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Chat log from R12 of 2017: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R12 of 2017

Yelse: oliver or treloar as C! tough call!
th3rio: id go oliver 😉
Lestat: I think Oliver is due for a big game
th3rio: actually don’t go oliver, starting on bench…his TOG is terrible of late
Apachecats: As far as captains go I’ve chickened out and taken Titchells 113 rather than roll the dice on Oliver or Adams
Lestat: Grundy should score well today too
Apachecats: Who was your VC @Yelse
th3rio: Kelly stitched me up last night 🙁 i thought he was gonn go large over doc
Yelse: i didn’t want to take rockys 96 so thinking treleor just because of oliver now on pine to start game.
Apachecats: If the 96 is not going to get you home you have to roll the dice but i don’t know which one ,toss a coin maybe.
cusch1: 147, Adams and Oliver, vs Pendles (C), Grundy and Hibberd. Who wins
Lestat: team with 147 lead easily cusch
The39Steps: Good news – game is on tv in london hotel room. Bad news – subscription only! FF forever.
th3rio: please somebody help me….why does somebody so influential as oliver spend so long on the bench
LMartos: Hibberd may cop defensive tag of Greenwood
cusch1: I’d back Pendlebury to score over 75 if Grundy and Hubberd can match Oliver and Adams
Lestat: because he goes so hard so often he needs more breaks to get breath back
th3rio: True that, im just biased because hes in my side lol
LMartos: It seems that any Melbourne ruckman gets superhuman powers of playing elite footy
circle52: $ for Scarenberg already m0mty
Apachecats: If pendles has a big day that will be close @cusch
cusch1: You all said I didn’t have a chance last week and I went down by 4 points
Apachecats: What time over there @39steps?
cusch1: So if you dont think i have a chance this week then i might be looking good 🙂
luke394: Pendles getting killed early with a FF and goal assist
frenzy: Sharon’s onfire early
LMartos: Why can’t Taylor Adams kick?
pcaman2003: Oliver 2 kicks and 2 marks 100%DE only 7 pts?
The39Steps: 6.37am @apachecats.
Costanza: turnovers to decide it – both error ridden
circle52: Agree Costanza – turnovers a plenty
Apachecats: Ah! Breakfast time.Kippers?
Pokerface: ‘grundy the little squirter’???
th3rio: i decided against getting sharem, of course he’s carving up
grossn: @Apachecats Is it St. Swithins day already?
Costanza: was it directed at Sidebottom @Poke?
The39Steps: No kippers. But black pudding, beans and snags looks a strong possibility.
thommoae: That Grundy foot pass to Sidey had to be about 9m at most!
Pokerface: the kick was. But i haven’t even heard a kick described like that before. Not even from BT
Yelse: that free was bull so soft
Costanza: he didn’t want to use Bruce’s ‘squeeze’ and lost it
cusch1: RIP collingwood fans. Your twitter page just compared scharenberg to Nick Maxwell
Apachecats: No @ groosen thats still 4 weeks away -july 15th .Why do you ask 2 ****?
aces-high: Missed an oliver tackle
Pokerface: did people really go crazy over ANB earlier in the year? he is horrible
The39Steps: Have 1900 SC with adams,grundy,
Apachecats: Cheers @ 39 ,love the black pudding,enjoy.
The39Steps: ….1900 with adams, treloar, grundy, n-b and h-e so hopefully best 18 will yield good score.
circle52: Another soft free
SilverLion: 3 kicks only for Oliver. What is going on there?
StuL: I’d hate to be a defender today.
Yelse: hope the umpires are sucked in with the MND day and give melb the win
Apachecats: Glad i took Titchells 113 ,my alternatives were Oliver or adams.
Lewysport: Punched arms not ball circle 52
Lestat: Clear free to McDonald. Dunn chopped the right arm.
Pokerface: as BT said, get over it. It was a free
Costanza: Frosty and Fa-so-low
Lewysport: Do teams still have kicking coaches?
Lestat: @Lewy the way the players kick it doesn’t look like it
Lewysport: It’s all about the over the shoulder handball these days lestat
Beast_Mode: lol tim watson you muppet, that was a throw.
casey22: Common site issue? Refresh data screen view changes, the pop up happens. Close pop up, adjust screen: repeat, repeat, re
th3rio: whats going on with mr consistent taylor adams
LMartos: Treloar gained 4 points this quarter from 4 disposals no clangers
Breezey: Fasolo has to play on to kick goals.
cusch1: Good to see his teammates get around Fas there
pcaman2003: As long as he kicks, doesn’t matter
frenzy: give us a lift Adams FFS
circle52: amd Howe as well has hardly moved this quarter
Lewysport: Why so much handball Melbourne, kick the €#^*n thing!
Lestat: Any chance of Lewis doing something?
pcaman2003: meant to read “kicks goals”
StuL: Lift Dees. Getting ugly.
Breezey: Nugter looks like Fluxy these days
pcaman2003: question! How would Oliver have a clanger going at 100% and no FA? Answer please.
TheBoy89: Thank god i put c on Sidebottom
Ladbrokes_: Flower off Sidebottom. Of course my opponents’ spud picks have to have superb games against me.
Erich1036: @pcaman2003 no pressure errors and dropped marks are included in clangers
LMartos: Taylor you suck at kicking so bad man pls stop
BeastMode: lol ladbrokes… sidebottom spudpick? get good
Lestat: @Ladbrokes maybe your team are the spuds if you’re losing
pcaman2003: @Erich1036 Thanks.
cold pies: Ladbrokes.. your the only potato
Ladbrokes_: Well you know what I mean. Averaging 90 and looks set for 150+
Costanza: Ladbroken
Lewysport: Lewis giving his own version of the big freeze.
Hinchy: What is up with Josh Smith? He has been killing it as of late
circle52: Gee umps this w/e pulling out soft 50s
Lestat: Last 3 weeks Sidebottom scored 100, 109, 109.
TheBoy89: Maynard has been outstanding today
LMartos: sidebottom averages 27 touches a game, when he’s effective he’s high scoring
cold pies: @ the boy… yes has been in beast mode all game!
m0nty: Tom McDonald as a forward… yeah nah
feralmong: surely crocker’s nick is Barry.
TheBoy89: I’ve watched Collingwood play twice and I’m them two games Adams was woeful this one and against Essendon
Lewysport: Oliver might creep to 50 by half time?
Lestat: agreed m0nty. He has no idea up fwd
Ladbrokes_: Still just 5 tons over the season, with his highest being 117. Certainly wouldn’t favour him to pull a 160+
cold pies: Havent seen shazza for a while!!
Costanza: the lost art of marking in the hands out front.
m0nty: even if you have NFI you can still chase
pcaman2003: @lewysport. Come along nicely this qtr.
Brian: Oh boy wowee, Jeremy Howe!
Hinchy: @m0nty how do I get a team flair?
Pokerface: what is nfi?
Lestat: @ Costanza not enough sticky orange juice on the hands
Breezey: Howe did he do that
Costanza: Howe high can he go?
Hinchy: NVM, figured it out
Costanza: no fricking idea @poke
Thedude24: Howe???!!!! Will he ever come down??
aces-high: Oliver going down wtf
Lestat: no flowering idea @pokerface
Lestat: Aish having a blue moon game so far.
Pokerface: please lestat. there is a swear filter.
Donz: Perhaps its time for the wall for Hannan?
Lestat: What are you on about Pokerface?
Pokerface: your language lestat.
Lestat: Where did I swear???? You asked what NFI is so I answer subbing swear word with flowering.
Lestat: You might want to re read what was actually typed before accusing someone mate.
Pokerface: the filter subbed it. i know how the filter works.
Costanza: cmon boys let’s all share a half time orange
Erich1036: Lestat answered your question pokerface? Lmao
Ladbrokes_: He’s quite obviously taking the p*ss lestat. Take a step back and have a breather buddy
Lestat: I typed flowering not F**king
frenzy: Frost should have a perma icicle
casty46: nyorn
Pokerface: language ladbrokes.
feralmong: lestat wasn’t the only responder and cops it all.
NewFreoFan: Fucking hell boys don’t let a word hurt ya
Lestat: m0nty can see what is typed and can prove I did NOT swear.
Pokerface: it wasnt a real question, ladbrokes is right. sorry all.
Lewysport: As bill would say, Got him yes!
Pokerface: i thought it was obvious playing. oh well
Lestat: If it wasn’t a real question, why ask it ????
Donz: Adams almost got a touch!
casty46: go pies
Pokerface: i thought it ironic theres a swear filter and m0nty used the term nfi
Lewysport: Now for oli to ton up, and Adams to get a kick or 20.
Lestat: Why would a swear filter pick up nfi?
Apachecats: Is this the right room for an argument?
Donz: See what you’ve done m0nty? got them all riled up!
Lestat: The chat is more entertaining than the shower game on tv
SydneyRox: any chance you can get a move on Lewis!!??
m0nty: hey this is not a bad game really, back on it please
cusch1: Lift captain Dependlebury
Pokerface: its a bit better than the first half.
Chucky2010: Any danger that Adams starts hitting his targets and racks up some points?
Lewysport: Women’s footy is less congested m0nty!
Lestat: If Lewis gets involved more the Dees are a chance.
Pokerface: and they hit more targets lewy
Costanza: hoping De Goey trys a “squirter”
Yelse: treloar please lift need 110
Pokerface: lol costanza
Lewysport: Lol, poker face
The39Steps: Appropriate a lot of Demons players are downhill skiers in big games.
Lewysport: And that’s where their supporters are doin at the mo,the39steps
TheBoy89: Scharenberg fuck you
mardyb: do SC still count h/o to advantage? cos Grundy should be way more
JRedden: treloar ???
pcaman2003: Look out Pies. Going cold?
LuvIt74: Pendles not doing much
Kahunas: be good 2 see hogan back out there, but nut skin takes a fair while 2 heal
Lestat: Witches hats for all pies?
TheBoy89: Garlett’s been great for dees
LMartos: thought Bugg missed that for a second
Lewysport: Do it for Daniher dees!
TheBoy89: Pendles lift mate
cold pies: No cold pies today pcaman!!! Do not jinx
LMartos: someone tell Treloar to stop kicking off the ground, hasn’t worked for him once today
Donz: Melbourne back in it and Lewis is still unsighted
DrSeuss: Adams, Treloar and Oliver – LIFT
TheBoy89: Petracca been massive this quarter
pcaman2003: @coldpies. Time will tell/ Not good at moment.
Apachecats: Pendles has stopped to a walk.
cold pies: Time will tell
mardyb: pendles gets a point per step so walking is good
pcaman2003: Has Adams gone to the showers?
cold pies: My opp has pendles as cap.. i went merrett.. kinda like pendles backing off a bit lol hahaha bloody supercoach
LMartos: Scharenberg ffs man, so dumb, r50 = sc points, don’t go short and clanger
Costanza: time for someone else to step up instead of Pendles
Apachecats: Agree with that Mardy ,Petracca keeping melbourne in this single handedly and hardly gertting anything from the SC gurus
LuvIt74: carn Shaz lift ya expensive flog
The39Steps: Brown not getting much ground time – got a few pts. Does he look ok?
aces-high: Missed two Oliver handballs
Lestat: Maynard’s disposal been terrible this qtr
The Hawker: Hello WHE? you still there mate?
LuvIt74: Cold Pies, Cold Pies, Cold Pies – For Sale – Only 20 cents each!!!
TheBoy89: Oliver’s also been massive this quarter
Ladbrokes_: Oliver doing some heavy lifting, great quarter for him
Lewysport: Not fas’s party pies for sale are they?
pcaman2003: The Collie legs are wobbling a bit.
Apachecats: Adams has had 3 quarters off so should fire up in the last.
pcaman2003: Go Ollie. C’mon Pendles
cusch1: Come on Hibberd catch up to Oliver
cold pies: Bloody hell..
Ladbrokes_: Wish Adams would follow suit @TheBoy89
LuvIt74: Adams will drop in price loving it
King_Robbo: Whoever doesn’t have Adams is too far behind to worry about
cold pies: Eff it ill take 2.. use to the taste
Lestat: Adams almost doubled is SC score that qtr
TheBoy89: Pendles needs to lift as well
Pokerface: missed all the points so far to save 20k luvit?
Donz: You are right about that Robbo.. Dont know how he could have been left out by anyone at the start of the year
SilverLion: Expecting tons from here to Oliver, Grundy and Treloar. Adams dissapointing, but everyone has him.
pcaman2003: Adams needs a whip on his tush
TheBoy89: If u don’t have doc, laird and Adams in your defence your retarded
Donz: Anyone can have an off game
King_Robbo: SCers who have no idea what their doing? Unsure
Pokerface: apparently they don’t SL
cold pies: @ the boy… did you listen to jocks podcast this week? How can you pimp Laird??????
LuvIt74: @Poker I neder spend big in defence m8, started with Laird & Shaw rest were rookies doing quite well
Breezey: Well well don’t have Laird and I think I’m pretty normal
pcaman2003: @Theboy89. Call me spaz. Laird comes in this week.
LuvIt74: Neder = never
Ladbrokes_: If you have Lloyd or Roberton it really wouldn’t be that devastating to not have Laird
Pokerface: so the 20k you saved on adams you can use to compensate the 100k you lost on shaw?
LMartos: how good was Scharenberg’s backhander there, saved a goal, better get points for that
TheBoy89: This is my defence laird, doc, Adams, hibberd, Lloyd and shaz looking for rob
luke394: I hate that Pendles kick out then is counted as a clanger its pure luck
cold pies: Love my team.. but would be nice to dees get up for Neil. Bloody warrior he is!! Putting the finger up to his disease!
LMartos: I have Doch, Laird, Adams, Hibberd and Shaw, with Lloyd joining soon
9inch: Have Adams Doc hitbberd shaw Roberton. Laird after bye.
LuvIt74: If u r spending big in DEF on players like Docherty, Simpson, Adams, Laird & Shaw from the start its effects the mids
Pokerface: docherty and adams score as well as mids do
pcaman2003: AMEN @cold pies.
m0nty: SMith heading for a mare icon, he has been putrid today
TheBoy89: My worst trade so far is Higgins or Lloyd (got him that week he got 4)
LuvIt74: @Poker u cant have them all m8, I NEVER spend big in defence understand? I brought in Docherty later
Donz: doch is a lock for top 10 overall for the year… for a defender more value in that then almost any mid
circle52: @theboy I do not have Adams atm. he is coming in and will enjoy the price drop to get him in. My “prem: def Doc, Laird,
TheBoy89: People were waiting for doc to get under 500k lol he’s 600k now
circle52: Howe and Rance
Pokerface: luvit you just said you spent on shaw who was even dearer than adams?
cusch1: People were waiting for Shaw to drop to 500 and he is 400k now lol
TheBoy89: Pendles you cunt ton up your my captain
Donz: You could probably add the mare icon to Adams also… He is having a shocker!
Lestat: Doc, Laird, Adams and Lloyd are my premo’s
poolboybob: Let’s go WHE, last quarter in everybody’s side
LuvIt74: @Poker yeah so what, Shaw over the last decade has been the most consistent defender, this year he’s crap.
TheBoy89: Since most vc’s have been disappointing
cold pies: Mwahahaha stay down pendles!!! But go huge next week!! Hehe
LuvIt74: @poker what have all your “premos” from day dot lived up to it?
Lestat: @cold pies Pendles will get zero next week guaranteed
Pokerface: so you did spend big on defenders. just not the good ones. you are full of it sometimes luvit
TheBoy89: Big time goal for hannan good stuff bud!
Donz: HANNAN!! hopefully he gets scaled up a bit for that clutch effort
cold pies: Hahahahaha oops!!!! Haha
luke394: I think Pendles is past his prime
Stuart88: This is why the pies are no good leaders don’t step up great work penddles
mickelo: Wish Adams had a point for everytime he’s fallen over around the contest.
LuvIt74: @Poker u are a inept fool – I brought in Shaw & Laird in defence the rest rookies & ur saying thats spending big in defe
TheBoy89: Hannan is doing a 4th quarter effort again
LMartos: Collingwood choking hard
Donz: On ya Mitchy! nail this one too!
Ladbrokes_: Lift Hibberd
LuvIt74: Defence?
cold pies: Luke your bloody mental
pcaman2003: Pendles and Ollie,stop going backwards pretty please.
Pokerface: *an
Donz: @mickelo he would have tonned up for sure!
LuvIt74: @Poker you having a ordinary round or a crap weekend mate? you seem quite upset. lol
Pokerface: hannan x factor
Costanza: couple of +6’s and Pendles back over 110 easy
Roksta: Keep going treloar. 1st nationally coachkings
Pokerface: not upset at all luvit.
LMartos: straight through the eye diddle diddle
cusch1: Straight through the eye diddle diddle says BT
Donz: Hibberd has gone missing! Pretty disappointing since he started so well!
LuvIt74: I’m presuming a ton will have Pendles as Captain
luke394: he used to dominate the big games @coldpies he’s still a good player but his bets is behind him
Lestat: Sidebottom gone backwards since 1/2 time
Stuart88: Penddles won’t get anywhere near 110 I wish he would
Ladbrokes_: Adams limping off. Gah
LuvIt74: Poker you sure come across as though you are. Very defensive today m8.
The Hawker: where is hibberd??
luke394: dropping the ball not called against Treloar then was the same as Hannans!
Crowls: adams, pendles, hibberb and not a ton between them, sucks
anthsill03: Come on grundy treloar and pendles for 120+
Pokerface: no not at all luvit. it just seems contradictory your theories on adams and shaw. i call out contradictions.
Breezey: HTB my ass
LuvIt74: Thats a boy Adams stay out son – Delicious
cusch1: Petracca x factor
poolboybob: Hibberd taking the last quarter off
Raspel31: Well, Grundy-thank god at least for you.
cold pies: I retract all statements now… come on pies!!!!! Rolll these pussies!!!!!
Lestat: He got a boot to it Luke
Pokerface: don’t break that desk Bucks
LMartos: Petracca will be a certified big game player
Costanza: Deelightful
Stuart88: I agree petracca bid X
LMartos: Hibberd has hardly spent any time on the ground the quarter, joke
LuvIt74: @Poker how can u class it as a contradiction, its not up to me that Shaw has been ordinary.
Lestat: Grundy for star
TheBoy89: I bid Phillips
Costanza: up a notch
GOD: GOD has the C on N. Jones this afternoon!
dtownsend: what has happened to hibbo? did he die at half time?
Roksta: C’mon treloarshow me the coachkings money
cold pies: Holding the ball!!!!!!!! Hunt pulled it towards his nut sack!!!!!!! Da faqqqqq
LuvIt74: Yes card the Dee’s
GOD: It’s oooooovvvveeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!
LuvIt74: Fat lady is singing
Lewysport: Who thought such an ordinary game could be so exciting!
pcaman2003: One minutes silence for the dead Pies please!
Costanza: onya Neale Daniher
Raspel31: God can die and go to the Netherlands as far as most of us are concerned.
LMartos: was a push on Adams wtf
Breezey: Umps getting the Dees home here
Stuart88: Gee the umps really don’t want to pay frees forward of centre for the pies
BeastMode: Fuck this shit
feralmong: feel sorry for all those seasonal snow workers no customers yet
anthsill03: Salty
LMartos: Fasolo what are you doing mate lol
Donz: @LuvIt Adams wont lose as much money as you would have hoped
Costanza: 1 more bye week – thanks fork
LuvIt74: Awesome game
pcaman2003: Anyone for a cold pie?
cold pies: Na thats bull shit.. umps decide another game… great
Beast_Mode: why are the ferals booing? lol
GOD: Good umpiring today, GOD is pleased!
Lestat: Need a tissue BeastMode?
The Hawker: 5 point quarter hibberd haha
luke394: WTF did Mitch Hannan get scaled down so much?
Roksta: 3rd nationally
feralmong: i was cheering? beast.
luke394: Brad Sewell is the most awkward boundary rider ever
Stuart88: Penddles hulk not sure about that he was well held had no impact
LuvIt74: Brilliant game
Donz: its BS Luke
LuvIt74: if pendles kicked the goal they win.
bunyips: Geez gundy must have had sone clangers for that SC score!
Yelse: great choice between treloar and oliver 107 each lol
Donz: Go Deezzz!!! Love seeing collingwood lose regardless
mr gor: Fkn lol @ whoever does the icons. How the fk do you put the X on McDonald he did shit all.
LuvIt74: What will happen with Pederson now that Gawns back. Poor bugger
Lestat: We all love seeing Pies lose.

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