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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R12 of 2017

Apachecats: Knock , Knock
upweydons: good evening
PLACEBOPIE: Sloan3 to get 130 like heeney and adelaide by many
PLACEBOPIE: evening all
Lestat: Weller to tag Sloane?
Apachecats: Lost our L plater.
Chelskiman: Evening, lads!
chinkas: why is cameron ling always screaming into the microphone
Chelskiman: Adelaide SHOULD win this comfortably.
Costanza: stfu Lingy ffs
Chelskiman: Yeah, there’s not many more annoying than Ling.
Costanza: always sounds like he’s applying for a coaching role – please do
lzaffina: notice bruce just chip that one through rather then go the big blast again lol
m0nty: to be fair he’s at ground level with the Crow fans in his earhole
chinkas: foxtels boundary riders never scream
AngryRyno: Steele tagging, not good
LMartos: 2 soft frees, 2 soft goals
Ladbrokes_: Soft freekick for Sloane but I’ll take it
Apachecats: Sloanes tagger just came unstuck
PLACEBOPIE: yeah having steele and sloane oh well hope steele gives many kicks too sloane
Chelskiman: Less making excuses for Ling.
Crowls: yeh not happy about steele tagging sloane.
dipstick: @m0nty thanks for the mobile pages link. All it lacks is chat if you could squeeze that in with a cold beer or 2. Cheers
AngryRyno: steele and stevens sharing duties on sloane it seems
9inch: Hopefully Sloane gets free kicks all night
Breezey: If that’s a free kick then Sloane will get 20 of them tonight
Chelskiman: Time to get moving, Greenwood.
th3rio: between tagging and being on the bench steele will be lucky to get 60 tonight fml 🙁
Lestat: L plate for Beech?
myteamsuks: Jenkins doesn’t really have a long kick for a big guy
AngryRyno: HGW going backwards
cold pies: Who else listened to jocks pc this week? Higgo has lost it..
cold pies: How can you”Pimp” Laird?!?
Breezey: Where for art thou M.Crouch
myteamsuks: Crows getting looked after here
dipstick: cant wait for higgo to pump one into cathy… sweet jesus
Lestat: Saints finding it tough against 21.
Breezey: Please explain@Dipstick.
9inch: Sloane hasn’t even touched the ball reaaly ffs
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: Match day anyone?
Heizenberg: Where the fuckin fuck is fuckin Montagna? Fuck it
dipstick: i kept you 1 last week otten for lloyd so beat 92 please
LuvIt74: hop on the Laird train fellas Choo – Choo
Lestat: Me Heiz
AngryRyno: the real question is, why didn’t you have laird from the start?
Heizenberg: Sup lestat?
AngryRyno: looks like Steele won’t be in our top 18 scorers
LuvIt74: i did
LuvIt74: i made him vc
Heizenberg: Bloody dud is playing FB
Lestat: Not Montagna that’s for sure.
DrSeuss: Trade out Otten, trade in Newnes and Roberton – So Otten will go for 120 no doubt
LMartos: how is Tex’s goal assist considered ineffective?
circle52: Traded Otten over Newman to Doc – So as you say watch Otten beat 89
Heizenberg: Not funny lestat
Heizenberg: Has he been playing full back all year
Lestat: I have him on match day Heiz
casey22: Steele on fire tonite
PLACEBOPIE: only good news will be they will scrap sloane tag cause they are getting pumped
pcaman2003: Steele spends too much time on the bench.
LMartos: what’s the point of Steele playing if he’s going to have 45% TOG, may as well not be out there
desafinado: Ok Saints, you are losing, stop tagging Sloane now !
Breezey: This might end up a big margin by the end.
9inch: Sloane just gonna sit this one out. Useless when tagged.
Chelskiman: Keep tagging Sloane, would love a few price drops in case I wanna trade Fyfe later on.
poolboybob: Steele do something ya tosser
Heizenberg: Same lestat 🙁
circle52: Weller off with a calf – Looks serious
pies4spoon: Mav Weller limping off – looks like a rolled ankle imo
Chelskiman: This is gonna get ugly for the Saints.
circle52: Gee that ball was out – Crows really getting rub of green
LMartos: everyone tell Steele to do something REALISE he’s been off for 10 minutes
Heizenberg: That’s it Montagna more of that please
Lestat: I also took Steele. This won’t be my winning team.
Heizenberg: Hopefully he gets some cheap possibles for us lestat
zadolinnyj: Gents, Heiz. I’m at the game. that was out of bounds I thought
Lestat: Can only hope Heiz
Apachecats: It was out on TV too @Zado
zadolinnyj: Thoughts so
Heizenberg: Cool, enjoy the game, defientelt out of bounds, wonder if Wayne harmes is watching……
Lestat: Jamie Elliott says it was in about as much as his was.
Lodgy: i thought definitely in…
CBeezDeez: Hey @Zad tell Pyke to give Greenwood more time in the middle please
StuL: Trent Steele is Max Powers oldest friend. I’m sure he’ll be ok
myteamsuks: Sloane is going to have to learn to deal with a tag
mardyb: tagging sloane is really working for them…
Heizenberg: Hi Monty, I have a mate who can’t get on fan footy at all on his phone, is something wrong for some users or???
Breezey: This will end up 152 to 8
DrSeuss: Gotta love having Steele and Greenwood and then realising their coaches love their company on the bench
AngryRyno: get him onto the mobile page @Heiz
Heizenberg: He can’t get past the homepage at all he’s saying, so no option for that
Heizenberg: Thanks anywya angry
StuL: Why noons BT?
AngryRyno: sure there is, just chuck a /m on the end of the URL
circle52: Carlisle looks like done a hammy
StuL: OK seriously, Steele may never get another kick.
PLACEBOPIE: more game time steele
zadolinnyj: CBeezDeez he said that he also has greenwood and he’s powered off
CBeezDeez: Gday Heiz. Has he only just registered?
Lestat: Corky to Carlisle I think
pies4spoon: On the replay, Carlisle might have only copped a knock not a rip/pull
GOD: Good news on Carlisle
pcaman2003: Even on the ground,Steele is crap tonight.
CBeezDeez: Thanks Zad. Pyke sucks! LoL
Stuart88: Sloane may be bad with a tag but he’s been held every time
Lestat: Any chance of BT calling the correct player? that 5 in the last 6 mins.
AngryRyno: good to see lairdo back to his best despite a knock
Heizenberg: Hi deez, no been on for ages, it’s Rickyb80 and he’s purple form memory
Heizenberg: From*
mardyb: and getting no help from his mates @stuart88
Breezey: He just makes it up as he goes along @ Lestat
AngryRyno: as i said Heiz, try
Pokerface: @Heiz i had the same issue last week with old phone. m0nty opened up mobile pages for free due to it
pcaman2003: Hey m0nty. Time to put the potato on Steele.
LMartos: Steele now a little bit concerning lol
CBeezDeez: Sorry Heiz. Was only a guess…
The39Steps: Useless stat – Saints have 10 players whose first name starts with J. New AFL record.
Pokerface: there was some change last week
Apachecats: Steele 54% game time??
THESKUNK: steel not even worthy of a zero o
StuL: Steele may be potato and pumpkin soup.
GOD: Steele a bit rusty tonite!
Heizenberg: Okay okay, thanks angry ryno
Apachecats: And thats with two out of action
Breezey: Lucky Steele is going at 100% DE or he wouldn’t have 2
Stuart88: Very true good sides look after their good players
th3rio: steele on fianlly
Heizenberg: It’s okay feel, thanks all for trying to help
LMartos: elite handball there from Steele, could get him 30 points maybe??
Lestat: Wow Steele a Handball.
poolboybob: Steele hang your head in shame
Heizenberg: Deez*
Lestat: Has B. Crouch forgotten how to kick?
CBeezDeez: Woo hoo! Steele in junk time now!
Kahunas: just switched on the game, what’s up with steele
luke394: how can Steele be going 1t 100% with a clanger? he’s a jet
LuvIt74: Laird for 130+ you da man rudda
Apachecats: Greenwood not flash but at least better than Sloane.
AngryRyno: because the clanger was the free against @Luke
Lestat: Because the clanger was a free against, not a disposal.
LMartos: Tex kick the snag ffs
9inch: No Brownlow for Sloane.
myteamsuks: This game is boring as fuck
McSpud: plenty of walker love from the commentators
McSpud: not enough walker love from CD through
circle52: Look on the bright side Sloane will be nice and cheap in a couple of weeks.
luke394: thanks that makes sense? does that mean a clanger and a FA is -8?
Thedude24: Why do the umpires just always gotta favour the home team? So frustrating
CBeezDeez: 2 horse race now @9inch?
Lestat: No good being cheap if not scoring well.
AngryRyno: no, all frees against are clangers so the score is usually -2 or -3 depending where it is on the ground
McSpud: i hope that was a waitress in the GF corp box…
luke394: why don’t they just have free kicks and clangers seperate? confusing
Crowls: steele warming up
pcaman2003: Steele on a roll. Ton up young man!
th3rio: #truststeele
PLACEBOPIE: that was boy89 transgendered 😀
Apachecats: Notice Greenwoods CP count ,best on ground by a margin
Heizenberg: I’m 439 at half time, I think decent?
Heizenberg: Walker is captain, aiming for some goals in second half
Pokerface: 50m penalties are clangers too
Zeratul: ffs sloane, this is getting embarrassing
Ladbrokes_: Steele only 8 behind Sloane. Gee whiz
9inch: All I know is Sloane is killing me as Capt.
vartic: Tagging is such BS. Sloane being held constantly all last week too, not being given an inch
cusch1: There should be a function that highlights the players in our fantasy sides so we can track them easier
Heizenberg: Thank god I left Sloane out based on recent form
McSpud: agreed cusch, should be able to highlight certain players
DrSeuss: Greenwood and Steele killed it in the 2nd half of that quarter.
Lestat: @Heiz I have M. Crouch as C and 414 points
Crowls: not happy if you brought sloane in….
LuvIt74: Steele needs to be upgraded to heeney ya’s made money from him
BC__: Sloane as Captain – Do you even supercoach??
LuvIt74: Had Sloane since day 1 but not to concerned as most of the top 2% will have him anyway
shaker: You can highlight your players wake up people
TheBoy89: I’ve got Pendles as captain
The39Steps: Saints football manager must have sent the VFL side to Adelaide and the seniors to Sandy.
LuvIt74: Why would u put Sloane as C – I understand VC
cusch1: How Shaker?
banta: Sloane is piss weak against a tag. 2 player scores and 2 tags so far. Sloane and JJ
TheBoy89: Great to be back cheers month from unbanning me
TheBoy89: Monty*
CamT: I’ve got Rockliff Captain.
shaker: Hover over your FF name click on watchlist pick your players
PLACEBOPIE: people would have vc’d last night and didn’t like there score.I had heeney vc and took the 130
shaker: Once finished you will have to log out then back in
The39Steps: Ban TheBoy89 for misspelling Monty.
LuvIt74: sure u did Bopie lol
PLACEBOPIE: lol the boy banned for trangendering 😀
Heizenberg: Cool, lestat, good luck
banta: Crap coaching by saints. Why tag sloane? Hasn’t stopped them getting smashed.
Heizenberg: Anyone else get the shits watching the stupid Auskick interviews?
LMartos: didn’t know Greenwood had a basketball background… thanks Soders
cusch1: Thanks Shaker ill give it a suss
TheBoy89: Anyone here at the Brazil vs Argentina game
boo!: #nokidsheizenberg
PLACEBOPIE: how many there boy 89
th3rio: wow steele comes on for 4 mins and carves up so he starts on the bench…makes sense..
TheBoy89: Around 94k
Kahunas: soccer is shit
TheBoy89: Alright gtg watch the match…
PLACEBOPIE: liverpool had more 😀 Bloody Diego’s
Ladbrokes_: “Carves it up” settle down there, it was only a few touches @th3rio. Besided the game is over so it barely matters
JockMcPie: Argentina will kick more goals than St Kilda
Pokerface: how are people saying its bad coaching tagging sloane? its killed adelaide recently
Pokerface: theboy do you really think people who paid to watch messi live,
Pokerface: are instead watching fanfooty scores?
LuvIt74: Those poor people that brought Sloane in after his round 10 monster will be crying
bongidongi: this is just getting ugly…
Lestat: Getting ugly? Been ugly for a long time.
shaker: If the Sloane tag was helping them win fine but it’s not Saints need to play there own game and forget about him
boo!: i bought in sloane and i am poor, sup???
Thedude24: Saints are hopeless. Worse than last year. Pathetic
Breezey: Crows are just lairizing around now
AngryRyno: think you are saying that for purely fantasy purposes shaker
Pokerface: exactly rhyno. saints might be 100 down if they weren’t tagging.
zadolinnyj: shocking game live. is it better on tv?
Breezey: What a lot of crap Lingy. As if Billings would go out there thinking about where he was drafted.
GOD: McCartin – St kilda you wasted a 1st pick on
Pokerface: you playing jeopardy there GOD?
m0nty: St Kilda, are you Carlton in disguise…
myteamsuks: Right in the back of the lower head???errmm the neck?
Pokerface: as a hawks supporter im not sure thats a battle you want to open up m0nty
aussie59: Boring as bat sh…on tele, cept for Sloaney and steele not scoring…hehehehe.sorry my opp has them
Lestat: That’s not nice m0nty
SaintsMan: Shut up Monty
th3rio: does anyone actually know why Steele gets benched for half of every quarter?
AngryRyno: carlton have shown more than this rubbish from st kilda
Pokerface: cos he doesn’t have the tank th3rio
pcaman2003: Either Steele has no tank,or Richardson is a dud coach.
th3rio: I would’ve thought 4 or 5 minute rotations..hes been on the bench for 10 now..same with 1st and 2nd qtr
banta: Jack
MrGmax: We’re all an AFL Evolution simulation and Steele is the player.
myteamsuks: Yeah especially when hawks are 1 win above carlton
Lestat: Maybe Richo hates long hair. Bruce also low TOG
banta: Jack Steven been piss weak uselesss too.
LuvIt74: Laird on 104 already now thats a gr8 VC pick. Welcome
th3rio: oh wait hes back on with 54 seconds to go…richo is a peanut
pies4spoon: @pcaman he didn’t get much TOG last match too
th3rio: they all just had a week offf….should be plenty in the tank
m0nty: nominations for star please
LMartos: I have the two players with the worst TOG’s
LuvIt74: Does greenwood suffer from asthma or something, wtf is his TOG always so limited.
casty46: Jacobs.
LuvIt74: Laird star
tankin: koby stevens scored -9 in that qtr. Gotta be a record
th3rio: laird
Breezey: No ones done enough to earn the Star
GOD: Eddie star
Lestat: @Heiz 607 at 3/4 time. How about you?
Breezey: Josh Bruce star. Dominated the Saints scoring.
Nephrite7: lever star
Lestat: Laird, Lever and Jacobs for star.
Saltycox: seb ross
lukefield9: Monty Marcus Mcglaughlan wouldn’t be happy with that
Breezey: Jimmy Web Star
tankin: sauce for star
sammo93: How does Greenwood have more contested possessions than possessions?
CamT: Greenwood’s contested possession count moved past his possession count that quarter.
The39Steps: Thought Dimma would have been the first coach to go. Think we have a new favourite.
PLACEBOPIE: no one on sloane now 😀
frenzy: Seb atlas
lukefield9: @sammo possession implies he got ahold of the ball doesn’t mean he disposed of it
Lestat: Because a possession is not a disposal.
LMartos: Sloane’ll do what he’s done every game he’s been tagged and junk up in the last
LuvIt74: What are u talking about, Laird has my pubic zirconia glistening and my arousal curve on a reflex angle.
cusch1: Youre right 39steps, Don Pyke has been atrocious #WengerOut
LuvIt74: Laird gun and don’t be surprised if Sloane hits 80 odd
Yelse: i need adelaide -68.5 for 450 cmonn crrows kick stargth
banta: Taggers are dogs. Stamp them out.
Breezey: BT wants the Crows to help Rory out. Maybe he just enjoys being the Sloane Ranger.
Pokerface: taggers are great. whats the difference between a tagger and a defender? they both shut down players?
th3rio: Please play out the whole qtr Steeley, ill be happy with 70
Ladbrokes_: Greeny 70+ please and Sloane lift
Lestat: Tagging a mid is no different to what defenders do.
3rdstriker: That would have been 50m against most players but I think the umpire understood brad crouch can’t hit a 2m handball
Pokerface: lol 3rdstriker
LuvIt74: Sloane on the move now,
Stu7: St Kilda should look at the VFA!!
cold pies: Was higgo flowering with us this week an last couple?.. worst advice ever
bongidongi: 3rdstriker thank you for noticing – i thought i was going crazy
Chelskiman: Carn, Laird, junk it to 130.
Pokerface: oh cold pies. you didnt. surely not
Thedude24: It’s because it’s an Adelaide home game @3rdstriker
cold pies: No no.. I never drop my laird.. but shocked by his words this week.. Fyfe.. laird.. something’s up
Breezey: Need some serious junk M.Crouch
The39Steps: Stevens – 6 FAs! How many points is that?
pcaman2003: C’mon Steele,junk it up time.
cusch1: -18 I believe
frenzy: for Bont about 90
The39Steps: So as a coach are you happy with Stevens effort against Sloan (6 FAs) or the fact he has kept Sloane quiet?
Lestat: Steele can’t score from the pine.
Stu7: Atkins & Otten – the dumb & dumber show!!!
GOD: GOD has the C on R. Laird tonight!
Lestat: Saints really lucky to be within 10 goals. They have been terrible.
StuL: Bruce is struggling not look like all crows fan tonight.
cusch1: GOD backwards is DOG
myteamsuks: I have 21 players so Steele score not too much damage I reckon
The39Steps: There was a time when Crows numbers matched their IQ. Jenkins at 4, Tex at 13 suggests its back.
pcaman2003: Bruce making Otten look like a slug
King_Robbo: Sloane when tagged is pathetic
StuL: I meant mcavaney
runners47: C’mon Dylan – a few more points before final siren..
preki1: 3 mins until otten is gone from my team. let the countdown begin…
Breezey: I knew a dyslexic atheist with insomnia. He sits up all night wondering if there really is a dog
cusch1: The Saints numbers represent off field indiscretions. Carlisle 2, milne 44
myteamsuks: Sloane has an excuse I guess not like bontempelli last night
CBeezDeez: Just noticed G’woods stats. 16 Contested and he’s only had 17 possies in total!
runt: Beech commemorating Saints Premierships
Lestat: Good luck trading Otten preki1 until next week.
GOD: You lose again St Kilda
LuvIt74: I said laird 10+ Welcome
Lestat: @CBD Possessions don’t mean disposals.
pcaman2003: Steele TOG is pathetic compared to rest of team.
CBeezDeez: Near enough for me mate
myteamsuks: Ahh lestat yeah they do
Lestat: @myteamsucks. No they don’t. A Possession is getting the ball, a disposal is getting rid of the ball.

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