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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Richmond vs Essendon

Chat log for Richmond vs Essendon, R10 of 2017

J.Worrall: Big night for Walla!
JockMcPie: Lets go Tippa, Nank, Myers and Bolton!
PLACEBOPIE: dusty nank mcgrath myers for money
PLACEBOPIE: need cotchin to spud it
boo!: lift short
PLACEBOPIE: this could be ugly for tiges
9inch: Dusty new recruit with Nank and Zerrett
Breezey: Dons have come out smoking
Beast_Mode: give rioli and bolton the indiginous symbol
The Hawker: wake up Nank!
JButcher: Dont forget Tippa
Yelse: why do they constantly need to take the mouth guard out when kicking for goal
myteamsuks: Guess where tigers are on ladder
GJayBee: Earth to McGrath, you have a duty to preform. Don’s kick it to the golden child
boo!: lift wupingtiti
DrSeuss: Nank and McGrath – perfect start
bongidongi: heppell and dusty, cmon fellas!!
Breezey: Hey Nank the games started
MrGmax: Good one, Myers.
The Hawker: Yo Nank, wakey wakey!!!
myteamsuks: I think nank has reached his peak
TheLegend6: This chat reminds me of a bunch of schoolkids lol
poolboybob: Heppell you beauty
DrSeuss: Nank all you needed to do was get me through the byes…
m0nty: hopefully Nank will pull out a ton after QT like Zones
CBeezDeez: Gr8 Hepp! Repay da faif….
bongidongi: Sitting on a flowering goldmine with Heppell and Dusty, and the opponent has nank and caddy in sc
AngryRyno: geez, Zerrett and Nank not a great start at all
9inch: Cmon Zerrett shack that tag.
Crowls: Is nank even on the ground? mcgrath and nank oops
9inch: Carn Richmond you can put me on top of my local tipping gig
LMartos: does Goddard realise it’s not 2010?
myteamsuks: Myers needs 85 in 1st qtrs to guarantee 100. Does nothing after 1/4 time
JButcher: Of course Parish has a good game when by opponent has him
Breezey: Bugger off sultana bran. Tastes like crap so power off
pcaman2003: Someone please throw a bear trap at Heppell.
dipstick: indiginous 3% of population and 14 out of 88 players tonight. not bad
PLACEBOPIE: heppel is keeping the crows off the field 😛
AngryRyno: caddy has made some shocking decisions tonight
bongidongi: caddy deserves the muppet
Crowls: caddy makes shocking decisions most nights.
TheLegend6: that’s ridiculous
Crowls: tough call on tigers
Torpedo10: He could’ve done anything with that ball, went the easy option and paid the price
Pull: yeah because he totally knows what’s immediately behind him…
bones351: BTW it James Stewart mOnty
TheLegend6: @torpedo he was in a foot race with green from the get go, he was expecting him to be right behind him, harsh
bones351: Had a teammate right with him. Don’t the players talk anymore?
bricci: stay tuned for umpire adviser to justify that crap!
bricci: sick of these green maggots
bones351: They dont call each other out in a marking contest either
circle52: there have been instances already where deliberate has been called.
circle52: in similar circumstances
bones351: sick of the shower Rance getsaway with, then someone touches him and he gets a free
Manowar: Myres down the toilit
Manowar: Nankervis not up too it!
Apachecats: very good observations @manowar
Apachecats: Anyone put the C on Sloane 101SC at half time.?
wadaramus: Nank, lift, seriously mate, just lift.
Texwalker: Gonba choje in the last m8nute again richmond, i hope so..
9inch: Tag Goddard let Zerrett run free pls thankyou
Apachecats: Tex your keyboard is slurring a bit.
circle52: In one of my lleagues opponent has C on Sloane Apache and getting slaughtered in that 1
Apachecats: I think you can kiss that one goodbye @circle
Texwalker: @apache.. explains where my scotch went… the keyboard drank it all lol
Apachecats: Thats better @tex.Hey Monty wwhatbout a mare for Hooker hasn’t had a kick
CBeezDeez: This is exciting stuff!
9inch: So the way this season is going Richmond will come back
pcaman2003: FFS!Martin and Heppell killing me.
luke394: How does Martin get 30 points for a goal with 5 mins left in the 3rd quarter?
luke394: Roughead kicked the winner last night clutch goal and got 10 points lol CD play favourites
LuvIt74: Nank has stank
colin wood: Martins score is just stupid. 28 pts for that last goal..
spudaroos: Dusty’s dominating, no CD favourites here.
luke394: Read below @colinwood it’s a joke
9inch: Yeah Roughy got rippied of big time.
luke394: That doesn’t answer the question spudaroos?
BOMBRBLITZ: Gee McGrath is good
CBeezDeez: Yeah Ima bit over CD and their bias towards some…
spudaroos: Dusty has been the key to every score this quarter for Richmond. Carrying the team.
luke394: I would love CD to explain how they distinguish between the two
colin wood: If Essendon go on and win by 5 goals those 28 pts dusty gets is just stupid an irrelevant.
PLACEBOPIE: mcgraths killed it this qtr
Breezey: Another tight game for Richmond. Just what they needed.
Hawks_13: Can Richmond lose it again in the dying seconds?
luke394: Yeah it’s annoying @colinwood
9inch: Tiges to win but Zerrett to go 110.
wadaramus: Watson you second half hack.
runt: Good to see the Bs and Ds dominating
9inch: So anyone game to call the winner?
m0nty: bit of a Q4 specialist is McGrath
Breezey: Tigers after the siren.
DragonLass: if McGrath can play like this for a 4 qtr effort he’ll be premium
Manowar: Tippinwindi gotta rise
BOMBRBLITZ: McGraths Q3 was awesome
runt: I can see Daniher slotting one from 60 to make Hardwick not too proud of his boys
preki1: mcgrath was excellent 3rd quarter as well
dipstick: Watson is powered by vegetables and tofu 🌽👍
GJayBee: dont be so mean runt, Hardwick will be proud of a honest loss
JockMcPie: Bombers win from here
wadaramus: Full of air then dipstick, needs to use the wind propulsion for good.
poolboybob: Heppell has disappeared
colin wood: Martin +5 for an ineffective kick lol
JockMcPie: Nankervis? It’s Nankervis!
Breezey: Nank when it counts.
colin wood: Nank massive at the end. Martin will get +15 for that.
wadaramus: Better late than never Nank.
runt: It looks like the Bombers have tapped out. Good while it lasted
The Hawker: the nank has Lifted!!
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Nank didn’t quite Stank it up considering. Happy with Heppell, McGrath & Nank.
m0nty: I called it, Nank pulled a Zones
runt: The Zaharakis revival continues
frenzy: Lol Myers $
luke394: took Myers over SPP cost me 10 points lol

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