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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R10 of 2017

boo!: ton up greenwood
LMartos: very wet in Adelaide
LMartos: and that is an understatement
9inch: Pissing down
Ben_Gogos: Absolutely bucketing
boo!: close the roof….
Breezey: Haven’t seen rain like this at the footy for a while
JRedden: eddie betts on -9 never seen that
Yelse: fyfe so disappointing this year
JRedden: fuck you fyfe 2 FA already
LMartos: Fyfe 4 clangers in 12 minutes
DrSeuss: Fyfe, Neale and Greenwood – this weekend has been shite so far
boo!: fyfe to blakely too sideways?
CBeezDeez: Geez Fyfe Y didn’t I trade U out wen I wanted 2?
CBeezDeez: That’s rite… Every1 says U don’t trade out premo’s. Well ur NOT premo now!
DrSeuss: Fyfe – 3 FAs – even the umps hate him now
dipstick: fyfe is a log with a capital F
tbrowne: hows greenwood on 23
boo!: oh yeah woodgreen
AngryRyno: CD getting all hyped over Hugh
TheOnyas: have a crack fyfey
Lodgy: a golF?
TheOnyas: Onya crouchys
CBeezDeez: C’mon Lairdy! Wotcha doin!?
poolboybob: Dockers looks pathetic
LMartos: Fyfe’s clangers are so harsh, clanger for dropped mark in these conditions are ridiculous
LMartos: and fumbles
boo!: ton up hughwood green
LMartos: record clangers in one game is 13, Fyfe has 7 at QT
AngryRyno: imagine Fyfe’s score without Clangers…
pcaman2003: How is Betts on that score with horrid stats?
AngryRyno: it’s indigenous round
Manowar: Laird dead?
AngryRyno: Laird unrequired, always up the other end
The Hawker: Keep it up Mcrouch 🙂 that 2% selections
LuvIt74: Greenwood welcome to my team next week son.
DrSeuss: Laird, Fyfe, Neale and Greenwood – will be lucky to score 1700 this week FFS
djohns: no flags for griffin and hamling? show some respect
DrSeuss: And of course this is the week that Otten is on my bench
Yelse: nooooo i got otten on the bench
alias: Griffin has indigenous grandparent.
9inch: At least Strnadica is on line for 160
Crowls: be happy if otten scores same as stewart.
Beast_Mode: lol i loopholed stewarts 91sc for otten fml
Crowls: where is fyfe playing? this is bs
Beast_Mode: what is the record for clangers in a game?
Crowls: drs greenwood going fine. go look at tigers bombers I have nank and mcgrath.
Preston007: Too early for the witches hats?
bongidongi: opp has fyfe, otten, laird and greenwood + nank and caddy from the dreamtime game – pretty happy rn
bongidongi: opp has fyfe, otten, laird and greenwood + nank and caddy from the dreamtime game – pretty happy rn]
daniel87: considering giveing fyfe the boot from my team very ordinary this year
pcaman2003: Greenwood needs more game time.Only 59%
poolboybob: Looks like I picked the right week to bring in Sloane
Sloaneyyyy: Trading Fyfe after this week. He’s definitely not right at the moment
9inch: Went Dusty over Sloane this week
Costanza: Adelide crowd as quiet as ever
Ladbrokes_: We get it Greenwood, you can stop scoring now
Crowls: fyfe 10 clangers ffs.
pcaman2003: @Ladbrokes. He’d do better if they stopped benching him so much
9inch: Good thing is I didn’t trade Otten to Laird
Manowar: I have the C on R. Slone tonight!
DrSeuss: Neale 66% TOG and Greenwood 58% – not what is needed by my AF
Texwalker: Another 72 to 13 half of footy will do nicely adelaide
poolboybob: 30 scoring shots to 3, hahahaha
dipstick: anyone have a name for mccarthy other than did? fucken useless
dipstick: *dud
poolboybob: Give Fyfe a down arrow
man0005: I call him dipstick
Yelse: why they leaving greenwood on bench for so long… this is time to get mins into him
nick2397: Fyfe maybe playing for Peel Thunder next week?
dipstick: @drsuess are you using their DE for TOG?
circle52: Good Slaoney slowing down helps me against 1 opponent who has you as C
oc16: geez whats with all the fyfe hate? mundy is the one with 4 touches
kano: How the fuck wasnt that htb against mackay just before ???
runt: The way the Crows are toying with the dockers is obscene
dipstick: I would take dusdty over Sloane from here.
runt: On this day 50 years ago the Crows and Dockers didn’t exsist
Manowar: Fyfe has checked out of Freo
Breezey: Love ya work M.Crouch
m0nty: glad I am not doing this game!
runt: Maretime for Dockers
luke394: 80 from Greenwood would be nice
Ben_Gogos: Desperately boring.
m0nty: keep going Ben we believe in you!
poolboybob: My opponent still has Otten, FML
runt: This game still isn’t over Ross and his clever ways can never be under-estimated
dipstick: @poolboy why would anyone get rid of often?
runt: Ross handing out litmus paper at 3qtr huddle. Will they pass?
Hoot: Thanks Otten
Ben_Gogos: @runt false sense of security tactic?
CBeezDeez: Laird 1/2 his CD forecast score. Good experts aren’t they!
LuvIt74: @Dipstick its easy to say that now, I almost did but had Sandiballs & Hampton to address.If they wern’t out Ottens would
Yelse: 20 more greenwood to make otten hurt less
wadaramus: Thanks Andy 🙂
LuvIt74: Sloane lovely, will make his B/E also
AngryRyno: CD don’t do those projections
preki1: played otto over marchbank 🙂
luke394: Neale going well
jaxx: is the live blog an essential part of ff? all here for the numbers
willywalks: i have missed every 70+ score from otten this year with him on my bench, flowering hell, playing lloyd down back….
Costanza: Hill top hood
Viscount: otten and stewart on the bench….
LuvIt74: @Willy Ouch what Lloyd score 9? I’ll be grabbing him post byes after he plummets in price
wadaramus: Suffa or Pressure?
frenzy: Fyfe 13 muppets would be a record yeah
Costanza: still standing – just
runt: 13 frogs for fyfe? He has been cloned! Cheap Fyfes for every club next year?
LMartos: @frenzy equal record
willywalks: a ground breaking 2 in af
jaxx: 60 is 7th best score for freo, 19th best for adel
Costanza: Freo still in 8 and two games off top lol
CBeezDeez: IS that 3 defenders without a tackle for Adelaide?
Snarfy: Gee the tags worked well on Sloane. Good tactic Ross!!
daniel87: fyfe no longer premium ??
Costanza: 3rd 150+ for Sloane – wow
runt: The End
willywalks: pumpkin for walters

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