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Chat log from R8 of 2017: Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs Melbourne, R8 of 2017

dipstick: Sloane will get destroyed tonight according to the CD dude. under 25 touches 100%
CBeezDeez: I’m afraid. Very afraid. ..
Saint Dos: you appear to have lost weideman?
runt: Sloane hard pressed to get a chirp up let alone a ror
CBeezDeez: 21 players? We couldn’t win with 23!
Ben_Gogos: Working on it…
hinsch: Sloane you beauty my opponent in SC has him as C
Ben_Gogos: There we go!
CBeezDeez: Hee hee. Looks good Gogos!
Hawks_13: i never realised how good clayton oliver was until last week. look for a big game tonight
dipstick: lift Peterson lift
hinsch: Hampton try and get more than 20 SC points
luke394: curtly Hampton is a deadset SC retard
circle52: Come on Crows lift we do not want to play another team on rebound next week
Fizzy343: luke394: curtly Hampton is a deadset SC retard lmao
feralmong: traded hampton out this week. Was just time for me. T Adams in and happy with today
frenzy: where’s the Crows faithful
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
boo!: sloane still finishes with 110sc+
TheBoy89: Wtf I had to decide between Dangerfield or Sloane and I picked Dangerfield he’s doing shit
zadolinnyj: I’m here but watching game with fanfooty on other
myteamsuks: I’ve tried to get Hampton out for 2 weeks now but injuries and suspensions killing me
TheBoy89: And I was pissed thinking Sloane would be killing it
myteamsuks: I still think Sloane will ton up
CBeezDeez: Vince tagging Sloane?
dipstick: @the CD said Sloane has had 10 hard tags and never got 25 touches. let’s hope he gets 80 sc at least
CamT: I got rid of Hampton and it improved my team morale heaps.
DrSeuss: Otten has stopped…
CamT: CD making up for the bull**** score they gave Hibberd last week.
zadolinnyj: Any danger hannan
feralmong: oh dear. i left hannan on the ground over butler. damn you Greene.
oc16: jacobs might get a hitouts century
zadolinnyj: Want some dollars hannan
boo!: hibberd man love
luke394: go hibberd
Gebs: i realy hope vince does a good job
TheBoy89: Fuck me ive got hannan
cusch1: Mitch duckan
Ben_Gogos: Laird major!
LMartos: hampton y u do dis
myteamsuks: Hampton doin ok
AngryRyno: Lairdooooo
CBeezDeez: Hampton managing to make us look like even bigger gooses!
zadolinnyj: Menzel no to good enough to make this team right now
tigerman28: Hannan. Greatest spud in the history of AFL
zadolinnyj: Atkins looks like Andrew jarman
JockMcPie: How is Hannan still getting a game?
runt: Hannon auditioning for the VFL?
zadolinnyj: Did Zac Dawson change his name to hannan?
CBeezDeez: What? Fat Zad?
feralmong: your hampton decisions are fine. look at the average. its not worth keeping.
tigerman28: I’ve got Otten and Hannan on the field. Reckon I’m happy?
CBeezDeez: Thanks Feral. I traded him but kept Otten…
J_Herer: Sweet traded out Hannan early this week, you beauty!
AngryRyno: will Hannan have a stat by HT? place your bets
zadolinnyj: Hope so angry. Want cash
nick2397: Hannan – what you’re looking for is oblong and yellow
CBeezDeez: Do they still use the auto sub if a player scores zero
luke394: how is Sloane on that score with those stats?
DrSeuss: FFS – How do I always make the wrong choice of who to field out of Hampton & Otten
boo!: oblong and yellow? sounds like my wife
tigerman28: I’m hoping to catch up with hannan for a coffee soon. And smash his head in!
willywalks: u and me both every week dr
dipstick: sounds like a tub of butter
zadolinnyj: I think he is at the cafe waiting for you tigerman28. Not at the ground
Lodgy: not the only one the zeuss
luke394: Mitch Hannan might be one of the worst ever SC rookies
9inch: Don’t know whats better Hannan on bench or Parsons on field. Useless cunts
circle52: Parsons will give Hannan a run for it though
boo!: @luke394, i agree its similar to the morris v ellis of seasons gone
Vinstar: @9inch I feel your pain
Apachecats: Amazing how Newman ,Preuss and Black can’t get a game but Parsons and Hannan can
dipstick: @zado and he already has a donut with him
luke394: @boo! absolutely
zadolinnyj: Lol dip
zadolinnyj: Someone should serve him a spud for main
luke394: the byes are gonna suck with guys like Hannan, Fisher, Stewart etc covering
The39Steps: Imagine doing @fanfooty back a few decades ago when every game started at 2.10 on Saturday!
Gotigres: Hannan to James Stewart
Hawks_13: it might be time to trade out andy otten. he might not get his breakeven
AngryRyno: Laird should be in every team
boo!: ok vince you r losing, tag someone else
zadolinnyj: I said spud Ben_Gogos not a snow cone
luke394: u can only trade out Otten and Hampton if u have $$ to upgrade em don’t want crap rooks on field
LMartos: some bloke laughed at me when I said at the start of the season that Laird is a must have
9inch: Hibberd vs Laird for me
luke394: good few minutes from the dees
AngryRyno: Laird is a must have all formats for the next 6 years
Apachecats: Hibberd AND Laird for me @ 9 inch
CBeezDeez: Laird & Doc 1st 2 picked for me
mookie: Sloan 166 BE in SC. Going to plummet
luke394: Sloane has had 4 clangers and 3 FA he should be on 20
JButcher: Spare a thought for all those who brought in Sloane at 720k on AF
luke394: and going at 28%
zadolinnyj: He was damaging out of defence for dees as well
CamT: Last week CD gave Hibberd zero points for about 12 possessions in the second half. Hope it doesn’t happen again.
luke394: Hibberd losing points for no reason
boo!: hey vince, go and Bugg someone else
LMartos: everyone losing points for no reason
DMS774: according to the notes Vince is tagging Vince! Doing a good job on Sloane too!
luke394: sucks @LMartos the game is hard enough aleady!
Ben_Gogos: McDonald superman only one major away with 3 and a half minutes played…
Ben_Gogos: Cameron managed a superman within 7 minutes today. Repeat on the cards?
boo!: mom sloane ton up
Costanza: whorelin-shit
zadolinnyj: Crows decision making poor
Ben_Gogos: What a goal!
luke394: dont stop Hibberd
m0nty: can’t believe Dees were 6-1 for this game
Gotigres: Hannan into double figures
CBeezDeez: To dream the impossible dream😈
myteamsuks: I like my pick up of pederson.
luke394: go the dees
MQuimby: chuck otten up fwd
J_Herer: So much for the Crows going for the flag?
Hawks_13: oliver killing it
Heizenberg: Wow Melbourne
Heizenberg: Hi guys? What up with criws fitness or????
Carnster: need a lift from lewis
luke394: Hibberd losing points again
Ben_Gogos: Just the lazy 63 hit outs to Jacobs at 3QT
CBeezDeez: Yo Heiz. Just playing well according to callers.
CBeezDeez: But the Tazzie road trip is a killa
zadolinnyj: Too many passengers. Menzel should not be playing and jake Kelly as well
Heizenberg: Thanks bees and we’ll done man if they go in with it
CBeezDeez: 80 the record @Gogos?
Ben_Gogos: Unsure @CBeez
Heizenberg: True but they were untouchable a fortnight ago
Costanza: the Adelaide Oval “hush” – love it
zadolinnyj: Lynch not right either
CBeezDeez: Im holg
zadolinnyj: Scott’s T will come in soon
CBeezDeez: I’m holdin everything Heiz
Heizenberg: Hi zad
zadolinnyj: Hey Heiz. Hiw u doing mate
Heizenberg: Yeah pretty good man, you? Watching bombers game
Heizenberg: Haha I would too sees, good luck man
zadolinnyj: Disgusting decision
Heizenberg: Deez*
zadolinnyj: Alright mate
Heizenberg: Bloody cats 🙁
Heizenberg: Cool, tipping a nightmare this year
luke394: whenever Hibberd kicks to a contest he gets like 1 point
luke394: Otten and Hampton are well and truly cooked
zadolinnyj: We have had no forward line all night. Such a good forward line, why have them outside 50
9inch: Big last 5mins pls Hibberd
Costanza: rattled from the Kangaroo collision
runt: Otten and Hampton. Like a smelly pair of socks that just get more and more on the nose
luke394: Hannan u star 50 points for kicking the sealer???
chinkas: crows believe their own hype
Gotigres: Rookie wall for Hannan
JRedden: jacobs on track for the record hitouts?
Heizenberg: That’s strange zad
CBeezDeez: Has the fat lady dropped a hottie 😲
MQuimby: stop sloane, stop crows, 2ez
LuvIt74: hampton hasn’t done much since 1st quarter
Heizenberg: Their scoring just absolutely stalled last fortnight
Heizenberg: Those full on attacking game plans always have weak spots though
zadolinnyj: We will correct.
MQuimby: lol hannan hit the wall in round 2
zadolinnyj: Yep. We have hand balled into pressure tonight and had nobody forward of the ball to kick to.
Heizenberg: I would say so zad
LuvIt74: could Jacobs be worth getting in as a POD – His las 3 scores have been great.
circle52: Do not worry Crows fans Brisbane will play you back into form next week
fonzie: oliver u legend
runt: The Lions can win too. No way the Crows will be ready for the 4 man tag on Sloane
CamT: If Hibberd could lay the odd tackle it would help move his score along.
9inch: Cmon Hibberd outscore Laird. You can dooit
CBeezDeez: Specially if no Rocky Circle
AngryRyno: sloane better scale down
zadolinnyj: Harsh on eddy. Ball has not been up there really
circle52: Does come up against Stef next week luv
Costanza: hardly missed a game in 5 seasons @LuvIt
AngryRyno: sauce should beat stef in the middle, perhaps not around the ground
Breezey: So he swings Otten forward now.
m0nty: good night for those still holding Oliver
J_Herer: Otten got DT BE well done cow
J_Herer: Go Oliver!
fonzie: i got oliver form the start
zadolinnyj: I bought Jacobs would lose spot to oreily this year but been good
luke394: god I wish I started Oliver, Adams
TheBoy89: I’ve had oli since round 3
zadolinnyj: *thought
LMartos: you serious Andy?!?
9inch: Vince X factor? Did I miss something?
J.Worrall: How’s that kid Oliver, eh?
fonzie: oliver a smokey for the brownlow
CBeezDeez: Vince & Pops. Milestone wins vs old clubs
runt: The Demons have done the unthinkable…..kicked straight
zadolinnyj: Crows beaten in midfield which was worry before the season. Sloane will be tagged to end of year
Costanza: deeeLightfull
zadolinnyj: Star should be petracca or Oliver.
luke394: how does Jacobs get all those points when the games over?
TyCarlisle: good night for those still holding oliver? why would anyone trade him out m0nty?
leorosman_: 9inch, he got it for shutting sloane down

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