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Chat log from R7 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R7 of 2017

desmondo: Milera and Garner are out of their respective sides…replaced by Knight and Wagner.
Apachecats: They are probably only in the auto pick sides ,so not too much drama for anyone.
Apachecats: If you are like me ,the bench is empty this week so dreading a big name player being a late out.
zadolinnyj: Gents and wends if she is around
circle52: Afternoon all
circle52: I have def and mid bench but fwds zilch
PLACEBOPIE: go big sloane 🙂
zadolinnyj: Gee that was a good goal from waite
heppelitis: Crows kicking into a gale?
Ben_Gogos: @heppelitis conditions not horrible atm, not a severe wind.
Costanza: just Crows away from serene AO
heppelitis: thanks Ben
PLACEBOPIE: sloane on 7 and done nothing
zadolinnyj: Light sprinkle. Breeze directly across the ground
LuvIt74: great start roo’s wonder if theyll play out 4 quarters though
Ben_Gogos: Scratch that. Significant right to left wind. Betts kick just gave the assessment.
circle52: At Place at least he has SC points none in DT where I have him C
PLACEBOPIE: i have him vc circle 😀
heppelitis: Hampton is a fantasy spud of epic proportions
PLACEBOPIE: only nth could lose this now 😛
zadolinnyj: Definitely breeze down north way
Costanza: ha be a cyclone rating soon
circle52: Will reserve my opinion till ht and see if crows are any better,
MrGmax: Just got here, page is broken. Crows’ side isn’t refreshing.
LMartos: They shouldn’t play football at Blundstone, conditions are always putrid, no close quarters
preki1: wtf is this? i thought the crows were the best side of all time.
StuL: Maybe wasn’t a bad week to offload otto or Hampton.
m0nty: wtaf is happening someone hold me
Apachecats: Waite in world record territory 70+ SC at 18
9inch: Sloane keeps going up
Raspel31: Sloane been very accurate with his 1 possession
Umpirespet: Crowd has eskimo gear on!!!
zadolinnyj: Terrible free kick
circle52: Hampton was to go till other issues arose Stu
jgilf: I’m confused halp
LMartos: Preki, it’s like the NM vs Melbourne game last year where North broke away by 6 goals in the first quarter
m0nty: still 8:30 to go
arbel: games should not be played at this ground where the wind is a decisive factor
preki1: scott bros know how to beat up on adelaide.
Ben_Gogos: I don’t think I can recall a more significant home ground advantage.
Beast_Mode: not watching the game, are the crows still at the airport?
preki1: @lmartos but no gawn for the crows.
Apachecats: * at 19 min mark of 1st quarter.Anyone know what the record is.Make that 80 pts now.
luke394: How is Waite on 80 lol give me a spell
duckky: Any chance of Curtly and Ottens hitting their BE? Or even getting a point?
circle52: Blue moon for waite
heppelitis: well someone has to take the sc points because the crows dont deserve any
Chelskiman: Lol @ people saying it shouldn’t be played here. It’s a winter sport, of course it’s going to be windy.
StuL: Look fwd to the Waite false dawn bandwagon
Apachecats: You just an indoor man arbel?
Chelskiman: It’s like the rest of Aus thinks it never rains or blows in any other state but Tas.
circle52: even if he does not score again
Ben_Gogos: @circle52 Waite has actually been decent in fantasy the past couple of years or so.
SC_brAh: What is happening, 44 to zip… wtf
a1trader: Waite 100 SC by qtr time?
Apachecats: Nearly all my SC opponents have Otten ,keep up the good work Andy.
9inch: So anyone know what Sloans sc points are for?
CamT: Exactly Ben_Gogos. He’s a huge scorer but injuries and suspensions get in the way.
BeastMode: potentially 6 donuts to quarter time for the crows..
heppelitis: dont stress kangas are horrible 15 goal wind advantage
circle52: Otten on field and benched Hampton Apache
circle52: Sloane has had 2 contested possessions and depnding on category could be worth up to 12 SC points.
BestCoast: Waite is a pea heart that teasers punters into picking this quintessential b grader
luke394: one of the worst quarters you’ll see by Adelaide today, North kicking with wind helping too but still a horrible quarter
Apachecats: Neither of them have touched it at this stage @circle52
luke394: Adelaide will be 10 goals down at 1/4 time
LMartos: I normally kick maximum 45 metres, if I had a shot to North’s end I could kick 60 metres
Apachecats: Crows comeback anyone?
Umpirespet: We don’t usually play in gale force winds
BestCoast: Crows by 15
preki1: crows being weighed down by their big heads
TheLegend6: Adelaide are still in this, interesting to see what they do next qtr
LuvIt74: this is bloody unreal, who ever tips 9 this week will be a genius
ballbag: @bestcoast they put waites heart in a whistle and it fell out threw the gap
zadolinnyj: Crows will win un
HawkTalker: My mate took his joker round in tipping this week. I’m still laughing
Apachecats: I thought Sth Aus ran on windpower @umpirespet.
zadolinnyj: Unless it rains
LMartos: North getting free kicks for fun
zadolinnyj: Who won the toss?
BestCoast: Hopefully this pushes Lindsay FLOG thomas into retirement
Chelskiman: Forgot to put my tips in at the pub. Got all the away teams. Good start…
arbel: yeah its a winter sport but no other ground gives such an advantage like this one does with wind
Yelse: can’t believe the lack of possessions by crows
preki1: richmond to top the ladder after this round
CamT: Adelaide paying $5.30 to win atm. Bookie have no faith in NM
heppelitis: funny ballbag
a1trader: my opponent has Sloane (C), M Crouch, Goldy, Laird, Otten and Hampton – lovin it
Umpirespet: We dont get thatc much wind lol….How come essendon, collingwood never have to play here?
BestCoast: normally i play crew that have Waite in when he does this
LMartos: you can’t do anything going into the wind, ball just caught by the wind
StuL: Looks like nth and saints aren’t that bad. Everyone can shut up that we beat no one good, bt!
BestCoast: @ballbag make sure the blues get up
duckky: yay .. Otten scored
LuvIt74: Was gonna bet Crows to win but William hill only offering $6 in play thats poison odds
heppelitis: not one nth player in any of my teams lol
BestCoast: @StuL cats can smack anyone anytime anywhere no questions asked
jimmyboy: It’s not Etihad Stadium anymore Toto
TheLegend6: Because everyone knows how bad north finish games
Apachecats: 88sc is the biggest 1st quater i’ve seen ,anyone seen better?
Umpirespet: Me either Hepp lol
Apachecats: yes duckky one tackle to ottens ,hampton ,jenkins and Kelly -not a touch between them.
m0nty: is this the real life… is this just fantasy
CamT: Does anyone give Adelaide a chance ?
BestCoast: Too funny m0nty cant believe my eyes at the moment
Beast_Mode: im assuming a 10 goal wind advantage?
Apachecats: SC points 620 to 244 ,its more than just the wind doing this.
lukefield9: Yeah Monty do you know Glocko?
Texwalker: Think ill watch the pies game
BestCoast: CamT the crows will hit the frint late in the 4th to smatch it
Umpirespet: Nope I actually tipped against us cause of the wind here. We have only ever played here once b4
m0nty: open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…
BestCoast: *snatch
faisca7: Odds for Adelaide win/Waite not tonning up multi?
Apachecats: Is that the Queen song @Monty?
Ben_Gogos: Nothing really matters
poolboybob: Uhhhhhh wtf is happening
m0nty: any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me
StuL: Nth coughed up 10 goals to the bombers once
heppelitis: to meeeeeee
Beast_Mode: royboy would’ve busted a nut that 1/4
Apachecats: Easy come easy go any way the wind blows.
DrSeuss: Laird, Otten and Hampton OMG. Just glad I am not a Crows fan.
TheLegend6: @Apachecats did you just ask that?
zadolinnyj: Over umpired so far. Lots of soft ones
Umpirespet: Good stuff M0nty?
grossn: @StuL and to the Pies a couple years back
LuvIt74: I dare say my ranking will drop from 791 to 10000
Umpirespet: Glad i’m not a lions fan Drsuess
Snarfy: M0nty, you should have a snow strom icon for the entire Adelaside team.
heppelitis: loving curllys work..i might win by 1 point
man0005: You ok Monty?
Death: crows will win this
Apachecats: yes @legend ,didn’t get any replies so suspect its a record.
G.Soreness: Ablett scored 97 in the first quarter a few years ago, playing for Suns
Rebuild: here we go
jimmyboy: here they come
StuL: Go Hampton, 31 is yours
NoneyaB: ahh a double goal
BestCoast: @Umpirespet Brisbane playing like the lion out of wizard of oz
Jackwatt$: To everyone asking if Adelaide can win- The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind
Apachecats: thanks General.
Umpirespet: Heard they are relocating Lions back to Fitzroy
Ben_Gogos: Thompson wins the mare after gifting Betts another from the top of the square with an off the ball free.
LMartos: Why didn’t Walker gain any points for a tackle, which won a free kick that led to a score???
Jackwatt$: Sloane 26 SC from 2 possessions? WTF? They must have been 65 metre laceout kicks that put holes in his teammates stomach
a1trader: looks like the umps have been given direction to even this up
BestCoast: @Umpirespet there next flag will come when they join forces with the suns
HawkTalker: come on sloaney. pump it up
heppelitis: wind has changed direction
zadolinnyj: Not sure about that a1trader. Both teams getting disgraceful calls. Umpires being consistantly bad
Umpirespet: @BestCoast wouldn’t rule that out both have little members
man0005: Like West Coast will win any flag at the MCG BestCoast
Apachecats: Lions playing more like Dorothy @bestcoast
StuL: Come on otten. Now he’s a pumpkin!
luke394: Otten wtf
BestCoast: Heppelitis that happened playing in a granny one year wind changed 40 knots we got cained
LMartos: Adelaide playing this horribly, hardly have anyone forward when they have a gale force wind
Umpirespet: Agree STUL have both otten and hampt on field
heppelitis: crazy those weather gods hey
Ben_Gogos: @LMartos far from a gale force wind.
circle52: May have benched the wrong ceow although noy much difference between Otten and Hampton.
BestCoast: Care factor nil man0005 we are making up the numbers at least the fridge is full of ale
Umpirespet: No wonder they wont give Tassie a team they would be unbeatable down there
Jackwatt$: Was Higgins the first player to kick a goal into the wind? Heart please m0nty? Or cape, you decide?
LMartos: that mark was so elite
Ben_Gogos: Tarrant with the latest muppet after gifting a goal to Walker off the ball by holding in the goal square.
Chelskiman: @Jack, or Hulk.
Umpirespet: Ben umps not helping with terrible decisions tho
Jackwatt$: Hulk would be fine too, just anything other than the band-aid and I’m happy
man0005: Muppet for Tarrant but no heart for Higgins after keeping the goal? Righto Ben_Crowgos
Ben_Gogos: @Umpirespet unintelligible to give them a reason in those positions.
Umpirespet: I agree and north are known for it
Jackwatt$: Should Crows be flag favourites? Not sure they should be ahead of Dogs or Giants. Is it a matter of sheer volume of sup
Jackwatt$: Kinda like how pies are always better odds than should be
HawkTalker: wtf is going on with sloane? cannot touch it
Umpirespet: Jack GWS were beaten by saints why should they be more favourites than us?
heppelitis: I traded him in Hawktalker
9inch: Sloane will get 50sc at half time with 2 touches
Umpirespet: It is only Vic media and Eddie Mcguire that keeps saying GWS will win the next 10 prems
HawkTalker: urgh the heppelitis curse!
BestCoast: GWS looked the goods last night with there 21 number 1 draft picks
m0nty: is it happening? looks like it’s still happening
heppelitis: and vc him lol
zadolinnyj: Welcome to the match review panel Waite. Your second home
Hoot: Whats Adel paying now?
Chelskiman: Would take a 60 from Hampton at this point.
BestCoast: How bloody good is ice cold beer, I am giving it three votes
Apachecats: Didn’t Sloane finish last weeks game with a red cross symbol? Maybe carrying something?
Umpirespet: Hoot save ya money
luke394: Otten massive quarter got robbed score wise
circle52: only consolotion is most teams have Laird, Otten and Hampton.
CamT: Adelaide paying $5.30 Hoot
Umpirespet: I have Circle but hope they get their BE
SilverLion: Cleaver for Higgins
luke394: Hampton such a retard
zadolinnyj: Umpiring terrible on both sides today. Let them play umps
TheLegend6: Sorry guys I picked up Sloane this week 🙁
sfenda1: captain sloane this is painful
SilverLion: Lift Higgins, Laird, Hampton, Otten….
zadolinnyj: Another weak free. Let them play umps
luke394: CD must have Waite in their sides
circle52: Not alone legends I brough in Sloane in DT and made him c
Ben_Gogos: Hartigan proving very costly today.
colmullet: a lesson in not buying players at the most expensive lads
circle52: TBH Col Sloane was on the watch list for later but when ANB got dropped and Beams injured forced the issue.
zadolinnyj: How is that not a walker mark?
TheLegend6: Sloane to go big in the last to bring the crows back and win hopefully haha
zadolinnyj: Laird in guts. Sloane off half back running through
duckky: Hampton made his BE!
zadolinnyj: 2 more crows. Come on
Umpirespet: Nice Dukky now otten lol
Chelskiman: What was Hampton’s BE in DT?
Umpirespet: How many throws kangas gotten away with
feralmong: hey all quick pop in. would u believe. I picked saints, roos and blues. lmao.
Ben_Gogos: @Chelskiman 19
faisca7: Waite 145 dafuq??
Chelskiman: Thanks, Ben.
Umpirespet: Feral looks like u might win this week I had Roos but GWS
ademase: what does the shield mean….i use to be able to see the icons but not sure where to find them now
faisca7: Would like if vickaswilla could kick a sneaky before the wind changes
J_Herer: Slone trade in for top 100 DT players will hurt $$$$
LuvIt74: V-Willis what a waste of a trade
CBeezDeez: Yeah. I think U can pop OUT niw Feral! LoL
aces-high: No Sloane no crows hopefully teams start tagging him
J_Herer: yeah slone will burn a few at a 700k purchase
HawkTalker: Sloane is my draft league captain. I’m toast
StuL: Come on Missy you girl.
Raspel31: Hey chaps-as Sloane a no go-cap to Rocky or Danger?
faisca7: I’d go rocky.. So you probably shouldn’t go rocky
Raspel31: Ha-thanks faisca-my feelings exactly
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
sfenda1: waite for 200?
Apachecats: I’ll back him in @sfenda
ronl: Missy’s got his dress on today
duckky: Glad I offloaded Higgins
Beast_Mode: lol otten, give him the bin!!
luke394: Otten and Hampton come back a little thank god, Laird is a SC pig
HawkTalker: one more kick, sloaney
Raspel31: Waite hasn’t touched the pill for 5 mins-simply useless

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