ground lol?
Snarfy: I am getting the feeling that Richo has lost his lovin’ feeling for the midfielder!
Raspel31: A bye-and still I benched you Stewart-sigh.
Snarfy: Well said Texwalker – I agree.
pcaman2003: Tippa!!
Texwalker: Good to see the aussies still persevering with playing all these all rounders.. another one fails..
wadaramus: Henriques is not worthy.
Lestat: Herriques is a dud. Lynn should be at 4
Texwalker: Not when chris lynn is carrying the drinks. But apparently 6 bowlers isnt enough.
m0nty: nominations for star please
fonzie: hooker
Ladbrokes_: Hell even Handscomb would be better, showed great signs against Pakistan a couple months back
pies4spoon: Jobe or Hooker
Raspel31: Zerrett Monty-he’s eveywhere.
Breezey: Heppell the Star
Lestat: They have Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins, Zampa, Head, Maxwell, Smith and Finch who can bowl. Henriques not needed.
shrtlg: daniher X
Lestat: Heppell for Star.
runt: Star for Hooker
wadaramus: Carn Jobe, add some cherries 🙂
TheBoy89: Zerrett gun Daniher x McKenna or Stewart blue moon and hooker star
casey22: I go Heppell as well
TheBoy89: Cherry Heppell and heart Watson
9inch: Give the whole team a star.
Lestat: Hooker done nothing in 2nd half.
TheBoy89: Come on Myers bang out a 50+
runt: Dixon deserves a black hole icon because he keeps sucking everyone in
Apachecats: Help required ,T.Adams or M.Murphy for capt?
Apachecats: Also got M.Hibberd or C.Oliver
Raspel31: Murph for my money Apache
Breezey: Adams@Apache
Jukes82: give Stewart the bandaid, he’s on the bench with an ankle issue
Raspel31: And no-one cares but Lions about to beat Canterbury. Yes. Back to footy.
Lestat: Oliver due again
faisca7: Merrett has the best kick I’ve seen since Andrew Mcloed
runt: Lions having a great day
th3rio: who would you guys put on the C on out of Oliver, kelly, docherty?
LuvIt74: Has tipungwuti only had 19 possessions ?
Raspel31: Ha runt. And Kelly th3rio
Jukes82: oh he’s back on now, but was limping before
Apachecats: definitlely docherty@trio
man0005: Did you stop watching AFL after 2000 faisca?
th3rio: really? oppt has C on doch, i was trying to be differnet….scared kelly will get tagged hard
runt: Looking forward to Power next week. They have been smacked stupid tonight
LuvIt74: @Apach would u go Docherty as C rather thet Oliver or kelly id go Oliver
runt: I will not say it again
th3rio: hope you guys smash them runt! played a wicked brand of footy today
faisca7: Didn’t you understand the comment man05?
SilverLion: Not a hope runt.
th3rio: i was tossing up between oliver or kelly @LuvIt74
Apachecats: Just think Oliver has tapered a bit @Luvit.Docherty is hot.

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