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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Sydney vs Brisbane, R7 of 2017

colmullet: ok Zorko….your time to shine my little friend
sammyo7: aliir out for marsh
desmondo: Allir Allir is out (for disiplinary reasons?) replaced by Harrison Marsh.
PLACEBOPIE: aliir aliir out for marsh not newman……Muhahaha 😀
frenzy: wakey wakey m0nty
Fletch91: Have Marchbank on bench, this is the one week Im happy that Newman is out.
Umpirespet: Cmon Buddy need 400 from you
circle52: Deliberate OOB strikes again – swung as he handballed and paid
StuL: Newman not coming in for Marsh does his prospects no good.
StuL: Aliir I mean
circle52: He did play NEAFL yesterday though whereas Marsh did not.
m0nty: well Neman did play a full game in the NEAFL
m0nty: also Marsh is tall where Newman is small, not like for like with Aliir
J_Herer: ffs, JPK tagged, really…
StuL: Didn’t know he played Neafl. Horse seems to like benching him though
circle52: Was BOG Stu so hopefully back in soon
hinsch: need JPK to go real small this week hold him down Robbo
Rebuild: the tag is back it seems. fantastic ._.
Texwalker: Touch the ball please martin
circle52: Robbo with a foot injury
StuL: Cheers for the info.
TheLegend6: Been a bad so far, really need JPK to pull a big score -.-
m0nty: Loose by Berry there.
circle52: and with Robbo off JPK strikes
Texwalker: 100 point margin coming up
J_Herer: Hope Robbo is off to hospital for checks, go JPK!
cold pies: Nice one jpk!
poolboybob: Hope Barrett does enough to stay in the side next week. Need the ca$h
CamT: Newman was BOG last time he got dropped too. He was rewarded with a front row seat on the pine for half a game.
JockMcPie: Days like this I’m glad to have Hanners, JPK and Buddy…dunno about last week tho
m0nty: That was the worst bounce of the season for Paparone.
DrSeuss: Damnit Heeney couldn’t get you in this week with Beams, ANB & Nank out. Don’t go too big
circle52: Brissis can not buy anything atm
StuL: Settle down Heeney. Another boat missed
shaker: Few people thinking that DrSeuss
a1trader: Heeney will be in my side next week
StuL: Not watching. Bris stats not moving. Are they just witches hats?
aces-high: How was the hype on mills pre season did any of you blokes actually jump on? Very happy with my jones lloyd choices
TheBoy89: fuck heeney is killing it
luke394: stay down Mills
circle52: muppet for Rich letting it go
JockMcPie: Buddy ‘ell
TheBoy89: buddy i love you but no more than 110 please
hinsch: if that woman in the Fetch ad comes on the screen again there will be a death in the family
Fletch91: Anyone know what Lloyd clanger was? No FA and 100%DE
JockMcPie: Hey if anyone actually cares O’Meara is out…but who has him anyway
StuL: Because Lloyd gets robbed Fletch.
9inch: Chose Hibberd over Z Jones this morning.
Fletch91: Lol, thanks StuL
circle52: Gets pushed forawrd no free and Stydney Goa;
StuL: 2 weeks ago. Lloyd 3 disposals, Inc intercept mark, 3 pts.
m0nty: JOM is not out yet, just some rumours at this stage
Raspel31: whoops-I do Jock. But can’t lose him-too many injuries and outs.
circle52: Why was that not deliberate paid in first half against Brisbane.
StuL: Come on Lloyd you’re dying.
circle52: Bad enough with our shocking skills without umps
frenzy: wrong game minty
the worm: sen just announced omeara out with knee soreness
LMartos: In a bad enough situation where I have to field Barrett, would be good if he got fair points for his output
Tonche: AFL Twitter account has confirmed the JOM out
StuL: I’m guessing the whistle gets put away today for deliberate after last nights fuss.
JockMcPie: @m0nty nah I don’t post rumours, I got it from Hawks twitter 🙂
9inch: Rumour has it that Pies would win yesterday.
Rockafella: Why do you still have him, hes showered this year now
a1trader: slow down Parker
JockMcPie: @9inch tough talk considering Freo will lose to Essendon today?
StuL: Go Barrett. A ton will do.
Seb78: Nic goal chuck! Keep coming
Manowar: Mills rising dud
JockMcPie: Buddy!!! About time too
TheBoy89: why buddy
DrSeuss: Big Stef stop giving away Frees FFS
JButcher: I need 150+ today Rocky please continue
circle52: But umps are penalising Naismith for the same events.
Kernahan: Rocky – 25 points in a minute!
9inch: Ha lighten up.
DrSeuss: Capt Rocky – 30 pts in 3 minutes…
circle52: *not* penalising Naismith
JockMcPie: Buddy for cape surely?
TheBoy89: come on buddy i want you in this week
Rockafella: I wonder whos gonna be collingwoods new coach
StuL: No more Buddy
luke394: my opponent had Buddy, Jones, Kennedy and Mills
TheBoy89: buddy fuck off
hinsch: Rockafella why would Collingwood need a new coach what is a matter with Buckley
duckky: Hi all … whats the symbol next to Jones?
SilverLion: Watching the game, didn’t see Heeney or Hannebery that quarter
Rockafella: Golden fist
blashtroko: Spitter (cobra head). This player is in the “spitter” role, coming off the back of the square through midfield and forwa
duckky: Thanks B=blashtroko … I thought it was aa sock puppet (whoops)
Rockafella: Buckley will be an assistant at the lions next year hinsch
TheBoy89: buddy no more than 145 ok
SilverLion: $ for Melican, Barrett, Berry
MONEY TALK: should of listened to my gut and got heeney, it was him or yeo, went parson
MONEY TALK: only becayse newman and greene wernt playing
TheBoy89: lol parsons
hinsch: Rockafella your being silly now Buckley could not cut it at Brisbane once before so no hope now
duckky: not alone re parsons… why did I listen?
colmullet: dammit, needed zorko to at least be around rocky today
JButcher: The piggery continues, oink!
MONEY TALK: now my big question who do i get, bont,franklin,heeney,docerty or steven
MONEY TALK: others too
StuL: Bont. Buddy will be Spuddy more often than not.
JRedden: jpk has been shocking
Migz: good on robinson
Nuffman: where’s JPK? eating bread rolls?
JockMcPie: I feel Zak Jones’ score is a bit excessive?
TheBoy89: just fuck off buddy
colmullet: na Jones has been huge Jock
aces-high: Not excessive jones is very damaging and gains a heap of metres.
luke394: the week i have to cop a donut opponent haas Buddy lol
TheBoy89: buddy dont fucking get 145
circle52: why was not that a free to Lester – he was thrown to the ground nit in possession.
CamT: Taggers are killing the premo midfielders this season.
SilverLion: Loved what Robbo did to Franklin, can’t push whoever you want around mate. Put him right back in his place.
9inch: Terrible qtr JPK
SilverLion: Pumpkin for Reid?
CaptainWho: Traded Franklin in this week! Single handedly going to win me my match against my rival Chicken Noodles
payneee3: Rockliff gun
SilverLion: Rockliff Atlas more like it ;-;
JockMcPie: Is there an icon for second-year blues? Mills deserves it
desmondo: Looks like a good week to make Buddy Captain 😉
TheBoy89: i was hoping for franklin to spud it up once more
J_Herer: JPK is looking like he has to go
CamT: The Comments from last weeks Brisbane-Port game make interesting reading now.
CamT: * Brisbane v Bulldogs game
frenzy: rocky in pig mode
DrSeuss: Currently enjoying my Beams to Rocky trade
luke394: Rocky getting flogged obviously doesnt impact points
JockMcPie: Shouldda gone Rocky instead of Pendles. Ah well, probably trade Treloar to him anyway
Thedude24: Treloar’s 140 against ess has given me faith. Gonna keep him
RooBoyStu: Ying Yang Mills, nice to see no Crows in chat, still drowning their sorrows lol
jimmyboy: Kennedy still on the park – only plays the 1st half then goes home
frenzy: nice rocky
JButcher: Rocky you are a god amongst men
TheBoy89: i agree thedude24
Grazz: Not all of us RooBoy lol. Beer does wonders
NoneyaB: thanks rocky u may have saved my neck
MONEY TALK: i look away for 1 minute and rocky goes up by like 20
Crowls: barret 60 or put balic on the park?
JockMcPie: Take the 60
tankin: id roll the balic dice
CamT: For what it’s worth I’d take the 60 Crowls
Raspel31: Id roll the balic too-at home
Rockafella: Barrett for sure
Raspel31: Rocky-needed 150 SC-shameful.
JockMcPie: Buddy – thank you very much
Crowls: gone for balic. worse case 40-45, possible 100 upside.
aces-high: Last two goals cost me my multi Mcstay is a spud with that turnover

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