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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R7 of 2017

BaxterR: is anyone even watching this game?
chinkas: i am
colmullet: I am, can’t bare to watch the other….
Raspel31: Guess not.
jimmyboy: too taken back by a 10 to Zip Nth qrt
luke394: Pendles kick then wasn’t a clanger the blues def pushed the Collingwood player over and took the mark lol
circle52: Any wind at the G
TheLegend6: Not much just wet
heppelitis: maybe tassie stole it all @circle
circle52: Playing Williamson over Hampton looks like paying off
luke394: Treloar looking like an absolute spud pick
Chelskiman: I wish Mason Cox would get dropped. He’s killing Grundy.
Yeomans: yeah good call luke394. 14 points in 20 minutes is awful
circle52: Curnow on Treloar Luke so that may explain it.
SC_brAh: WHE the day i trade you out you get 125 now this fml
StuL: Where was this rubbish last week pies!?
DrSeuss: 5 players in this game and not one with a flame 🔥
ballbag: need a 130 murphs
Yelse: cox inclusions affect grundies form badly in a negative way. cox in wet shouldn’t be playing
9inch: Cox 3 takles 19sc vs Grundy 8Ho 4 pos 9sc lol
9inch: Make that 22sc cox
JackRipper: Hey Chelkskiman… Is that you in the FF Copper League ? I thought your name rang a bell.
DrSeuss: Marchbank, Treloar, Phillips WTF?? Lift
heppelitis: common Docherty you have not moved since I realized I have capt on you in dt
Chelskiman: That would be me, JackRipper!
Heater: Treloar – What the??
ballbag: treloar has died in the arse. no more captain for you ya fucken flog!!!!
JackRipper: @ Chelks.. Good stuff mate.
luke394: why is Treloar such a muppet he should be a top 5 player in the comp
Umpirespet: Forgot this game was on ..Go blues
Juzzo: traded sps out this week
DanBlack: Ya’ll so quick to whinge about anyone in your fantasy team that isn’t on fire
duckky: Magnifying glass for Docherty
SC_brAh: docers gone cold
Umpirespet: Broomhead playing? traded him out as he was dropped
Heater: FFS Collingwood!!
grossn: No wonder pies are terrible today, Ramsay is in again
Raspel31: Wells injured umpire
DrSeuss: Treloar and Adams finishing the quarter strong. WHE, Phillips and Marchbank – not so much
Apachecats: Reckon about score of 5 will win footy tipping this week.
Umpirespet: oh ok thanks Raspel31
DrSeuss: And then WHE picks it up –
duckky: Found Docherty …
m0nty: Marchbank racking up the intercept marks, good lad
BestCoast: @ballbag blues turning the clock back to the halcyon days
Heater: Got the VC on Pendles. Need to lift, old son!
DrSeuss: And Marchbank coming into the half strong – now just waiting on you Phillips
BestCoast: Same @Heater go Pendles
Heater: Come on, Pies! Remember who you are playing…
Umpirespet: Heater have C on Dingleberry
SilverLion: ffs Marchbank :/
myteamsuks: @heater playing someone at the moment hitting more targets
Umpirespet: Is Curnow tagging pendles?
SC_brAh: when rookies outscore premiums in league ffs
SC_brAh: should of gone gaj over pendles..
myteamsuks: I hear a big rumour Dalhousie is not playing tonight. Just a rumour not confirmed
ballbag: @bestcoast my understanding is we’ve rained on Pies 25th, 50, 75, 100 year anniversary so 125th no diff 😉
BestCoast: @ballbag and we are forever greatfull of this
BestCoast: @myteamsucks let’s hope not
Yelse: pies have reverted to how they played dons tigs geezzz
grossn: @yelse you mean every other game except last week?
DanBlack: Exactly grossn
ballbag: lets go blues… we need %.. lets crack into the top 12!!
Yeomans: rofl celebrating cracking the top 12
Roksta: Looks like beams staying in my team with sps as emergency
poolboybob: wtf Treloar
Umpirespet: Whats happened to Pendles hasn’t scored this qtr?
Umpirespet: Itraded Beams for Bont Roksta so hopefully pays off
Yelse: not trading as no point won’t score more than 1200
luke394: Beams to Pendles looking like a great trade atm
Chelskiman: Lift, Docherty!
aces-high: Pies are pox they’ve done this bucks whole tenure! Win one good game then lose when they should win he has to go
ballbag: lets roast these fools bluebaggers
SC_brAh: pendles fu
Beast_Mode: pendles no ticker
Chelskiman: Wanted 450+ from Murph, Doch, Treloar and Grundy today. Might not even get 300 at this rate.
Pinkman: my SC team really sucks
Apachecats: WHE gone missing 2nd half.
spangle: What about Caddy as a trade in option lads?
Chelskiman: I started with Caddy and I still have him. That was one of many mistakes I’ve made this year.
TheLegend6: Don’t touch Caddy mate
Beast_Mode: lol caddy no
Beast_Mode: caddy lucky to get a game
spangle: role issue? A lot of value on his last two-year average!
aces-high: Give caddy two weeks of playing in the guts before picking him mate! See how he goes and his price should remain low
BeastMode: lol caddy no
luke394: Pendles getting robbed
duckky: Murphy – keep going
poolboybob: Darcy Moore magnifying glass
poolboybob: Hoskin-Elliott yin yang
spangle: Elliot Yeo a legit option, or a trap??
TheBoy89: When u trade in treloar after that 141 week for Murphy and he gives me this shit
Raspel31: Think Yeo a good bet- great intercept mark.
Ladbrokes_: You deserve it you filthy kneejerker
Umpirespet: Cant be any worse than most premiums atm Spangle
ballbag: treloars heart the size of a grain of rice that’s been split in half
TheBoy89: I listened to shorty and so far it hasn’t paied off
Umpirespet: I have Pends C grundy and treloar 🙁
luke394: thats why u don’t sideways premiums @TheBoy89
TheBoy89: March bank looking sharp
TheBoy89: Murphy was never a premium at the start.
Raspel31: Traded out Marchbank to get Sloane-hmm.
cobrakai00: Junk it up Marchfly
luke394: treloar either gets 70 or 150
TheBoy89: Nice docers and march
lukefield9: TheBoy89 I did the complete opposite after round 2 and it certainly has paid off thus far
Umpirespet: Treloar better pick it up b4 his bye
CBeezDeez: C’mon! More junk-time Doc & Mbank!
poolboybob: Has hoskin elliott even been on the field since half time?
Beast_Mode: lol at trading cash cows way too early
frenzy: Murphy’s price heading the right direction again
TheBoy89: Luke field well played… i had Murphy since round two traded him out round 5
StuL: Too bad if you traded marchbank early.
duckky: VC Murphy 120 worth loopholing? Not sure I trust DAnger
SilverLion: ffs Grundy and Marchbank ughhh
Apachecats: Wished i had looped one last week at 120.
lukefield9: yea TheBoy probably should’ve seen if he was gonna get rested or not

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