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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Carlton vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2017

m0nty: come on Caleb, don’t suck today
fonzie: i swapped him to the bench for mcgrah
luke394: cmon Goldy
Hawks_13: i think J. Waite is due for another big day in sc
carlton_99: 7 players on top of him but yeh holding the ball.
Pokerface: how does kruezer have 10 HO to goldy’s 1!
banta: do something ed curnow you ugly unsullied looking creep
Pokerface: you didn’t say please m0nty 🙁
Stuart88: How’s that’s taking the legs didn’t slide in and got the balls 1st
carlton_99: 10-2 frees
the worm: it doesnt matter if u get the ball first
carlton_99: @the worm, iof u have the ball on thre ground and then someone trips over u thats not sliding.
carlton_99: So you are wrong
CamT: Marchbank out Scharenberg in. working atm
TheLegend6: marchy having one of those days
the worm: its nothing to do with sliding either, its about “taking out the legs”
carlton_99: If you are on the ground with the ball and someone trips over you that is not sliding or “taking out the legs”
the worm: who said it was?
carlton_99: The umpire gave a free against
carlton_99: So the umpire said it.
Pokerface: anyone else bench otten in the rain for VW… :/
9inch: McCreadie really playing for his spot.
PLACEBOPIE: This looks like a thumping like the last game
Raspel31: Don’t think Carlton will win by that much Place
Breezey: Apparently soundly beaten only. @PLACEBOPIE
colin wood: come on marchy give me a 70 please
the worm: so the umpire was wrong and not me. Thanks for clearing that up
PLACEBOPIE: yes breezy over 35 shots at goal 😀
ronl: Strut your stuff, Missy!
Apachecats: Keep it up Marchbank and you’ll get me home in a few shaky leagues.
AT_123: Need a big lift from you Murphy, Docherty and Marchbank!
luke394: cmon Doch get going
PLACEBOPIE: keep macgrath or marchbank me think bye bye marchbank
pcaman2003: Try tapping to advantage Kreuzer.
StuL: Why anyone have not ditched Marchbank!? Other priorities I know but he was a high one.
TheLegend6: Ditched Otten first…. what a mistake.
Beast_Mode: pathetic effort, zero ticker being shown by the blueboys
PLACEBOPIE: other priorities and in top 2% so im doing something right :
Apachecats: definitely @placebop ,McGrath keeps getting better each week.MB has peaked by the looks
AT_123: Marchbank is ouuta here I reckon. Unless he can pull a 70 from here
feralmong: That feeling when you have Marchbank on and Otten Stewart benched
PLACEBOPIE: marchbank went up again 6k he’s on the bubble of him being maxed out.why would you trade him earlier?
pcaman2003: Goldy picking up cheap points for nothing. Most tapouts not to advantage.A joke?
luke394: hes had a few to advantage @pcaman2003
banta: goldy not a kick or mark, wierd
Erich1036: @PLACEBOPIE Marchbank has a BE of just under 100, of course you’re going to trade him out this week if you can
StuL: Marchbanks BE is 90+ this week. Not early
LuvIt74: I’m glad I had the (E) on stewart but decided to continue with Marchbank until the bye & not looking good
pcaman2003: Not enough to justify his score. Been watching him closely.
jxxxxk: I ditched Marchbank and Otten for Harbrow and Newman
PLACEBOPIE: so my question is march or mmcgrath and macrgrath will be my 6th defender when i upgrade to roberton 😉
banta: mcdonald pod, go go
CamT: I ditched Marchbank for Scharenberg and Parfitt for Pendlebury
jxxxxk: Come on Dochers lift brother!!
PLACEBOPIE: yeah i did hampton to shaz 😉 good move not many def players to downgrade too after him
WizMan: I ditched Marchbank for Schapelle Corby but she’s gone missing too
CamT: Thant’s right PLACEBOPIE and I needed 18 players for the R11 Bye
PLACEBOPIE: lol wizman camt 😉
Pokerface: well he obviously did do enough to justify his score pcaman. otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten the score.
pcaman2003: @pokerface. So you’re telling me they can’t possibly make a mistake? Really?
PLACEBOPIE: marchbank should get some for that
Pokerface: @cam you held parfitt for a while?
TheLegend6: Marchy liftting!
MontyJnr: Lol as if people still have Marchy. He was an obvious trade out with the high BE
Pokerface: @pcaman we have the usual set of complainers every game who think know better than CD do. But i’m sure you actually do
CamT: Yes, Pokerface and I still have Pickett.
Pokerface: @cam ouch!
LuvIt74: @placebopie Hampton to Shaz? Who’s Shaz, from collingwood?
LuvIt74: Scharonberg?
PLACEBOPIE: yes 😀 i didnt want to type that much 😛
CamT: SCan’t believe only 26% of teams have Docherty. This could hurt.
LuvIt74: @CamT my goal is to bring Docherty post bye
Apachecats: Just out of interest how many have you got on the ground for round 11 ,I have 14 definites and 4 maybe
LuvIt74: lol its a tough call going to Shaz on debut especially when high priced rookie like that, gotta trade March out this wee
dipstick: @M0ntyJunior your team must be pretty crap if you got rid of marchbank and otten already
CamT: Fair enough, LuvIt74. Hadn’t thought of that.
pcaman2003: @Pokerface. I wasn’t complaining but pointing something out. Get a grip. No one is infallible,even CD champ.
frenzy: who kicked blues last goal
PLACEBOPIE: I’m just on 18 certs
Pokerface: calling it a ‘joke’ leans more complaining than pointing something out ‘champ’
penguins00: @frenzy David Cuningham
LuvIt74: @Apache I got 17 definites if you count Sandi
CamT: @ Apachcats, I’ll have 18 when I trade out Pickett. Unless Adams gets suspended for hitting Beams.
Pokerface: @apache 17 right now. The byes are a terrible time to meet league easybeats. My ‘easy’ opp has 21!
frenzy: thanks bud, Darius has it Fisher?
PLACEBOPIE: sandi will play im counting him 😛
Pokerface: @pcaman and given the amount of times you ‘point something out’, i tend to believe CD…
LuvIt74: My midfield is lacking 1 premo and all are playing in R11 apart from BONT
Apachecats: Adams out would be a disaster @CamT
colin wood: pcaman don’t worry about Poker, his usual “whinges” about the “whingers” always happen on here.
CamT: Are you in trouble for R13 LuvIt74 ?
CamT: @Apachecats. absolutely. The ABC radio commentator indicated that Adams hit Beams but not much was said after that so w.
Apachecats: I’m not wasting trades to fluke wins in the byes.Most of my 10 opponents next week only have 12 -16 at this stage.
LuvIt74: @CamT yeah mate R13 im fielding 17 but most are rookies
CamT: @LivIt74. That’s pretty good. I thought you’d be muncher shorter than that.
LuvIt74: @Apach I gave up on league years ago, i try overall unless i know im totally screwed
CamT: * much
Pokerface: haha colin wood, the man who goes the extra step and believes CD ajusts scores for certian players
LuvIt74: @CamT in R13 my mid premo’s Bont & Danger thats it
LuvIt74: CamT In R13 my premo’s are Danger, Bont, Yeo, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Franklin & Heeney
LuvIt74: The rest are rookies
Pokerface: @luvit you’d have rucks and defenders as well though?
LuvIt74: Sorry i forgot Martin & Nank
CamT: @Luvit74 – Yes, R13 is my problem but at least I can survive unless there’s injuries or suspensions.
colin wood: Poker if you can’t see that then good for you. Poor thing.
Pokerface: lol colin. let me borrow your tin foil hat. i’d love to see it
LuvIt74: My R13 premos are currently Danger, Bont, SMartin, Nank, Yeo, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Franklin & Heeney
colin wood: I have plenty who agree too. I have my opinion and I’m sure you have yours. Good for you Poker.
SilverLion: Higgins has stopped…
LuvIt74: My R13 Rooks are currently: Marchbank, Newman, Stewart, EVW, Pepper, Barrett, Fisher, Parsons
Pokerface: yes and when i have to hear your opinion, you’ll hear mine 🙂
JButcher: Somehow Marchbank has leapfrogged Higgins!
colin wood: touche’
LuvIt74: I really screwed up this week by doing what I thought was a trial trade on Friday by bringing in SMartin
kangawalla: @Luvit. Nank a premo? Thats a bit like calling McDonald’s a restaurant.!
duckky: Cripps Murphy and Docherty – sop doing the team thing and look after me
CamT: @Luvit74 – They should all get a game. There are plenty of others whose places are shaky.
LuvIt74: #Kanga you have to class Nank a premo in Forward line
SilverLion: @kanga Well he’s averaging 100+, which is more than I can say about most forwards and rucks.
Pokerface: lol kanga. though i reckon in forwards he could be top 10
CamT: Banks is a Premo Forward IMO.
CamT: * Nanks
Hinchy: What is Hrovat doing… hought he was finally getting some form together
kangawalla: Probably agree but in my best Yodaspeak, one season doth not a premium make.
LuvIt74: If ya don’t class Nank a premo this season then you must be leading the competition convincingly
SilverLion: God Higgins is a frustrating player to have in SC…
SilverLion: Be nice to see Simpson get his first tonne since owning him.
kangawalla: @Luvit. Sadly in top 25% only this season. No great heights here :/
LuvIt74: I mean realistically Shaw isn’t a premo by any stretch this season but im sticking with him at least until bye rounds
Pantsman: Cunnington for icicle… nearly the only player in the AFL without a kick this weekend. Flog.
duckky: Anyone considering traing out Fyfe?
kangawalla: Agree Luvit. He’s heading for the chopping block
PLACEBOPIE: marchbank
LuvIt74: If Sandiballs doesn’t play next week I will almost certainly bring in Goldy
Beast_Mode: royboy is suicidal boy oh boy
Pokerface: north are an impossible team to tip
LuvIt74: @duckky yes post yes though
dipstick: let’s bury these flogs
LuvIt74: I cannot believe I forgot about this round started Thursday, I traded in SMartin on Friday rvo to check & couldn’t
PLACEBOPIE: give us 30 last qtr marchbank
LuvIt74: Reverse the trade for obvious reasons. I was fuming.
LuvIt74: Realistically that should have been Goldy had i of known.
Apachecats: yes I am @duckie ,but he is only one of a few problematic ones I have.
standog: Murph and Goldy very disappointing
LuvIt74: @standog still a quarter to go mate, they could quite easily hit 90 or even ton up
myteamsuks: Don’t know how Murphy has been disappointing. But anyway
standog: @myteamsuks 6 kicks and 2 tackles, low compared to his usual output
myteamsuks: 21 posies and a goal. I guess I’m looking at it from a non fantasy view
standog: Yeah sorry mate should have said fantasy-wise
banta: goldy will get traded at the end of the year
LuvIt74: bloody Docherty was looking as though he would struggle to hit 80 now he’s likely to hit 130
PLACEBOPIE: hope you can afford him 😀
banta: no marks for goldy and he’s the tallest guy out there, pretty weak effort
MontyJnr: Good call with the Atley spud Monty. Long overdue actually.
Breezey: Withdraw that Spud
MontyJnr: Haha Atley hits back!
jfitty: Get that spud off Atley
LuvIt74: @Bopie with Marchbank, McGrath, Newman, Stewart, EVW, Myers, Fisher, Barrett, Pepper & Parsons shouldn’t b a issue
Pokerface: lol, the Atley fans abound!
oc16: appropriate spud call monty. atley is a major tease, he is never going to break out
runt: call a guy a spud at your own risk
LuvIt74: Problem is I need 4 more defenders, I leave defence till last to get full “premo” so to speak. Loving Lloyd after his 6
PLACEBOPIE: infinity of monies then 🙂
Pokerface: put that spud back. don’t cave.
LuvIt74: Cmon Marchbank ffs only another 20 ya turd
Pokerface: you know it’s the right call
AngryRyno: atley still a spud to me
m0nty: that would be Darius’ call not mine 🙂
LuvIt74: @Bopie none in the bank mate, but plenty to cull off providing I get opportunities to downgrade that is,
Pokerface: put it back Darius.
runt: Kangas inspired by Spudley have slipped away
PLACEBOPIE: anything over 80 is nice for marchy then he will be moved on 😀
runt: I wonder if Spudboult can do the same.
PLACEBOPIE: we have the close one not like that humping at the G 😛
Pokerface: BT suggesting clock winding with 6 minutes still?
Pokerface: *soundly beaten
runt: PLACEBOPIE 03 Grand Final you referring to?
LuvIt74: Marchank that’s my favourite number mate but it’s now time to swap sides and turn it into a 96
runt: 02 was the close one.
PLACEBOPIE: lets not live in the past 15 titles can you beat? 4 peat in that 😛
Breezey: A decade and a half ago
runt: I get it. Buckley lives another week and everybody is happy. Ok.
Pokerface: why does kruezer only live up to this potential once in a blue moon
PLACEBOPIE: better than voss 😀 muhahaha the thug
Pokerface: against arguably the best ruck in the league
banta: soft as goldy weak as mate. get preuss in
coldog: Does anyone even barrick for the Roos!!
runt: Voss sunk you guys. muhahaha fucking ha
Breezey: Voss, Leppa, etc. etc
LuvIt74: Swans stuffed up my tipping if WCE end up winning.
PLACEBOPIE: rooboy will appear now 😀
Pokerface: haha placebo
runt: How about Scott and Scott? Better than Buckley will ever be
MONEY TALK: needed more from murphy, marchbank to docerty went well, but wished i went sandi to kreuzer instead of stef
MONEY TALK: stef should bounce back

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