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Chat log from R8 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R8 of 2017

J.Worrall: Carna Roys
stoo: Capt Rock plus Titch. Five hundy ta
SilverLion: The all important C on Titch today…If the game goes as I expect it will, 120+ is in the bag
zadolinnyj: I’m about to fly so I think I should winge now as I have 1hour till landing.
zadolinnyj: COMMON Martin do something…stay down titch…get a touch rocky! That should do it
benzammit: It doesn’t look as though the tastiest folk wanna watch the Hawks now, 2000 people
luke394: cmon barrett need a 70 today
JockMcPie: Ok, decision time. Barrett or Fisher?
Pinkman: barrett fischer or myers.
PLACEBOPIE: barrett even with bad start
tankin: thats not even a decision
PLACEBOPIE: 2 possies for barrett
luke394: fuck off Roughead
Pinkman: realised i can wait to see what barrett scores before making that decision, with myers anyway
LMartos: Howe racking up the intercept possessions
9inch: Roughy is a POD now everyone traded him
m0nty: SuperHowe!
luke394: how was that kick from Barrett to Zorko not effective?
BestCoast: Rich is a down and out spud
the worm: because it shouldve gone to rockliff instead
heppelitis: boy oh boy oh boy howee
JockMcPie: Barrett it is, watch Fisher score 100
JockMcPie: Does Titch’s SC score seem inflated? Not that I’m complaining…
boo!: noice rocky and titch, martin slow down
luke394: yes Barrett goal time please
9inch: Compared to Howe yes it does.
luke394: Berry I mean
BOMBRBLITZ: Great qtr Berry!
JockMcPie: Why did Barrett lose 5 points?
luke394: because he’s not a well known player CD doesn’t suck him off
colmullet: gave away 50
PLACEBOPIE: barrett goal +30 😛
JockMcPie: ah dammit thanks luke!
9inch: Boom Barret up he goes
luke394: no worries @JockMcPie happy to clear it up haha
biggs2dujj: Berry stopped. As expected he won’t hit 50. Stewart on the field for me
Apachecats: Got the VC on Mitchell ,looking like a banker at this stage,
DrSeuss: come on Burton – had to keep you – make me proud
benzammit: lol Barrett goal +2, Rioli goal +25
luke394: Zac Fisher going well in the other game
Blaknight: Marchbank isnt though
TheBoy89: Anyone have Rockliff because i do n my second account
TheBoy89: Barret on 28 with 7 posies and a goal with 85% efficiency
AngryRyno: second accounts are banned flog
Blaknight: Rocky is my Captain this week.
Raspel31: Same Blak
luke394: roughy clanger handball gets 5 points
circle52: Wish there was more time between this game and Blues would have switched Marchbank and Berry.
biggs2dujj: Berry and Yeo in this week. Fair to say that was one of my only wins of the year.
LMartos: Rockliff injured according to AFL live pass
tbrowne: What’s wrong with Rocky?
Raspel31: Rocky on the bike getting rid of cork apparently
Torz: Cork for Rockliff. He’s on the bike on the bench.
LMartos: cork according to Lake on the boundary
luke394: If Barrett was Danger he’d be on atleast 50 with those stats
Apachecats: Anyone rate mitchell for brownlow? I’ve had a couple of nibbles at 40 and 50 to 1.
RGriffen: yeah he was riding the bike Martos
TheLegend6: Sloane for me but anything can happen
JMC23: Not many to steal votes from him ATM Apache
frenzy: Berry nice
biggs2dujj: @frenzy I see what you did there 😉
Raspel31: Rocky out there
luke394: Rockliff being a SC pig again this week
Apachecats: Yeah thats what i was thinking too ,JMC
GJayBee: You will the Brownlow the year after you are meant to, that’s the system. Takes at least a few years of being on top.
JMC23: He was a standout in Sydneys midfield so should tear hawks apart now with the others gone
raffa: Hardwick fire up
9inch: More goals Roughy
dipstick: Barret 50 Cal is a beast of a weapon.
JRedden: martin gong for record in hitouts
zadolinnyj: will be good having rocky at the crows next year
willywalks: what are the umps doing these days, hodge drops it cold under a tackle right in front of the ump..
zadolinnyj: pretty sure when the umps eat dinner a cork is put on their forks for safety. rare breed
JMC23: Wonder when rocky has booked his injury for this season
zadolinnyj: straight after i. ring him in next week JMC23
9inch: Farrkoof Mitchell
Raspel31: Rocky was 2 possessions half way through 1st-amazing
Sloaneyyyy: big fat down arrow for Ba-la-kay Hardwick, averaging 60 and now this
Hoot: What is Hardwick doing?
JMC23: Haha yeah sounds like me every other season Zado
The39Steps: Is DBeams back next week?
JMC23: Wouldn’t think so for beams. Quad usually 3 week min
JButcher: Cmon Rocky big 180 coming up
the worm: beams, quad, 2 weeks???
Apachecats: Just made Ainsworth captain ,going to bank mitchells 280+.
CBeezDeez: Rocky predicted 180 for himself to the Traders
MONEY TALK: go titch
luke394: cmon Barrett get 75
JMC23: They were saying 2 weeks but think that might be pretty hopeful for em
frenzy: take Rocky or go Danger,Lol
circle52: $ for Berry as well
circle52: Is that a serious question Frenzy
circle52: 125 for Rocky with a quarter to go
Apachecats: Glad you put lol after that frenzy ,thought you had gone nuts for a second.
Raspel31: Rocky by a hundred friggin miles
CamT: Went VC Bontempelli and pulled the trigger on Rockliff as C. Good move for a change.
GJayBee: Apachecats don’t jinx him man!
Rush: Same here Cam. Looking like a good move.
Apachecats: Its OK GJB ,I’ll be happy with anything over 240 and nearly there now.
Sloaneyyyy: Do you wanna go to war, Balakay
luke394: do something Barrett
frenzy: c’mon rocky ffs get amongst it
kangawalla: Cmon Zorko the magnificent. Keep going!
Costanza: carn the Roys
JRedden: martin on track for top 10 hitouts of all time
frenzy: rough biting peoples bums
luke394: Rough dished up shit all year and plays two crap teams and scores 100’s it’ll go back to normal soon
GJayBee: well done Apachecats, I should have done the same!
9inch: Thanks Roughy now catch up to Titch
TheBoy89: Melbourne is crap cause they’ve got no ruckman
luke394: do anything Barrett
CamT: Another 18 pts please Rocky.
JButcher: Please do something rocky at least 130 DT
JRedden: barret shocking 2nd half
TheBoy89: Go with barret or roll the dice with spp
Costanza: here comes the Zorkman
circle52: Would like a few more from Berry to make decision whether to take or play Otten
AngryRyno: shoutout to Stefan <3
JockMcPie: Nice Barrett!
AngryRyno: Henderson junk, seagull, etc
CBeezDeez: Otten play fwd 2nite with no Hulk Hogan?
PLACEBOPIE: barrett 60 fisher 42 8mins in last
frenzy: Burton you little legend, thanks bud
PLACEBOPIE: rockliff gone
wadaramus: Rocky dislocated shoulder,I think.
CBeezDeez: Uh Oh. There’s Rockys holiday!
Apachecats: Big trading week for the Rocky followers
luke394: Rocky injured
wadaramus: Maybe not dislocated unless it went straight back in.
JRedden: huge effort by martin, currently equal 9th hitout amount of all time
GJayBee: Was going to bring Rocky in this week, got three hundread grand in bank. Shattered.
MONEY TALK: good titch
wadaramus: Well played Stef you gun.
Raspel31: How many weeks out with dislocated shoulder?
Apachecats: Not necessarily a good sign if it goes straight back in
Beast_Mode: it coul be worse, could’ve got injured in the first 1/4 instead
JMC23: Zado…. didn’t realise the appointment was so soon 😉
Beast_Mode: give stef the gun!
J.Worrall: hmmm
Sloaneyyyy: for fuck’s sake rockliff, I just brought him in SC
CamT: Who mentioned Rockliff and injury in the same sentence ?

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