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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2017

J.Worrall: Carn Suns!!
SilverLion: Need a big game from Clayton to cover for the 3 down doggies…
Wends: Just brought in Hibberd, so apologies in advance to his owners…
anthsill03: swallow late out?
Wends: Nope, swallow is definitely in anthshill.
PLACEBOPIE: crossing hibberd out for a good one then 😛
PLACEBOPIE: let leaves me with oliver petracca go boys
Wends: Yes that’s probably best placebopie :). Goal umpy just copped one high?
The Hawker: Witts and Hibberd, 100 each please thanks
Hawks_13: It will be interesting to see how GCS do without Ablett
m0nty: that replacement goal ump looks about 15 years old
AngryRyno: so far so good @Hawks_13
Apachecats: Oliver starts on the bench
Hawks_13: I think Barlow needs a big game
AngryRyno: feeling GC in an upset here folks
myteamsuks: They really should have consulted on jumper colours
pcaman2003: C’mon Ollie. Big game from you 100+
Wends: Hopefully Lynch too @Hawks13. Oliver Twist era child labour laws up there still @Monty?
Lawls: Was going to make no trades for this week
Lawls: ended up doing swallow and vince to wallis and h greenwood. i’ll probably end up regretting it
AngryRyno: brodie a tackler
AngryRyno: who’s playing on Lynch if TMac is fwd?
CamT: Is there anyone apart from Brodie who could get the chop when Ablett comes back ?
AngryRyno: @CamT Scheer springs into mind
circle52: Fiorini maybe but Ainsworth waiting in wings as well coming back from injury
Hawks_13: Does anyone know how long Ablett is out for?
banta: wtf touk you hack
CamT: Thanks AngryRyno.
Ben_Gogos: Surprising it took this long to give Brodie a debut. The kid is readymade size wise.
Wends: Hard to ignore the call of the trade button @Lawls. Takes great self-discipline…
mickelo: Hope Hibberd doesnt go too high, want to pick him up after bye
Jukes: Not always the size that counts Gogos
Lawls: Yeah @Wends, especially with Bernie losing so much value.
Wends: Lynch already well past last pre-bye game total 😮
mickelo: Keep telling yourself that Jukes
Apachecats: Predictable -sell Matera and he’s going to have a blue moon.
AngryRyno: cheers cape aaron
Wends: Yep I did double upgrade too Lawls; jones to dusty & marchbank to hibberd. Always nerve racking blooding new players.
SilverLion: On ya Clayton
Apachecats: Got Demons nos. 5,13 and 14 .Hap with that start.
pcaman2003: Go Ollie.69% TOG and 39pts.Delicious!
Apachecats: and no 19 on the bench making $$
Yelse: everyone picking up H greenwood after one game… will he keep his spot though
Torz: Oliver from the Jack Steele school of TOG.
pcaman2003: @Torz. Spot on there!
PLACEBOPIE: hampton is out for 6 weeks greenwood job security is safe for now to make money
Yelse: hibberd slow down
Wends: Who was asking who’s on Lynch if not TMac? Sounds like it’s Frost
circle52: Is Frost
mickelo: Hibberd won’t slow down . My opponent has him and I have Lloyd.
9inch: Lynch SC inflated much.
CamT: Lynch 65 points from 2 kicks
AngryRyno: Lynch dominant, most CPs on the ground
pcaman2003: More kicks please Ollie.
Ben_Gogos: Oscar McDonald has been largely opposed to Lynch
AngryRyno: he has set up about 4 goals and kicked one himself, plus those 9CPs, SC score justified IMO @CamT
9inch: Another 80 from Hannan would be nice.
CamT: OK, AngryReno. It just looked a bit generous.
Wends: Thx @Ben, listening to game, it’s not on telly.
circle52: Frost on him early though but Osacr seems to be with him now.
pcaman2003: LOL!My opponent has Witts on bench and Vardy on the ground.
circle52: Gee kicking for goals with wind is shocking both ways.
JRedden: pedersen has lifted
Ben_Gogos: @Wends if you hover over icons you should be able to attain that information.
Apachecats: Pederson will be $400k after this round ,and probably still good value.
Beast_Mode: cool story bro
Bulky: What a God awful game.
JButcher: N.Jones what the flower?
LuvIt74: Why is it when you hover over the players name like Lynch for example its stating his price is $532k SC when its $491k?
Breezey: Dees look very slow.
Wends: Yes I know thx Ben 🙂 It wasn’t there v early on when the qu. was asked.
PLACEBOPIE: hunt not doing any dash from the back with only 19sc
Ben_Gogos: @Wends no worries!
Sloaneyyyy: Go Witt’
Sloaneyyyy: Go Witts, my Sandilands replacement
9inch: Why did I pick the Dees again.
poolboybob: Garlett with 8 disposals at 0% efficiency
CamT: There counting Lynch’s free kicks as contested possessions.
AngryRyno: make that 9 @poolboy
Wends: 9inch I was just thinking “crap” for that exact same reason.
Apachecats: Garlett is keeping GCS in this.
Breezey: The Dees will get well and truly flogged if they keep this effort going.
AngryRyno: if you win a free kick in the contest, i suppose it is a possession as a result of the contest
Apachecats: Thats the second time today I’ve bagged someone and they kick a goal while I’m waiting for the post to come up.This rare
DrSeuss: Where is Pederson playing at the moment? Very tempted to get him in after his last several weeks
SilverLion: Got Oliver, opponent has Lynch though :/
JButcher: Pearce Hanley will never be fantasy relevant again
Apachecats: *this rare talent may come in handy.
Torz: Ruck mostly DrSeuss.
colin wood: Barlow 🙁
heppelitis: will pederson still play when gawn or spencer return?
Pokerface: @hepp nope
heppelitis: thx poker…pity
Yelse: which 2 do i play… myers greenwood or tarranto
NiKsTa92: Pederson could still play, he’ll go forward t.mcdonald goes back to def
LuvIt74: @Yelse It’s a personal preference mate, follow your gut. If it was me id go Greenwood based on lastweek but who knows
Apachecats: Let me know who you want me to bag this quarter.
Snarfy: Yelse – I had the same with Hampton, Otten and Marchbank. I went on last scores. ALWAYS WRONG!
CamT: I reckon they’ll all get about 60, Yelse.
JRedden: pedersen has been good he’ll still play, but wont score like this
CBeezDeez: 22 Dee players @ Apache please!!!
Snarfy: Spot on CamT.
LMartos: Did Hibberd just score 13 points in a minute?
Yelse: or the other option is take spp 55 and parsons 47. risk u think
Yelse: melbourne look atrocious
Torz: Blue moon game from Melksham.
boo!: Pearce off Hanley
pcaman2003: Ollie on the bench again? FFS
Breezey: Where’s Oliver gone this qtr
Apachecats: Melbourne you are a complete disgrace ,hows that@CBeeDeez?
Apachecats: See if we can get a couple of quick ones out of that
CBeezDeez: We musta bin bookies fav’s again!
CBeezDeez: Can’t argue Apache LoL
CBeezDeez: Thanx m8. Easier supporting this mob 3/4 yrs ago.
CBeezDeez: Zero expectations = Zero disappointment
Apachecats: Theres one.
CBeezDeez: Keep it up please. No pressure
rtz23: what happen to tmac?
CBeezDeez: ANB hasn’t hit the scoreboard yet
Apachecats: I’ll save my strength till the last 1/4 now CBD
Viscount: C’mon Hannan. a good first half. How about a good finish to the quarter and a great last quarter!
CBeezDeez: Nah. Save it 4 ur boys 2nite Apache. So wanna see Tippa light up the G
JButcher: Don’t stop Hall
AngryRyno: don’t stop TJ
Sloaneyyyy: Wow what happened to Hanley? Used to be a beast at the lions
Yelse: if oliver played 85 to 90 percent of game he be 130 average
Pokerface: good work on the turnaround apache.
Ben_Gogos: Jones has been significant in this last ten minutes.
Wends: Lynch, blummin heck with yr F/A 😐
Tommo2909: Keep going Lynch, Hibberd, Hannan
boo!: ton up hibberd
DrSeuss: Come on Oliver – stay on the field you lil champ
Torz: Spot on Yelse. At the moment he’s doing a solid job of getting 90-110. But his ceiling isn’t there.
JButcher: Thank you Jones you brilliant bald man
Pokerface: jones capeworthy? massive quarter
LMartos: Hibberd being given points for fun
iZander: if the demons win Jones has to be star or x factor, had a massive 1/4 to get his team back in it 😛
iZander: also JONes cape surly??
faisca7: Swear Jones was near the bottom the last time i looked
AngryRyno: penguin qtr from tj
poolboybob: Melksham blue moon
SilverLion: Seriously Hibberd? What a joke.
Breezey: Oliver tracking to a ton again.
Pokerface: blue moon aaron hall…
9inch: Bloody hell Hannan not a touch in that qtr when your team had most of the plsy.
AngryRyno: and donuts from Hanley the potato
Ben_Gogos: @Yelse won’t have to wait too long. Oliver looks to be a certainty for uber status in the next couple of years.
AngryRyno: blue moon aaron hall? lol, do you even follow the footy?
colin wood: Much better Barlow another 30+ quarter please mate.
luke394: Fuk u Hannan u spaz -3 that quarter was hoping for a 70
PLACEBOPIE: did dees have a wind?
Pokerface: yes i do AR. when was the last time hall was up there?
CBeezDeez: I think they’re managing Oli thru the season. Still quite young & obv vital
SilverLion: @luke, the way Hannan plays, hes capable of finishing anywhere between 40 and 100 from here.
Pokerface: give hannan his $
Breezey: Oliver 7 kicks 22 handballs.
luke394: Sorry Hannan ur a star
Yelse: greenwood and otten start on the pine
luke394: Very true @Silvelion he needed a raz
Yelse: oliver is a good kick why keep hand balling
Apachecats: Need some good junk time from you Petracca
poolboybob: Get going again, Witts
luke394: Tonne up Mitch Hannan u gun
CamT: Who gets the X factor ? A couple of possibilities.
NiKsTa92: Cause Oliver is an inside mid yelse
DrSeuss: Lets go Oliver and Witts – 100 or over please
whafc: oliver a genuine gun
Apachecats: How good is Olier going to bein a couple of seasos
poolboybob: Bin for Garlett
Viscount: Well done Hannan!
Apachecats: Hes still just a baby ,21 contested pos tonight (so far)
JButcher: Nice price drop for Barlow hopefully before i bring him in next week
CBeezDeez: Surely Rockets gawn.
9inch: Ah go and do my last SC trade and Hannans caped up
Wends: Not unhappy with Marchbank to Hibbard pre-game trade.
CamT: Hannan, 60 points for the quarter.
Breezey: Deadset Dermott’s an imbecile
Pokerface: cape hannan
poolboybob: Defensive intensity this quarter from the Suns has been bloody hopeless
ReggieOz: Witches hat icons for GC
PLACEBOPIE: Dermi supports the IRA
SilverLion: Can’t say I’m surpised Hannan. Impact player.
CBeezDeez: Whoop Whoop! Into the 8 briefly. …
boo!: ton up witts

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