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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, R7 of 2017

penguins00: Menegola in for Henderson
frenzy: the late late warm up late change
penguins00: about as late as you can do it
Gotigres: Big score vc Dangerfield
ballbag: lol. n this weather that late out is a lie. lol. copped a knock my arse
hinsch: Danger take a rest this week 60/70 will be enough
frenzy: Scheer brilliance, good luck son
circle52: Will the Suns continue the round of upsets
Breezey: I have 0 from 4 and I’ve tipped the Suns.
LuvIt74: breezy u might end up averaging more then most if suns win
Vinstar: Jelwood got the call up this week as my vc, need something special please!
ballbag: you’re a fucken useless prick matera . you’re a joke
Apachecats: I’ll second that @ballbag
Breezey: What’s doing Danger. Something, anything
Breezey: There ya go@ Ballbag. Good old Matera
Apachecats: Looks like we got Matera going @Ballbag
9inch: Carn Gaj another two hunge
MONEY TALK: i took matera out so he can do what ever he likes other than good scores
Texwalker: Jack martin u r not afl material… back to bush footy, u might do something there
Snarfy: Hey Texwalker, are you saying he should get a transfer to the Pies then?
Texwalker: Hes not good enough for the pies lol
m0nty: AFL forgot to announce, this is Upset Round
Beast_Mode: horlin-smith has been a great pick up
runt: Ill just chip in and mention Ablett is my captain.
Texwalker: Gonna have to trade martin for docherty or aomeone i think. Not careying him any longer
runt: This is shower round I didnt even bother writing shit i gave the censor a break
9inch: Thats more like it Gaj.
zadolinnyj: Mine too runt
9inch: My Capt too Runt. Thought WTF my main opp has a donut so…..
runt: Go Ablett!! Long live a man that gets pilloried from breakfast to midnight for having one bad game and then sticks it up
9inch: I went Saints and thoughtvthat was pushing it Monty.. 0 since then lol
runt: em
jimmyboy: murphy out for Gaz today – Murphy gets 120, hope Gaz goes wild
9inch: Murphy for GAZ?
jimmyboy: Murphy should have been tagged today – he made me some good coin Murphy but has been average in the last few
SC_brAh: should of gone gaj not fkn pendles and danger htfu get points rat
frenzy: give matera another poke, someone
the worm: nah, gaz is never fit.
ballbag: @scbrAh are you related to SC_pAhnties?
Texwalker: Go black.. make me some good cash
9inch: My Black or Parsons call not looking good thus far
PLACEBOPIE: come on Matera do something DO!!!!
poolboybob: Feel free to get a touch Parsons
zadolinnyj: Keep going gablet
Breezey: You have to call Matera names to get a response
thommoae: Blue Moon Rosa?
Raspel31: And Mengegola on my bench as not playing-sheesh
StuL: Menegola always the first dropped. Probably bog for us today and in the best week.
TheBoy89: come on danger lift
runt: Ablett afraid of looking too interested has backed off a little
MONEY TALK: plz parson i was meant to get yeo instead of u but was just short
zadolinnyj: This is his interview for next year runt
runt: Matera cant kick cant handball cant even walk…..
Raspel31: Well runt-that worked
Yelse: parsons should be on more SC
frenzy: Parsons will still be cheap next week
kano: Me for the potato for believing in parsons
poolboybob: Parsons will be playing VFL next week
Breezey: Oh no Gazza fans
circle52: Ablett dumped and holding good shoulder left ground
DrSeuss: GAJ – Nooooooo
MONEY TALK: only had to bring a forward in because Greene
StuL: Come on us and Parsons. This stinks
runt: Ablett will be back….
spudaroos: That feel when you pick Parsons over Black
TheBoy89: gaj i love you
runt: Dangerfield was just telling Ablett he won’t kiss him on the head
duckky: Come on spudroos … its not every week you get to play on Kolodjashnij
Breezey: Danger barely have a crack
JockMcPie: Dunno why Menagola doesnt get a regular game..
Chelskiman: My first mistake was bringing Parsons in over Black. My second mistake was playing Parsons on field over Butler.
LuvIt74: wtf is going on this round at this rate the first 6 outsiders could win in round 7
TheBoy89: danger isn’t 100% + u can tell he looks lazy, rushes when he gets the ball, not intrested. just wait till hes good
jimmyboy: whats happening to Gaz?
LuvIt74: my mistake bringing in Parsons & EVW 2 trades wasted
9inch: Gaj ripped off
heppelitis: danger been wearing a chest gaurd for a few weeks apparently
LuvIt74: is GAJ’s shoulder screwed up again.
LuvIt74: @hepp yeah i read the same on a article on instogram
zadolinnyj: He looked to be hunched Luvit74 so maybe
m0nty: opposite shoulder to the injured one
jimmyboy: Fox saying Gaz moved down to the forward line in the last few mins of qrt – hopefully ok
hinsch: Parson $ really
9inch: No Ablett is fine. Looked good to me when he came back on. No sc points tough for his mark and kick inside 50
LuvIt74: Parsons might make us $5
hinsch: Ablett does not want to play at GCS he wants to Mayor in Geelong
heppelitis: chooks bum icon for parsons? lol
LuvIt74: lmfao @heppel
LuvIt74: or a big Nose
fonzie: any update on gaj
9inch: Another 40+ game on the cards for Gaz though should add up up to a decent capt score
heppelitis: especially if he keeps stinking it up
wadaramus: Now thats a challenge m0nty, a chickens arse icon.
Texwalker: So funny all those ppl that massively overpayed for danger at the start of the season, such a waste of coin
JockMcPie: Parsons…Danger….my team…
MQuimby: So easy for you to say that with hindsight
ballbag: matera is a hayseed
frenzy: Lol ballbag, enlighten us
DragonLass: danger is still top 8 midfielder so hardly a waste
m0nty: lol Parsons handballing Hall’s buttock
Texwalker: At 730k starting peice he was.. every year theres a player like that, dnager, ablett, goldstein.
Texwalker: And always they lose 100k+ early in the seasin
DragonLass: um no, you could wait until his price drop but then you miss out on points in the meantime
DragonLass: not worth wasting a trade for about 100k
MONEY TALK: danger is a supercoach love child he can touch a ball and get a big score boost so y wouldn’t ppl get him
MONEY TALK: other than selwood he isnt far behind any player in scores
jimmyboy: @DragonLass…. so true
ballbag: @dragonlass he is trolling you & talking shit. you are right on all counts 😯
jimmyboy: Gaz almost as many possies as SC pts – last week every touch was gold
Texwalker: Plenty of guys with same average as danger, and way cheaper
DragonLass: people get so hung up on how much players cost they forget the aim is to score points
CamT: Danger was a better buy at $760,000 than Parson’s was at $120,000 🙁
DrSeuss: Dangerfield gets all the help he needs from the Umps and SC 😉
Texwalker: @camt lol
MONEY TALK: trading gawn to witts was a good move for me
fonzie: agreed
Texwalker: Ill prob get danger next week after he drops below 600k
TheBoy89: im having a shitter of a week
MONEY TALK: good push from danger
SC_brAh: why did i go parsons over black ffs
Raspel31: Not alone the boy- absolute shocker unless you had Waite-but who does?
zadolinnyj: Ablett off?
LMartos: Jesus, Swallow 14 disposals all contested
jimmyboy: on now
MONEY TALK: i had pendels as C and VC on rooey so
DragonLass: Waite owned by 0.3% of teams so no impact really
CamT: OK Parsons the joke’s over
MONEY TALK: none of my C this year have done anything the week gawn got injured i had the C on him…
zadolinnyj: Ta jimmy
circle52: Selwood in the rooms
Hoot: 2 big come backs happening
ballbag: can someone describe maters for me please
boo!: parson better get the winning goal
MONEY TALK: i can explain matera for u, i took him out for parson
TheBoy89: i was so close by trading in ablett but luckily i traded in oliver
heppelitis: @ballbag if matera was a jet hed be jetstar
StuL: Just what I need parsons. More dud rookies.
hinsch: parsons looking the goods past his BE cash to be made
zadolinnyj: Lol hepp
runt: Cats really struggling without Stewart
zadolinnyj: Ablett no stat for toe poke but it was vital to clearing and creating the goal
m0nty: no Ruggles, all struggles
circle52: Selwood starting on bench
Raspel31: Oh Menegola-why did they say you weren’t playing and warming my bench-aaargh.
m0nty: two goals from Joyce getting beaten all ends up by Menzel
runt: Parsons enjoying watching the footy
ballbag: mateila the shearer
TheBoy89: dangerfield is useless at the moment. fucking just let him have a rest
fonzie: muppet for guthrie
runt: Blicavs wishing they would bring back the 3 rd man up
ballbag: touch if you got parsons over black. nasty
cobrakai00: Guthrie useless little turd
boo!: cmon parsons get winning goal
StuL: Game over. Parsons is specially useless.
colin wood: Not watching game, is Barlow on?
runt: Parsons only has tomorrows surf on his mind
penguins00: how does guthrie have and 87 de%? he’s been turd
zadolinnyj: Barlow on
colin wood: Sadi, has he been on this q?
TheOnyas: pull your finger out parsons
colin wood: Zado’
ballbag: this icon Guthrie make me hungry like also the strawberry donut icon.
Breezey: This could be my first correct tip
fonzie: atlas for menegola
circle52: Suns should behome now.
Raspel31: One up on me Breezey
StuL: Great decision to drop Menegola too Scott. Without him we’re getting flogged
zadolinnyj: He has had bench time. Mainly half back
CamT: Great week for Parsons to do a Relton.
zadolinnyj: On ball now with ablett
boo!: parsons +2 = gun
J_Herer: Boom Parsons +2
heppelitis: doctor supercoach told me to trade hall out lol
hinsch: lucky I have parsons on the field unless I would have a 0
colin wood: Cheers mate. Needed him for 30 touches 🙁
ballbag: suns go to China and getter frogged by polt Aderaide arsol
runt: @ballbag ??
Breezey: By the way who did Menegola come in for. Missed the start
zadolinnyj: Lol ballbag
hinsch: breezy henderson
circle52: Henderson Breezy
runt: Parsons believes in playing inconspicuous footy
J_Herer: Will Danger go below 600K in DT?
ballbag: @runt ohhh what. you no speaker the engrish?
boo!: hendo brezzo
Breezey: Cheers
LuvIt74: ballbag’s trying to sound like crouching tiger
CamT: Parsons thought he deserved a three week suspension
heppelitis: parsons nose exactly what he is doing @runt
the worm: why are you using a japanese accent when they are going to china?
runt: The fat lady shat herself this round
LuvIt74: 1 tip out of 6 this week
hinsch: Dangerfield is scoring but not enough for the price
colin wood: Time left?
StuL: Parsons been great at running where the ball isn’t.
circle52: Hope it continues tomorrow runt when we play the swans
Texwalker: @hinsch he will be cheap now.. be is 177
TheBoy89: look at dangerfield’s tog
circle52: Full time now
runt: The Lions should win by 100 points just to top it all off
Hoot: Thanks Witts
boo!: nice witty, ruck choice been tough of late
LuvIt74: Sloane still just highest scoring midfield Average on 124.85 to BONT 124.14

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