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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R12 of 2017

frenzy: no hodge no hawks, maybe
Lestat: Miller out for Suns
amigaman: Go Suns!
King_Robbo: No touk touk- what a disaster pick that’s been for some
man0005: no miller no suns, maybe
Thedude24: Go suns. Help us secure a top 3 pick from the Hawks!!
Apachecats: I thouht Ainsworth was in for Ah Chee
JockMcPie: Lets go captain Titch!!
th3rio: go cousins make us some cash
tankin: yeh ainsworth missing from list
jaypeee: no ainsworth?
Lestat: Ainsworth in for Brodie I think.
AngryRyno: Ainsworth is in, as is Lonergan
pcaman2003: Hawks almost unrecognizable from 2 years ago.
circle52: No free to Lynch and well high
Pokerface: has titch made his 32.5 disposal line yet?
tankin: ainsworth started on pine
DrSeuss: Witts, Ablett, Cousins and Burton – let’s go lads
pcaman2003: Brought in Cousins this week. Hope he does well.
Pokerface: just gibbo the spud now. you know he’ll earn it
BOMBRBLITZ: let’s go VC Ablett will take 140 plus
frenzy: Kade Stewart must of blew kisses to CD to be on 3
man0005: I wish my job security was as good as Gibsons 🙁
Thedude24: Lol frenzy. Probably 1%ers, why does his score matter anyway
poolboybob: Opponent has C on Ablett so I’m expecting him to score about 200
boo!: opponent has Con Titch, so hoping for less than 100
Pokerface: is Cousins Cousins’ cousin?
Lestat: Ainsworth wasn’t a late in m0nty. He was selected Thursday night.
Pokerface: Brand hurt. I’m sure Gibbo will step up now
JButcher: Come on Hall I brought you in this week
pcaman2003: Hartung the turnover king. Come back Hodgey
m0nty: actually Ainsworth came in yesterday so technically it’s a late in
AngryRyno: you are incorrect @Lestat, Ah Chee withdrew late
man0005: Was he a late in or were you late in figuring it out?
jaypeee: touche’ Monty
NoneyaB: He wasnt on thursday Lestat it was friday
Pokerface: LATE CHANGES Gold Coast: Touk Miller (illness) replaced in selected side by Jesse Lonergan
Pokerface: can you advise the afl to update their website on late changes m0nty?
dipstick: @boo maybe more realistic to hope for under 130 for titch and not 100
BOMBRBLITZ: Ablett cape thanks
poolboybob: Tag Ablett please
boo!: @dipstick, no i hoping for less than 100, currently 22sc
Pokerface: need a Goat icon for gaz
desafinado: My opponent has Ablett as C, my weekend has finished early LOL
King_Robbo: Titch with 4 clangers already
Roksta: Titch will get 130 by games end
circle52: I have someone who has Gazz as VC in one of my Leagues as well.
The39Steps: Good call @pokerface!
SilverLion: Mitchell being robbed in SC?
Lestat: Here we go again with the robbed comments again.
cobrakai00: Gunston being shown up for the 1 demensional front runner he is
SilverLion: 41 DT to 23 SC can be questioned, can it not? Its almost x2
amigaman: Has 5 clangers @SilverLion
Pokerface: howe being robbed in DT?
shaker: Yes look at his stats 5 clangers at 57%
Pokerface: what do you mean it can be questioned? its his score
Erich1036: @SilverLion he only has 3CP, with 5 clangers and 60% DE? Lol
Pokerface: its not random you twit
SilverLion: Ah my bad, missed that. Yeah clangers huge in SC. Cheers.
Pokerface: if its his DT score you want, play DT. don’t expect the same score in SC
Lestat: DT don’t count clanger which Mitchell has 5 or DE which is 60%. Look at all stats not just scores
Hadouken: this week was a toss up between steele, macrae and barlow. I brought in barlow. so far, so good 🙂
m0nty: Junior needed Hanners on the mark there
SilverLion: $ for Cousins
circle52: I tossed again between Hibberd and May as an upgrade for Otten guess which way I went.
cobrakai00: Hibberd or you chose poorly
poolboybob: Do something Witts
frenzy: gotta be Kade’s last game in the seniors
poolboybob: O’brien is a spud
Pokerface: how on earth did hawthorn beat sydney up there
Snarfy: Why did I bring in Hall rather than Ablett after the bye? Why? Because I’m a tight rse!
cobrakai00: Lucky Hawks are having a crack, otherwise it would be really embarrassing
Pokerface: gibbo on bench issue with his spuds. its a sign.
Lestat: Saints fans singning We are the Suns of the Gold Coast sky
man0005: Gibbo off, watch Hawks win now
pcaman2003: @pokerface. More players injured or out now.
Lestat: Dear AFL. Get rid of score reviews. Waste of time. Trust you judgement umpire.
poolboybob: Leave Cousins on the ground you flogs
grechy76: just call it a goal if it still goes in.
Torz: Cousins is a kid. Wouldn’t have a huge tank.
Pokerface: not really @pcaman. only missing from that game is Hodgey
Pokerface: frawley, stratton, cyril all missed
Raspel31: Missed last night’s game-did the Sainters put a tag on Sloane?
Pokerface: oh and um Ty Vickery. I stand corrected…
pcaman2003: @pokernman. Seriously! Of our BEST 22,many are not available. And,Since Swans fewer players unavailable from best22
poolboybob: Witts must be doing nothing with his hitouts
Lestat: @ Raspel yep
Pokerface: @pcaman who else from hodge apart from that game? im a hawks supporter btw
Ladbrokes_: Yep they did @Raspel31. Koby Stevens held Sloane to just 14 touches
DrSeuss: Let’s go Burton and Witts
Pokerface: oh bruest is out too. sorry forgot him. not that he has done much this year
Kekkington: @pcaman2003 You know the players that you traded aren’t considered your best 22 anymore right?
Kekkington: Frawley, Bruest and Hodge(kinda) to a degree are the only notable outs
Raspel31: Bummer-capped him after Bont failed-thanks Lad and Les
Ladbrokes_: Cmon clarko, give Cousins more time on ground
Pokerface: frawley didnt play against sydney
Pokerface: @kekk stratton is notable. him and frawley both out expose how horrible gibbo has become
shaker: Me to Raspel but a chance he might not be in best 18 🙂
pcaman2003: @pokerface. All up.Hodge,Vickery,Breust,Willsmore
Kekkington: Probably because Gibbson isn’t built for that role
Pokerface: @kekk cyril is notable.
Kekkington: >Vickery
Kekkington: haha
King_Robbo: titch really is just a junk merchant
Kekkington: True
Pokerface: @pcaman i don’t think vickery or willsmore in meant we beat sydney
Raspel31: There’s a thought Shaker
Pokerface: @kekk yeah, he’s built for the unaccountable free roaming 3rd man up role
pcaman2003: They still contributed pokerface.
Danstar: if i got 2 mergencies on the bencg in my mids and put a bye player on field, will the higest scoring bench players score
Pokerface: they arent injured. they were replaced.
Pokerface: @danstar lowest scoring comes on
dipstick: @danster the lowest
Pokerface: they were replaced as clarko’s catastrophic change. dump the rookie and the whipping boy
pcaman2003: Getting Vickery was an error. He won’t last long.
Pokerface: i actually understand why, given we wanted that hale role filled again. oh well
Danstar: thank u 🙂
King_Robbo: o’meara and vickery trades have both hurt the hawks – both (for different reasons) will barely play 50 games combined
Raspel31: Barlow having a good half time.
McSpud: giving ainsworth a dollar sign will help me feel better about his pathetic first half
Pokerface: at least vickery was a free agent so we didnt lose draft picks
Pokerface: lol mcspud
Lestat: But the $$$ wasted on Vickery hurts Hawks.
Pokerface: we run enough pokies to afford it. oh.
Warney: Vickery just expensive insurance for Rough
toddyelton: can relate mcspud
pcaman2003: Vickery,like Mayne at Pies costing too much
King_Robbo: true, but o’meara trade will damage the club. loosing all those draft picks for a guy whose shot
Lestat: and Thomas at Carlton
Pokerface: i hear ya robbo, but o’meara brought in as a 10 year player. im not giving up yet on missing alot of year 1 of that
Pokerface: wtf gunston
pcaman2003: @pokerface. Fortunately O’meara still young and hopefully will come good over time.
tankin: dreaming if you think omeara has 10yrs in him lol
Pokerface: heres hoping pca
Pokerface: that’s a throw
dipstick: @pcman considering no-one in the sporting world has seriously retruned from omearas injury one would doubt it
King_Robbo: 10 games, not 10 years – it is sad he’s a great player but will neve be the player hawthorn paid for
Lestat: He thought he was playing for the Titans, not The Suns.
dipstick: agreed. you’ll get 10 weeks out of him not 10 yeras. he is smoked and thats the end of story
Yelse: hawks getting robbed with non holding ball decisions
Pokerface: yes agree it was overs Robbo
Rockafella: a bit like your boy Boyd kingrobbo
tankin: more likely that omeara will never play again than play into his mid 30s
pcaman2003: @Dipstick. Always a first time.Fingers crossed.
pcaman2003: Hawks over handballing again. When will they ever learn?
King_Robbo: Boyd won us a flag. I’ll take that any day
StuL: Win or lose. Ablett has always loved giving it to the hawks.
Pokerface: dipstick – your lot bringing in jones and daisy this week. started the tanking early this year?
tankin: umps wo you a flag robbo not boyd
Pantsman: Come on Hall, get your downhill skis on mate.
dipstick: @robbo agreed. boyd won that flag. A flag is worth WELL OVER $10million. You may not win one for 50 years
Lestat: Hawks need to rebuild but that’s impossible without draft picks. Screwed for 5+ years.
King_Robbo: yes tankin, the umps picked up the ball and kicked it through the goals for us. you’re right
luke394: Hawthorn are an absolute rabble
dipstick: @pokerface didnt ross lyon have a player living in his carport at one stage? i heard that years ago
Roksta: Get real tankin
Pokerface: may not win one for 50 years? Teams usually win 13 in that time?
shaker: Will Clarkson hang around for the rebuild?
grossn: Late withdrawing Hodge and Breust? Smells like tanking to me
Costanza: losing to Suns at the G – low as it gets
King_Robbo: good question shaker, you’d think so
Lestat: I think he will stay for 2 more years at most.
korza: Give him the star, you know who.
Lestat: Why would Hawks tank grossn??? They don’t have draft picks to tank for
GOD: GOD has the C on G. Ablett today!
Pantsman: Yeah, even the Eagles haven’t lost to the Suns at the MCG!
Pokerface: lol Pantsman
DrSeuss: Wow – Burton and Cousins – great 3rd Quarter 😳
dipstick: ablett his 5th ton of the year
man0005: Hawks are tanking. Clarkson has signed a deal with the Saints from 2018-2023.
oc16: i wasnt expecting a win today- having no birchall, hodge, frawley, strats, rioli, omeara, breust makes it hard
Costanza: sad for Saad ha
shaker: Wow Saad -50 haha
Crowls: got suns by <39.5 time for hawks to lift
shaun300: Hi
Erich1036: saad the new CD favourite? 0 DT yet 69 SC?
Lestat: This will end up over 10 goals.
CamT: Traded Burton for Beech. So far it’s a win.
Lestat: Cue the Dunstall rant to Matera.
poolboybob: Hawks look bloody terrible
PLACEBOPIE: saad’s culture says he can only have sc scores during ramadan 😛
frenzy: looks like champ data traded Witts this week
pcaman2003: Hawks struggling badly. Not good!
dipstick: poor GAJ will get destroyd in the media this week for being so greedy and playing great
foolysik: whats Lanforda win % in his last 10 games for the hawks?
Costanza: a mid-winter Sun burn
foolysik: it would be very very low!!
Lestat: 40% foolysik
cobrakai00: Can’t wait to get Gaz back in 2018 😉
foolysik: thx – 30% now with this loss 🙂
Pokerface: outside of titch, Big Boy probably our best player this year
pcaman2003: McEvoy has been steady all season.
Lestat: Mitchell, McEvoy and Burton top 3 B&F atm.
Sloan4Pres: is saad playing?
desmondo: Sloan4Pres.. with himself maybe LOL
Pokerface: fair call lestat. we may get a rising star out of the year!
Lestat: Gibson to retire after game 😛
Pokerface: why wait till then
Lestat: Surely not……
Pokerface: all the momentum
Lestat: Rosa looking very slow today.
NoneyaB: whats with saads score?
Pokerface: he’s had about 40 1%ers Noney
Pokerface: Saad robbed in DT?
grechy76: welcome to the game hawks
Pokerface: Traders obviously traded out saad this week
pcaman2003: Cousins only 7 pts since first half.
Costanza: junk it up and keep poss Sunnies
faisca7: Is Lyons gun worthy yet?
Lestat: May just grabbed at his groin. Not a good look.
man0005: How is averaging 80, gunworthy? Lol.
Sloan4Pres: feeling a draw
Erich1036: He obviously means the gun FF icon in this game man0005…
Pokerface: so did i after that gunston goal
pcaman2003: @lestat. Reflex action!
Lestat: obviously man0005 is new to FF
Jukes82: boy oh boy wowee wowee!
amigaman: Fitness issue at Suns? Keep giving up big leads
Ladbrokes_: Mate the gun is used for a player that is expected to deliver a solid score, read its description again
Ladbrokes_: Definitely not for lyons
Lestat: OMG that 50 is very costly.
Pokerface: Brand you $&^%
toddyelton: I love you brandy
pcaman2003: Gunston stung into action,finally.
faisca7: His average is nearly 100 from his last 7. Pretty consistent if you ask me
chris7399: Muppet for Brand surely. That could cost them the game
McSpud: i m a gun
Pokerface: gun for mcspud
Costanza: Who will be deemed ‘brave’?
JButcher: Hall this is atrocious
StuL: Nice ton Witts. Took a while to play in and start hitting boundaries.
frenzy: welldone Witts, good game buddy
poolboybob: Give May the rock
McSpud: <? Random gun check comment…
myteamsuks: I like peter wrights nickname. 2 metre peter.
benzammit: love seeing the dawks get beat 3-8 lol
McSpud: Thanks for the nomination Poker
McSpud: Where is my gun?
McSpud: Rocky skipper, too risky?
casty46: Glad i bought steven may in
CamT: I’ve got the VC on Rocky, McSpud. He goes big against Fremantle.
rtz23: @McSpud i’m chucking the C on rocky
toddyelton: lynchy with some nice junk time points
pcaman2003: @faisca7. His Ave 72 over past 5 rounds.
benzammit: if ya have the vc on gaz lock it in Rocky for me no gaz.
King_Robbo: nice work lynch
myteamsuks: I’ve got the c on rocky too. Plus I just got him in so sorry everyone
lzaffina: huge statement from the suns today, let the competition beware lol
toddyelton: ive got the c on rocky as well
benzammit: where’s O’Meara??? lol
faisca7: Check again pcaman
lzaffina: lol peter wright rekons hawks are a class outfit and they were always going to come, what year is he living in?
pcaman2003: @Fascia7. I have. look in the supercoach site.Ave 72 over last 5 rounds.
pcaman2003: Assuming we’re talking about Gunston?
Lestat: Lyons average last 5 92.6, not including today.
faisca7: No not Gunston, Lyons

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