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Chat log from R9 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R9 of 2017

JockMcPie: -Josh Caddy +Anthony Miles
Chelskiman: We’re gonna get hammered, lmao.
JockMcPie: dw Chelsk, you’ll lose by a goal again
AngryRyno: stevie J in the last 21 seconds
Chelskiman: FeelsBadMan 🙁
Chelskiman: It’ll be a case of what if at the end of the season. What if we had beaten the Dogs and Freo, we may have made the 8 🙁
Costanza: couldbees vs wannabees – it’ll neevr be
Chelskiman: Hoping Bolton has a good game. Could be a handy downgrade target in a few weeks if he can keep his spot.
PLACEBOPIE: he’s no relton from what i’ve heard
CamT: Leigh Matthews just gave Newman BOG in his summary
AngryRyno: Leigh Matthews is fkn stupid then because Hanners was BOG by a mile
Chelskiman: LOL, please don’t remind me of Relton.
zadolinnyj: Go tigers
m0nty: whoa, ten seconds in!
Chelskiman: Why couldn’t we have done that out of the middle last week. >>
shaker: No excuses for Tiges GWS have lots of injuries
SilverLion: Blow the siren
SilverLion: @Shaker but lots of depth too.
zadolinnyj: Lol Silverlion
Chelskiman: That would have been handy from Jack.
fonzie: need a big game from martin
CBeezDeez: Giants complacency would be thinking they just rock up they win!
colin wood: Evening gents.
zadolinnyj: Hey mate
hinsch: how long before Greene gets warned or reported by the umpires, I give him about 1/2 way through the second quarter
poolboybob: Will be bringing in D Lloyd next week if he does anything at all in this match
colin wood: Need Taranto to go very quiet. Looking likely that’s not going to happen.
Chelskiman: Couldn’t have asked for a better start. Gotta keep it up though.
SilverLion: Lift Nank and Shaw
MONEY TALK: need bolton to go bigger than parson, glad he is finally playing
DrSeuss: Is Soldo going to have a big impact on Nank? Hopefully not…but probably, considering how this week is going so far
luke394: no way taranto is on that with those stats
MONEY TALK: yes greene repay me for those two weeks
colin wood: Nank soending alot of time on the pine….
Apachecats: Lucky no one has cotchin in SC.Anyone here have him?
All Reds: martin will want to put a dangerlike performance in surely
SilverLion: Shaw please, you’re a unique for me this week…
Costanza: go George
Apachecats: I’m going to be 3 for zip in the tipping.
StuL: Glad I don’t do tipping any more
poolboybob: wtf Giants
pcaman2003: The footy Gods are against me this week. Can’t take a trick.
Apachecats: Miles would be better off if he didn’t touch it,5 kermits already
StuL: I’d still back GWS from here though. Richmond will blow it.
SilverLion: Shaw has a pulse!
Chelskiman: Really could be more up. Let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite us.
LMartos: Nankervis playing a half back flanker role haha
Costanza: stage set for many tears later
Apachecats: Toughest year in tipping I can remember @Stul
Apachecats: Still got more hitouts than Mummy @LMartos
StuL: Richmond are just exploring new ways to lose. If the scores are doubled at half time I’d say it’s 50/50 they’ll hang on.
Pokerface: what role is soldo? forward?
heppelitis: found a tiger membership nailed to a pole out the front of punt road last week..took it
heppelitis: never know when you will need a nail
All Reds: if gws turn it up they will be 20+ ahead at ht
Apachecats: Heater is the running for disappointment of the year.He’s my nom anyway.
frenzy: was it covered in chicken poo hepp
Apachecats: lol @Heppel
Apachecats: * in the running
Kahunas: painful watching menap00 play
9inch: I predict a Jack dummy spit followed by tears at 20 min mark in the last
Costanza: rucking fwd 50 @Poke
Chelskiman: Opp has Cameron. Of course.
cold pies: Please touch the ball bolton
LMartos: bit of effectiveness please Toby, seeing as you’re playing midfield
Chelskiman: Giants starting to click into gear now. Won’t be long before the onslaught starts.
Pokerface: thanks george
tankin: shaw flamed for half second
Chelskiman: We can’t kick a goal at the moment. Missed 5 very gettable shots in a row now.
StuL: Ppl were going early on Bolton. Good decision!
StuL: Shaws elite SC days would seem to be done.
colin wood: Keep going Nank, pump a 130 out son!
CBeezDeez: Same with Perryman StuL
Kahunas: no caddy today?
Brad_J: late out
CBeezDeez: Nah! Had 2 carry my own freakin clubs 2day Kahuna!
Apachecats: late out@kahunas
dipstick: how about you touch the air conveyance Lloyd. good idea you think
zadolinnyj: Tigers should be 11 goals 3. Should be over
Chelskiman: Now we can’t even kick goals from 8m out directly in front.
LMartos: all my players have stopped :(((
Kahunas: geez tigers are like a bad hemoroid, painful
frenzy: don’t pay the Perryman
LMartos: god damn it, that was an attempt and a half from Toby Greene there
All Reds: stay down IVAN
MONEY TALK: surely bolton can outscore parson
Costanza: Giants reduced qtr margin by over 30% – timing it well to lead late in 4th
StuL: Rampaging Nank. Find of the year.
LuvIt74: It’s got me stuffed why people put Perryman in their teams now
Kahunas: if anything tigers should be very happy without vickery
SilverLion: Would take 200 between Shaw and Nank, so far so good.
cusch1: Kelly and Nank have got to be two of the best mid pricers this season
heppelitis: dam frenzy…that tune is going to stay with me now when i see Perryman
Vinstar: Good work Greene last time I pick you as captain
frenzy: Lol Hepp
StuL: Don’t pay the Perryman, until he gets you to the other side! Buyers should have took note.
StuL: They were too young to know that song I think
JockMcPie: I bought Greenwood early…pray
Apachecats: Is Greene your best player @Vinstar?
StuL: Danger perma capt has still worked all but once this year.
heppelitis: true Cusch, Roberton and Ebert would have bee nice from the start too
StuL: Why is this site always full of dons and cats?
SilverLion: Lets not forget Oliver, Steele and Murphy…
heppelitis: True silver. @Stu…maybe we just talk more shit!
All Reds: giants burgeoning?
chris7399: Starting Steele was a no-brainer I feel considering lack of fwd premiums
zadolinnyj: At least Bolton has surpassed vickery in number 29 jumper
Apachecats: Herald sun forecast for J kelly SC was 78.Where do you reckon they got that from.
heppelitis: gws not really looking like a certainty for the flag like predicted
hinsch: Greene has to outscore Taranto to keep me safe in SC
Kahunas: stuff me, mennas goal
zadolinnyj: Giants a large amount of injuries. Will be a better team after bye rounds
All Reds: come on heath
poolboybob: Completely forgot Menapoo was on Richmond’s list
fonzie: thank u dusty
heppelitis: yeah Zado…but..a team of champions vs champion team…will they gel to win a flag?
StuL: Hopefully GWS become the Man City of predicted dynasties.
zadolinnyj: Easy answer of no Hepp
9inch: Dusty 96 sc… give me a break.
All Reds: will be higher soon
dipstick: cmon d Lloyd. lift man
Ben_Gogos: Hahha a tad reactionary to be doubting the Giants. They’ll be there in the last fortnight.
frenzy: lobb now a lobster needs a big red +
dipstick: how’s the bone crusher going?
Apachecats: Should have traded heater weeks ago.Kept thinking he would come good.Not going to happen.
Chelskiman: We only need a goal or two in the last and hope they don’t kick 7.
StuL: Come on Nank. Dusty already has a ton.
All Reds: agreed apache
StuL: They couldn’t do it to you again Chelskiman? Surely!?
colin wood: Chelsk hope you guys win. We thought we had em last week… 🙁
frenzy: prefer the angry Greene, not this new age flowerer
StuL: GWS need to lose as many as poss now because they’ll eventually become indestructible.
Breezey: If anyone can lose from here it’s Richmond. For their sake I hope they get home
dipstick: touch the fucken ball ball d Lloyd. its been 40 mins ya drip
TheBoy89: Thank god I didn’t start with heater this year instead I started with doc
TheBoy89: Come on dusty pump out a 130 same with u nank
Chelskiman: We could have had this won. Two of the easiest chances you’re ever likely to get wasted.
StuL: Lloyds JS would have to be shaky as. Damn, we need a rookie hero or two.
Apachecats: Herald sun forecast for J Riewaldt was 133.Dreamin!
TheBoy89: Dusty kick a goal
StuL: Go Soldo. Glad I didn’t bother with that downgrade. I bet Preuss gets called up.
Breezey: I’m not sure what Nank’s BE is but I dare say he’s making $$ again
heppelitis: lift peryman and gt your team to the other side
Chelskiman: Here we go.
Chelskiman: Hmm, might be touched.
poolboybob: Lloyd must have some JS, everyone at GWS is injured
Apachecats: Is Shaw still out there?
StuL: Come on Tigers, lift. The late choke is on at his rate.
Chelskiman: Those two goals we missed early in the quarter are going to hurt us, I can just feel it.
StuL: Nank BE 126. He’s a keeper anyway.
dipstick: tigers gonna park the blue bus soon and get rolled
StuL: Stevie J just about has to get ‘rested’. I guess they won’t drop him.
zadolinnyj: You may find another nail this week Hepp
All Reds: get up mummy
frenzy: miles of muppet moments
heppelitis: handy..a couple of pailings need repair haha
BeastMode: shaw….. cmon
spudaroos: Seems like jumping on the Dustbin last week was a good call. 2 tons at a bargain price.
dipstick: how can a player not get a touch for an hour Lloyd ya flog
theoc: the problem with having oliver, sloane, dusty and danger in one team is that i never know who to captain..
Apachecats: Tiges going to find a way to lose this.
theoc: chucked it on sloane
Chelskiman: We’re done. They’re coming home like a steam train and we can’t stop them.
Chelskiman: Yep, we’re fucked.
poolboybob: Shaw is a dud this year
9inch: Oh oh poh
Chelskiman: All we needed was a goal or two, and we couldn’t even do that.
Ladbrokes_: God shaw is rubbish, losing an upwards of 50 points picking him over lloyd or docherty
Apachecats: Shaw just went back 14 sc points
Pokerface: crab for shaw
Manowar: Richmond lose!! Richmond lose!
Apachecats: Shaw score been fixed now
CamT: Shaw and Champion Data conspiring to do our heads in !!
zadolinnyj: Dance should be on 200 just for is influence
Apachecats: next goal wins
Kenny27: if Stevie J kicks the winner again ill spew
zadolinnyj: *rance
Chelskiman: Bolton!
heppelitis: celebrate tigs..quick $100 on gws
zadolinnyj: Shaw saying touched
Chelskiman: fuck fuck fuck
McSpud: will mummy get games?
Apachecats: Chelks are u still standing?
duckky: Bolton jumps to 73??? Wow
pcaman2003: Was top of my league. Getting thrashed this week.
cold pies: Bolton you flowerin legend!!
tankin: hahahahahah
Kenny27: wow unreal
zadolinnyj: No way
Pokerface: how great is this
Chelskiman: I’m done with this season. Bring on the cricket.
duckky: Richmond lost in the last minute again?
All Reds: wowee
frenzy: poor tigs
poolboybob: 9thmond to strike again?
dipstick: yep. tigers and the blue bus. hardwick is a brain dead fool!
HappyDEZ: Richmondy
m0nty: stupid by Grimes, had to switch, dumb long ball to CHF was wrong play
Apachecats: Genuinely feel sorry for Richmond.
tankin: chokers
NewFreoFan: You poor buggers tigers fans
StuL: F off! I was even going to say it early. It would be last min rather than last 20 secs. That’s bs.
BeastMode: so funny
carlton_99: I cannot stop laughing.
heppelitis: thanks Martin and Nank and thanks to the rest of tigers for the lols
SilverLion: Its just a coincidence, not a flaw in their preparation.
stoo: Poor poor wee tiggers
Manowar: Now that is Awesome!!!
StuL: That was just harsh. How was that vid conclusive? Goal Bolton, tiges win.
raffa: Poor tigs
9inch: Lmfao
shaker: How many years under this coach annd still doing the same shower
stoo: Sitting in NZ, Life of Pi on TV3, tiger stranded in a sinking boat…
carlton_99: Clear touch there was finger that bended back.
Pantsman: Poor LOLmond.
9inch: Take some points off Dusty give em to gws
Manowar: Yellow and Crap!
CBeezDeez: The Greg Norman of the AFL
pcaman2003: Here comes 9th again .lol!
frenzy: soooo, who’s gonna coach the tigers
SilverLion: Can’t wait to see Jack on 360, gunna be great television.
Pokerface: lol manowar
raffa: Its going to be good listening to sen and triple m on monday
Trigger212: Hilarious – pissing myself at the prospect of another 9th
Trigger212: Yellow and Slack
J_Herer: Tigers, dear me, 2 weeks in a row
Chelskiman: It’s been three weeks in a row really if you count the Dogs game. It’s just fucked. No other team does this, only us.
Migz: well that was nice. nank rance and taranto
StuL: Why would Dusty want to be part of this rabble? May as well take the cash and run next year.
kano: Clearly touched Stu you spud

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