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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R12 of 2017

Apachecats: Hello ,am I in here on my own.
frenzy: evening chaps
PLACEBOPIE: Tom Boyd what a Dud 😀 Bevo ruined him 😛
dipstick: are you there FF?? One day you will work again on tablet.. I hope.. farewell
lisapizza7: Do you use google chrome dipstick
casty46: evening gents.
dipstick: dont know
dipstick: its google
wadaramus: Tipping Sydney, with not much confidence, Bont VC.
PLACEBOPIE: I went a smoky heeney vc and picking swans
casty46: billy
Apachecats: Same Wada but no VC
lisapizza7: I use google chrome on my tablets and have no issues. Dipstick
Costanza: Stringing him along
PLACEBOPIE: does ff have an app?
dipstick: newman VC… need a 1 30 fella
Chelskiman: Put the VC of Dahl for the hell of it. Real C is when Rocky goes 170+
wadaramus: Gutsy dipstick, I hope you get it though!
boo!: stay low bont
PLACEBOPIE: heeney twice on bont 😀
LMartos: how was that HTB, straight high tackle
SilverLion: Jesus Bont…
AngryRyno: 2FA and bont still in the positives aha
AngryRyno: 1CP and 2 Clangers = 3SC alright then
PLACEBOPIE: go heeney he’s on 😀
boo!: get newman on horse knob
Brenno_173: Lift Franky!
PLACEBOPIE: heeney is everywhere 😀 love it
LMartos: Heeney a little lucky in my biased opinion, will take 30 in 10 minutes though
LMartos: unlucky*
m0nty: hey Horse, why the long face?
casty46: give sinclair the crab now
SilverLion: Do something Bont my god…
boo!: pedal minty
Brenno_173: Lift James Dainton
Costanza: Newman!
Breezey: Umpiring terrible early on
SilverLion: m0nty, Hannerbery got first goal not McLean.
casey22: Cant see bont making 100 from here
SilverLion: *Hannebery
m0nty: yep soz
dipstick: damn newman- your my vc you damn flog. i should have picked georgie or kramer
cold pies: Yes everyone will laugh haha.. but I do feel a little bit better about trading Newman to Adams last week..
pcaman2003: @casey22. Why? He’s scoring with no disp and 2 FA.
pcaman2003: AND 2 tackles
AngryRyno: english looks really long, lanky
Ladbrokes_: Everyone besides Wallis for the Bulldogs has been trash in SC recently
PLACEBOPIE: Tim English = Kevin Walsh cheese legs
cold pies: Opp went Hanners for vc, I went JPK… Go Kennedy!!!
LMartos: should’ve gone Heeney vc
Tonche: Low scoring DT game so far?
Lestat: I took Buddy VC
Yelse: newman and kennedy please lift please
Crowls: brought in Bont instead of Rocky, made him VC. Hows that working out…..
Brenno_173: come on dahlhaus
AngryRyno: Dahl really has dropped off, thought the bye would help
PLACEBOPIE: Heeney is a mudda thats why i took the risk
wadaramus: His Mudda was a mudda…
StuL: Macrae, Dahl, Bont WTF!? Sure looking like a hangover.
Zeratul: Is this gonna be a low scoring game of footy?
Crowls: where are they hiding BONT?
SilverLion: Looks like I should’ve traded Bont instead of Newman
PLACEBOPIE: loves the slop
Hawks_13: Buddy is looking dangerous
wadaramus: Eats it up Placebopie…
Tommo2909: Cape Heeney?
StuL: Eats the slop
NoButYeah: Come on Bont… Brought you in over Dusty in round 8 which is haunting me
cold pies: kENNEDY I’m pulling out my voodoo sticks on your ass tonight
Lestat: Heeney superman?
MONEY TALK: oh crap i left for a bit and franklin fires up
MONEY TALK: i should of went parson to heeney this week );
myteamsuks: Vc BONT. Perhaps I won’t be using that
9inch: Bont only needs a handful of touches to ton up. He’s just warming up.
SilverLion: Wheres Heeney’s cape?
Crowls: 5 players tonight, Q1 total of 81 pts. 4 of them are prems. another stinker coming up
Disco DB: Sheesh, having seen the home page, gunna have to call Buddy ‘The Package’ tonight.
cold pies: Haha
Hawks_13: Who bought Mitch wallis this week
Breezey: Buddy VC for me. I’ll nearly take 4 qtrs of 32
wadaramus: Heeney roams around like an unregistered dog, sniffing as much sherrin as he likes.
dipstick: @disco package? its barely an envelope
PLACEBOPIE: expectations are 200 from heeney now but we know he will disappoint that expectation
Breezey: Sweet Caroline at the qtr time break. Love it
wadaramus: I did Hawks.
myteamsuks: Yeah jake the greedy loves himself stringer has one good week and every talks him up again.
MONEY TALK: depending on lloyds BE after this newman to lloyd or if shaw doesnt preform
PLACEBOPIE: like step brothers never get a curly headed thuck eg dawson bootsma wallis
StuL: Go Heeney
MONEY TALK: dahlhaus takes pleasure in disappointing us owners
AngryRyno: heeney gonna get his first 40 touch game tonight
myteamsuks: Like darcy says some really stupid stuff.
LMartos: oh Heeney baby <3
myteamsuks: Luke**
Raspel31: Always said the Bont was rather ordinary but stupidly brought him in a month ago-aand for a month he has been crap.
Lestat: Don’t think Heeney’s 1st 1/4 cape worthy m0nty?
LMartos: @Raspel 113 average has seen him be a solid starter for me lol
wadaramus: Well, this is a rather ordinary game of Aussie Rules.
Raspel31: Early LMartos-not for the past month.
CBeezDeez: True @Wada. Might be cheerin the Socceroos on in a minute. ..
PLACEBOPIE: the bont cant run
wadaramus: Already there CBD 🙂
mardyb: already there cbdz
dipstick: bulldogs coaching style DELETES any champions from the team. theres no standouts in this team anymore
Breezey: The conditions aren’t helping the standard of the game
MONEY TALK: really buddy ):
Lestat: C’mon Buddy. You can kick better than that.
m0nty: Bont is a second half specialist, he’ll be right
CBeezDeez: I hope the lads do it @Wada & @ Mardy
LMartos: Socceroos 1-0, classic blooper goal
Lestat: That wasn’t high.
myteamsuks: Bad decision there umpire
wadaramus: Go Australia.
Breezey: Umpiring of a poor standard thus far.
MONEY TALK: Bont has a habit of finishing strong
PLACEBOPIE: bont caught again
MONEY TALK: that what i like buddy
Ash777: feels like it’s the wait til dogs have the ball to call holding game
9inch: My main opp has Heeny and Buddy. Not looking good for me this week
PLACEBOPIE: reid over bont 😀
Yelse: ok kennedy and newman liftttttt now stop playing around
Lestat: Go Sharks
casey22: Swans should be 8/3 not 3/8
DragonLass: seriously how is Bont on 32 SC points with a 33DE, 4 clangers and 3 FAs?
Ladbrokes_: 28 disposal efficiency! Pull your head in Bont
Erich1036: @DragonLass FAs are counted as clangers, stop making it seem much worse than it is
myteamsuks: How the hell was jong meant to show genuine attempt flutter like a fish
Breezey: Umpire boo boo boo. That would be me if I was at the game
Lestat: @Dragonlass he has 5 tackles and 5 CP.
dipstick: bont has turned into a flog. not a team player
cold pies: Everyone baggin bong.. haha but in last q when he pulls 70sc from his crack.. you’ll all be lapping it up
LMartos: stop taking points away from Heeney you dogs :'(
casey22: Caleb playing on Kennedy? Hilarious
dipstick: OK to my tablet so off to the sister site. seeya
cold pies: Bong.. maybe bont.. sorry guys
wadaramus: I fucken hope so cold pies!!
9inch: Macrae is a set and forget in the fwd line so consistent
MONEY TALK: finally another kick from Luke.D
Breezey: I’m not involved in the Bont game chat
Lestat: @LM take them from Heeney and give them to Lloyd
Raspel31: Yep-one of the few consistent 9inch.
MONEY TALK: cmon buddy
MONEY TALK: yes buddy!
SilverLion: Cape for Macrae, huge quarter.
cold pies: Newman.. will make break even.. not happy.. although I did get Adams from him
cold pies: Don’t normally do this.. but I’m putting a hex on new,mans left ham
MONEY TALK: any1 going Brazil Vs Argentina tomorrow
Ladbrokes_: Bont, JPK, Dollhouse, Macrae & Franklin. Chuffed to say the least
CBeezDeez: Macrae couldn’t get a touch early in the game.
PLACEBOPIE: one one in the soccer 😀
StuL: Probably could have kept Newman at d6. The cash will make 2 premo upgrades tho.
Brenno_173: Lift James Dainton
SilverLion: Macrae 15 disposals that quarter and no cape, hah, what more can a bloke do…
Yelse: no-one at the soccer coz its in adelaide, if in melb or sydney more would attend
Apachecats: JJ is my only disaster out of 6 on the field.He’s killing me.
frenzy: The CD love shown to the Bont is amazing
circle52: Anyone else think Buddy moved off the line after the siren. To me looked like it.
9inch: Its all Clokes fault. Bad feng shui.
Raspel31: Buddy as many possies as Hannas and Parker-gone is the day you locked them in
m0nty: 44 DT for Macrae that quarter, not quite cape worthy
circle52: Agree Frenzy know it is dangerous to compare but how is he 5 more than Hanners who has a goal as well.
valkorum: circle52 buddy always does, its his natural arc
bongidongi: zones and jpk lift please
SilverLion: Ah so the cape is 50 DT? Thought it was 50 in either comp, or when they have significant influence. Cheers m0nty.
BzBman8: Bonts should be on 1
Yelse: 2-1 australia
casey22: What SC in the quarter?
MONEY TALK: Bont does something to get SC points with low efficiency and free kicks against id what it is but it works
SilverLion: Stringer is such an up and down player. Another example of why we need the Yo-Yo icon 😛
Lestat: @valkorum explain why he can do it but no one else can? Bugger his natural arc.
9inch: Think its the Bonts goatee.
circle52: CD probably have Bont in their teams and as VC
cusch1: Parker you are slowly edging towards my never again list!
valkorum: Lestat I dont agree with it, but it was a massive issue when he was at Hawthorn and it was allowed
Lestat: Bont also has 5 tackles and 5 CP to counter the bad.
wadaramus: I agree Lestat, he always goes off the line and NEVER gets called to play on!
circle52: Just seen the arc again and still reckon should be play on.
Costanza: Parker should enjoy the rain – made for it
CBeezDeez: I always thought as soon as you step off the line…
Lestat: I think we all agree it should be play on.
cusch1: JPK has had 8 CP and double the possessions yet same score at HT
MONEY TALK: last week jelwood went of after a knock and killed it can u do the same dahlhaus
wadaramus: Is Parker a mudda?
wadaramus: Play on Buddy!!
Breezey: Wee Caleb looks like a Mudda
Lestat: Parker is a big mudda.
wadaramus: Carn Newman, 90 please.
cold pies: Jpk robbed always
9inch: Shack it off Dollhousd.
9inch: *Shake
myteamsuks: Dahlhaus legs looked a bit wobbly may not come back
Costanza: his Father was
wadaramus: What about his Mudder Costanza?
Lestat: Just saw an optical illusion, Cloke and Stringer got a touch.
RooBoyStu: All the doggies supporters must be in their kennels. None to be seen.
wadaramus: What happened to him myteamsucks?
PLACEBOPIE: Melican beating newman 🙂
CBeezDeez: Share that stuff @LeStat!
MONEY TALK: copped a knee tot he head @wadaramus
Brenno_173: come on dahlhaus, get back on
Lestat: Accidental Kennedy knee to the head Wada
Lestat: Newman 69%
pcaman2003: Franklin good 1st half,then backwards 9pts. Goose!
wadaramus: Ahh crap, toughen up dollhouse.
myteamsuks: Cut him open too.
MONEY TALK: his back on guys
cusch1: Dahl back on
LuvIt74: dogs supporter here mate, if swans kicked straight this game would have been over at half time. They look shocking
AngryRyno: Dahl is now back on the ground
myteamsuks: He’s on though
Breezey: The Boy went to school with Dahl. Maybe he knows if he’ll come back on
wadaramus: LOL Breezey!
Ash777: much better dogs
boo!: i know easton woods granny, she is old
Ladbrokes_: Dahlhaus back
AngryRyno: only heard that one a couple hundy times @Breezey
Breezey: That was my point@ Ryno. Never ending
casey22: Cloke is so soft
wadaramus: Heeney clocked off this half? Cue in the rack? My work here is done?
Breezey: Newman followers happy again.. going well now
Lestat: Looks like Heeney went home at 1/4 time
wadaramus: Nice kick JPK.
MONEY TALK: those 3500 plus people who traded out newman, the way he is going newman to Lloyd sounds like a downgrade
bongidongi: yes jpk!! now need zjones to LIFT
Brenno_173: how, if heeney had the superman cape in the second quarter so sit down
wadaramus: Can the Bont get me a suitable VC score from here?
9inch: Catch Heeney JPK
pcaman2003: Spuddy will be a duudy for rest of the game. Bullies have worked him out.
DrSeuss: Lloyd still concussed from 2 weeks ago?
Lestat: @Wada might get 90
man0005: The real duudy is the person who signed Vickery on $1mill
PLACEBOPIE: two two galf time soccer
StuL: Sometimes they take a while with concussion.i suspected he might be down
wadaramus: Definitely UN-suitable Lestat!
LuvIt74: @Dr It’s very common for players to come back after being concussed and play ordinary for a few weeks
Breezey: But that was an 11 year deal@man0055
Lestat: That is a shower call. No way that was “deliberate”
wadaramus: What once was “I amtrying really hard to keep it in” is now deliberate! Bullshit!
Yelse: how is bont the same as JPK
MONEY TALK: dalh deserves a lot of points for that play started that play
RooBoyStu: Johannisen needs an icicle, hopeless tonight
wadaramus: Well tha is a good question Yelse, anyone?
LuvIt74: this handballing the dogs are doing deep in defence is bloody frustrating and absurd.
Lestat: @ Yelse. Look at ALL the stats and you will see why.
Breezey: The umps never played and don’t have a feel for the game when it comes t what’s deliberate and what’s not
calboye: what is johannisen doing
MONEY TALK: bont having a quiet game and he still gets a good score
Lestat: Problem is Breezey some did.
MONEY TALK: yes dalh!
cusch1: Except for Leigh Fisher, who has even less of an idea than the rest Breezey
LuvIt74: carn dahlhause now do that another 8 times…lol
RooBoyStu: Bont’s 7 tackles have saved him from a shower score as only 42% eff
m0nty: might have to make a steam train icon for players who start slow then gradually gain momentum
pcaman2003: Franklin caught up to 1/2 time points. Bad qtr!
CamT: Dahlhaus going up a gear.
Breezey: Forgot about him
J_Herer: Dahlhaus for love heart, what a champ
wadaramus: Carn the BONT, earn the steam train icon baby!
LuvIt74: wtf has franklin gone.
MONEY TALK: dalh approaching fire territory
wadaramus: Love heart? Maybe courage heart!
Lestat: Surely Swans can’t lose this.
StuL: Little Raymond played juniors for Tuggers
PLACEBOPIE: game ewans
LuvIt74: lol love the steam train idea
Chelskiman: 33 points in 2 quarters from Heeney. Might struggle to a ton at this rate.
wadaramus: Come on Australia!
Yelse: zak jones disappointing quarter
Brenno_173: Lift Franky!
MONEY TALK: band aid or somthing for Adams hasn’t been on all qtr
LuvIt74: A photo of johnny cash icon, “Burning ring of fire”
circle52: Another BS Deliberate call
Lestat: And a 3rd BS call.
LuvIt74: Something else feels like a burning ring of fire after last nights vindaloo.
MONEY TALK: dalh hasnt had a ton since round 7
LMartos: how’s that gonna bounce sideways for a point 🙁
SilverLion: Umpiring tonight has been horrible
LuvIt74: @circle agree that was utter BS that bont deliberate.
Lestat: Should have gone Jack over Buddy as VC
PLACEBOPIE: heeney 106 still on track for 150
Lestat: @SilverLion every week don’t you mean?
wadaramus: What is it with the AFL umpiring decree that makes the umps make such shite decisions?
J_Herer: had to put the kids to bed, good work on the love heart, a champ of a player
PLACEBOPIE: two two soccer 12 12 storm
J_Herer: JPK, Buddy, Macrae and Dahl to carry JJ, god he looks ordinary tonight (Freo colours already on?)
Breezey: Imagine if they started paying deliberate in Soccer
SilverLion: JJ exposed without Murph and Morris I think
Lodgy: can anyone shed any light on why Bont has been the ruckman at the last 2 centre bounces?
LuvIt74: wth was that paid push in the back?
PLACEBOPIE: percentage
mardyb: rogic bullet 3-2
Yelse: 3-2 soccer australia up
CBeezDeez: Socceroos 3-2 oi Oi Oi
wadaramus: Wow, what a goal!!
cusch1: Bont in the ruck because Roughead has been moved into defence. Adams probably isnt coming back
cusch1: Wood moved forward as well
RooBoyStu: who cares about the soccer, this is an AFL site.
9inch: Is Cloke still playing or go home early?
LuvIt74: hanners winded or ribs
GOD: GOD has the C on I. Heeney tonight!
wadaramus: Rogic absolute stunner.
Lodgy: And English rucking like chop liver cusch?
CamT: Five free kicks against Bontempelli and all of them 50/50’s at best.
LuvIt74: HTF can Cloke make best 22 but Libba not…
PLACEBOPIE: bevo ruined cloke
Lestat: Well said RooBoy
Lestat: Buckley ruined Cloke and all of Collingwood.
cusch1: I actually haven’t seen English ruck a centre bounce from memory
LuvIt74: @bopie lmfao ya gotta be kidding.
MONEY TALK: papley doing well
Pokerface: i remember the days when soccer chat was bannable!
PLACEBOPIE: bulldog fans said he will thrive with bevo 😀 my ass
Roksta: Soccer is for girls
Breezey: Maybe Cloke ruined Bevo
Pokerface: so is AFL now Roksta
Roksta: Hope the dogs get stuck into hammers ribs
Snarfy: BUDDY! I don’t pay you the big bucks to lay off to some first year player. Go for home son!
GOD: Go Storm!!
LuvIt74: Well he didn’t do anything with Collingwood, dogs only got him coz roughy was out for so long & it cost dogs zero
Lodgy: @cusch he was rucking them early and has spent a bit of time there but hasn’t won many as u can see
9inch: Cloke ruined himself. Too scared of missing goals
RooBoyStu: Ying Yang Reid, massive 2nd half
PLACEBOPIE: only tsking david clokes words 😀 all good bulldog fans 😉
Roksta: The afl girls are twice as tough as soccer
casey22: Big night for all sorts of football
GOD: Yeh mint!
DrSeuss: Wow Lloyd has woken up
CBeezDeez: And with bigger balls @Roksta…
kangawalla: Mare, magnifying glass or frost icon for JJ. Been outclassed tonight
LuvIt74: comon bont ffs
wadaramus: Lift Wallis!
cusch1: Papley over Heeney as BOG? I dont think so
9inch: Dont think i ever watched a full game of soccer. Like watching paint dry.
Lestat: Lloyd turning into a 4th 1/4 specialist.
TyCarlisle: Lloyd bin surely.
LuvIt74: @9inch i prefer watching pain myself
jfitty: Bont for ghost? He’s floated in and out of the game a lot tonight
PLACEBOPIE: just another 28 heeney
Raspel31: That’s why the most popular sport in the world 9inch
MONEY TALK: cmon buddy
cusch1: Australian soccer is boring. But you cant deny that English, Italian and Spanish soccer is good to watch
lukefield9: @cusch Heeney hasn’t been overly consistent this game – great in patches but probably not BOG
9inch: Got me fucked
Breezey: Aussie rules. Will give you a hint why it can’t be the most popular sport in the world
MONEY TALK: newman 2 more for BE
AngryRyno: Lloyd has gone bananas, cheers GOAT
wadaramus: The world game is a great game, but not without it’s own flaws, just like the AFL.
LuvIt74: I believe Heeney is BOG
cusch1: Lukefield, Heeney was massive early when the game was on the line
PLACEBOPIE: storm win 😀
Lestat: @Cusch any soccer is boring. 90 mins of diving for penalties and a 0-0 score.
Lestat: Kennedy BOG
LuvIt74: @Cusch1 you could have just stated “European Soccer” mate
Raspel31: Yep Place-been channel surfing
J_Herer: poor JJ had died, definately ready to be a docker
wadaramus: Come on Bont, Newman & Wallis!
MONEY TALK: 3 more points dalh
RooBoyStu: Raise the bat Parker clap clap clap
AngryRyno: officially a cape for Jakey
casey22: Revise earlier comment: bont will be lucky to get to 100
Costanza: Bontnotsmelly after all
MONEY TALK: that sums up bonts night
Lestat: Newman only 69% TOG and still has 84 SC points.
TyCarlisle: Lloyd bin @m0nty – 62 dreamteam points this quarter…
MONEY TALK: y was there a commercial break for that behind did they expect a goal
bigpens: Lel ad break for a point
MONEY TALK: throw the red cross on adams he is gone
DrSeuss: Had the VC on Lloyd in AF – not quite enough to loophole, but a huge comeback.
Lodgy: it was such an important point they thought the umpires would wait
AngryRyno: surely you take 120?
pcaman2003: Franklin so disappointing. Only 23 pts since half time.
LuvIt74: Happy with my players scores. Heeney, Franklin, Macrae, Dahlhaus & Bont
Breezey: Good score for Grundy tonight. Is that a Blue Moon
casey22: Got mcrae looped with rocky in sc: the 123 enough?
bunyips: bont has to be a must have if he can almost score a ton with 38% DE
MONEY TALK: give dalh his ton for that kick i can’t wait
Lestat: cold pies did you trade Newman for Adams? That back-fired.
LuvIt74: Hell yes, Id take 120 VC even if Danger was playing this week.
PLACEBOPIE: how did this team win a premiership 😀
MONEY TALK: buddy, newman and dalh i’m happy with the scores
LMartos: how does Bont get butcher? only 1 clangered disposal
jfitty: JPK’s SC should be way higher than Bont’s
SilverLion: Surely Heeney or Kennedy BOG over Papley LOL
StuL: The same way Leicester won one.
wadaramus: Newman 90!
SilverLion: Wheres JJ’s Mare?
9inch: Cloke star?
bunyips: 6 clangers @LMartos
Ladbrokes_: @LMartos Also 38 disposal efficiency
frenzy: worst 92 game ever Bont pfft
calboye: hewett x factor?
oc16: dogies really need a ruckman
GOD: Buddy a Duddy tonite

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