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Chat log from R9 of 2017: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R9 of 2017

Apachecats: Afternoon all, playing in 8 SC leagues that looped Danger so back to the wall in remaining games.
JockMcPie: Breaking news: Horse is screwing with us and Newman is a late out…would be hilarious
iZander: Jock, that is not funny! my heart rate doubled when i read the first half of that…:P
TheBoy89: im playing jock r
PLACEBOPIE: Newman guns it yes i have him on field if he spuds it oh lucky i have him benched and just glad for the money 😛
CBeezDeez: No pressure Isaac. Only 133 to beat! And ur time starts NOW!!
TheBoy89: Anyone playing against JR Brumby
SilverLion: Anything north of 52 would be great Newman
PLACEBOPIE: on field or off SL ?
SilverLion: On field but had Stewart loopholed last night, so anything above Stewart’s score is good enough for me 😛
m0nty: Rampe v Riewoldt, hope that happens, would go a long way to deciding the game
m0nty: hmm Rampe on Membrey early
m0nty: obviously Rampe’s motor not purring quite enough to go with Rooey
PLACEBOPIE: melican is following reiwoldt everywhere early
Yelse: how is Zac jones on 1 SC
frenzy: a week is a long time in footy Newman, lift
Yelse: why newman start on bench hate it. they take to long to get on
m0nty: everyone will start Newman this week for a 37
luke394: get Newman on field horse u wanker
JockMcPie: Spuddy’s back
StuL: Newman instantly in to it. Hard to get a kick in the bench.
luke394: -8 for Buddy there lol
TheBoy89: Spuddy wanklin
luke394: Newman been very good early
boo!: opponent has buddy as captain, lubbly jubbly
SilverLion: Steele 3 points forward 2 points back at the moment hah
zadolinnyj: Gents
whafc: 37 for Newman in the 1st qtr Monty?
Apachecats: Few Cats in the room today.
Chelskiman: Got Buddy in last week in SC. So far it’s been a massive fail.
m0nty: yeah maybe 137 😉
luke394: when are we not here @Apachecats
whafc: oh u forgot the 1 lol
PLACEBOPIE: and no bulldogs i did chuckle last night when king robbo appeared blaming umps 😀
Yelse: kennedy and heeney and jones cmonnn please lift
Chelskiman: I would like Buddy to stay low in DT though. And Steele. And Heeney to lift. That is all.
luke394: cats were garbage for 3 weeks but at 6-3 pretty happy with the start
CamT: Apart from Barlow who are the best all-time SC rookies ?
tankin: barlow then daylight
jgilf: Toby Greene was a great rookie
TheBoy89: im gonna get riewoldt this week
Chelskiman: Cripps was a beast, and Curnow I remember being pretty good.
luke394: @CamT zorko was handy
zadolinnyj: Zac dawson
heppelitis: Relton Roberts was good
colmullet: zorkoooo
a1trader: Isaac Smith was a great Rookie
batt: Zorko averaged a lazy 100
faisca7: barlow, curnow, zorko, zac smith
CamT: haha I was on the Relton train.
zadolinnyj: Cameron Ellis yolman was ok
heppelitis: lol CamT..I put him in in the last 10 seconds before the season started!
DrSeuss: Let’s go Heeney
faisca7: how many good games in a row does billings need to have before we can consider him
StuL: Heeney is still a better pick than Spuddy. Not worth the one good game every so often.
Apachecats: Franklin minus i SC ,don’t have him ,pfft!!
Chelskiman: Heeney, pls.
CamT: So did I Heppelltis. It was night game and all I could see was a yellow stripe standing next to the point post all game.
luke394: just saying the turn around from Hannebery has been awesome
SilverLion: Quality qtr from bud the spud
BC__: Lo
Blaknight: Is it just me that seeing a minus on buddy makes me smile.
dipstick: yesss… bring out the little penguin please!
BC__: Lift Blondie
frenzy: well Heeney was an inspired choice this week
poolboybob: Heeney raise your game
Pokerface: poor form Cam
dipstick: the hanneberry turn around? only his first 2 games were poor. what you talking about?
CamT: yes, sorry
JockMcPie: Bloody spuddy buddy
dipstick: where is the penguin? it is in the rules!!
LMartos: should’ve picked up Stef Martin,the second time I’ve gone against him when he was my gut call, Heeney places awkward pos
Torz: Hanners was a good pickup two weeks ago!
Pokerface: are stanzas the same as quarters?
Migz: where is franklins penguin haha
luke394: Heeney will be a good keeper @LMartos
circle52: So much for picking up Hanners after his bye
dipstick: well i n my book old cruddy fuddy duddy buddy got a penguin then
frenzy: nissan stanza isn’t it
LMartos: He probably will but I should’ve got Stef so long ago
LMartos: Heeney three touches in 25 seconds, we take that
Chelskiman: Nice, Heeney, +10’s are exactly what we wanna see!
Pokerface: don’t know frenzy, but huddo called it the opening stanza.
shaker: Penguin Buddy needs a potato
DrSeuss: Choice of Hanners, Danger or Neale before this round – Neale better match up!!
circle52: Lift Buddy or you will cause me to lose DT eliminator
Yelse: zak jones what are you doing get the ball
a1trader: Has K Stevens gone home?
CBeezDeez: Ouch Doc.Good luck.
CamT: I’ve got Neale as Captain, DrSeuss. Feeling a bit nervous.
AngryRyno: time for newman to rack up a few more
Pokerface: good man hanners, regretted not vc’ing danger until now
DrSeuss: Yeah I put him captain too….a little concerned!
pcaman2003: Carlisle spanking Spuddy boy.
Yelse: zak jones u useless players. running around like a headless chook
Migz: yelse i have parker who cost 200+ k more how do u think i feel aha
sfmmp23: Thanks buddy
LMartos: Steele 2 points for tackle that won HTB, wasn’t given free for as well, thanks
luke394: thats what I was referring to LMartos
luke394: Steele has a tackle and FF advantage paid and he doesn’t get points for the free
frenzy: Newman needs another rev up
pcaman2003: The $10M man now the 10 cent man.
circle52: Newness been off for longer than 20mins so say he is done for day
ronl: Some weeks Buddy giveth, other weeks Buddy taketh away
Ladbrokes_: Christ Roberton is a machine
JockMcPie: Newnes red cross
Apachecats: Amen Brother ronl
SilverLion: Lift Steele…
SilverLion: And yeah Ikr Luke, Should have a FF definitely.
jddd: thanks hannebery
PLACEBOPIE: Bulldog fans where are you 😀
luke394: @Silverlion maybe the don’t get points for the free when advantage is paid?
LuvIt74: Afternoon all
LuvIt74: @Placebopie Doggies fan here???
frenzy: there ya go placebopie
Pokerface: newnes confirmed gone, failed concussion test
PLACEBOPIE: Good to see that you are the first for today luvit 😉
LuvIt74: Newman looking like a possible keeper if he scores 80+
LuvIt74: I’m not a sore loser mate.
Costanza: Newnes neutered
frenzy: there are no known Newnes
Pokerface: no coming back jack
LuvIt74: Heeney stay low so i get u in post byes
ronl: Buddy, I’ll do you a deal, if you give me at least 60 you can stay in the team. Same goes for you Steele.
LuvIt74: So many Swans players looking good to get
pies13: he is also a swans fan @placebopie go figure??
Yelse: zak kick the ball for god sake
frenzy: anyone have Caddy
dipstick: 3qtr time already? fuck me. already into the final stanza!
PLACEBOPIE: cheers pies13 will add him to my bulldust list there are many
LMartos: Steele only got 2 more points, disgrace
LuvIt74: Would be nice to see Franklin kick a couple ffs
pies13: no probs @placebopie he is on myn haha
LuvIt74: Those who had Steele from day one, relax he has served you well & still doing ok seeing his B/E is low
pcaman2003: @Luvit74. Can’t even see Fraknlin
TheBoy89: is steele a premium?
LuvIt74: @pcman I hear ya, killin me
Pokerface: what’s steele’s BE got to do with it? he’s not a trade out option
faisca7: Nice one Monty
pcaman2003: Last night the Bont,now Franklin determined to derail me.
tankin: franklin warming up
heppelitis: dont worry nathan brown on buddy
SilverLion: Newman done his job. 80+ from Steele would be nice.
LuvIt74: @Poker why wouldn’t he be, he has made $100k and could very well be a nice stepping stone
Pokerface: does papley really get 2 kicks credited for that?
pcaman2003: Wake up Heeney. Game on son!
dipstick: quick fire 4 or 7 goals franklin and reid
DrSeuss: Any time now Steele, get a little involved?
luke394: cmon Steele ffs
Chelskiman: I have Caddy. I’ll get Pason’s 55 though, which is probably what Caddy would have got anyway.
SilverLion: When is Newnes getting his red cross?
LuvIt74: @pcaman we must have very simular teams m8, hope u put the VC on Danger though
Pokerface: luvit if the biggest need in your team is to upgrade steele you are in an unbelievable position.
Pokerface: i’m still stuck on your first sentence in that chelskiman.
pcaman2003: I did indeed Luvit74
Chelskiman: I started with Caddy and I’ve had other issues to sort out every time I’ve gone to trade him.
SilverLion: Steele still owed a FF haha. At least hes on the move…
Migz: wtf is wrong with parker
Pokerface: @chelkski fair enough. i admit he nearly made my starting team.
LuvIt74: @Poker i dont have him but wish I did & if I did I would strongly consider stepping him up to Hanners post bye.
JockMcPie: Raise the bat Hanners
SilverLion: @LuvIt Hes a perfect F6/7 though, and with the lack of forward options this year…
TheBoy89: come on buddy get to 70 by 3qtr time
DrSeuss: Newman and Heeney taking the 3rd Quarter off?
Pokerface: exacatly SL. that and the lack of money generation, upgrading him is a bit of luxury, if you can work out someone better
LuvIt74: Heeney’s glandular feavor must e back
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. I think my SC tree is full of lemons this week.
Chelskiman: Heeney going backwards now, ffs.
LuvIt74: @Silver if he continues to average 90’s then yes keep him but if he starts to taper off he’d b a awesome stepping stone
JockMcPie: Newman!
Chelskiman: Newman off the left!
dipstick: wow. newman 15 points in an hour can go and get rooted
TyCarlisle: Hard for a defender to get the ball when the ball has been in the swan’s forward half.
DanBlack: Yeah dipstick I expect the world from my rookies too
TyCarlisle: Also… Newman has played 6 games. be happy that he is going up in cash.
LMartos: Give Steele points ya dogs CD
circle52: Lift Hanners slowed down that quarter. Need to match Danger
SilverLion: Bit early on the star there m0nty…
StuL: Someone said they had Caddy? “Josh Caddy (groin soreness) replaced in the selected side by Anthony Miles”
SilverLion: Ayyyyy Steele finally got his FF, only a qtr and 5 min late…
jaxx: hanners decent quadruple double chance. no-one done it for two years
Chelskiman: Let’s go, Heeney. 45 point quarter!
luke394: hs getting going Silverlion
circle52: Hanners one of the reasons I hate byes – Would of been in my team 2 weeks ago but already too Rd 11 bye heavy.
heppelitis: 3 more tackles now jaxx
dipstick: someone got a quadruple double last week didnt they? heard spud on sen
dipstick: @circle so your happy to miss out on more points in the weeks leading up to byes than a donut for 1 round? ridiculous
LMartos: CD please give Steele the points he deserves
luke394: Buddy might still get 80 after being on -1 quarter time
SilverLion: Steele hard done by in SC or nah?
Chelskiman: Steele and Buddy starting to annoy me. It was all fun and games when they were staying low.
pcaman2003: Buddy,Heeney and Bont killing me big time.
anthsill03: ying yang for buddy?
circle52: @dipstick when you are out of running for overall I plan for byes to get as high I as I can making ground.
LMartos: in my very biased opinion he has been @SilverLion
circle52: 2Silverlion just noticed he has only 75% TOG as well.
crusherop: franklin gained 3 points for that goal ??
luke394: get 90 Steele
tankin: papley such a hog
Pokerface: steele did nothing when game was still up for grabs
All Reds: i am very bad at tipping
Chelskiman: I’m 2/2 in the tipping so far.
heppelitis: newman junk in it up like a pro
luke394: hannebery a bit robbed score wise feel like hes had a 150 game easy
All Reds: chelski, tell me your secrets
luke394: 28, 11 contested, 7 tackles, 2 goals
Yelse: why was newman ever dropped he looks like a gun in the making
SilverLion: Give Newman the Trash Can xD
poolboybob: I love Lloyd. Super consistent, good bet for around 30 touches and 100 points every week in the back line
DanBlack: Raising a glass to Newman over here in WA
AT_123: @luke by the time the game ends plus scaling youd think he will be at 150+
heppelitis: even his crap kicks turn to gold yelse
circle52: With hanners and SC hidden scoring 3 clangers and 75% efficiency may hurt a little
Apachecats: Cheers @DanBlack ,whats your drop?
SilverLion: Happy enough with Steele and Newman. Don’t have Franklin or Heeney so all is well.
All Reds: newman gon’ make us so much $$
MONEY TALK: really rooey really
Costanza: Parker disappointing once again
MONEY TALK: ive got the VC on steven, everytime he goes on fire he stops y my boi
AngryRyno: Nic Newman DT ton, SC ton pending
Chelskiman: Junk it, Heeney. Jesus. 🙁
poolboybob: Get stuffed Buddy
MONEY TALK: since we have lost do what u please franklin and get me those points
pcaman2003: C’mon Buddy.One more please
SilverLion: Is Newman elligable for Rising Star?
gdshifty: the Newman junk is real.
poolboybob: Newman rubbish bin
JockMcPie: Roo my worst trade in of the year
Costanza: 150 the new norm
pcaman2003: Heeney really disappointing.
heppelitis: Newman nearly cape this qtr?
m0nty: like I said, 137 for Newman 😀
AngryRyno: Newman is 24, so no
Pokerface: too old i think SL
TyCarlisle: newman is 24.
iZander: no@silverlion
circle52: @silverlion no mature age born 1993
Perry95: Newman is 24, makes him ineligible
Chelskiman: Glad my opp has Witts and Ryder, because he’s 120 up already.
SilverLion: Cheers guys, wasn’t sure
Gotigres: Well backed up Newman from last week.
circle52: and Horse will start Newman on the bench again next week or drop him.
frenzy: newman keeper
MONEY TALK: plus 12 for rooey and yet still ges nothing for Sc
heppelitis: Newman not like being told to get rooted by Dipstick lol
Pokerface: keep vc newman?
MONEY TALK: titch or oliver for C wont be taking steven score
Pokerface: money talk, after the siren in a 50 point loss, completely inneffectual on the game. sc measures game impact
CamT: The SC site projected Newman’s score to be 94
MONEY TALK: yea i realised pokerface forgot CD like those important goals
iZander: carful of the Greenwood tag on Titch, oliver for me, although id go a better option than those tbh
MONEY TALK: i already missed the danger one, i have fyfe,pendels,murphy and adams

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