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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2017

JockMcPie: Titch for 150?
LMartos: can’t wait to get spanked by another fast paced team
9inch: Due to many outs had to keep Roughy another week. Big one would be nice
CBeezDeez: Hope so Jock and a Dee win please…
JockMcPie: @cBeez sounds like the best case scenario
MONEY TALK: need titch,oliver and hibberd to all play well
CBeezDeez: Yeah for me mate. Got the C on Titch in both DT & SC!
Texwalker: I brought in Hibberd so he will have a shocker today.
DrSeuss: Come on Oliver – not the start I was hoping for.
luke394: God i hate SC atm copped Roughy’s crap all year and finally trade him out and hell prob crack a tonne lol
JButcher: Nathan Jones really suffers without Gawn
ballbag: traded that shit stain roughy out for parson. awesome. now bend me over a barrell roughy yaf log!
man0005: So much for catastrophic change, how on earth is Gibson in the team
luke394: anyone bring Hibberd in?
CBeezDeez: Here we go! Losing faith in today already!
DrSeuss: Kick, Mark and Tackle Oliver – enough with all the handballs…
thetank: Fuck you Roughead – nothing for the first 6 weeks, trade you out and you start playing well
luke394: haha with ya @thetank about Roughy
MONEY TALK: hibberd a good trade so far
luke394: its Murphy’s Law trade out a under performing player and they tonne up
SilverLion: WEnt Simp over Hibberd and Parsons over Black, watch both be the wrong choice…
MONEY TALK: oliver finally had a kick, him and titch handball kings…
CBeezDeez: Bloody Deez always coffing goals up in last minute of qtrs!
LMartos: surely we don’t win
CBeezDeez: But I spose this is better than previous years!
9inch: Z jones looks better pick over hibberd at the price. In sc at least.
jxxxxk: Good job viney you weapon
CamT: Went Hampton -> Hibberd & Butler -> Parsons. Luke394
TheOnyas: onya breusty
man0005: Went Hampton -> Adams & Butler -> Waite
Beast_Mode: boy oh boy roughy up and about
tankin: go roughy!
luke394: @CamT love the hibberd trade, parsons not so much haha, i went Roughy to Hibberd so on par atm
RooBoyStu: Keep going Hibberd clap clap clap
JockMcPie: Titch i’m not picking you again, too many handballs and clangers
RooBoyStu: Birchall’s AFL Career = cactus
frenzy: birchall cooked, tombstone
SilverLion: Titch has been pretty damn good this year tbh…
MONEY TALK: yea titch is good
TheBoy89: how tf does hannan get a game
MONEY TALK: and oliver need them to both lift a bit tho, hibberd doing fine so far
DrSeuss: Pick it up Burton or you become Hibberd this week
Grazz: Nice goal
TheBoy89: langford on fire
TheBoy89: oliver you’ve got a foot for a reason…
CBeezDeez: Well done Jesse.
heppelitis: Olivers feet are there to run get the ball and handball I think
Texwalker: Great recruiting hawks.. titch uses it poor, and jagars nrver gonna fit
NoneyaB: is 1914 in sc with 5 to come a good score this week?
JButcher: Titch was ranked 3rd for effective disposals prior to this round @texwalker
TheBoy89: oliver is a ball magnet
Texwalker: All handballs?
CBeezDeez: Yeah but 90% handballs Butch
SilverLion: Huge NoneyaB I’m 1500 with 4 I think
cusch1: contact below the knees rule has to go
Texwalker: Titchs disposal efficiency prior to round, had him ranked 25 of 31 for hawks
the worm: dont agree at all cusch
JButcher: I still wouldn’t go as far to say he uses it poorly, has consistently been 1 of their best each week
Costanza: great point
NoneyaB: a Guy in my league has this score atm
LuvIt74: hibberd looks to be a must have
chris7399: Mitchell’s roel isn’t to kick. Its to rove and get the ball out. Handballing much quicker. He’s #1 in CP in the game
Texwalker: @jbutcher def not too 3, top 200 maybe
Texwalker: Number 1 in cp??
cusch1: Worm it only discourages players from putting their head over the ball, which is what theyre taught from under 10s
cusch1: but each to their own i guess. I still believe it is an over reaction to a one off freak injury
the worm: i thought it discouraged broken legs and knee injuries
Patty19: Melbourne lacking forward pressure, Hawks cutting them up by foot
cusch1: It definitely lessens the likelihood of a serious knee injury, but does not prevent them by any means
CBeezDeez: Turnovers hurting too Patty I think.
the worm: well it prevents peopl diving into your legs anyway
CBeezDeez: Do players like Viney etc even think of below the knee when going in?
StuL: Total over reaction cusch
the worm: you can put you head over the ball and keep your feet
RooBoyStu: Come on Dees keep Hawks on bottom
CBeezDeez: Swoosh swoosh swoosh!
cusch1: Viney is good to watch. Star player
TheBoy89: oliver is a ball magnet
runt: The Demons will go bang bang bang and the Hawks will shit themselves
runt: After a nice hot curry for lunch a few showers are on their way
cobrakai00: Peterson would be 1st ruck at Geelong
cusch1: Josh Dunkley would be the first ruck at Geelong
TheBoy89: ikr zac smith is woeful
MONEY TALK: hibberd plz oilver and titched pushed
9inch: Roughy hits his SC BE
TheBoy89: what happend to big boy simpson
hinsch: glad I traded Roughy out this week for Parsons
CBeezDeez: Flower me! Don’t they do basic skills training anymore?
TheBoy89: im glad i traded in oliver this week
Roksta: I did too hinsch fark
cusch1: Hamish McIntosh to make a return for the cats
MONEY TALK: titch efficiency ruining his SC score, also surely langford gets the fire now
Nuffman: Birchall got a tackle?? Wha?
9inch: Hibberd died in the ass that qtr.
TheBoy89: oliver and mitchell maybe get a touch
Manowar: Sicily is killing it today!
Fletch91: Titch and Oliver have been on the bench the last 5+mins
Grazz: Roughy stiff there
9inch: Go da Dees
TheBoy89: wow really?
jxxxxk: Jordan Lewis sc score is absolutely pathetic whoever is judging it should legit jump off the west gate
Manowar: mitchell injured
RooBoyStu: Get back into the Coffin Dunstall tonight on The Bounce.
runt: The Christians are struggling
JButcher: Haha yes RooBoy
9inch: Sicily behind Birch who hasn’t been on ground for 2/half qtrs lol
Rockafella: you mean napoleon dynamite
9inch: Hibberd bleeding points was 66
TheBoy89: oliver’s and titch’s sc score is fucked
CBeezDeez: Watts should coach Daniher how to kick. Geez he’s accurate when he has it.
cusch1: At the rate Daniher is going, Casboult could coach him too
TheBoy89: ok good job oliver now mitchell its your turn
9inch: Lol Roughy and Hibberd have lost 20sc points between them
poolboybob: Do something Hibberd
CBeezDeez: Ouch Cusch
JockMcPie: Titch has a future as a butcher post-retirement
CBeezDeez: Did U find Ur live feed?
cusch1: Sicily is alive
cusch1: Hunt for the x factor if the Dees get up
MONEY TALK: did hibberd die, also titch plz do something to fix ur scaling a goal maybe
MONEY TALK: he listened (:
frenzy: pootracca
9inch: Give Hibberd the ying yang
runt: The Christians have hit rock bottom now
TheBoy89: oliver and mitchell lift
MONEY TALK: give hibberd my tears
CBeezDeez: Pathetic!
Texwalker: Hibberd was always gonna have a shocker. It was 100% guaranteed
MONEY TALK: i turned the TV on and saw him get a touch yay, if he can get 70 ill be happy
heppelitis: thx roughie…of all the weeks for you to fire. killed me
CamT: Hibberd keeps getting +3’s but his tally stays the same. 25 possessions is worth more than 54pts.
TheBoy89: wtf now mitchell has more than oliver. come on oliver lift!!
MONEY TALK: oliver score keeps going down, but titch just had 2 kicks and got a plus 1
TheBoy89: lift oliver!
TheBoy89: srop bleeding oliver!
CamT: Oliver has lost 8 pts in the last 6 minuteses
MONEY TALK: oliver going to get his first below 100
Zeratul: Tonne up burton! make up for sloane, kennedy, fyfe…
frenzy: oliver heading south
9inch: CD is running out of SC points woth 5mins left so taking some of certain players.
m0nty: Roughy saves the game!
Costanza: good game
MONEY TALK: tf stop taking points of oliver
TheBoy89: of cause oliver doesn;t ton when i trade him in
CBeezDeez: And…. Still don’t know how to win when favorite!
CamT: Another +5 for Hibberd goes nowhere !!
frenzy: Lol Hibberd 55
luke394: Is Hibberd score right?
MONEY TALK: hibberd getting rigged of points
9inch: Hibberd scored basically 0 in the last half
CamT: Hiberd got the same number of possessions as Bontempelli did yesterday.

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