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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Collingwood vs Brisbane

Chat log for Collingwood vs Brisbane, R10 of 2017

frenzy: arvo chaps
colin wood: Adams, WHE, AT7, Stef and Berry. Come on boys bring me home!
Viscount: Hello frenzy, it’s strange but true that one of these teams will get the 4 points
m0nty: would have liked to see a debut or two from Collingwood
JockMcPie: Cmon pies, % booster please
GJayBee: Brissy have a good record against the mighty pies, but surely not today, please god, there is a multi at stake
JackRipper: I can see Archie killing Stef’s points just like West did last year. Would not surprise me to see a 65 from Martin today
GJayBee: me to mOnty, the berg would have been nice
GJayBee: arvo frenzy
circle52: Hope not Jack – Archie has been used mainly as a forward in Neafl over last couple of weeks.
Breezey: Get the cape ready for Adams
shaker: Adams maybe Zorko
boo!: get the cape ready for zorko
GJayBee: wow, the berg is out there cool
CamT: Put Scharenberg in my SC team this week :O
frenzy: WHEre arth now
JockMcPie: Cherry picker Jamie…
boo!: lift beams
LMartos: Jamie you selfish bastard
luke394: cmon Barrett
JackRipper: @circle52… Hope your right mate re Stef. he was a nightmare for my SC team last year. Plus the May bump didnt help too
JockMcPie: Just give Zorko the Atlas now
luke394: pretty happy i traded treloar when he was out 3 weeks ago :/ after he burnt me all year
shaker: Berry the worst tagger in AFL ?
boo!: where is beams
Yelse: grundy beams and WHE need to seriously lift
LMartos: Hipwood kicks a Buddy like goal
JButcher: Is it wet conditions or is WHE just being a spud
JackRipper: Good call Butcher. I was thinking exactly the same thing about the reptile lol
frenzy: potato
Viscount: Berry, your doing a terrible job so let Treloar go free and chase cheap stats for me
m0nty: geez Moore is giving a great impression of a crab
LMartos: don’t think it’s too wet yet
Stu7: Come on Taylor!
LMartos: Ray Chamberlin is a flog
Stu7: WHE is on the board!
Yelse: treloar needs to stay on ground more. same with adams
circle52: Can the boys keep this up for 4 qtrs this is the question.
iZander: na berry isnt tagging trelour @ shaker
LMartos: Zorko is a beast
Arch: umps feeling sorry for lions…joke
jayrox: Sidebum SC is so so wrong. How can 13 possies be worth only 18. I get the effiencicy thing but the gap is too big.
jayrox: Archie smith 3 disposals and f all impact is worth more than side bums 13. SC scores this year are a joke.
luke394: cos hes had 3 frees against @jayrox and 4 clangers
BOMBRBLITZ: Sidebum has turned it over so many times
Arch: jayrox side has burnt it all year
Erich1036: @jayrox 0 contested possessions at 46% is never going to score well. 3 FA too. Absolutely justified.
LMartos: frees against count as clangers
m0nty: much better Moore, that’s the sort of work Bux wants
luke394: i think @Jayrox gets the picture lol
boo!: nice work beams
LMartos: wet weather coming in now
Breezey: Kermit there for Rich possibly
Ladbrokes_: Stef’s making me nervous, opp has Grundy and our scores are close
circle52: So whewre was the HTB on Blair there
JButcher: WHE will be lucky to make 50 from here
JackRipper: @Ladbrokes.. I predicted 65 for Stef at start of game due to Archie factor.. On track atm
LMartos: It’s all about Razor Ray isn’t it
frenzy: Razor in full swing
circle52: Yep Maros
Arch: piss off umps cheats
Arch: dunstall u pig put money on lions
Sloaneyyyy: wtf iss Stef Martin doing… hasn’t touched it this Q
Smurfman: Damn Smith taking all Martins points
frenzy: lovin Archies effect on Martin, keep this up bud
Yelse: WHE get a move on pleaseee
Stu7: I believe Martin has a roid!!
GJayBee: I am calling out to Huge, giving him leather magnatism
LMartos: don’t understand why Brisbane play 2 rucks, always ruins Stef
Hinchy: There season is over, why wouldn’t they get games into the young kid?
Breezey: Pendles racking em up now
Arch: fuck u dunstall. sick of commentators barracking through their pocket
colin wood: Agree Arch, he hates us with a passion
LMartos: get over it @arch, no one wants to watch a blowout as a neutral
Sloaneyyyy: Pendles is like 30, why is he still so good, someone drug test plz
luke394: a 75-80 from Barrett again would be lovely kick his price up heaps
Arch: always has colin wood. can’t stand him
GJayBee: two ruck’s in the wet, thank you bears
9inch: WHE needs to get to 60 so cash lose won’t be too much.
9inch: Swear I seen Pendles tackle 6 times in that qtr alone. Missed a few?
circle52: Comparing the Stats for Stef and Archie Stef getting robbed
circle52: Naybe CD want to make the Smith influence correct
luke394: Stef had 3 clangers @circle 52
circle52: Yep taking them into account as well
luke394: so thats why their scores are about the same
circle52: Reckon Stef has 4 H/o to ad compared Archies 1
JRedden: lift grundy ffs
9inch: Opponent has Howe, good week to do nothing.
Breezey: Mathieson is one of the better mother duckers in the league
luke394: cmon adams and pendles need 130
Breezey: These yellow maggots are kidding
banta: wtf why has adams barely been on the ground. Bucks is the crappest coach in the league. will be sacked soon.
luke394: hes been on heaps @banta
luke394: Brisbane should trade Rich while he still has some value and get draft picks hes so over rated
Ladbrokes_: Seriously stef this is beyond a joke. -1 since half time
Yelse: pies geez goal kicking wtf
LMartos: Record 1%’s is 21, Goldsack has 17 currently
luke394: love you Barrett
JockMcPie: Should be 10 goals up…smh boys
Torz: Barrett about the only booking doing me proud this week.
Torz: bloke*
Crowls: fng archie smith. like kryptonite for stef
Beast_Mode: damn i have otten and barratt on the bench smh
luke394: Adams 5 FA killing hos score
LMartos: Adam better not of thrown a punch on Beams, can’t deal with that
luke394: Adams 12 that quarter he does it every week stops him getting the big 140’s
Breezey: The Sack is going great guns in SC
Breezey: I take a deep breath when Fasolo lines up for goal. A bit like when Cloke was with us.
JockMcPie: @breezey i had no hope
whafc: ffs Shuey out
circle52: Scully too
banta: do something adams ffs!!
Raspel31: my wordsds zigackly banta
luke394: happy i traded WHE this week
CamT: Goldsack looks like raising the bat with 3 kicks next to his name.
luke394: Adams shocking 2nd half
Apachecats: Don know what you want from Adams.Any one els had 0 posessions?TOG 73% is the only problem
runt: Berry nice
DragonLass: it doesn’t really matter what Adams gets as most people have him…
banta: 100 from adams and im content. the least expected when playing a hack team like brisbane
Apachecats: *30 possesions
BOMBRBLITZ: on ya Sidey!
Stu7: its the 5 frees against thats killed adams
runt: Hey Banta stick your hack team up your arse
luke394: cmon Adams big last 7 mins
m0nty: Seven minutes of junk time. Go!
runt: Lions are struggling but gees Pies are shit
fonzie: gun for pends
PLACEBOPIE: moore a crab monty me think not 😛
luke394: most people isnt my opponent @Dragonlass
DrSeuss: So is Martin sucking hard because of Archie or just a crap game?
Ladbrokes_: Grundy hasn’t tonned up for 5 weeks, course the week I come up against him he smashes it…
runt: Buckley cant coach but at least he was a good kick. Transition him into a full-time kicking coach role.
Breezey: Don’t ya mean the Pies are struggling and the Lions are shower @Runt
PLACEBOPIE: brisbane should merge for a 5th time
toddyelton: atlas for the 2 daynes
m0nty: can’t have two atlases!
runt: Pies already merged with a gimp and ass.
banta: lol fu adams hackl
BOMBRBLITZ: Adams nice junk goal
toddyelton: they deserve it
Apachecats: Bad luck if you went Sandi to Smartin
runt: Lions keeping some in reserve for the bye.
runt: If we had played a good team we would have been thumped
Costanza: you were thumped
Breezey: Supporters of the Lions bagging other teams. That’ll do me. Brains in their rectum
runt: Not thumped. Soundly beaten.
runt: yeh we should be quiet because we hold up the competition on our shoulders?
Pokerface: *thumped
Beast_Mode: you got smacked
m0nty: onya runt, you keep punching son

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