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Chat log from R8 of 2017: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R8 of 2017

J.Worrall: Woof woof!
frenzy: Redpath it’s good to see ya back.
9inch: Bont VC or Dollhouse SC
man0005: Bont VC or Dollhouse DT
m0nty: Bont surely, he has higher ceiling
frenzy: Macrae anyone?
9inch: Have a feeling dollhouse will be the pick of those 3 but M0nty says Bont so its on his head now 🙂
Breezey: Promises so much this game. Who we on gents. Eagles for me
Breezey: @frenzy. I just noticed what you said about Redpath. Very clever.
m0nty: Don’t like the Dogs handballing forward, Subi too long for that IMO
JockMcPie: Guys sorry I traded in Yeo, he’s gonna get 30
zadolinnyj: Am i the only on with an issue
Lawls: VC on Yeo, hope he goes BIG
kangawalla: Same here Jock. Got buyers remorse almost immediately
TheBoy89: vc on bont once again
Manowar: Yeo pathetic so far tonight!
at_123: Took a punt. Had the vc on Bont changed to JJK last minute. Go big Kennedy!
TheBoy89: good yeo i was the only one who went with buddy
TheBoy89: i don’t vc on kennedy but do want him to go big
m0nty: Cordy on Kennedy is a big call by Bevo
LuvIt74: This is the best the dogs have looked early in a game
Yelse: Yeo pleaseee get involved
TheBoy89: bont looks sharp today.
Sloan4Pres: Dogs never get called on their throwing
zadolinnyj: Gents
TheBoy89: come on macrae a stinker you cunt
LuvIt74: @sloan coz they are way to fast and umps know this.
a1trader: VC on Redden
zadolinnyj: Vc on mcrae
Yelse: wheres kennedy haven seen him in a while
fonzie: got the vc on bint
TheBoy89: come on kennedy you inconsistent dog
TheBoy89: come dahlhaus i kiss your year 12 photo all the time
LuvIt74: stupid play by suckers shooting for goal 60 out when he had a man in the pocket
LuvIt74: Im up ship creek
TheBoy89: lol
Beast_Mode: good start Mitchell, brought you in this week
LuvIt74: lol u brought mitchell in this week. Why?
cold pies: Thoughts on mutimer?
TheBoy89: fuck yes kennedy u dog
LuvIt74: this time of the year u want ultra premo’s of today not the past
Beast_Mode: cheap as chips
LuvIt74: mutimer = crap
m0nty: Eagle fans not used to having zero free kicks at this stage
kangawalla: @cold pies. Mutimer about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.
cusch1: In his defence if you were to take on of the “old” premiums, Smitch is the one to get
LuvIt74: @beast yeah and he’ll score u as many 70’s as he will 100+ too inconsistent
PLACEBOPIE: newman = rookie move
TheBoy89: dahlhaus was in my class in year 9 and 12
Breezey: I’ll say SMItch might have a cape by the end of this qtr
Ladbrokes_: Gee Bont gets points out of thin air, not that I’m complaining
hinsch: brought Yeo into my SC team this week that should sort him not having a good run so far
fonzie: sc likes to give points for no reason lol
Heizenberg: Hi all
Yelse: don’t think bont deserves 31 yet.. just SC fav
Pinkman: ya right there @Ladbrokes. he is a must. note to self
LuvIt74: @cusch thats what i said, this time of year u want ultra premo’s of today not the past.
zadolinnyj: Evening heiz
Heizenberg: Match day boys?
cusch1: Bont gives away a free kick and only -2? How much is it normally again?
luke394: Bont clanger and free against killer there at the end
circle52: evening all
LuvIt74: bont was at 35 & is now 31 = -4 cant u count…lol
PLACEBOPIE: wc defense taking it out so easy
9inch: Seems my main opponent brought in Bont this week and went VC like me fuck it
zadolinnyj: Circle
kangawalla: Why did i say yeo to Yeo?
zadolinnyj: Yeah Luvit but he kicked straight to the opposition and then gave away a free. Do you lose for clanger kicks
LuvIt74: think many brought in yeo this week
THESKUNK: yeo will end with 100 +
cusch1: I saw 34 down to 32, and it dropped to 31 after Sheed had his shot
zadolinnyj: Bell looks like he ate the bell they used to ring for him
kangawalla: Ever the optimist @skunk. Hope you’re right
mace485: lets go mutimer!
at_123: Bont an absolute tackling machine in the last minute
LMartos: stop caring so much about Bont’s score
LMartos: not enough points were allocated so most players copped at least a point or two before the end of the quarter
9inch: 3 tackles in 15 sec to bont +12
Breezey: But will ton up from tackles alone. That’s 8 tackles already
Breezey: Bont will ton up from tackles alone. 8 tackles so far
zadolinnyj: How good was Bont non stop tackling on that wing. Yeo will struggle to hold him down
LMartos: Can we just make it clear that the scoring for SC on the website is a guideline, not exactly how it works
fonzie: icicle for dal
LMartos: scores for things differ on importance, stage of game and a range of other variable
cusch1: Its hard to believe that Jack Darling was rumoured to be trade bait last season. Looks like he turned his career around
zadolinnyj: Not sure darl deserves icicle. Not much time in middle yet
zadolinnyj: Roberts gonna have nightmares tonight
luke394: A Yeo stinker would be lovely tonight
boo!: cmon yeo 120sc
frenzy: Yeo way to go
PLACEBOPIE: the dollhouse is on fire now
DrSeuss: Yeah Dahl was playing high forward. Just moved up the ground and got a few possies
THESKUNK: ooo i can relax about yeo opp has him
MONEY TALK: kinda hoping yeo does crap was 1 k off him so had to go franklin
cusch1: LeCras shouldnt get a new contract once this one runs out
MONEY TALK: also chucked the vc on dalhouse last second
kangawalla: Rage trade looming for Yeo. Absolute burnman!
man0005: Gun for Monty for telling me to go with Bont over Dahl
zadolinnyj: Yeo non event for me. Opp has him vc
StuL: I knew Yeo was a potato at heart. He’s done a job till this point though.
Tommo2909: Note to self. Always VC Bont. I don’t even think he has played very well yet.
cusch1: Thats just common sense Man0005
Yelse: yeo needs to get off bont
JButcher: traded in wingard over yeo at the last minute for the extra cash, please dont make me regret it yeo
mace485: mutimer, you legend
FREODUCK: someone call the fbi i’ve found a fraud
cusch1: LeCras just gave up smh
Lodgy: Please Bontempelli, save my Draft League you champion!
Roksta: Eagles getting the rub of the umps
JRedden: knew i shoulda gone bont over fyfe
StuL: Mutimer, nickname ‘the dog’ surely!?
dipstick: CD said yeo would go useless today vs bony and to avoid him. Sloane too
FREODUCK: must be a weird feeling for you roksta
Rush: I brought in Bont this week and chucked the vc on him. Might be the only good move i’ve made this year
zadolinnyj: Not sure about that Roksta
LMartos: surely they didn’t give Yeo a clanger for his last kick, it was marked by Bont but the free was given to JJK
hinsch: yeo is kicking them at the moment lucky I put Yeo into SC instead of Bont
kangawalla: @JButcher. The Chad as big a burnman as Yeo
cusch1: One camera shows touched, the other shows goal. Inconclusive = umps call is my view
Heizenberg: Lift shuey!!!
LMartos: good, they took it away
JButcher: @kanga Have never had him in classic before for that reason but new midfield role is promising
fonzie: go bont u good thing
Beast_Mode: well the umps did ream the tiges last week, it all evens out
dipstick: if one camera shows touched then hardly inconclusdive cusch. it was touched lol
cusch1: Dipstick one camera shows a goal so it goes both ways. Again, it sticks to umps call which was touched
kangawalla: Spud for Josh Hill? He’s the Bernard Tomic of the AFL!
MONEY TALK: so glad i
MONEY TALK: so glad i put the vc on luke D
barra17: Is Kennedy the Coleman medal leader?
stoo: bout time Gaff
dipstick: one camera shows aguy shot and the other doesn’t. pretty sure the guy is still shot
kangawalla: @JButcher. Maybe worth the punt.
DrSeuss: Put Dahl back in the middle – stop playing him forward FFS
zadolinnyj: Imagine if wc had Nicnat
Roksta: Carry ragdolled by Caleb Daniel lol
PLACEBOPIE: boyd dud 😀
Roksta: Zado imagine if dogs had 7 players that are out
Breezey: Imagine if the Dogs had Crameri, Cloke, Stringer and Murphy
Stu7: Why is Yeo struggling anyone????
9inch: Macrae solid in the fwd week in week out
Yelse: where is Yeo playing for god sake
Ladbrokes_: Priddis is an absolute gem
cusch1: Redpath doing what Cloke was traded in to do
LMartos: @Stu7 just hasn’t been near the ball for most of the game
barra17: Go Redpath. Repaying the favour in my keeper league.
MONEY TALK: is dalhouse dead ?
PLACEBOPIE: imagine if north had linsay thomas 😛 last week
circle52: Trying to run with Bont Stu –
Stu7: Thanks for that LMartos
LMartos: Yeo has been back most of the game, taken a few kick ins
dipstick: pumpkin for yeo. he has a chip for a heart.
J_Herer: Yeo was tagging Bont for a fair bit, Bont is a monster!
luke394: How is Kennedy on that score?
hinsch: Stu 7 because I traded him into my SC team this week
Stu7: Thanks circles 52
Yelse: he isn’t even close to bont… @circle
Thedude24: I don’t understand… Every single time I bring someone in… ffs wtf Yeo???
TheBoy89: so happy i went franklin over yeo
luke394: Keep it up Yeo u spud
Stu7: Bugger Yeo was my loophole Captain 🙁
hinsch: thedude24 welcome aboard
StuL: Stu7 The Phantom finally declared him the real deal this week so of course he goes back to his true spudness.
9inch: Thats Yeo done for the year. Had his handful of good games.
MONEY TALK: same theboy89 but i had no choice i ws 1 k short
dipstick: anyone who thinks yeo is a top footballer is a spud.
JockMcPie: Coaches are screwing with Yeo and Dahlhaus – put em where they play best…
McSpud: i am Mcspud and even I thing Yeo is average
circle52: I brought Yeo in in DT for Houston not looking good at HT
teachrtony: So, sorry all, I traded in yeo this week
circle52: Have VC on Bont in SC so not commenting in case I jinx his second half.
stoo: Yeo still good for 80+ tonight. Dahl too
cusch1: Back on what we were talking about earlier, did you see that vision on ch 7 dipstick re touched points?
dipstick: yeo 4 good games out of 8. nothing unusual there
DirtyDawn: Evening all
JockMcPie: Yeo…it’s ok. We’re new to this. Just get to 90 and I’ll love you. Please?
dipstick: and yeos icon is an insult to sly Stallone
kangawalla: Welcome DD
Heizenberg: Hi dirty, hi all
Heizenberg: Fuckin shit net keeps making me log out
Heizenberg: Who doing match day? I’m on 325
Heizenberg: Yeo and johannaien killings me
kangawalla: Yep same here Heiz
zadolinnyj: Dirty
zadolinnyj: HEiz
RGriffen: is that DD
Raspel31: Well, having been a Bont knocker for years my bank manager has forgiven me for finally bringing him in. Go Bont!
LMartos: Yeo was 33 at HT last week and scored 124, could still get 90+ easily
LMartos: but he’ll probably score 50 because I brought him in
barra17: Yeo just back to his old ways
Heizenberg: Damn kanga 🙁
Heizenberg: Hope so martos
RGriffen: Yeo was on 29 at quarter time last week and 46 at half time
Heizenberg: Sup zad?
LMartos: not in SC Ryan Griffen
LMartos: that was a brilliant one on one win by Yeo before, should’ve got 40 points for it
MONEY TALK: i beg dahlhouse
RGriffen: Yeo didn’t score 124 in SC last week that was his DT. So good try
at_123: Keep going JJK, keep making me happy I put the VC on you!
LMartos: scored 125, I’m sorry my gracious lord
Yelse: looks like yeo on dal
zadolinnyj: Scores very low
LMartos: Yeo has moved to the midfield
zadolinnyj: Gaff gaffes that kick
PLACEBOPIE: yeo will be on 60 by end of qtr and will ton up last
RGriffen: what scores? On track for over 3000 DT and SC scores will break the 3300 mark at this rate
JockMcPie: Yeo Yeo Yooo
luke394: Yeo getting sucked off by CD now 9 points a handball
Heizenberg: Match day sad?
Heizenberg: Zad*
Snarfy: How many jockeys are ridin’ Yeo?
poolboybob: Wtf dahlhaus
cusch1: Brad Shepherd really does loook like Sam Mitchell. the 5 one the back does it i think
StuL: Come on Bont. Don’t die.
cusch1: The 5 on the back does it I think**
Heizenberg: I know the feeling Cusch, petrevoski
Heizenberg: And Judd look alike too 🙂
Heizenberg: Seaton*
Yelse: yeo 70 by 3qt please
zadolinnyj: No Heiz. Just been to busy to get on it.
Hoot: Ball is magnetic tonight
Heizenberg: Fair enough bro zad
9inch: If Iveere a gambling man Id wack a fiver on doggies from here.
cusch1: Come on Mutimer make me some $$
LMartos: Yeo got done over by Priddis, genuine hospital handpass, hand dogs coming at him from all directions
Manowar: Yeo what a dud, all the losers that traded him in how dumb you are!
Raspel31: If I were a gambling man I’d take you on 9inch
circle52: I would too the way the doggies are kicking tonight.
RGriffen: short quarter coming up
cusch1: Toby McQuack
MONEY TALK: if i were a smart man id get bont in next week
9inch: Haha I sence a come back.
Roksta: Haha cusch hates the dogs
luke394: Bont is so good hasn’t kicked a goal yet he’s due
9inch: Haha I sence a comeback. WC failed to put them away.
TyCarlisle: I hope Toby Mclean gets concussed for ducking for a free kick one day
zadolinnyj: Yeo has won me some paid league games this year. Happy he is stinking as opp has him this week
Raspel31: Manowar-didn’t mummy give you a lolly-pop tonight? Yeo been great.
zadolinnyj: You heard it here. Raspel is taking on 9inches
cusch1: Wouldn’t say i hate them. I definitely respect them and would say that about any player Roksta
myteamsuks: Oh yeah how dumb trading in the highest average forward manowar
Raspel31: Ha-thanks zado
TheBoy89: anyone here from geelong
LuvIt74: put yeo on a string, he’s exactly like a Yo-Yo ffs.
benty691: form is temporary, class is permanent
Manowar: @Raspel31 sounds like you are one of the fools that traded in Yeo
zadolinnyj: Couldn’t help myself raspel.
9inch: Taking on or taking on 9 inches.
Manowar: Yeh 54 SCpts, Yeo is killing it!
TheBoy89: wow bont just went from 83 to 89 after the siren
Raspel31: No manowar I didn’t-but he’s had a great season and I’ll take all 9 inches
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure you should read the post by myteamsux @Manowar. Makes a lot of sense
Sloan4Pres: Johannisen has major tickets on himself after his undeserved norm smith
dipstick: @myteamsux yeo 4 good games from 8. awesome dude!
myteamsuks: I don’t have him but hate when ppl call others down for trades. Like all their trades are perfect
cusch1: Dangerfield scored 60 odd a couple of weeks ago Manowar. Would you say that class is temporary with regards to that?
TheBoy89: yeo has been great this year but not great today
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel
Heizenberg: How’s everyone scoring? I’m on 526 or so
zadolinnyj: Not bad Heiz considering a couple of average scores in that
Manowar: @cusch1 if you are happy with mediocre then Yeo is your man.
myteamsuks: Manowar tell us your forwards??
Sloan4Pres: come on eagles, beat these cheats
Heizenberg: Thansk zad mate XD
cusch1: If I was happy with mediocre I’d support Carlton
Heizenberg: I shoulda really research more, find a tool of some sort
Raspel31: I met a really cute Norwegian girl on Thursday Heiz.
cusch1: Just as Yeo takes a good intercept mark. Is slowly turning his game around
zadolinnyj: Lol
dipstick: I’ll take combined 150 Dahl & macrae you spuds
Heizenberg: Okay rasped, thanks for sharing lol
PLACEBOPIE: yeo going to junk it up
Heizenberg: Hilarious Cusch 🙁
Raspel31: Well-scoring Heiz
kangawalla: @Sloan4pres. Why are Bulldogs cheats?
zadolinnyj: Is there a punch line raspel or was that a statement. Applause is a statement
Gotigres: yeo might ton up
cusch1: Ying Yang Yeo already.
LMartos: not exactly junk, pretty important time in this match
luke394: God Yeo gets his balls licked for cheap possies
wadaramus: Can the Bont get us to a sufficient VC score?
cusch1: I’m happy with average so I support Essendon Heiz 🙂
DirtyDawn: Yeo, Masten, Darling, Duggan, Redden. The Spice Boys!!!
Raspel31: Yeo racking it up. But my lips are sealed.
9inch: Doggies are one clean possession in the fwd 50 from snatching a win. Then Kennedy marks lol
luke394: All he has to do is take a mark and he gets 15 points
Heizenberg: Haha Ciusch okay, both our clubs have a bright future I reckon
Sloan4Pres: @ kangawalla constant throwing
LMartos: I’m taking anything above 115 I reckon from the Bont
cusch1: The supplements saga has out us back at least 5 years, maybe more. Looks very bright from here though regardless
at_123: Of course Kennedy has a stinker in front of goal when I vc him
myteamsuks: BTW whoever said yeo had 4 from 8 tonnes is wrong he has 5 from 7 and and 83 as well. Take that any day
wadaramus: Gotta be 125 LMartos.
Raspel31: Hmm-who to cap after Bont-Rocky, Sloane or Danger?
LMartos: If Eagles lose from here it’d be a massive choke, so many missed opportunities
TheBoy89: josh fucking kennedy
LMartos: @wadaramus not expecting a big total with 3 premos out, will be safe to avoid losing easy points
TheBoy89: josh kennedy better get at least one more goal
wadaramus: FFS Bont, come on man get involved.
zadolinnyj: Eagles spent the week with a Pakistani match fixer would think
cusch1: Would definitely take a 85 from Yeo considering how inconsistent most forwards have been this year
luke394: Kennedy 13 touches at 46% 3.6 and is gonna tonne up lol
PLACEBOPIE: what a ball yeo 😀
zadolinnyj: Vincent will tag Sloane raspel I think
LMartos: LeCras flog kick
cusch1: That kick just sums up LeCras
kangawalla: @zad. Crows did that at QT V Norf in Hobart last week 🙂
zadolinnyj: *vince
LMartos: such a pathetic, cocky kick from LeCras, hope they lose
Thedude24: Did Yeo just get 12 points for a torpedo? I’ve got him so I’m happy. But what? Lol
RGriffen: how good is McGUNnes
TyCarlisle: where is everyone that doesn’t have Yeo now?
Raspel31: Got Martin as well and Merrett-who you going Zado?
PLACEBOPIE: yes dude 😀
zadolinnyj: I hear danger is feeling better
PLACEBOPIE: yeo killing it 🙂
zadolinnyj: Merrett could be interesting
LMartos: If Yeo hadn’t clangered there he’d almost be on 100
Lodgy: yeo’s DT at 3Qtr time? hes chasin cape
Brad_J: ill take elliot yeo’s 90
circle52: FFS Yeo just about caught Bont
JButcher: Flower off yeo
dipstick: yeo with 7 highest scon ground is pretty laughable. had zero impact
Roksta: Wow go yeo
MONEY TALK: whats yeo doing
StuL: Yeo has nearly caught Bont. WTF?
LMartos: Bont good would be elite here
McSpud: i’m here, yeo is popo
Stu7: Massive come back by Yeo!!
kangawalla: The flame for yeo!!!
myteamsuks: Who looks dumb now?
Roksta: That’s deliberate
frenzy: yo yo trash can
cusch1: ayyy manowar where you at?
myteamsuks: Game on
luke394: Yeo gets + points for clangers I need to get him in
mace485: keep going mutimer! love ya work lad
luke394: Bont to kick the winner
Thedude24: Wasn’t paid because it’s at subi Roksta
myteamsuks: MANOWAR??? please say something
fonzie: lift bont
kangawalla: Wrong Rocksta. It’s now called “insufficient intent” 😉
Raspel31: Manowar applying for new passport.
Manowar: Yeo the turn over king! best on ground – for the Bulldogs
dipstick: Dahl been more effective than yeo but only half the pnts.
zadolinnyj: Gaff has benefitted big time from Mitchell
StuL: Yeo’s BE was 32 before this. Going to be worth 600k soon. Almost like he’s an Australian house.
PLACEBOPIE: manowar didnt tell us he has dale thomas over yeo
dipstick: yeo a must have now. supposedly had a better game than bont LOL
PLACEBOPIE: yeo again
frenzy: Dahl WTF buddy?
dipstick: @stu where do you live?? houses are a million buddy
imageof007: Dahl hasn’t tackled…affected his score.
cusch1: Yeo has intercepted time and time again. Despite turning it straight back over
9inch: Go da doggies
imageof007: 14 handballs too…
StuL: I said almost dippy.
zadolinnyj: Daniel been very good this quarter
dipstick: so you did
StuL: Medians a gift at 800k where i live.
Manowar: another turn over!
PLACEBOPIE: yeo ton now
MrGmax: Such a shame for Johan.
LMartos: Bont losing points for not doing anything, had CD’s impact bull
luke394: Yeo has had so many turn overs 57% and his marks have been uncontested score is bull
DragonLass: I think Yeo has himself in SC, keeps turning it over so he can get the intercept mark points
kangawalla: Raise the bat Yeo!
TyCarlisle: where is everyone that thinks yeo is a dud now?
LMartos: Docherty, Laird or Danger for skipper?
myteamsuks: Well yeo just ton up. Manowar your point was fantasy wise not skill wise. You had a dig at people. Look kinda dumb
cusch1: Bont will do something special to gift the doggies the game
dipstick: LOL yeo SC makes him BOG baaa hahahah hilarious clanger king
StuL: So much for the VC on bont.
Erich1036: who’s the fool now manowar? hahaha
luke394: So true @dipstick I don’t get it
wadaramus: Yeo SC is a joke considering his DE, 3 tackles?
PLACEBOPIE: wc have this
Raspel31: Yep-that goes Stul-me too.
Lawls: Dipstick mad right now
myteamsuks: Dipstick you yeo has got 6 from 8 ton that’s why we are here
zadolinnyj: Elliot WOW
PLACEBOPIE: yeo intercept marks
Roksta: Well fought dogs just unlucky
cusch1: Kick it mutt pls
PLACEBOPIE: yeo will get score for chain in goal if he kicks it
hinsch: Yeo at 59% really with 107 SC points
StuL: Danger will destroy the bombers now. He better.
Thedude24: Yeo will finish on 110. Thanks for that mate. I was full of regret at half time
luke394: Yeo’s uncontested intercept marks are worth 4 points according to CD
Hoot: Agree… yeo kicks to no man’s land… gets 8 SC
kangawalla: Mare for Libba
poolboybob: Lol what is with Easton wood’s score?
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t be picking danger m8, he is carrying a injury just wait a few more weeks until u put the C on danger
Hoot: Treloar does that and gets a 70
luke394: And he butchered the ball all night, Kennedy as well
myteamsuks: Did eagles win kicking 1 goal in the 2nd half??
LMartos: never follow the scoring help on SC, it’s not followed properly, it’s just a guideline
LMartos: there are so many factors and variables that affect SC points, 1% are worth 2-4 points but aren’t on the list on SC
wadaramus: Spot on Hoot.
wadaramus: Macrae tons up again 🙂
luke394: Think this might be my last year of SC too hard to follow now scores are such a raffle every week
LuvIt74: dahlhaus has a stinker
MONEY TALK: regret putting that VC on dahlhouse the last second

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