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Chat log from R8 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Collingwood, R8 of 2017

JockMcPie: This will be ugly
Apachecats: Treloar a big out for you guys @Jock
J.Worrall: I sure hope so, Jock!
JockMcPie: Ugly, ugly collision early
AngryRyno: fill us in jock?
Ladbrokes_: Great start adams, hosk and heater
GJayBee: As a Pies man I fear this may be our first loss to GWS
dipstick: anyone know how to logout of sc app? where’s the icon?
GJayBee: I’m doing my Tim tim timmany tim tim dance so he scores more
mardyb: grundy already shwing he plays better with cox out of the team
JRedden: grundy is back, missed his 130s
JockMcPie: @Ryno Aidan Corr went back with the flight and tripped over Phil Davis, hit his head hard like Gary Rohan
AngryRyno: SC scores going unnecessarily bonkers early
AngryRyno: ah sheesh, thanks for that Jock
GJayBee: Ward and Timanny, pass it to each other and give some positive reinforcement!
zadolinnyj: Let’s go dingleberry
CBeezDeez: Pendles water burst yet?
Apachecats: Shaw was on 17 SC when I logged on.Now 12.
9inch: Pendles on the bench again?
dipstick: how do you logout out of SC APP?
GJayBee: Ward, shave your head and punch yourself in the face.
Sloaneyyyy: I chose Hardwick over Elliot… fmdt
shaker: Yep Ward fallen off a cliff this year
Beast_Mode: pendles is cactus!!
PLACEBOPIE: go grundy
DragonLass: The difference in Grundy’s scoring when Cox isn’t in the team is quite astounding
CBeezDeez: @Dip menu top left, then settings
shaker: Pies beat them last year at there home?
circle52: Probably has to check his phone each 5 minutes
9inch: Grundy so much better with no Cox
Sloaneyyyy: at least the decent grundy is back this week
GJayBee: Pies never lost premiership points to GWS
shaker: Really GJB did not no that would have been juicy odds
Ladbrokes_: onya hosk
JockMcPie: Nice goal Steelo
PLACEBOPIE: omg sidebottom
circle52: Any wind advantage at all to either side
Ben_Gogos: Hahah that was a fun little major by Sidey
JRedden: goal of the year
J.Worrall: Is Grundy a gelding?
GJayBee: Ward scaring me
PLACEBOPIE: believe jock
SilverLion: Grundy has no excuses for not getting 100+ today. Owes all us owners.
9inch: No CD love for Pendles this year. Should normally be on 50 by now
JockMcPie: I don’t wanna be disappointed though Placebo!!
colmullet: no contested possies for Pendles this year
dipstick: thanx CBD’s
ronl: Don’t like the vibes I’m getting from Shaw
wadaramus: FFS, come on HEater, when will you return to normal programming?
dipstick: I thought new hiy Lloyd was supposed to ton up
JMC23: Adams was my ‘I have a feeling’ player this week.
JMC23: Loaded him in DFS but didn’t have the balls to VC on sc
dipstick: hate to tell ya but season 33% over. Shaw ain’t getting better
Ladbrokes_: I still believe heater can crack a ton, just don’s know why he has to give us a heart attack in the 1st half every time
Ben_Gogos: Cameron two in the first three minutes, one more to a very early superman.
JockMcPie: Bloody hell can someone stop Jeremy Cameron?
GJayBee: I’ll take a shaw average of 90 in sc if he doesn’t miss games. Still not the worst pick, I’ve got Ward!
Ben_Gogos: Jezza comes through! This must be one of the earliest supermans ever.
tankin: pies cant lose. gws 2 men down early
J.Worrall: It’s getting ugly, Jock!
JockMcPie: Pies can lose @tankin, most definitely so
GJayBee: Grundy, Ward, Taranto, on your bikes!
LuvIt74: Adams a must have in defence this season, I have to wait until the bloody bye r over b4 i get him
Jackwatt$: Pies can’t lose from here??? Alex Pendlebury disagrees
JockMcPie: We’ll still lose it from here, but theres a 6 goal breeze
LuvIt74: who said pies cant lose from here with half of footy to go?
9inch: Anyone know Pendles TOG?
LuvIt74: bloody hell WHE still making cash with his low breakeven on 24
Apachecats: Last column above says 75% @9inch
dipstick: reallynweak effortnlloyd for someone who avges 1ppm
LuvIt74: think pendles is spendin more time on the phone with his wife
colmullet: keep it going Taranto!
J.Worrall: Isn’t a 6 goal breeze a huirricane?
dipstick: Angelina jolie had b Pitts nuts connected to a rope during birth. true story
Disco DB: hahaha Shaw haters. Nek minnit…
SilverLion: Opponent has Kelly… fantastic.
LMartos: not sure how Adams isn’t on 50+
9inch: 75% cheers. Thats fairly low?
LuvIt74: those who dont have heater would be crazy not to get him now that his price has hit rock bottom
LuvIt74: this isn’t the year to be picking the high priced premo’s we don’t have that luxury unfortunately
TheOnyas: onya howey
dipstick: @luvit what you talking about? plenty of rookies have made 200+k
Ladbrokes_: Beggin you Alex Pendles, please keep it in! Need this ton
colin wood: Adams score is surely a joke..
LuvIt74: @dipstick name 3 who have made over $200k
CBeezDeez: Reckon Eddie still has the cork in it atm
LuvIt74: Rookies this year are averaging $150k – Otten is the only player that I’ve had that has made over $200k
colin wood: Witts 196k, Butler 164k, SPP 150 they will all go close to 200k luvit
Viscount: pendlebury off for his baby
JockMcPie: Pendles?
BestCoast: Dependles taking his wife’s wedding present for a walk
Viscount: he is bacck
JockMcPie: Giving me a heart attack
dipstick: otten,marchbank,hampton. rookies are doing fine. Houston and butler soon + barret
Apachecats: Eddie of to delivery room in Pendles place.
LuvIt74: @dipstick u stated “luvit what r u talking about plenty of rookies have made $200+k” end quote
LuvIt74: @Dipstick only Otten has made over $200k as we speak
AngryRyno: hampton was a must trade this week, gonna drop cash
dipstick: yeah and I answered your subsequent question genius. not my fault your rookies are shite
MQuimby: yes march only made 150k but selling him will net you 200k+
CBeezDeez: Prob get BoG v Deez @Ryno! We play every1 back in2 form!
BestCoast: @AngryRyno correct hence he was traded to Heater
LuvIt74: Dipstick so your plenty equates to 1 rookie making over $200k genius
LuvIt74: By the end of the bye’s those who play SC/DT properly should be full premo at the very latest.
frenzy: Dunn shower all again I see
LuvIt74: This season it’s not going to be that easy, mark my word.
DrSeuss: Josh Kelly worn out from his first half?
BestCoast: frenzy Dunn has always been shower now is is a cold shower
cold pies: I love you pendles but please go check on your son.. my opp has you as cap!!
dipstick: as opposed to a steaming hot shower? Buckley is a special mind
circle52: Still deciding whether to take Baretts 59 or rely on Meyers
LuvIt74: @Angry Same with Hampton & Otten to a lesser extent they have also peaked.
Ben_Gogos: I’d take Myers personally
Apachecats: I’d take a punt on Myers @circle.
circle52: Thanks apache cats and ben
LuvIt74: @circle I’d roll the dice m8, if he scores crap you don’t lose many points but Myers may go 80+ it’s a hard call
circle52: Already taking Berrys 71 over Otten
JockMcPie: That was not a free against Blair
JockMcPie: Disgusting umpiring
Apachecats: D.Lloyd going on the watchlist
dipstick: please don’t ton shaw. will get you under 450k baaa hahahaaa
LuvIt74: I’m waiting to bring Myers in next week if he scores decent, he was the #1 rookie we all had 2 weeks b4 season proper.
dipstick: @apache I got Lloyd in this week.
zadolinnyj: Do I captain ablett, Heppell or danger?
Apachecats: Great debut in a pretty tough game @dipstick.
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj GAJ isn’t playing
LuvIt74: Tough call but if Danger is 80% fit id go Danger
zadolinnyj: GAJ confirmed playing as well as Gray
circle52: Tough one I am tossing up between Danger and Jelwood
zadolinnyj: Will go danger
JockMcPie: Just about the worst umpiring I’ve seen all year
dipstick: said 2 hours ago gaj and gray confirmed to play. hmmm
zadolinnyj: If I had jelwood I would go him circle. Will want to prove a point would think
dipstick: i was hoping GAJ would score Chinese dentist. too
SilverLion: Kelly single-handedly going to cost me 2 league games
LuvIt74: Sorry Zadolinnyj I thought GAJ was out m8
Yelse: pies should have had 4 frees in the F50 and the one against them that lead to mummies goal should never have been.
Ben_Gogos: Jelwood going through his customary slow patch. Very risky to predict against history.
Yelse: Hampton or stewart in starting def?
LuvIt74: @circle Id go Jelwood seeing though Danger isn’t 100% after Roughy kneed him.
chris7399: This round has been umpired so differently to last round after all the drama. Bad for players as no consistency
dipstick: danger good for 140 this week
CamT: Kelly has never got more than 30 possessions in a game. Today he could give it a shake.
LuvIt74: Houston to Heeney or Franklin? I’m leading towards Heeney but have $524k
frenzy: oh Pendles, why play
SaintsMan: Do it yourself Luvit
McSpud: Why do collingwood supporters complain about imps so much?
duckky: Hi all Where did Kelly come from this week?
lukefield9: @CamT check the stats buddy he’s been over 30 3 times
GJayBee: Surely Pies are going to start getting a run due to GWS bench being two down from early
hinsch: Did Pendles go home score has not moved
LuvIt74: pendles still checking his baby monitor
Viscount: C’mon Pendles! Do it for your baby!
runt: imps are nasty creatures, everyone knows that
BestCoast: Stevie J should hang the boots up
hinsch: Off to the Cats Vs Bombers soon can Parsons double last weeks score I need about 80SC points from him
BestCoast: Pies might get this by the skin of there teeth
AngryRyno: 80 points isn’t double, that’s quadruple
CamT: Just checked lukefield9 yes he’s been over 30 possessions once according to Final Siren. R3 v NM (31 possessions).
Beast_Mode: gws showing some ticker with 2 players down early.
chris7399: Double of Parsons score last week is 38 lol. You need a bigger effort from him
runt: I guess this proves Buckley can coach?
LMartos: why would Shaw let that run out, it’s in their attacking half and they need to kick a goal
LuvIt74: @hinsch hope he scores 50+ was spewing I didn’t bring in black but after I seen black was on extended list i felt better
hinsch: Watching the rookie this year they seem to get to 50SC points then stop or is it just me not understanding the game
JButcher: Looks like im trading out hampton for Lloyd next week
Snarfy: It proves that 22 players will outplay 20 at the death!
runt: Patton will end up doing a Boyd in a Grand-Final
hinsch: After last weeks tipping I got one need GWS to win
cusch1: Grundy is embracing his inner treloar!! Hit a target
luke394: Adams getting 10 points a handball and they aren’t even effective lol
BestCoast: Normally wouldn’t say this but Go pies
dipstick: ugghhh I just threw up in my mouth bestcoast@
JockMcPie: @BestCoast yeah!! Go Eagles too!!
JButcher: @BestCoast surely not
McSpud: He’s have got this
BestCoast: Sorry dipstick have them in a multi I should of kept silent I know
runt: Pies can get stuffed
leorosman_: Heath Shaw has gone to sleep!
SC_brAh: pendles and shaw seriously..
frenzy: kelly gone up 40 DT for 8 SC, flower off
dipstick: so where all did frogs who plaising shaw as good prayer huh?
luke394: fuck you shaw and hoskin Elliot spuds
runt: Even Buckley doesnt have a clue if he can actually coach or not
man0005: Cheers Captain Kelly
runt: #dipstick translation please
zadolinnyj: Heartbreaker
tankin: hahahahahah
dipstick: @runt they call him . . . . simple Nathan. he stares out of windows with his mouth open for fun
zadolinnyj: Always going to be stevie j
JockMcPie: Fuck off Steve Johnson you cunt
Beast_Mode: ahahaha!!
Snarfy: Did you put Kelly C man0005?
McSpud: Coldpies
CBeezDeez: Stevie J! Retire? Maybe a year at Weagles?
JButcher: Thanks Stevie J, he’s done it for the tips
m0nty: Blair lost it, Should never play seniors again.
hinsch: Stevie J you legend
Beast_Mode: stevie J blue moon surely! only avg 56 sc
LuvIt74: Stevie J saves the day
runt: Johnson was written off before this game and he replied as only a champion can
runt: Tough watching Pies lose like that
myteamsuks: Dipstick where you went last night after bagging out yeo. Dumb
BestCoast: 1964 CBeez not even colour TV
Ladbrokes_: Glad the pies bottled it. Just smh at Pendles tho
dipstick: collingwood flogs fantasy irrelevant the silly fucken hacks can go and get shafted
duckky: Grundy … Last chance next week
grossn: Umps put your whistle away for more collingwood frees I dare you
poolboybob: Wow what a game those few hundred Giants supporters got to see today
BzBman8: agreed m0nty
LuvIt74: WHE scored ok, shame that pendles scored ordinary, he’ll be a gr8 pick up tho
SaintsMan: kicked 2 goals monty, you take that every day from small forwards
LuvIt74: happy with WHE score considering. Pendles should have stayed home, he will be bloody cheap.

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