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Chat log from R8 of 2017: St Kilda vs Carlton

Chat log for St Kilda vs Carlton, R8 of 2017

zadolinnyj: Go big Steele, march bank and Murphy. Stay down Dock
JockMcPie: VC roo, do your thing for once
luke394: Steele getting robbed early
LMartos: Steele’s free against must’ve been really bad
TheBoy89: Why did bring in dale thomas thinking he was gonna expose hawks…
luke394: lol @LMartos hes had contested possies as well, how can u have a clanger and go at 100% DE?
luke394: nice play from Fisher there
magzter: are marchbanks stats not updating?
JockMcPie: Oh no just noticed Marchbank 🙁 I was going so well
TheLegend6: Marchbank playing forward
TheLegend6: Fisher and Marchbank swapped roles it seems
luke394: nice Doch go massive
CBeezDeez: Sorry Jock. Think I cursed U. I did the Roo VC also…AND have M/Bank too…
luke394: he’s playing deep forward @magzter
TheBoy89: Marchbank’s be is 32 fuck
TheLegend6: Hopefully he reverts back to defence
DrSeuss: WTF Marchbank
dipstick: dis careb malchbank reave SC turd in undelpant – crouching
biggs2dujj: Marchbank can’t play at Etihad. That’s Plowman’s arena.
Gebs: dipstick fail accent
CBeezDeez: Woo Hoo MBank killin it now…
RGriffen: holy crap see the size of Websters hand
luke394: hopefully Fisher goes well and can loop through Hibberd and take SPP off
9inch: March bank needs to be around Doc and play kick to kick
biggs2dujj: Shit I just noticed Williamson. Damn there goes another spud
dipstick: @gebs LOL it called linguistics. the only fail is on your part
luke394: Steele? why scoring so low
Lodgy: @dipstick shots fired!
Apachecats: Just remind me ,what was SPS score last week?
Gebs: perhaps you should actually study linguistics then you would get the accent right
TheBoy89: Boys if u diss marchbank he’ll do better. Fuck you marchbank you soft cunt.
biggs2dujj: Doc not taking patients
Lodgy: Ohh @ Gebs Shots returned!
dipstick: give up arleady. rift malchbank you razy plick
JockMcPie: Marchbank more like Marchskank
AngryRyno: 3 weeks in a row for ASoS, beast
wadaramus: Marchbank you hack!
TheBoy89: I’m god bless me…
tankin: flower you marchbank
dipstick: its working. ehh maker marlchbank cly rike rittle girl and getter ton
JockMcPie: @TheBoy i’ve been saying that since R1 😉
biggs2dujj: Marchbank? More like DecemberCreditUnion
wadaramus: April fool?
AngryRyno: May Day
Raspel31: Hmm-Riewoldt to Sinclair to bring in Neale may have worked.
biggs2dujj: Doc’s marks, kicks, handballs and tackles worth nothing to CD
willywalks: double muppet worthy for cripps haha
wadaramus: Cripps you dumb cow.
LMartos: god sake Steele, should’ve kicked that one easily
luke394: should have been over the top to Docherty @wandaramus
chinkas: kermit on cripps for rest of the game
wadaramus: That would have been ideal Luke!
dipstick: @chinkas happy china round. you cereblate rong time yes?
JockMcPie: Billings for Atlas?
kangawalla: dipstick you are sirry iriot!!! 😉
dipstick: @kanga ah-sole yess. velly true and you too same same
kangawalla: On the fence as to who wins this game. As Confucius say….man who sit on fence has one ball in each court
dipstick: fearer flee to call me chopstick this china round. ouch ball in each court no good. go blue
CBeezDeez: And splinters in his sphincter?
luke394: keep going Fisher don’t stop
DrSeuss: Marchbank stopped again
JockMcPie: Bye Marchbank, nice knowing you.
MONEY TALK: brought in steven and chucked the C on him might finally have a captain who scores over 100
Ladbrokes_: well he’s reached his be at least
JMC23: Damn you guys are all over Marchbank. Hasn’t had a bad game for rookie. Can’t expect top scores every week.
JMC23: Plus still a fair bit of time left
LMartos: Docherty’s kicking as bad as it’s ever been
mardyb: and marchbank is being murdered by CD
JockMcPie: Fantasy Sport is a tough world JMC. 5 minutes of bad footy and we’re all over it
biggs2dujj: blue moon billings
luke394: Docherty stopped since 1/4 time
MONEY TALK: minus 7 on steele geez
GJayBee: Don’t put bad vibes out there about Doherty, let’s pump his wheels up instead. Go son!
luke394: Steele getting robbed
AngryRyno: -7 because his tackle was actually a FA
JockMcPie: Docherty stay low so I can pick you up!
LMartos: it was -7 because a tackle was given when it was a free against, so the tackle was taken off and free against added
GJayBee: No Jock, Doherty must pig up as is his nature.
AngryRyno: 110 please Doch
MONEY TALK: fight fight fight
myteamsuks: Carlisle put his hands down his pants and he didn’t feel nuts
LMartos: 60-odd each for Fisher and Marchbank, 100 for Steele and 115 hopefully for Doch would be nice
colmullet: take fisher or go with Myers?
colin wood: Keep going Cripps. 70 from Marchy would be swell and a ton for Steele would be even better!
TheBoy89: Take fisher mate
TheBoy89: Cripps superman cape
TheBoy89: If saints win star for bill but if blues win Cripps for star also Cripps for gre
TheBoy89: Treloar*
LMartos: Docherty lifted amazingly
Rebuild: wow doc
TheBoy89: Wtf doc you beast
GJayBee: Doherty has assumed his natural form
TheBoy89: Should I trade treloar for Cripps
luke394: go Docherty u sexy man
GJayBee: Trealor a keeper unless AFL fantasy surely
JockMcPie: Roo kick a goal!! Stop letting others steal them from you
luke394: Roberton back down to earth
wadaramus: Carn Murph, finish the game strong.
PLACEBOPIE: think barrett should beat fisher jock 😛
GJayBee: Spewing Rocky is injured and he’s not even in my team!
carlton_99: These umps have gives Saints the win. They have thrown the ball 100 times in this qtr
carlton_99: And how was that 50.
GJayBee: Let’s make a difference Doc, you’ve gone bannanas already, so bunch up son!
LMartos: That is a terrible 50m penalty, Williamson gave it back, I have Steele and I disagree
JMC23: We dodged one the Zado
carlton_99: Bloody pathetic umpires. Cost us this game
luke394: Zac Fisher -2 since half time lol
Tommo2909: I agree @LMartos and I also have Steele
Raspel31: How many weeks out with dislocated shoulder?
Sloaneyyyy: fuck off Silvagni, leave Roberton alone
carlton_99: Well Done Umps. Killed a great game. Bloody disgusting
luke394: dochertyu beautiful pig of a human
Sloaneyyyy: Simmo has done fuck all this quarter
Apachecats: If you’re talking about Rocky @Raspel he has an unfortunate shoulder history.
CBeezDeez: Depends if ur GAblett or sum1 else Raspel
m0nty: good DTing Kade
Costanza: Other damage? 4-12 weeks @Raspel31 or even potential full reco
mardyb: marchbank SC ridiculous
Raspel31: Eeek!
MONEY TALK: FINALLY a captain who goes over 100 for me new recruit steven does the job for me

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