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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R7 of 2017

Umpirespet: C’mon Robbie need a big one
Apachecats: Yeo -big one or quiet one tonight.?
Apachecats: Note that Yeo has started with 2 Kermit the Frogs
zadolinnyj: I need yeo and gray to go big
Umpirespet: West Coast look good atm
SilverLion: First time all season playin SPP on the ground, watch the sub 50 score…
Apachecats: so far my 3 have a total of 0 after 10 mins -yeo ,SPP and DH
Umpirespet: It’s ok silver my whole team is playin crap and I have SPP
SilverLion: Ditto ump, Grundy, Higgins, Hampton so far. Also a player down without a bench on any line :/
seanfc99: Yeo, kennedy, spp, houston, hampton, otten kms
SilverLion: SPP and Houston originally got 7 SC for a tackle each, surely not right?
Yelse: shocking weekend SC wise
seanfc99: at least spp will get his be :
Umpirespet: lol Gray is on 1 atm
jaxx: One unique each in this game… SPP v Gray. What a contest
boo!: is this half time or 1st qtr
TheLegend6: SPP is gonna be some player one day but he just needs to develop his tank
spudaroos: What happened to Ryder?
Ben_Gogos: @spudaroos just landed awkwardly on the right ankle in a ruck contest. Should be fine.
Sloan4Pres: does redden actively try to not go near the ball?
BeastMode: ryder tweaked his ankle landing in the ruck
Ben_Gogos: Ryder back
Umpirespet: Ben trhink I need an Icicle as well as Robbie m8
zadolinnyj: Robbie may be my traded me thinks
chinkas: pepper is a flashing the pan
Ben_Gogos: Could just about give the tank to everyone out there atm.
LuvIt74: be interesting to know what par score will be this week.
luke394: Robbie Gray what a gun
GJayBee: Has Hinkley put Gray in the middle at all to try and get him going? Crazy not to.
m0nty: could be some wall icons coming up
zadolinnyj: Gray was in middle late
LuvIt74: all the rookies such as Otten, Hampton, Houston & Pepper will be in many teams this week due to all the common outs.
heppelitis: ebert good this year
LuvIt74: Ebert looks bloody good, having him from the start would have been a dream
thommoae: SPP does this every week – starts slow and then builds a mid-range score to make a few $
LuvIt74: Is wines in the forward?
SilverLion: Mare for Robbie
Apachecats: 4 zip in the tipping for me.
Team Flog: Same Apache!!
Team Flog: Except the other way around!!
spudaroos: Surely throw Robbie into the midfield if he is playing like this.
circle52: Strange that despite WC having a good lead only one of their players with the flame. Shows reasonably even spread across
frenzy: bluemoon Ryder
LuvIt74: Apachecats same here mate, think the vast majority will be in the same scenario though.
CBeezDeez: Ditto dat here too Flog. Players & teams as a consequence so inconsistent this year…
Gotigres: Keep going Ryder
hinsch: lucky to get 2300 in SC this week for most
Breezey: Brought in Robbie this week. Only saviour is my opponent has him too
Breezey: That’s big time from Dixon. Great goal.
hinsch: Danger or Mccrae for C this week
CBeezDeez: Port of old? Power home to a win like a couple years ago?
MONEY TALK: ahhh had pendels as captain
jaxx: Yeo 32 this qtr already, 5mins in
frenzy: moon spudnick Ryder
MONEY TALK: had yeo in then had to reverse because got stuffed with players getting dropped
SilverLion: Coulda had Yeo instead of Higgns, but of course not
GJayBee: Got rid of march and hampton for Yeo in sc this week, go son!
runt: Ryder making up for my Nankervis donut
Costanza: the hush
runt: Confucius said straight kicking will win you matches and he was right
runt: The possible shower was provided by Port
runt: Looks like the Saints will be the outright flag favourites for at least a week
calboye: glad i brought in ryder to cover nank
runt: I managed the 3 peat can I make it 4-in-a-row?
runt: No I didnt
runt: Everywhere you look it’s runt!!!!!!
thommoae: One mid-range $core for SPP coming up!
J_Herer: Loving Yeo!!!!
runt: Full credit to Ryder for his efforts to cover Nankervis
Jackwatt$: I gambled on SPP over Taranto’s 66, I can’t watch! This is more tense than the game!
frenzy: power off yeo, 56sc at 3/4 time
CBeezDeez: Happy there with Ur 1 way conservation @runt? LoL
runt: SPP has a way of getting up everyone’s nose
circle52: and making us sneeze while we decide what to do
CBeezDeez: Powell-Coke?
runt: Gray scored??
J_Herer: Yeo was 101/1 for the brownlow, a good eachway punt
jaxx: Yeo star? Really? Dixon and Ryder far better.
LuvIt74: Runt do you like the sounds of echo, echo echo?
Hoot: I need yeo
Hoot: Im gambling with Balic over SPP
Breezey: I agree Jaxx. Dixon for mine

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