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Chat log from R9 of 2017: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R9 of 2017

hinsch: Brisbane the most consistant side this year
whafc: consistently shizer like us
zadolinnyj: Cmon crows
SilverLion: At least we won’t be as dissapointed as Richmond supporters this week.
m0nty: famous last words, SL
StuL: Go Barrett. A ton will do. (loophole)
runt: Liopns have doubled the Crows score!!
runt: Go Liopns
frenzy: the old hugh gallucci hey
zadolinnyj: Brad crouch gets lots of ball but disposal questionable
runt: The fart brothers Otten and Hampton looking non lethal at this point
runt: Lions quadrupled Crows score. Its a frenzy
SaintsMan: Man I love Zorko <3
JockMcPie: Give Zorko the atlas already
Brad_J: how long is Rockcliff on the sidelines for?
runt: Showers easing
poolboybob: Keep going Berry
zadolinnyj: 3weeks for rocky
StuL: So much for those saying hold Ottens. I wouldn’t have but I listened to that rubbish.
JButcher: Rocky said pregame that he could be back next week @Brad_J
runt: prunes will do that
LuvIt74: Can’t get over the Tigers, every time ya think they might do well for the season they start doing nothing.
heppelitis: the fart brothers lol…I thought i smelled popcorn but it was them stinking it up again
CBeezDeez: Yay! My opponent in h2h has Hampton! Thing is… I have Otten :-(((
StuL: Go Brisbane Lions. Kick the winning score. Go the butchered Fitzroy song.
LuvIt74: I got rid of Ottens but kept Hampton until the bye
LuvIt74: Berrylicious
m0nty: Crows have been worked out evidently, they suck at defending the fast switch play
Apachecats: Otten obviously peaked a few weeks ago.
StuL: Come on Otten you potato.
StuL: Why do I listen to the Phantom? I’m better than him!
zadolinnyj: I that’s why players have been dropped Monty. Defensive pressure.
Raspel31: If you have Otten as a potato he’s definitely off the boil.
DanBlack: Who is Phantom?
Panther: Sloane getting tagged?
zadolinnyj: Billy zain is the phantom
MQuimby: as if otten isnt playing forward…
SilverLion: We’re in front at quarter time…well I’ll be damned.
Raspel31: Zane Zaddo
zadolinnyj: Otter is ruck and forward
JockMcPie: Anyone else pick up Greenwood this week? Coz I did 😀
runt: The Lions are a curious bunch
zadolinnyj: Ta raspel.
cusch1: Hugh Greenwood wow keep going son
CBeezDeez: Wow! Greenwood! Thats my man!
circle52: Nice dive eddy
StuL: Greenpig. Just the ticket.
frenzy: Andy rOtten
Breezey: Yes I did Jock
MQuimby: oh not watching game.. just looking at his icon
StuL: No. Don’t go early on rookies just the same. He could break his leg next week.
Raspel31: Pedant-moi Zado?
circle52: Good effort boys. Pity the umps only see holding one way. At the ground
Apachecats: Have you Collingwood guys left the other game?
JockMcPie: Yep screw that load of crap
Breezey: Switching about at qtr time Apache
CBeezDeez: 6 goal breeze @ the G maybe Kock
CBeezDeez: Sorry *Jock
circle52: Robertson may screw my dt with sloane as c
runt: McCluggage carries the McHopes of all Lions supporters for the future
JockMcPie: Hope so CBeez, don’t think so tho
zadolinnyj: Sloane going alright circle52. Crouch is blocking for him this week
circle52: We should have had 50 before
zadolinnyj: Wow eddy
CBeezDeez: Whats Beams done to himself now?
AT_123: Evening all. Put the VC on Betts tonight with the C on docherty. Go big Eddie!
9inch: Went to trade in Laird and SC was down pre game.. ripped offf
DrSeuss: Otten and Martin at 1 possession per quarter – keep up the good work 🙄
StuL: Enjoying hemorrhaging cash on you Otten FFS when I could have upgraded!
pcaman2003: Held Otten 2 weeks too long
Raspel31: Otten actually still very valuable-if you don’t have him. Sadly I do.
poolboybob: Dolla sign for Barrett
DrSeuss: I have Otten & Hampton – never pick the right one on field FFS
CBeezDeez: Ditto Rasp. Dont matter 2 me tho my h2h is shot already with 270 point turnaround after first 3 games!
CamT: @JockMcPie, you rolled the dice on Greenwood didn’t you ?
StuL: Kept Otten but loopholing Barrett. Could be 1/1 at least.
cusch1: Hugh is already the better Greenwood in the competition
AT_123: Lift Eddie! Find the pill.
JockMcPie: @CamT idk I heard a lot about him and I just had this feeling
CamT: Great selection, Jock. Well done !!
hinsch: Otten holding up the team at the moment
StuL: Come on lions. What’s happened? Otten sucks AND you’re losing!?
JockMcPie: Might be my only good selection of the year
Raspel31: Otten -you’re an absolute champ-for a loser.
9inch: The wrong Beams in red crossed
Refused: Brought Greenwood into SC team 🙂
Apachecats: Genius @Refused
boo!: nice beams and barrett
CamT: Beams couldn’t run out games before his injury so anything above 100 I’ll be happy with.
Manowar: I have the C on you, do something!
DrSeuss: Otten – Laird – anything this quarter?
cusch1: Laird disappears for quarters at a time
zadolinnyj: Cape cameron
zadolinnyj: Laird has been awesome this year.
boo!: beams man love
Raspel31: Absolutely zado
banta: ead lions thats what you get for taggig sloane
cusch1: I haven’t watched many Adelaide games, but he seems to slow down his sc scoring significantly in some quarters
Chelskiman: I played Myers over Barrett this week. 🙁
StuL: Come on Otten. You can lose ‘only’ 20k yet! Doh!
J_Herer: Nice work Barrett, a good bench cover effort
amigaman: Traded Hampton out this week
StuL: Lions suck so bad. What happened?
Raspel31: I’m getting old-still expect Danger to pop up.
J_Herer: salt in the wound for hampton holders
tankin: how has greenwood looked?
JockMcPie: Otten struggle to 75 for me? Ruining a decent round
SilverLion: Greenwood playing good against nothing, would still wait to see what he does next week.
circle52: Stu not fit enough. Playing behind. Would be nice to grt some umpired call in forward line as well.
runt: Lions physically not able to sustain effort for very long. Long season ahead but we have McCluggage so all is not lost
JRedden: id prefer to trade otten over hampton..
JockMcPie: Thought Otten would come out and kick 5 against Brisbane, only 3 to go
runt: Lions getting hammered. Time to make fun of Pies supporters
TheBoy89: kick a goal sloane
JockMcPie: glad I didn’t waste a trade getting McInness or J Stewart in and bit the bullet on Greenwood
TheBoy89: come on sloane lift mate
LuvIt74: Myers comes off and Powel Pepper on my field so I get Barrtt’s score
Hooks: Greenwood on my field 🙂
Manowar: Just admit it you traded in the Collingwood Greenwood!!!!!!!
runt: Lions would be ahead if they kicked 25.0.150
Hooks: Haha outplayed Manowar have fun scoring 1700
SilverLion: Its nice to have ya back Beams

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