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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Fremantle vs Essendon

Chat log for Fremantle vs Essendon, R7 of 2017

cusch1: We need a good start and to kick straight. Hopefully the first is coming good
Costanza: carn Bombers
Roksta: Myers early possessions
cusch1: anyone know of a site that gives live play by play game commentary?
valkorum: muppet ibbo
ballbag: if its not roughy barrelling me it is likelyt to be Arthy Cou. Not happy Parsons yaf log
Costanza: sit in your car and try AM radio @cusch1
DrSeuss: Any chance of Fyfe getting a 2nd possession?
cusch1: That is a very George Costanza-ish reply mate hahaha
ballbag: and you stay down to ball lick
StuL: Balic is literally going to do a Parsons, I can feel it.
Roksta: Sen app
poolboybob: If Myers stays healthy everybody is going to add him the next 2 weeks
TheBoy89: who was the one who risked balic for barret
CBeezDeez: Afl website match centre Cusch. Listen to it live.
hinsch: fyfe needs another 100, go son.
sfenda1: need about 170 from heppell to win. U reckon he can do it?
the worm: yes sfenda heppell will definitely get 170
sfenda1: thanks for the support worm
Texwalker: Come on fyfe and heppell.. get 30 disposals
cusch1: m0nty what is the vortex pocket from the live game blog?
m0nty: the far left pocket on the TV
JRedden: fyfe so useless, never again
cusch1: thank you
DrSeuss: Time to get rid of Fyfe? Is he already thinking of St Kilda??
runt: Fyfe playing like a man that has already left
TheBoy89: looks like im fucked my opponet has merret as captain
WesfireBlu: Balic isn’t doing a lot. Won’t crack 2k at this rate.
tankin: ive got balic+89 v sandi. Could be close
MONEY TALK: yes fyfe push, also welcome to st kilda (:
Apachecats: You’re home and hosed @tankin ,relax.
hinsch: hopefully Fyfe gets injured then it a no brainer to trade out
SaintsMan: I wonder what number Fyfe will wear next year
SilverLion: Settle down Saints supporters jeez
Apachecats: not nice @hinsch
cusch1: Fyfe will probably end up at the Gold Coast in a last minute swoop like Buddy
StuL: Balic making it look excruciatingly hard like a rookie in your sc team would.
runt: what happened to Hubert Goddard?
SilverLion: Need 250 from Sandi+Fyfe+Balic, currently 110 odd ._.
tankin: balic touched it!!
TheBoy89: joe daniher critics better shut the fuck up
MONEY TALK: ive won all my games just going for score
TheBoy89: what a fucking shit week of sc.
Apachecats: 120 ,90 and 40 will do it @silverlion
NoneyaB: im so gonna laugh if doesnt go to the saints lol
Apachecats: need Fyfe to go ballistic from here.
mattmac24: I’m 185 away from 2000 with Fyfe, Sandi and Balic. They’re stressing me out!
TheBoy89: i need fyfe to also go ballistic opponet has merret
Costanza: see the Bombers go Tip Tip
NoneyaB: so i capt sloane this week he has rocky as capt and yet Im still looking likely to win figure that out? lol
DrSeuss: Where is Fyfe playing this week?
tankin: inside mid seuss
J.Worrall: Subiaco, DrSeuss
cusch1: We really miss ambrose
JockMcPie: Sandi for another 60 point Q4?
heppelitis: Cusch…..Ambrose deserves witches hats here… idea
cusch1: Ambrose isnt playing?
tankin: muppet for weller
heppelitis: a few weeks ago…our best defender this year by far
DrSeuss: Cheers Tankin. Seems to be going in and out of the game.
GJayBee: Fyfe looking ying yang so far
Gotigres: Sandi just went from 45sc to 71sc
NoneyaB: Geez b hill has been my cheap Cheapie this year by a mile well him and otten really
Beast_Mode: sandi and fyfe lifting
Texwalker: Go away hurley..
Gott2Win: Doubt I’ll win my game…only 160 in front and he has Balic
Gott2Win: Merrett had a huge qrt there!
MONEY TALK: went to eat at HT merrett must of died
9inch: The arvo heat will take its toll on Ess. No wind the sun drains you.
Costanza: need more from Zakka
CBeezDeez: Pops Kelly killin my Match Day! It’s all I have left now LoL
MONEY TALK: yes fyfe I’ve been expecting u
tankin: bombers look terrible atm
cusch1: I hate not being able to watch a close game. This is torture
9inch: Telstra free app Cusch?
poolboybob: Taberner blue moon
jesseboy: Bj needs a yin yang
cusch1: Not with Telstra unfortunately, and I don’t have good access to any radio apps
CamT: Found all of Hibberds missing points. They’ve gone to Walters :O
frenzy: myers is more like aldi
Costanza: or a car? @cuch1? haha
NoneyaB: aldi is actually a good company lol they are taking over everything and sending coles and woolies broke lol
cusch1: was cutting in and out so i just turned it on. Was more frustrating than Daniher’s kicking
m0nty: lol frenzy
Beast_Mode: give merrett the gun
hinsch: Dockers have got to be looking at a top four spot this year
GJayBee: NoneyaB born a poet. Love it.
NoneyaB: um what? lol
GJayBee: woops, I means Frenzy
Ash777: lol wut why show an ad when kicking for goal 7
JButcher: Bradley Hill hes to be one of the recruits of the year
NoneyaB: how funny i had slaone as capt he had rocky as c mitchell and Kennedy ( WC) and mc crae and yet I win? lol
luke394: what a shocking week of SC
NoneyaB: he is the bestr recruit for my team jbutcher lol
DrSeuss: Fyfe fading out of the game again
JRedden: fyfe absolutely hopeless this quarter
valkorum: Say that again DrSeuss
shaker: Fyfe has turned into a spud
9inch: Haha as he kicks the sealer
NewFreoFan: There’s some Fyfe for ya
fonzie: how much time left
valkorum: fonzie 3:30
cusch1: hate to make excuses but 3 games in what, 14 days? hurts.
WesfireBlu: Balic! Finally!
shaker: Stop complaining give up ANZAC day then
jgilf: Have Neale as my captain, nice little cherry for a pretty hopeless round
cusch1: Let me guess, the umpiring on friday cost you the game against the dogs Shaker?
fonzie: hurry up siren
JButcher: Nice late flourish from Balic to get to a half-decent score
Gott2Win: Walters looks good in the middle…like Wingard for Port
luke394: someone call the cops Balic’s been robbed
shaker: No but Buckley already used your excuse if they can’t handle it give it up
luke394: should be on atleast 50
Snarfy: Was going to drop Buddy – but instead made him ‘C’ : )
NewFreoFan: jeez essendon has just vanished this quarter
9inch: Unbelievable how well Freo play when up and about. Then follwup with crud. Bit like Pies this year lol
BestCoast: Congratulations Dockers on kicking over 10 in a game for the first time in 8 years

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