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Chat log from R8 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R8 of 2017

at_123: Need a big game from Lloyd, Jones and Buddy.
SilverLion: Need Higgins to outscore the combined score of Mills and Heeney by 10+. Any chance at all?
frenzy: Newman !!!
LuvIt74: @silver anytings possible although i doubt it
Zeratul: Cmon Newman, 70 and beyond!
LuvIt74: heeney should outscore spud higgins alone by a fair bit
benzammit: No silver your done n dusted pal
poolboybob: Hope Newman has a blinder and stays in Sydney’s side thru the byes
LuvIt74: gibson doing nothing seeing I picked him in my CK side
LuvIt74: * next to Reid m0nty
benzammit: He was harsh getting dropped I thought?
SilverLion: reallly shoulda loopholed Newman with Stewart, never thought hed come in :/
LuvIt74: @silver when this happens always field players like Newman & put the (E) on Stewart thats what I done.
LuvIt74: Initally I was going to swap Newman with EVW seeing Stewart scored only 46 but once Newman was playing i left him on
m0nty: was that Stu Maxfield the runner they showed after than Zones goal? Elite if so.
poolboybob: Newman you beauty
LuvIt74: North look shieting housen
Thedude24: Wtf? Why is newman playing
DrSeuss: Bought in Lloyd this week – don’t make me regret it!
Ladbrokes_: Those who suggested that I put newman on field, god bless you
Raspel31: Go Newman you good thing.
GJayBee: Exactly, Luvit, that’s how I run it. Newman on ground, E on Stewart
J_Herer: Newman, go you little cash cow
shrtlg: …. Newman! *clenches fist*
J_Herer: Been a tough hold with JPK this year, hope he goes 150 for the faith 🙂
colmullet: repay the faithful JPK
LuvIt74: @Thedude Newman was a late inclusion for Florent who was a late out
JockMcPie: JPK, Buddy, Hanners and Newman, can’t complain (buddy kick a goal)
Zeratul: Kennedy almost up to last weeks score! 😀
LuvIt74: Sorry Jock I brought in Franklin and he has done jack frost
m0nty: that is why Horse hates Newman
LuvIt74: Goldy starting to look the goods, I might bring him in over Martin
Ringo4567: what did newman do im not watching?
AngryRyno: new recruit Heeney doing well
AngryRyno: cape those men
Apachecats: horse hated Titch as well ,look how thats gone .Well up in Brownlow voting by now.BOG yesterday.
Thedude24: What did Newman do
Apachecats: I went matera to Heeney @Angry Ryno ,very happy.
Vinstar: Changed my c from hanners to franklin last minute fml
poolboybob: Towers on blue moon watch
Solat: time to start tagging someone else gibbo
Solat: looks like a good score for you this week in RDT Apache
LuvIt74: only 24 points behind #1 on CK – Franklin & Macmillan costing me dearly
ronl: Where’s Missy? Gone missing!
LuvIt74: cmon buddy ffs
Costanza: hate the Newman!!!
dipstick: @luvit look at CK leaders. about 20 identical teams so you must be third
Ladbrokes_: What is jpk on, christ almighty
9inch: About time JPK
GJayBee: I missed why Horse hates Newman, someone let us know!
LuvIt74: @dipstick no mate,im close but not close enough. On 325 leader on 351
m0nty: couple of Newman clangers led to North goals in Q1
Xephyrise: newman got outmuscled by hrovat, horse less than pleased with it
J_Herer: Newman doing enough before trade out (due to horse not rdt scores)
TheBoy89: holy fuck josh kennedy
Solat: who asked earlier about Melican vs Newman to start?
GJayBee: thanks m0nty
GJayBee: Newman needs some more magic dust.
Breezey: JPK looks to be going real big today
J_Herer: Poor old McVeigh, time to retire
myteamsuks: Though I was pretty safe 40 ahead opp has Kennedy I have Lloyd. Can’t keep going at this rate I hope
JRedden: plz lift lloyd
Blaknight: Newman better go better than Barret with 71.
Blaknight: Sorry Berry.
J_Herer: Go Buddy!
GJayBee: Newman should enjoy this game, could be out of the first’s for a while!
J_Herer: Go Missy!
Breezey: Wrong or right that call folks
luke394: Longmire is a wanker tell us Newman is playing earlier no good having 100 on the bench
LuvIt74: get stuffed McVeigh your stealing all Franklins goals ya thief…lol
LuvIt74: I doubt Newman will be dropped
poolboybob: Newman will score 130 then Bongmire will drop him
luke394: this will hopefully cement Newman a spot now breakout game
Jackwatt$: How annoying! Newman is gonna score 130, then get dropped and have a -100 breakeven for the rest of the year while
AngryRyno: Newman’s stats look fine but he’s not doing great
StuL: Go newpig and go massive heenpig
LMartos: how can Melican not touch the ball in a half of football
luke394: ur joking aren’t ya @AngryRyno?
Jackwatt$: Hannan & Parsons will become cheaper than there starting prices but never get dropped!
LuvIt74: Newman is looking rather delicious to me
StuL: Ppl were trading Newman out this week. Ouch.
AngryRyno: are you watching the game?
Raspel31: Is it the shorts Luvit?
9inch: Yep.. had the Capt on JPK last week
Lobbus: Have Newman and Williamson. In hope put Newman on field and Williamson (42) emergency – yay!
LuvIt74: wtf was that, this no 3rd man ruck rule is stupid. He had his arm up what’s the ump think his arm was up for
LuvIt74: @Lobbus well played
LuvIt74: I’ll score a crap 1950ish this round which is my poorest score this year.
LuvIt74: They have to fix this ruck rule, there is no need for them to be nominated prior to a ball up
LuvIt74: if the 3rd man goes up for the ball, free kick to the opposition easy as that. So fucking simple
9inch: My opp has Newman on bench Willis on ground. Just hope Willis stops now.
zadolinnyj: Sounds simple Luvit but umps in struggle town
zadolinnyj: How good is the Ben Johnson Sportsbet ad.
benzammit: Puttin r
CamT: I got 2,399 SC this week. Is that a chance of the weekly top score ?
dipstick: how does Newman finish games? is he likely to go on wth it?
9inch: Newman will be playing for Hawks next year.
Strskes: Anyone got Melican on the field?
Raspel31: That’s racist dipstick.
Rush: Stoked to see Newman playing well, bit annoyed he’s on my bench though
frenzy: Pelican poo
CamT: Same Rush. At least he’ll play next week, not so sure about Otten.
LuvIt74: Has Buddy played most of this game Centre Half Forward rather then FF?
circle52: Feel your [ain luvit i will be struggling to get to 1950 myself
LuvIt74: cmon buddy ffs
LuvIt74: 3 behinds buddy kick straight m8
TheBoy89: why did i captain buddy ffs
LuvIt74: @CamT don’t u have any players from Swans or Roos?
circle52: Left Buddy Had you + 45 v Goldstein – Could do whout the strain.
Gotigres: Glad i left you on the field Newman in case you were a late in.
Raspel31: Why would anyone ever captain a forward?
LuvIt74: @theBoy coz your chasing points it seems
Vinstar: Switching my c from hanners to buddy last minute is burning me big time
LuvIt74: @Raspel or any KPP for that matter
doogz: Ah man, had Newman left on for some reason. Good mistake!
JockMcPie: Newman this just hurts mate
Ladbrokes_: Niccyy Newman is absolutely class
Raspel31: Indeed Luvit-and Newman may yet save my bacon
CamT: Newman getting bench time again
circle52: SC Gods smiling on the few who used Newman for Captains loophole as well.
JockMcPie: If Newman gets dropped Horse really isn’t trying
CamT: No LuvIt74. Only Newman on my bench and NM’s Hibbert on the bench too.
LuvIt74: My so called premo’s such as Pendls, Sloane, Lynch, Franklin & Dahlhaus have really let me down, thank god for Newman
doogz: I have Franklin + Newman v Macmillan +111 – Going to be close!
LuvIt74: @CamT well you got a chance to win it with 2399
CamT: Thanks, LuvIt74. It all fell my way this week 🙂
BOMBRBLITZ: Newman raise your bat mate
fonzie: i just want to win
CamT: My team name is CARDINALS if you want to see if I got close. I had HShaw instead of Adams. That might do me in.
JockMcPie: Franklin please match Heeney
MONEY TALK: idk what hurts more having to leave hampton because newman andbalic got dropped or newman going big
MONEY TALK: im versing The Phantom im 77+ up and franklin vs mills and heeney
MONEY TALK: annnnd then buddy does a shit kick aqnd gives away a free
JRedden: is jones alive?
Raspel31: Newman-a quarter to go. Wow.
biggs2dujj: Was a bees peen away from trading Newman instead of Hampton. wowee what a move
MONEY TALK: surely there is a way i can put newman on for hampton rn
Manowar: Franklin Retired?
m0nty: Zones needs to work on other parts of his game than the flashy burst runs. He’s not Dangerfield.
fonzie: thank you ried
Migz: i took newman off the field to put stewart one because newman wasntplaying…WTF
Apachecats: Let me know if you work out a way to do that @moneytalk
J.Worrall: My blue too, Migz!
J.Worrall: Just happy to take the $$$
Beast_Mode: hello newman
Hinchy: Danger did take ages to come of age tho @m0nty
Migz: yeh i guess. but i had the loophole set up between williamson from blues and stewart and they both shit the bed
doogz: ifs buddy, stop pudding it up
Raspel31: Far better to be stupid like me Migz and keep Newman on in the vague hope.
LuvIt74: Need 36 points to hit 2000 with Newman & Franklin
LuvIt74: kick a couple of goal franklin
Migz: yeh rasp. haha oh well. swings and roundabouts ya know.
TheBoy89: regret trading in franklin…
MONEY TALK: i will score 2100 plus but im going to lose to the phantom cheers franklin for not doing shit when i trade u in
nick2397: Pelican on my field, Newman as emergency. Bugger!
Migz: but hurts cause i had crablett as captain so i lost another 60 points there so newman coulda made that difference up
MONEY TALK: mills and heeney want to play the best game possible when they verse me
J.Worrall: I had most of those problems too, Migz – just smile, mate!
Gott2Win: You should of traded in Heeney instead of Franklin, chasing Buddys big score from last week Money Talk!
LuvIt74: @Migs this game hurts sometimes its a rollercoaster, 2 weeks ago I went from 6000 to 791 and after last week 1800’s
fonzie: star for newman
MONEY TALK: a certain facebook page said get buddy because u cant miss him i was about to get yeo
TheBoy89: same it was either buddy or yeo and i went buddy
J.Worrall: I always do just what certain FB pages say – just like you, MT
LuvIt74: @Gott2Win I was going to bring heeney in but seen who he played against & scored well but franklin has been doin ok
MONEY TALK: i was 1 k short of yeo because i went steven and franklin
Breezey: That’s why I have Buddy
LuvIt74: they were my two trades this week Yeo & Franlin
dipstick: franklin has most metres gained on the ground
TheBoy89: lets keep talking shit about about buddy wanklin
TheBoy89: fuck you buddy wanklin go wank to luke hodge
J.Worrall: Sad when $1k makes you so unhappy!
MONEY TALK: spuddy
Breezey: Has a late inclusion ever done anything like Newman has today. 30+possies
mickelo: gunna score over 2200 in SC but could’ve gon bigger if I knew Newman was gunna play. I’ll still take the price rise tho.
J.Worrall: Newman will never do this again!
Raspel31: Was Bonts or Neale for me-few grand so got Bont, sigh. Neale next week if Rocky gone.
daniel87: ofcourse newman plats his best game on my bench
MONEY TALK: biggest score on my bench ever gg newman make me that money would of liked ur score
dipstick: here I am sitting like a king to realise Newman is on my bench. 😬
TheBoy89: spuddy mcwanklin and same im happy bout his price rise
GJayBee: was it Newman making Horse angry again?
LuvIt74: @Warrel try $100 mate, I wanted to trade Hampton & Houston for Yeo & Heeney but fell $100 short so chose to trade Otten
Ladbrokes_: This nic newman train has no brakes, headed for 150
Breezey: Bet he won’t be a late inclusion again.
LuvIt74: and after that I chose Buddy over
stoo: Left Newman on field with Stewart E. You bewdy
MONEY TALK: come back on spuddy
J.Worrall: Really very sad, L!
the worm: its a shame newman will get a 38 next time he starts for everyone
Raspel31: Exactly Luvit-once is enough .
daniel87: you watch get 170 now
LuvIt74: Newman lovely cash cow & well and truly will be kept till bye rounds
daniel87: put him on next week will probably get 50
Manowar: Manowa has the C on N Newman tonight!
CamT: How many people dumped Newman ?
StuL: And Newman wasn’t going to play at all. What r u doing horse?
Raspel31: And so the curmudgeons kick in who don’t have a cheap Newman.
raffa: yee i dumped him
CamT: Plenty of people will have Newman as Captain.
LuvIt74: @CamT u mean traded him? I doubt many did his B/E is only 14
raffa: i wonder what his be is going to be
Gotigres: a nice 75 from evw on the bench as well
J.Worrall: Haha, Cam, I do indeed wonder how many that will be!
Migz: didn’t even think of that cam. bloody lucky bastards
JockMcPie: Another goal Buddy?
CamT: He was listed as one of the 5 most traded out players on my list before the game.
MONEY TALK: i would of won if i had newman on,franklin verse heeney and mills didnt work out for me
GJayBee: McVeigh cooked already?
LuvIt74: @CamT I seriously doubt many would throw the C on newman, most have Stranadica for that reason.
casey22: Cam T: nevr have I heard such rubbish>
circle52: Not a lot I do not think – In all my leagues not one and that is 20 players
duckky: And quietly EVW is delivering a nice rookie score
GJayBee: How would it be if you had the C on Newman cause you thought he wasn’t playing then he pumps out a 150
CamT: casey22 As a captain loophole. Plenty of people would have done it.
MONEY TALK: cheers heeney and mills for going big against me, i almost thought i won the phantom
circle52: Newman though restoring my SC to over 2000 Thank You. Originally played to cover Berrys 71.
Breezey: Some major ton ups from Sydney today
CamT: particularly being the last game of the round.
m0nty: geez I could give Newman about seven icons
mickelo: Would never put the C on a player named as emergency.
Apachecats: Going to get beate in SC with 2260 ,what have you got to do ffs.
MONEY TALK: surely newman gets 10 icons near his name
Chelskiman: Needed Newman to get 143 in DT to get an unlikely win. So close!
circle52: @ Camt becuase of poor performances by usual suspects very few would be using loopholes. Those that did used Strandica
GJayBee: that’s the zen way Mickelo
J.Worrall: There will be some, Luv!
circle52: or Cameron
LuvIt74: Nice score Apache damn that hurts and i scored a crap 2000
MONEY TALK: so ive lost my SC and now st kilda verse a in form sydney
J.Worrall: You are too good for this game, Michelle!
GJayBee: The late replacement jumper is kinda impressive, seeing what he did.
circle52: Gee that hurts Apache cats. Like luv it strugled past 2000
JockMcPie: Best ever late replacement? At least for fantasy
MONEY TALK: inb4 ppl comment they had newman as captain
fonzie: monty theres needs to be a superstar icon
frenzy: give him the old green vest m0nty
JockMcPie: It’s just nice to return to over a score of 2000
the worm: versus
ozziekev: I was 300 behind and had Kennedy(capt) and Newman against SPP…woohoo !
Gott2Win: Money Talk about to sing us a verse??
MONEY TALK: at least greene returns this week for me

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