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Chat log from R9 of 2017: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2017

J.Worrall: Woof woof!
J.Worrall: Who is late out for Libba?
frenzy: danger or jelwood for VC
TheBoy89: Bont or danger vc?
Blaknight: I’ve gone Jelwood myself. Gotta choose between Bont, Hal, Danger and Jelwood.
fozzy2013: Guthrie out
ReggieOz: Libba got dropped
frenzy: monty’s asleep at the wheel
TheBoy89: Bont or danger
frenzy: CD loves Bont
9inch: You’d you pick? I Went Cats
m0nty: present
Blaknight: Ahh who to VC.. lol
PLACEBOPIE: danger ribs are better
Blaknight: Taking Jelwood. Staying with my gut.
shaker: Danger for me
PLACEBOPIE: danger is going big
circle52: Evening all
PLACEBOPIE: +30 danger
cusch1: Bontempelli probably awarded points for allowing danger to start well
PLACEBOPIE: moggs creek local
circle52: Taking Jelwood as VC
dipstick: keep me off the barrel and dont bend me over this week parsons
boo!: parsons taking his usual spot at the bottom
circle52: Loopholing Parsons and Greenwood
TheBoy89: Fuck me I went bont over danger
Snarfy: How many points does supercoach give for consistency Parsons?
boo!: i wish i could wrap a loophole around parsons neck
TheBoy89: Now danger looks fresh!
m0nty: that was dumb Travis
LuvIt74: I really want to bring in Heeney this week but it doesn’t suit my bye structure that well with is 3-8-6-13
Snarfy: Parsons is climbing up the list!
LMartos: don’t think I’ve ever seen someone on 26 DT points this early
Roksta: Gold from bont
PLACEBOPIE: smoke and mirrors behind the grass monty 😀
LuvIt74: @Lmartos don’t worry it wont last mate
dipstick: @luvit ohhh not this again. who gives a rats fuck about your bye structure? really
m0nty: bad signs for Cats they will get flogged at this rate
Heizenberg: Omg spud for the acorsbiard
Heizenberg: Scoreboard*
TheBoy89: I traded in macrae
Heizenberg: Hi all
CBeezDeez: U drinkin again Heiz?
theoc: what bd signs monty? still think the cats will take this
calboye: im interested to see if s. selwood does anything
boo!: lift danger, you’ve done nothing for 6 mins
Heizenberg: Haha funny beez
PLACEBOPIE: boy 89 is to blame if macrae scores f all
Heizenberg: I’m all seriousness I barley drink
GJayBee: My sc style is only total guns and the bont is in my team for the first time. please son, please
GJayBee: say the bont once when i was in a fitzroy cafe, I said to the table oppotise, excuse me, there is the bont, they smiled
TheBoy89: Parsons fuck you
LMartos: Parsons is so bad
JockMcPie: Parsons what was that…
zadolinnyj: Gents
poolboybob: Nice kick Parsons you crab
boo!: parse sons
TheBoy89: Oh fuck I just realised I have stewart
LuvIt74: The dogs starting to get their team of 2016 back little by little, once Roughead is back they will be hard to beat this
LuvIt74: year
spudaroos: As a parsons owner im glad he didnt get dropped, but he seems awful
myteamsuks: Wtf!! Danger
LMartos: Danger 😮
PLACEBOPIE: +60 danger
LuvIt74: Great goal by Danger
TheBoy89: fucking legend Dangerfield he’s back in business
Roksta: How was that not chopping the arms
Chelskiman: Danger has come to play tonight. Ripping goal.
Breezey: Dust off the cape says Danger
StuL: Danger to go huge
TheBoy89: Dangerfield is back and looks fresh af
PLACEBOPIE: changing my c on sloane to some dud so my points go to danger 😀
TheBoy89: Kolodjashnij needs to be dropped can’t even pick up the ball
LMartos: suckling’s kicking is so elite
TheBoy89: I have got vc on Bont
thornz23: Looking like I should a gone with my gut.. I felt like danger was gonna have a huge game,
thornz23: Was looking at chucking some cash on 3 goals and 30+. At least I captained him across the board :p
TheBoy89: I swear the unluckiest cunt in sc I traded in buddy last week and he got 82 then this week macrae fml
Chelskiman: Regret picking Geelong already.
hinsch: parsons looking sharp this week
LuvIt74: @TheBoy had Macrae since day 1 – He’ll come good
duckky: Parsons – 7 SC point more this week than last week
casey22: Cape for danger
myteamsuks: There’s the cape
dipstick: parson heading for a game cape. yeehar! fire up son!!
tankin: kermit for bont
frenzy: cape required
boo!: cmon parsons, ton up
TheBoy89: Dahlhaus was in my year 9 class
doogz: Where is the hamburgler, Hawkins?
Breezey: Dahlhaus went to a special school didn’t he
LuvIt74: TheBoy89 yeah you told us last week mate, congrats
frenzy: cocky hammy
LMartos: Bont kick straight you spoon
TheBoy89: No lol Dahlhaus went to st Joseph’s college
LuvIt74: Cats look like the rabbits & fox’s I shoot when I go spotlighting…
CamT: Which school was that TheBoy89 ?
doogz: Dogs looking like a far better team.
TheBoy89: So far so good dahl,danger,macrae,stewart and bont
LuvIt74: Cats look at the ball and look hypnotised.
duckky: Cockatoo done a Hammy
Heizenberg: Wow cool the boy
Breezey: Sounds very special needs to me
PLACEBOPIE: you would know who he’s related too then boy89.Which footy player?
J_Herer: Looks like i will get discounted Danger this week
Heizenberg: @theboy same height still?
TheBoy89: Dangerfield already got his halftime score from last week 🙂
GJayBee: First game of the year I don’t captain Danger hahahahahahah
9inch: Carn cats bont and vc danger. Thats all.
Raspel31: Hmm. Just here. And I didn’t V cap the Danger, groan.
TheBoy89: Dahl has a older brother I think and has a cousin called jay playing for the college seniors
runt: 28 tackles by the Cats so far. Now need to get more on the scoreboard
faisca7: Anyone else vice captain danger? And also leave the C on Bont? Fml
PLACEBOPIE: he and danger are related
StuL: Scott’s broken Taylor, still. Broken a few of our players with silly tinkering it seems.
boo!: i went to school with parsons, he was crap then
PLACEBOPIE: both top scores local boys
GJayBee: Scott has really done a job on Taylor Stul you called it mate
casey22: No cape for Danger?
GJayBee: boo I think it takes a special kind of idiot legend to want to chase a leather ball around an kick it between two sticks
LuvIt74: Thankfully the VC on Danger however got Bont, Macrae doing very little
hinsch: parsons 40SC points this week
9inch: Pretty happy my main opp VC is JPK not danger. This early bound to get 160
Rilian: Cockatoo out for game (in unlikely case you didn’t hear yet)
LuvIt74: @9inch Danger was on 40SC half way through 1st quarter don’t count your chookens yet m8…lol
PLACEBOPIE: hammy cockatoo
runt: Taylor mended at 1/4 time with super glue
LuvIt74: Hope your right though, he’s my VC
Raspel31: Who kept or who traded Rocky? Me to Neale.
9inch: 160 sc easy Luvit.
circle52: Caught with reverse trades again so no e on parsons to loophole.
Hoot: Danger looks back to his usual self
LuvIt74: Raspel great move
frenzy: kept
PLACEBOPIE: +100 danger
StuL: Two goals for the season as a fwd for Taylor, experiment is worth it…
thornz23: Fuck danger is awesome to watch when he’s on
Chelskiman: Anyone C Danger?
preki1: well i guess danger is back
LMartos: Danger is a mint unit
LuvIt74: If it wasn’t for Danger the cats would be screwed
TheBoy89: Bloody hell Dangerfield star for Dangerfield already also my mates traded iphim out this eeek
jimmyboy: the cape is on
frenzy: Danger us
JockMcPie: Danger, you gun
TyCarlisle: i kept rocky
9inch: Loopholing Hannan and Parsons. Go big Parsons.
poolboybob: Do something Macrae
casey22: Danger on fire; incredible
StuL: Danger loves the cattery.
Chelskiman: Why the hell would you trade him out? LMAO
hinsch: Macrae will ruin my SC this week
Blaknight: I kept Rocky.
doogz: Double cape?
GJayBee: Stul, I have a lot of time for your take on this horrible world
DrSeuss: Tuohy, Dahl and Macrae have done nothing this quarter.
Rush: of course the one week i don’t vc/c Danger he goes off.
TheBoy89: Good parsons keep feeding danger
faisca7: I kept rocky
LuvIt74: I’m sure your safe hinsch, the majority of top players have Macrae mate
StuL: Cheers GJaybee
CamT: Parsons outscoring Bontempelli. I was not counting on that.
TheBoy89: BT thinks duncan is danger…
raffa: His having a dangerfield day/night
runt: I heard a saying once that straight kicking was great football
LuvIt74: very soft Free there
Breezey: Has anyone ever got to the ton by halftime before. DT or SC
Hoot: big kick
TheBoy89: Tuohy beast traded him in last week
PLACEBOPIE: bt has danger C
Raspel31: Somebody actually traded the Danger? Oh why did I not trust you with the V
Chelskiman: I don’t have Macrae. Every time I’ve gone to get him something else pops up or I can’t afford him.
Roksta: No way that was high
9inch: Nice kick
Chelskiman: Got Heeney in last week instead.
Chelskiman: I seem to remember someone being on 100 at HT before, but no idea who.
Heizenberg: Danger has Akers game in sight from 2001
runt: The signs are good for the Cats
Heizenberg: Anyone remember that?
Roksta: Had done it a few times
PLACEBOPIE: chelski dont you understand the luvit74 bye structure….it will cause you kaos 😀
LuvIt74: It’s happened many times where a player has 100 points at half time
runt: Cats 41 tackles on Mackie hasn’t got one!
Roksta: Gazza
TheBoy89: This is what a in form danger and Selwood can do
runt: Cats auditioning for Ablett?
Hoot: Why didnt Taylor turn right towards the goals.
DrSeuss: FFS Macrae – where are you ?
9inch: Get a touch Danger geez been a minute or two
TheBoy89: Sorry guys I traded in macrae
Raspel31: Always dubious about the Bont-but injuries brought him in 2 weeks ago. Hmm. Hmm.
Chelskiman: @PlaceboPie, Eh I don’t care about byes. If I get two out of three wins then I see that as a success.
tankin: macrae ripe the plucking post bye
frenzy: Harry cape
LuvIt74: Wallis having a great first game back
PLACEBOPIE: 😉 chelski true we can both pick up macrae soon on the cheap 😀
Kenny27: Happy learned to putt uh oh… I mean Harry learned to kick Uh Oh!
runt: Scotts wrecking of Taylor myth has been busted
calboye: anyone else bring in scott selwood?
frenzy: I’ll be rapt if Macrae beats Bont
PieCannon: in draft i did @calboye
circle52: Have Wallis on watch list luvit and not disappointing.
runt: Cats with their work tonight prove they have been very lazy of late and needed a boot up the arse
tankin: ill be rapt if parsons beats macrae
TheBoy89: I swear I’ve cursed every premium but when it comes to rookies I’m a god
PLACEBOPIE: what rookie you picking next few weeks greenwood shai bolton callum brown?
casey22: 1oo uo for danger
MONEY TALK: u guys can thank me later i didn’t VC/C danger got told he was meant to be tagged
TheBoy89: Nic Newman is my baby and always will
theoc: lol money talk, the dogs were never gonna chuck a hard tag on, no dedicated taggers…
Raspel31: You and me Money-groan
PLACEBOPIE: libba is their best tagger and was dropped so bad advice
frenzy: double cape for danger
PLACEBOPIE: raise bat danger
MONEY TALK: a ton b4 HT, would of loved to have that C score
LuvIt74: Dogs struggling to go forward this second half.
casey22: Backdrop in dogs coaches box – White King; getting cleaned up!
Chelskiman: I don’t even think the Justice League has seen this many capes.
Sloaneyyyy: Would you believe this is the first week I took the captaincy off Dangerfield… Fmdt!
StuL: Welcome captain Witts
Snarfy: the top several cats have got 3/4 time scores!
runt: Dangerfield imperious
brownidge: Cats by 51
TheBoy89: I have bc
MONEY TALK: danger will probs outscore my C score
PLACEBOPIE: we are all hoping for an ablett score
MONEY TALK: i feel ur pain sloaneyyyy
Snarfy: I’d lend you my cape but its on top of my wardrobe.
MONEY TALK: danger can actually hit his BE of 168, lets hope so
TheBoy89: My opponent has danger c fml I have Bont
hinsch: parsons maybe around 60sc points this week
mickelo: Now rest and then repeat Danger
9inch: Think I’ll go the Pepper capt this week
CaptainWho: Of course danger goes big when I have p-pepper captain!
J_Herer: Parsons is a jet
nicho1: good to see Wachie Hunter going for the contested ball
sfmmp23: Fuck, I put the vc on bont over danger.
Rush: Same here sfmmp
Raspel31: As did I sfmmp23
MONEY TALK: got the VC on steven and C on titch for now
9inch: All well and good Danger but Bont need at least 90 from you
hinsch: I am looking at Robbie Fox as C this week
PureSwag: Danger Vc worked, I knew that one day Danger will pull out a big score and today
TheBoy89: same i fucking put vc on bont over danger
jaxx: not sure i’d ever see a half time ton without a mark
Raspel31: Automatic cap choice getting harder-first Danger, then Sloane, then Rocky-then Danger. Aaargh!
myteamsuks: Dahlhaus doing well for a team that had 3 inside 50s that qtr
frenzy: Strandica perma Capt
fonzie: gald i put the vc on danger
J.Worrall: The DMaus is going write off!
Grazz: Haha you go girl
MONEY TALK: got the C on parson go boy
hinsch: Jelwood needs to lift Parsons will out score you
myteamsuks: Chris Scott is such a Sook. Has Indian wobble head all the time
MONEY TALK: what a surprise im versing Mark Robinson and he has the VC on danger
circle52: Slow down Tuohy I want your price to stay about the same. Rd 12 bye Luvit.
Chelskiman: lmao
MONEY TALK: but mark has bont and mac so need them to stay low
TheBoy89: @circle52 same
Manowar: You have the C on Bontempelli tonight!
runt: Hawkins generally plays better in the 2nd half so will be hard for the Dogs
9inch: Oh yeah forgot cloke was out there. Trade of the year Doggies
jimmyboy: can dogs come back?
runt: Im watching the game and genuinely didn’t realize Cloke was playing!!
TheBoy89: Kick it! danger
dipstick: dont stop now parsley
casey22: Agree, runt
runt: Cats far from certainties from here
Breezey: Dogs will come at them now.
StuL: Great kick to 3 dogs
JockMcPie: Parsons? You on the field?
Manowar: I have a feeling..Duuuccckkkk!!
Heizenberg: Wow game on
cusch1: Wallis looks to be a perfect target after his bye
TheBoy89: boy wowe
zadolinnyj: Heiz
Roksta: Dogs finely woken up
circle52: Definitely game on now.
Heizenberg: Same runt lol
JockMcPie: Top 2 SC scorers for each team have 0 marks between them
Heizenberg: Why would they go after close? Seriously?
Heizenberg: Cloke*
Roksta: There’s cloke
TheBoy89: heiz fuck you
Sloaneyyyy: Game on bitches
tankin: is there a 12 goal breeze out there
Heizenberg: Maybe that’s why lol
mattmac24: Because Cloke can still play some good footy. Especially under Bevo.
Heizenberg: Joke, he was still a mistake imo
Roksta: Got him for free hiez.
Breezey: Because he kicks a goal when you say that Heinz
Heizenberg: I beg your pardon theboy!!!!
Manowar: Dangerfield lift! do something!
frenzy: Lol, finely
cusch1: Lift MacRae and Dahlhaus
PLACEBOPIE: and boyd for a trillion dollars 😀
runt: Cats with the breeze in the last qtr
m0nty: don’t think there is a breeze at all
mattmac24: Heiz. Did you miss the Dogs v Swans game where Cloke had a very good game?
runt: Dogs full of run, Cats full of rum
runt: The breeze created as Cat fans leave the stadium
TheBoy89: here we go boys macrae now liftng…
Snarfy: Motlop’s little dinky kicks are constantly being picked off. Terrible!
StuL: Murdoch and Motlop playing for the dogs
Breezey: Boy gone quiet.
boo!: the breeze is from parsons hair
Heizenberg: Was that round 1 mattmac?
myteamsuks: Danger goin backwards
Manowar: The manufactured desire has worn off, Geelong now moving witches hats
TheBoy89: no i haven’t
fonzie: if geelong loose this chris scott should be sackde
mickelo: Where’d Danger go?
StuL: Have they swapped jumpers at half time
Breezey: Boyd starting to look like a quality player nowadays
mattmac24: Round 2 I believe Heiz. It’s only one game but he can definitely have a good game here and there
TheBoy89: 1 zillion dollar man…
runt: If the Cat fans fart in unison at 2 minute intervals may create a zephyr for the Cats to utilize
CBeezDeez: Aaaahhh The Scott plan B working a treat
casey22: Cats spent it all in the first half
GJayBee: Boyd very selfishly stuffed up the bont’s score assist by kicking a point
Ash777: oops I put C on a non-playing player too soon
TheBoy89: fonzie no he shouldn’t
dipstick: hahaha I have parsons vs bont. keep going parsons
frenzy: where is flowering danger
PLACEBOPIE: scott puts him in a pocket when he can kick 60 go figure
runt: I put Bontempelli in this week because all you hear is The Bont this The Bont that. Where is this Bont character?
boo!: is danger rubbing cockatoos hammy?
GJayBee: CBeezdeez hhahahahahaah
TyCarlisle: haha the man is on 123 points. everyone calm down.
CBeezDeez: Y did I trade in Heeney over Wallis!!!
Breezey: Danger is like the rest of the Ctas players. Battling to get near it
raffa: News just in danger is saving himself for the final quarter
Roksta: Redpath turns like a semi lol
StuL: Murdoch Motlop and Bews, our VFL team needs you
TyCarlisle: Why would anyone trade in Wallis…
LMartos: god damn Bont, put it through the middle ones
cusch1: Bont just got credited for another dogs players tackle?
Heizenberg: Scott’s probably gonna lose it at 3qr
GJayBee: danger and bont’s head knocks would concuss someone who had a history of them. danger has egg bruise on his face
circle52: Wallis will be a good trade Rd 12-
runt: ok, there he is
Roksta: Bont big last quarter looking danger-ous
Roksta: Knocked some sense into bont gjb
BC__: Watch CD’s love for the Bont in the last
GJayBee: hahahah Stul
MONEY TALK: dahlhaus already past last weeks score
TyCarlisle: yeah, trade in wallis, his 86 average last year at 470k will be good. lmao, don’t chase previous scores
GJayBee: BC, I paid good money for CD’s love of the Bont, don’t knock it!
GJayBee: How was that forward fifty entry by the bont though to boyd! gold
Heizenberg: Nice roksta
9inch: Caught between Bont as POD, Danger VC and tipping the cats .
CBeezDeez: Thought he gad a broken ieg last year @Ty
Roksta: Bont should hand his jumper to blicavs after the match
SilverLion: Bringing in Danger next week. I’d take anything south of 160
TyCarlisle: Feel free to trade wallis in lol. Just trying to offer good advise.
MrGmax: Bring it home, boys.
tankin: kermit for cloke
JockMcPie: Nice one Cloke
boo!: puts the C on sloane…
Pokerface: muppet cloke
PLACEBOPIE: clokes one good game but lets down bevo again
CBeezDeez: Ok Ty. Cheques in the mail m8. Lol Cheers
poolboybob: lol Cloke is such a knob
Heizenberg: There you go clone fans
Roksta: Unlucky cloke could have been improper disposal
Heizenberg: Cloke*
runt: Hawkins will lift
Heizenberg: It was an unnecessary risk getting cloke
dipstick: I got antique FF coins for sale
Chelskiman: Wtf, I go away for a quarter and come back to see the Dogs are winning. Madness.
TyCarlisle: LOL @CBeez, you’re the one thinking about trading in a non-proven player because he is scoring good for one game.
Hoot: Cloke’s version of a dont argue
Roksta: How can people still tackle selwood high…
runt: Cloke is like a big old cuddly teddy bear you just can’t throw out
Pokerface: lol hoot
frenzy: duckwood haha
tankin: hard to remember back when cloke could actually play
DragonLass: if wallis can back this score up next week he’ll be a must get for FWD after the bye
casey22: Not as many as Ive got, dipstick
boo!: cmon danger, don’t let walls beat ya
frenzy: getting serious now, anyone seen danger
fonzie: learn to mark hawkins
Pokerface: ‘almost like a volleyball player that’s not a good volleyball player’. smooth as ever BT
PLACEBOPIE: when hawkins jumps he is still touching the ground 😀
myteamsuks: Wow. May not loophole the way danger stopped
BeastMode: getting serious now, anyone seen menzel?
Roksta: Elwood dropped that
JockMcPie: 19 points since half time, bit disappointing Danger
Heizenberg: Getting serious, anyone seen bont?
Heizenberg: Keep it going boys xD
9inch: Any danger of getting a touch. 150 sc at least cmon
fonzie: cmon danger get to 140
JButcher: I put the C on a cheeky Duncan in Rocky’s absence…quite happy
LMartos: umpy what are you doing??
poolboybob: umpire muppet
Roksta: Umps are fukn putrid
JockMcPie: Marcus Adams Kermit as well?
tankin: 2 kermits for adams!!!
BeastMode: is BT serious? thats holding the ball all day long
MONEY TALK: yes goo Luke D
TheBoy89: danger wtf mate
fonzie: wtf why is danger loosing points
Heizenberg: Is not beast mode, clear boot to ball
StuL: Danger seen at Waurn Ponds buying an ice cream
BeastMode: he had so much prior, the ball spilled and hit his shin… not a legit disposal.
9inch: Smith going to overtake Danger
dipstick: ying yang danger. absolute shocker 2nd half
Hoot: Danger must have gone off to put the C on Preuss
myteamsuks: This game is just nuts , no wind
Breezey: Good game but a strange game this
PLACEBOPIE: below knee is legit
Heizenberg: Man that Mendel has talent
Costanza: Dogs licked
myteamsuks: @beastmode he let go to kick the ball. It wasn’t a free kick. Bad call
Heizenberg: Wasn’t his shin beast, check replay please
J_Herer: is there a mr hanky icon for Cloke?
pcaman2003: Hell!Bont touched the ball.OMG!
Costanza: welcome back Mitch Wallis
JockMcPie: Even if it was his shin still counts as a kick, wrong decision, move on
boofjb57: Obviously the head clash has affected danger
MONEY TALK: inb4 bont gets a plus 30
kangawalla: Boot to ball Beast. Heiz correct
Hoot: +15 for the handball too most likely
dipstick: so does smith get the star then?
StuL: DiMatteo got sacked for a bad month. We lose you go Scott.
MONEY TALK: cmon parson 42 BE another 10 points would be great
fonzie: do i take danger score as a loop or stick with laird
Heizenberg: Thanks kanga 🙂
pcaman2003: @J-herer. Nice one!
MONEY TALK: id take the danger
calboye: danger imo
JockMcPie: Gotta take the 122 at least, given what we’ve seen this season
Heizenberg: I’m feeling kick after the siren this game
TyCarlisle: always take anything of 125+. Safe points
PLACEBOPIE: go dangers bris wont go fwd for laird to do anything
Manowar: weak effort Mummys boy
spudaroos: Tom Boyd is an absolute star, what a player.
willywalks: boyd for either the star or hercules depending on the result
9inch: My God Danger
Breezey: I’m taking Dangers score right now.
CamT: I’d take Danger’s 122 but I have the VC on Bont
LMartos: surely that was play on from Menzel, walked like 5 metres off line
circle52: Jelwood getting there as well
9inch: Eerr im mean great stuff danger lol
circle52: Agree Martos
boofjb57: Yep
Raspel31: I’m going to spank your bottoms Bont and Mcrae
wadaramus: I wouldn’t take anything less than 300 from Danger for VC.
casey22: Yep, play on for sure
dipstick: if smith don’t get star I’ll blow a poorer valve
JockMcPie: Danger my god he’s got a second wind
MONEY TALK: im happy with danger been waiting a while for a game like this, now push parson or ill take boltons score
myteamsuks: Wtf danger must jumped 20 sc from 2 clearances
MONEY TALK: danger read our comments
TyCarlisle: Danger just let selwood get into the game before trying again
fonzie: def going the loop
LMartos: Cloke nice one spud
runt: a couple of Barnies Bruce?
poolboybob: Cloke potato
myteamsuks: Zac smith X factor if they win. Killed it in ruck and clearances
Costanza: Junk time for the cats
Heizenberg: Damn right team, been an extra mid really
leorosman_: yes Parsons
Heizenberg: Fuck my tips
Pokerface: zombie sselwood
frenzy: Scott’s destroyed Harry
PLACEBOPIE: can we just get one more comment from bulldogs fans.been quiet?
Pokerface: target harry
StuL: Smith’s best game as a cat. Now just leave him there Scott.
SilverLion: Danger just got 25 SC from 3 possies hah
PLACEBOPIE: danger 😀
MONEY TALK: danger
JockMcPie: Pattyyy
Lawls: McRae Ying yang
faisca7: Cue danger posts
thetank: Bont you spudanaut
MONEY TALK: and the 50 meterpen go danger
SilverLion: Charity for Danger
MONEY TALK: wish i had a c or vc on danger i cri
tankin: danger for star. potato for bont
Hoot: Salute to the crowd
MONEY TALK: now 164 for danger plz to get that BE
duckky: Come on Danger, get your BE
runners47: Curse you Bont – gave you the C instead of Dunc
Breezey: No idea BT. Keep guessing you wonka
calboye: i thought s selwood more likely zombie
Smurf_x: How was that not holding the ball though?
Chelskiman: It’s not every day you see two blokes on the same team with 17 tackles each.
MONEY TALK: shall i take parsons score or boltons
JockMcPie: Dahl for the ton?
MONEY TALK: annnd danger lost points i think
9inch: Why would you need Danger to get BE? You selling?
sfmmp23: In the same situation moneytalk, I’m taking a gamble on Bolton.
Roksta: Well done umps
MONEY TALK: no i want him to be more expensive so its harder for ppl to get him through byes
myteamsuks: Why do people care if danger gets B/e ? Not like you gonna trade him
JockMcPie: hahaha salty Dogs supporters, get more frees but still complain
TyCarlisle: Danger getting his breakeven is irrelevant. Unless you are thinking of trading him out?
Breezey: I was having a chuckle at that too 9 Inch
jfitty: Macrae didn’t lift THAT much did he?
duckky: Hannan or Parsons?
Straffo: hahahah doggies don’t get the run of the umps for one game and lose
Lawls: 17-20 count! At least doggies one that Rocksta
myteamsuks: Bulldogs don’t blame umps again it’s tiring
MONEY TALK: yea might gambe bolton and be thankful parson doesn’t go down
King_Robbo: Well played umps
weca: lol m0nty, i dont think the blue moon should be on s.selwood, he has avg an 100 in the past, boyd though….
runt: Cats alive
duckky: What a choice!
J.Worrall: agree weca
fonzie: to think monty wrote cats off early
calboye: 2 players with 17 tackles for geelong is insane
TyCarlisle: dogs aren’t allowed to blame the umps. ever.
calboye: make that 1 with 18

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