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Chat log from R8 of 2017: Essendon vs Geelong

Chat log for Essendon vs Geelong, R8 of 2017

J.Worrall: Go the sameolds!
duckky: Tossing up Fyfe or Danger for C
cusch1: Good luck to Jimmy Stewart tonight
cusch1: and that Irish kid too i guess
duckky: Stewart show us
duckky: Also congrats to Pop Kelly
JockMcPie: James Kelly to get chaired off by both Geelong and Essendon? Surely
J.Worrall: Nice thought Jock, hope they do that!
cusch1: They asked him on the footy show Jock if he wanted it. Didn’t confirm not deny that would happen
cusch1: Would be a nice touch if they did though
hinsch: Cmon Jimmy S put you in my team this week as a POD
mookie: Invitations to Buckleys pity party have been sent out
Hawks_13: Hope watson puts in a good one tonight
cusch1: Big risk Hinsch. Basically an unknown as to what he will score
circle52: Gee that was more deliberate rushed behind than we have seen before
cusch1: That goal was definitely not deliberate though #fluke
TheBoy89: Wtf are wrong with cats
PLACEBOPIE: go big danger ffs
DrSeuss: Myers and Tuohy – so far so good…
TheBoy89: Dangerfield why did I captain u
JButcher: Good to see Parsons is keeping consistent
luke394: how goods Danger going atm wow
cusch1: Dont worry the Boy, we are notorious for stopping dead after three quarter time
boo!: cmpn danger, even parsons has a higher sc
LuvIt74: Essendon looking great early, the cats look shot. Although im sure they’ll win with ease
Apachecats: Doc Tuohy is minus 3?
hinsch: danger will drop below $500000 by the end of season
JRedden: got the C on merret, kids a jet
luke394: Danger is definitely injured he’s playing like a spaz
cusch1: OConnor looks good early. Done some nice things
LuvIt74: cats look bloody ordinary at best atm
DrSeuss: When Myers is the highest of your 3 players in this game….
fonzie: they should not have resigned scott
luke394: I thought Danger would have an absolute night out against the bombers
hinsch: Parsons you little beauty
LMartos: Myers only got 5 points for a intercept contested mark and effective handball 🙁
TheBoy89: Dangerfield stop panicking
Beast_Mode: Danger playing worse than Harden did in game 6
LuvIt74: @fonzie Agree how long did they re-sign Scotts contract was it 3 years?
JButcher: Im seriously considering trading danger to duncan
cusch1: I think Zaha needs to play as an inside midfielder as opposed to a wingman like his role last year
fonzie: @luvit end of 2019
luke394: totally agree @fonzie I don’t think Scott is much chop at all
hinsch: I think trade Danger to anybody at the moment
LMartos: you suck Jimothy Parsons
boo!: parsons you bellend
LuvIt74: @butcher dont do it m8, u brought him in now & once his injury gos he’ll be huge
circle52: But not Sloane the way he is going tonight = Time to hit delete SC Team
Apachecats: Parsons ,pfft!
cusch1: I suggest everyone go Danger to Myers
m0nty: That was a very pretty kick by Stewart.
fonzie: they should have waited until they bye to make a the call if to keep him
mookie: Don’t sideways trade a premium unless he’s out with injury
willywalks: good start to my zerrett ownership, put the big C on him, hopefully no kiss of death…
Lodgy: Kelly Cape for 300 games plz
dipstick: Watson going OK for a dude on a tofu lifestyle
LuvIt74: nice start McGrath
Vinstar: Of course I got tuohy this week..
Lodgy: rulesez say cape
LuvIt74: this year was the year for midpriced players if u picked the right ones.
Lodgy: @luvit74 thats like every year. break outs or break downs
cusch1: LuvIt too bad everyone chose DSwallow and JOM, who both conveniently turned out to be the wrong choice
TheBoy89: Wtf Sloane and Dangerfield are doing fuck all
fonzie: at this rate geelong wont play finals this year
m0nty: Dangerfield heading for a snail icon at this rate
DrSeuss: Tuohy has been great – had him from the start – but today….not so much – lift!!
LuvIt74: glade i didn’t get JOM or beams but have WHE & Mcgrath
TheBoy89: When Dangerfield thinks he’s Dangerfield….
willywalks: anyone else notice danger taking an extra roll into the fence, so unnatural haha
Torpedo10: Loving this, but Danger being such a crap captain feels a little awkward. Probably should’ve chucked the C on Zerrett
zadolinnyj: Do it Monty
boo!: laughed at opponent c on danger, my c on sloane…
LuvIt74: this could tourn out massive for me by pure mistake as I undone trades last minute last night so got Bont as C by defult
hinsch: Put my C on Doherty this week from danger good move at the moment
LuvIt74: downside to all that is I have Danger & Sloan. lol
SC_brAh: Tuohy, Danger, Parsons…lel
Apachecats: By some miracle I bought James Stewart this week.
dipstick: @luvit lol. yep, major downside
DrSeuss: Rocky to Zerrett
dipstick: I reckon parsons might even get 25pts this week.
willywalks: just realised with all the players on fire for the dons, heppell isnt and i have him… :/
cusch1: Our pressure in the f50 has been the difference so far
LMartos: Parsons care to effectively dispose of the ball, or lay a tackle maybe??
LuvIt74: Hurley & hibberd looking very nice in defence didn’t pick em due to my bye structure ffs
hinsch: Parson doing OK at the moment
willywalks: daniher could go to jail selling that kind of candy and that mo
LuvIt74: Oh I have Heppell also
JockMcPie: Danger…
dipstick: never trade for bye structure since the 18 player rule. waste of time
cusch1: I traded Hurley out because he was averaging 75 after 4 games LuvIt…hasnt dropped below 105 since
zadolinnyj: DrZuess is rocky injured? Strange trade otherwise
cusch1: Blue moon zaharakis already
zadolinnyj: I have 11 live players first week of bye. Happy to drop that week
JRedden: is rocky out?
dipstick: lucky you don’t have parson luvit
TheBoy89: Should I trade out Dangerfield for zeroes
TheBoy89: Metre
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t be surprised if danger scores 110 after all this crap. lol
cusch1: I’ve always said that if you win 2 from three of your byes you are in good stead
circle52: Have to wait till scans on shoulder for Rocky
circle52: Shoulder did go back in though so maybe ok.
TheBoy89: Should I trade in Cripps or Merrett
Apachecats: Rocky dislocated shoulder.
DrSeuss: Rocky dislocated shoulder today. Off for scans apparently.
ozziekev: any chance Dangerfield could play like Patrick instead of Rodney ?
dipstick: Cripps sc merret DT
grossn: Imagine if 7.1 not 1.7
LuvIt74: I have no problem with round 11 & 12 but Round 13 is where my team hits the fan but by then ill fix that i hope
JRedden: merret over cripps any day of the week
DrSeuss: Hopefully he is ok, but we know about shoulders!!
m0nty: I presume Cats will get Enright back in a few weeks and everything will be fine.
CamT: As long as you have R11 covered LuvIt74 you’ll be fine.
DrSeuss: Tuohy FFS – what is going on?
cusch1: will it be (en)right though m0nty?
zadolinnyj: Ta DrZuess. Hope he’s ok
circle52: Hopefully Dr Seuss but concern that it is the same shoulder he has had before
dipstick: cats need Sam Newman in the ruck
LuvIt74: @m0nty at this rate the cats need to clone Enright at least 5 times over…
gdshifty: i traded in Tuoghy this week. Sorry guys
gdshifty: i traded in Tuohy this week. Sorry guys
LuvIt74: i honestly don’t understand how a team such as geelong who looked awesome first 5 rounds now look ordinary at best
cusch1: Cats just need a ruck man full stop
PLACEBOPIE: why danger just get -3
LuvIt74: Parsons needs a chicken next to him or a massive nose will suffice
LuvIt74: Stuff this im putting a bet on the cats
m0nty: Ruck is not the problem for Cats, they are smashing clearances. They look slow.
feralmong: cats did will with tiger ruck in the past. they can have hampson. deal.
JRedden: merret has 0 marks and is on track for 170, amazing
LMartos: Myers robbed
cusch1: Ridiculous free kick against hartley
poolboybob: Parsons is a dud
Torpedo10: Good to see the umpires giving the Cats a helping hand
circle52: He did have hold of jumper though Cusch and that is what umpires see
PLACEBOPIE: kermit mackie
Apachecats: they had eachothers jumpers@circle
circle52: For sure place
Raspel31: Merrett you little machine.
fonzie: spuds for the enitre geeling side
cusch1: When they hold each other i thiknn its play on
LuvIt74: Did Black sustain any kind of injury last week coz im stuffed how parsons gets a game ahead of black
hinsch: J Stewart looking good for the bombers get rid of Parsons
LuvIt74: mind u i have parsons & not black
LuvIt74: Who picked J Stewart this week, thats one ballsy move that is paying off
circle52: Me too Luvit – Unfortunately has not made a lot of cash. Not even enough to go to Stewart
Ash777: LOL hands in the back on the ump
luke394: Danger the clanger and FA king
runt: Parsons not as inconspicuous today but still quite stealthy
Apachecats: good to see Jobe in sunshine territory
fonzie: time to trade danger
Apachecats: Danger will drop $60k at this rate.
m0nty: 13 tackles to the entire Geelong team, Zerrett has 8 on his own.
LuvIt74: @circle you’ll be able to go Parsons to J Stewart next week mate, ill wait until he’s on the bubble
benzammit: Trade Who? You have Otten Marchbank and a few more rookies I’m tipping?
runt: m0nty: Tom Stewart beats Mackie to mark and goal. (Q2 19:15)
LuvIt74: there is no way parsons is in the cats 22 he is crap
LuvIt74: cats best 22 i meant
boo!: parsons you sound like a vicar
J_Herer: Danger has to be a trade in soon
nick2397: How Black got dropped this game and Parsons is playing has got me non-plussed
LuvIt74: Danger, Sloane, Heppell are killing my midfield
LuvIt74: if u don’t have danger just wait now until he reaches rock bottom coz he will most likely go sub $500k
LuvIt74: Danger has a B/E of 168 on SC after tonight his B/E will be 277
runt: I think Dangerfields clangers are hurting him
boo!: cmon danger 2 capes incoming
hinsch: cats lose this week what is the future for 2017
PLACEBOPIE: cmon danger
9inch: Danger should be 30 at best. CD love child
hinsch: Parsons to get 20 SC points this week
JRedden: start marking the ball merret, pump a 160 here
TheBoy89: Yes danger
luke394: cmon Paddy get going
willywalks: zerrett deserves a gun already i think m0nty
dipstick: when daniher learns how to kick he be will a goal fiend
boo!: cmon zerrett, lift
LMartos: Parsons is a dead set spud, how is he copping a game
Roksta: Geelong will win tbis
Fizzy343: i like how people say zerret or jelwood as if there brothers are even relevant
cusch1: Both the younger brothers too I think Fizzy!
dipstick: @fizzy its a girly thing mixing 2 names. teenage girls have done it for crushes for decades. danger wood? lol how gay
cusch1: Nope Joel is older than Scott my mistake
Fizzy343: all spuds
boo!: danger 120sc cmon
lukefield9: got merrett cripps and josh kelly on sc draft – not bad
Fizzy343: @dipstick great call hahaahah
J_Herer: Go Merrett!!!!!!! could be the captain difference i need for a DT league win
JRedden: here comes merret, kids going 150 +
Hoot: Refs not calling frees both ways?
runt: Cats are brittle
boo!: nice zerrett
cusch1: I still think that if Essendon had won the premiership last year, everyone would think of him like they do Bont
cusch1: Big call and maybe a little bias i know
LMartos: Parsons effective touch!
Ash777: gotta trade in stewert
runt: Jarsons brother is 10 times better and he has clubbed feet
9inch: Seriously Danger 55 DE but 15 more SC. Cocksmoker
Ash777: j stewart that is
luke394: Zac Touhy having a stinker
J_Herer: Parsons +6 Bang!
The39Steps: Just remember guys, Parsons is out on the ‘G. We’re behind a computer screen on a Saturday night.
zadolinnyj: You mean jewert @ash
runt: Cocksmoker? how does that get through?
tbrowne: anyone else get hype when parsons marked and kicked it?
CBeezDeez: I went Zerrett over Titch @Herer & looks like repaying the faith
cusch1: And we are still having more of an impact on this game than parsons 39Steps
Apachecats: Walla ,the most creative player going around at the moment.
sfmmp23: Another shocker week
frenzy: the old chicken chute
AngryRyno: Parsons and hype don’t belong in the same sentence
dipstick: I think he meant meatpipe smoker
cusch1: Betts more creative for now Apache
leorosman_: Hahahah Parsons brother plays in my under 17’s footy team!
frenzy: so, Myers is a pass then yeah
PLACEBOPIE: go dangermouse
boo!: dangerspud1
luke394: Danger might still hit 120
LuvIt74: @frenzy if he scores 55 i’ll strongly consider bringing him in
Apachecats: Walla just answered you cusche.I’d take him any day
LuvIt74: I told you all after all the crap talk it wouldn’t surprise me if Danger scored 110+
9inch: Fuck off cocksmoker
dipstick: blicavs was gonna be a superstar once
cusch1: I’d take him anyday as well but you just have to admire what betts does
Apachecats: Jobe to ton up would make my day.
9inch: Coughlolly lol
Hawks_13: i agree @ apachecats
Apachecats: Seeing as your a bomber lets agree to disagree @cusch
cusch1: We cant lose it from here can we?
9inch: Put that in ya pipe and smoke it Dangerfieild. Cats goona lose.
LuvIt74: Stewart died in the orifice
benzammit: Still trading Danger?
cusch1: I mean that I would take Tippa over Betts. however you have to admire Betts’ creativity and skill around goals Apache
dipstick: you’re athtic parsons aren’t ya? yes you are you flog
CamT: Is Myers worth putting in next week ?
LuvIt74: @CamT depends on your rookies, he’ll need to score a minimum of 55 for me to consider putting him in.
LuvIt74: Put danger in forward line ffs
9inch: Looks like umps will try and get cats over the line
dipstick: parsons is OFFICIALLY my worst fantasy trade ever
vartic: Anyone here with so many injuries they’re stuck with Parsons and Hannan on field?
cusch1: Myers should play and have good JS
J_Herer: Parsons on field but traded Hannan this week for Buddy
runt: On this day 50 years ago the Cats beat Essendon by 9 points at Windy Hill
Beast_Mode: Lol Lingy thinks the catters are still a chance haha muppet
boo!: #parsons…… i just had the biggest #parsons outta my rear hole
LuvIt74: @vartic no thankfully ouch
cusch1: This weeks on sh*t you didnt need to know but is still interesting @Runt
9inch: Danger 5 points for a clanger and handball
Apachecats: exactly right cusch
LuvIt74: @runt and 50 years later Essendon will smash the cats….
CamT: Thanks Cush1 I’ll probably take the punt on him.
cusch1: I am actually worried that we will drop this game LuvIt
luke394: big upset brewing in SA
CamT: @LuvIt74 my midfield bench is pretty bare so he won’t be replacing anyone you ctually gets a game.
LuvIt74: @cusch I hope im wrong m8 because I backed the cats when they were getting smashed early and got $5.40
frenzy: selwood sc laughable
m0nty: now it’s a game
cusch1: Surely this is rigged WTF
LuvIt74: Guthrie could be a top player in 2 or 3 years
runt: Parsons striking fear into the hearts of….
m0nty: young teams can get run over with a big lead
AngryRyno: Parsons to kick the winner, surely
9inch: Danger going up without toching it lol cocksmoker
dipstick: dons 8 man defense. lol. they gonna lose
LuvIt74: parsons nose is growing
cusch1: M0nty only essendon can lose this from here. We are the new richmond it looks like
TyCarlisle: Learn how supercoach scoring works… You can get points without a disposal.
LuvIt74: @cusch have faith brother
runt: ….nobody
Costanza: a flash of TimWatson bursting thru there #32
cusch1: I take it all back. Tippa>Betts
LuvIt74: dangers score has only increased by 5 points since 3/4 time so not sure what there going on about
hinsch: Parsons has got the $$ go you good thing
circle52: and now a Parsons Goal
LuvIt74: lol hinsch
J_Herer: Parsons is a champion! go home doubters lol
Apachecats: Cheers Cusch ,now we’ve just got to hang in there.
9inch: Danger holding the ball. Coughlolly
cusch1: we may be winning the free kick count but jesus we are gettingrolled over with these calls
willywalks: i try and keep unbiased where possible, but am i the only seeing a certain favourtism in the officiating?
cusch1: he fell over
runt: Cats may be doing this for Kelly
Beast_Mode: zero ticker here, disgraceful
J_Herer: Come on Merett 160 please
Costanza: junk o’clock approaching
jocka: Are umpires biased in this game?
willywalks: apparently bews can run 20 meters without a bounce
AngryRyno: calm down he took a bounce
LuvIt74: cats have the legs to win this
LuvIt74: if they knew how to kick that helps
TyCarlisle: he bounced, from the angle of the camera you couldn’t see it.
runt: Would be great if the Bombers win by 9
willywalks: i’ll be calm when daniher gets the same calls as hawkins,
AngryRyno: you have +12 frees, calm down
Hoot: 13 more shite kicks and geel will win
LuvIt74: cats should have been up if they converted late in the last
9inch: Never seen 30 more sc to dt with a de of 60.
willywalks: lwho has been more intense for the majority of the evening and this is a game chat, i’ll voice my opinion as required
Hawks_13: j daniher for x factor
LuvIt74: Celebrate Essendon fans great win guys
Costanza: junk it up now bombers
9inch: Suck shit umps, your influence has no bearing this time
LuvIt74: Tipungwuti was awesome tonight
runt: Great game by Essendon
TyCarlisle: except bombers have 30 free kicks to 19.
willywalks: watson with the zombie icon
cusch1: Good win Bombers
Nuffman: Stewart seems do have done well from what little I have actually watched
Hoot: Very suspect umpiring in the first 3Q
Apachecats: 30 earned ones against 19 soft ones Ty
LuvIt74: @TyCarlisle thats bad luck cats had their chance they threw it away PERIOD
LuvIt74: That ship’s me when people bring up the free kick count as though it was the free’s that made them win. Stupid
frenzy: danger110 Lol
TyCarlisle: i don’t care about either team 🙂
TyCarlisle: bombers also had 41 more tackles
LuvIt74: For what its worth im not a essendon supporter
LuvIt74: Myers may very well be worth bringing in. something to consider
JockMcPie: Good onya Selwood!!
Costanza: 150 is the new black
LuvIt74: told ya’s don’t be surprised if Danger scored 110+
fonzie: end of the day the better team won

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