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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Brisbane vs Fremantle

Chat log for Brisbane vs Fremantle, R12 of 2017

Lestat: Lets go Captain Beams.
SilverLion: So apparently some are actually tipping us, have people lost their minds?
JockMcPie: Go Barrett, Zorko and Fyfe…
SilverLion: Coming from a Lions supporter Lestat, would advise against the Beams C, tends to play worse with Rocky in the team.
shaker: If the Lions can’t win this one then ?? must be asked about there new coach so far he is a bit like a politician all win
SilverLion: shaker, list is shit; nothing to do with coach.
tbrowne: the temptation to go with Fyfe as C is big 🙁 I’ll stick with either Wines or Treloar I guess 🙁
shaker: wind
shaker: SilverLion he is an unproven coach
SilverLion: Fremantle was in the 8 until last week, don’t how come people give us a remote chance.
SilverLion: shaker, but the team was bad last year with lepa too, coach has nothing to do with it.
SilverLion: i’d just be happy if we’re competitive today
shaker: Sorry Silver they should win this comfortably
Torz: Archie to ruin Stef again?
King_Robbo: come on Rocky break in half
Apachecats: Either Beams or Fyfe will rip this up becuse I didn’t captain them
jaypeee: c’mob captain beams
Apachecats: Putting the C on Aams or Murphy tomorrow?
frenzy: welcome back Rocky
Apachecats: *Adams
JButcher: Boy have I missed you Rocky
StuL: Let’s go lions. Kick the winning score and hear a mighty roar. :p
Apachecats: Hope Rocky’s wing hangs in there.
Costanza: Rock on
Rush: I held onto Rocky. Hoping he just gets through this game injury free.
Lestat: Blakely tagging Beams?
th3rio: archie smith curse on martin lifted?
DrSeuss: Neale? Lift you….
pcaman2003: Zorko so underrated. The quiet achiever.
th3rio: 9 touches and 4 clearances in 8 mins of play.. Zorko is a freak
J_Herer: Did Rocky just tweak his shoulder? Didnt look flash just then…
JackRipper: Archie curse not lifted.. Stef Avg 108 then archie plats got 62 last week. Stef will stop again soon.
Yelse: rocky captain lift geezzz
th3rio: Good start though JackRipper, it would be nice if he actually tons up lol
King_Robbo: haha looks like CD traded in Rocky this week. Been scaled up 4 pts since being off…
GOD: GOD commands you to rise Dayne Zorko
th3rio: Hope Luke Ryan carves up…will make me not feel so bad for not trading in scharemberg
Lestat: Keep going Beamer.
JackRipper: Yeah th3rio… Trent West destroyed Stef last year and I have no doubt Archie will do the same this year. Shame Stef Gun
CBeezDeez: CB traded him in @Robbo & made him C! Sorry everybody…
pcaman2003: Go Barrett.Make $$
th3rio: Dunno why archie can’t just stay forward urgh
BC__: Foot down rocky…lets go
JRedden: get going rocky
JackRipper: Yeah its not like Brisbane have great forwards atm.
myteamsuks: Neale flying now
pcaman2003: Great tackle by Barrett.Where is it?
Lestat: Someone needs to show Hipwood where the gym is
oh_lol: Wonder how many traded Fyfe to Rocky
Torz: No tackles for Rocky. Protecting the shoulder?
SilverLion: I’m in shock
SilverLion: Rocky is playing a cheap role on the outside currently. Zorko leading the inside mids atm.
pcaman2003: CD didn’t pay Barrett a great tackle on Walters. WTF !
hinsch: if the lions can be 15 goals in front at 3/4 time we are in with a chance
PowerBug: hmmmmm
th3rio: my oppt has zorko and barrett….im so upset
GOD: CD please explain, Barrett under score SC points
Erich1036: @pcaman2003 walters must have got the ball to a teammate, only effective tackles count
TyCarlisle: Do people get tired of everyone blaming CD for everything…
pcaman2003: He was caught with theball red handed then ball dribbled out.
pcaman2003: @TyCaelisle. Who else is to blame for missing perfectly good tackles?
mardyb: if bont or danger had zorkos stats would be close to 100 SC by now
Lestat: Have another whinge pcaman
PowerBug: Decent start by the Lions
faisca7: Zork 8 clearances already ☺
pcaman2003: @Lestat. And u never have,right?
TyCarlisle: Do people know you don’t get supercoach points for clearances
Lestat: Not about SC scoring, no I have not.
LMartos: young kids are too unselfish Cox should’ve kicked that goal
Tonche: Zorkos SC should be way higher he’s dominating
Lestat: You were proven wrong about Lyons average last game and now you are whinging about SC scores.
pcaman2003: @Lestat. We’ll call u Mr Perfect from now on then.
pcaman2003: @Lestat. I was talking about Gunstons game. Have another look.
th3rio: archie smith doing some decent jobs in forwad line…now leave him there
Lestat: Why whinge about scoring when the people who do it don’t even look at sites like this?
Lestat: And everyone else was talking about Lyons getting the gun icon. Go back and look yourself.
oh_lol: How do you guys get the little team logos next to your name?
Lestat: But you added right at the end Gunstons name to try cover your error.
CamT: Lachie Neale is the most underrated player in the competition.
Yelse: how is zorko so high in game time compared to the other lions. thought standard rotations
StuL: Zorko 96% TOG and 17 touches is why.
pcaman2003: No! The first comment about scores were made straight after my comment on Gunston.
th3rio: barrett tackling machine lol
Yelse: @stul i was commenting on how high his TOG was vs the others. unusual for mids
JButcher: Holding Rocky is really going to hurt this week isn’t it
Lestat: Wrong again. Faisca7 stated Lyons average was 90+ over last 7 games and you said average was 72 over last 5.
StuL: Yelse, OK, when I’m on my phone I don’t have the TOG number is all.
th3rio: god I wish lions played like this all the time, so exciting to watch
frenzy: oh_lol, go to your account and select yours in options
StuL: Could have got Beams, not Rock and saved 90k. Then again. Beams is probably even more fragile.
shaker: C’mon it’s not even 1/2 time and stupid comments about Rocky
pcaman2003: @lestat. Where does he mention Lyons by name?
Maltburger: Less bickering and more cheering Rocky!
faisca7: Why JButcher? Is he injured again?
StuL: Rock will ton up, not a problem. I think we just all got greedy and thought he’d be on Zorkos level
oh_lol: @frenzy, thanks mate but already done that and still nothing. Swans not good enough to feature!
chris7399: Neales TOG so low but heaps of touches
StuL: Go Barrett too. Possible bench cover keeper. Already full premo mids
frenzy: haven’t done it for years, lol. you may need to log out and back in
JButcher: @faisca hes not playing an inside roll and wet conditions aren’t conducive to a good outside game either
Fatbar5tad: Rich a horrible footballer
SilverLion: Settle down Fatbar.
SilverLion: Keeping Beams and Treloar comfortably my best decisions of the season.
GOD: GOD is pleased he traded in Zorko and put the C on him tonight.
Roksta: Archie might get dropped. Big stef doing well
circle52: Enjoying being at the ground. Not a big crowd though and drizzle making conditions slippery.
Zeratul: Cmon Walters, Cape up son!
Raspel31: Raspel is not happy he put the C on Sloane God.
JButcher: I think its time to whip out the cape Rocky
Breezey: Am I the only one that thinks this game is done and dusted
CBeezDeez: Nah. I’m with ya Breezey. Even tipped Lions
Apachecats: Nah @ Breezy ,d&d for sure
Breezey: I tipped Freo but they look slow
Brenno_173: god is a spud
Yelse: rockliff please get involved
Raspel31: I’ll wait 30 mins before I place my tip.
Apachecats: LRyan goes on watchlist.
Brenno_173: god is pleased he is a spud
TheBoy89: Luke Ryan after the his bye tick
CBeezDeez: Freo probably thinking of surfing spots on their bye already…
LMartos: Dwayne Russell just called Blakely Freo’s best player… um what
LuvIt74: My final mid got a smorgasbord of player to pick, Neale, Jelwood, Zorko, Hanners, JPK but liking Zorko
Breezey: Yeah he’s forgotten a few@LMartos
LuvIt74: Those with Beams surely he’s a hold, those thinking to trade him are nuts
JButcher: I could have brought Zorko in this week but went Hall and cash instead….I hate fantasy
Apachecats: Sooo glad I got rid of mcCarthy
LuvIt74: @Butcher same m8, I went McGrath to Docherty but seriously contemplated myers to Zorko
Hawks_13: i dont think fyfe is right. not scoring the greatest
circle52: Should have brought in zorko rather than rocky
kano: Dwayne Russell is a fucking garbage commentator
Raspel31: Lovely Barrett-building cash for final mid upgrade.
Apachecats: Had beams since round one @ Luvit ,more brownlow votes tonight ,had a nibble at 50/1
LuvIt74: Fyfe is just playing and watching himself I think & is chasing the $$$ for next year
Yelse: don’t think rocky is right either not tackling much at all
shaker: Lions supporters gone when they are slaying?
Crowls: wtf fyfe 2pts in a qtr. disgraceful
circle52: Shoulllll in zorko rather than rocky
Lestat: Glad I traded Fyfe for Gablett.
Crowls: with u apache beams probably pick of returning injured this year
LuvIt74: @circle ya got big plums picking Rocky over Zorko only coz of his injury concerns coz rocky will score huge if hes sound
J_Herer: Fyfe landed hard, reckon he is sore
StuL: We’re def getting in to ‘should have got Beams not Rocky’ territory. Still could all turn next week.
Apachecats: Fyfe is a definite trade (out)
Crowls: fyfe must have issues I cannot believe this is what he is capable of
J_Herer: Rocky should come off and rest that shoulder, looks sore from earlier
Crowls: letstat trade of the round gaz>fyfe awesome
Raspel31: Yep-Rocky a total gun but wouldn’t touch him with that shoulder.
LuvIt74: @Apache nice you’ll hold onto beams wouldn’t ya, i rate him a decent M8
shaker: 3 tackles and 2CP says Rocky not confident in shoulder
9inch: Hope Rocky gets a lot of bench time in the last. Rest up son
Apachecats: Yes Luvit ,Beams an absolute lock in my tam.
poolboybob: Worst kick ever
pies4spoon: Fyfe’s scoring has tanked since Lyon put him at FF
LuvIt74: Who’s jumping on Ryan? I have planned to next week even tho its his bye but need the cash to finish my team
Apachecats: *team
th3rio: luke ryan a better choice over sharemberg IMO
SilverLion: Beams and Zorko absolute stars. Rockliff doing about what I expect after 4 weeks out.
Apachecats: I’m going JJ ,Heater or McGrath to
faisca7: How was that a free against Collins?
King_Robbo: Rocky clearly not right, tackles and contested poddies way down
faisca7: Is he supposed to just let Smith mark it? Umps have too much say
Crowls: mate I was bringing ryan in two weeks ago and then found a better way to upgrade. Been waiting for next week to get him.
Apachecats: …. to Lryan to get ome cash in.
Jukes82: ryan or beech?
Raspel31: Danger, Martin, Sloane, Pendles, Merrett, Neale and Bont-who I could live without. Who’s the best 8th to bring in?
LuvIt74: @th3io good call even though i brought Shaz in last wek
faisca7: Id go rocky or selwood
SilverLion: Rasp, probably Selwood. Though I like Treloar and Beams as pods.
jaypeee: zorko or selwood
LuvIt74: @Raspel i reckon Zorko and not because of tonight he has scored nine 100+ from 11 games
CBeezDeez: Titch? @Rasp?
Hawks_13: this is the quarter where fyfe always hulks it up. too bad the game has been lost
aces-high: Fyfe cooked
poolboybob: McCarthy crab
StuL: Still, one day in August, Rocky won’t surrender. He may be in the shouting when it matters.
Lestat: My mids Danger, Beams, Rocky, Ablett, Martin, Murphy, SPP, S. Selwood, Heppell, Kelly and Hibberd (Nth)
StuL: Fyfe can just about be a luxury upgrade come finals if I still can afford it.
Raspel31: Not Kelly? Hmm, thanks lads.
DrSeuss: Does Lyon (the Genius) have Fyfe up at Full Forward again?
Yelse: will rocky get to 100 at least….usually bins it up
circle52: u
calboye: whats going on with sandilands?
hinsch: Can the Lions hang on here ???
LuvIt74: Shit glad i chose to do hold Barrett he’s going to make a lot more $$$
Apachecats: Lryan bnd to keep getting games in this rabble.
StuL: Come on Rocky. Push the wheelie bin up the driveway!
Apachecats: *bound
LuvIt74: @hinsch your kidding right?
Raspel31: You bet Luvit-he building us almost too much cash-where to spend?
Hadouken: martin doing well with archie in, good signs.
StuL: have to jump on Ryan probably. Only 9 touches though. Loves the slop it seems. Contested.
Str1k3_M95: lmfao fyfe goals and gets 2 points
LuvIt74: M0nty Berry $ also champ, B/E of 36
9inch: More Barret you might make it into my top 18.
StuL: Str1k3_M95: lmfao fyfe. Points scaled for suckiness.
LuvIt74: @Raspel Barrett to Zorko for me m8
Crowls: luke ryan better player than nat fyfe. what universe is this?
Raspel31: I’m hoping my cap-Sloane-doesn’t make top 18 9inch.
Raspel31: Maybe same Luvit.
Pokerface: havent seen this game. is the pocket right for walters, or has he gotten mid time again?
9inch: Me too Rasp. But my main opp has Rocky capt so maybe im not stuffed just yet
Fatbar5tad: Mathieson LOL
Crowls: fyfe 60 at half time 13 in next 45 minutes!!!
LuvIt74: Fyfe must be upgraded this next week, he just doesn’t give a crap
King_Robbo: Fyfe is cooked
Fatbar5tad: Cubs showing a bit today.
Pokerface: he gives a crap luvit. any player shopping themselves around for the highest price does
Thedude24: Docherty, Pendlebury or Treloar as captain?
LuvIt74: Fyfe to Zorko and Barrett to Jelwood for me im thinking.
Yelse: fyfe was good in a good team… exposed when struggling
LuvIt74: Pendles
CamT: Fyfe in 58% of SC teams. What will it be this time next week ?
Raspel31: Having gone Sloane I’d go safe with Pendles-wish I had.
Fatbar5tad: Pendles Dude. Fyfe is sore.
LuvIt74: @poker the deal is more then likely done behind closed doors m8
faisca7: Andrews rock
StuL: go Barrett. BE of 12. As if you’d trade him
Pokerface: doubt it luvit – there’s a couple of suitors
LuvIt74: @StuL many dont care about cash now coz they are able to go full premo which is understandable
shaker: Is Blakely the worst tagger ever?
Fatbar5tad: Barrett decent M9
Raspel31: Absolutely Luvit-time to premo up.
StuL: Barrett likely to be upgraded tho. I’m full premo but would like a premo m9 too.
SilverLion: Blakely was not tagging Beams at all. False info.
poolboybob: Ryan will be popular in a couple of weeks
SilverLion: Great to see them get a win, will do wonders for their confidence. Freo worse than I thought.
LuvIt74: @StlU your full premo does this include Shaw or Fyfe?
faisca7: Dont do it to yourself Stul. You’ll pull your own hair out trying to decide who to leave on bench
Lestat: Well played captain Beams.
Brenno_173: unlucky god, you should of put the captain on beams. Suck!
shaker: There you go SilverLion an easy win 😉

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