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Chat log from R7 of 2017: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2017

J.Worrall: Go Sainters!
PLACEBOPIE: How are all the rookie coachers out there knowing Newman isn’t playing 😀 Muhahahaha
Snarfy: What! Only 9 sainters starting tonight with a ‘J’ name!
Snarfy: Saints have got a cheaters poker hand. 5 Jacks!
cold pies: I’ve gone shaw for vc. Flower it.. 9 players out in my team this week. Takin the loss
frenzy: good math snarfy
PLACEBOPIE: omg cold pies?
BestCoast: Saints by 15
Lodgy: Nein Nein! Die ist eine Menge outs!
JockMcPie: Roo as VC, do something
Lodgy: Can someone tell the lady in the ad, to get off the couch, give me the remote, and get back to the kitchen!
cold pies: Yeh mate sc gods have struck me hard this week.. nothing I can do
Lodgy: Greene and nanker hurting me this week in dt. coppin a donut in the ruck
TheBoy89: G’day boys
TheBoy89: im coping a donut from fuckhead nank
Lodgy: Good day to you as well, sir!
duckky: Ugly week – had to trade out Newmn to reduce donuts in bacckline
valkorum: top 5 gws DT right now all start with J 🙂
circle52: Evening all
cold pies: Sorry** I’ve got 4 donuts this week… no joke
Lodgy: I honestly think Greene copped a harsh penalty, 2 down to 1 fair enough. but 3 down to 2 weeks? for that?
PLACEBOPIE: I was going to do the hibberd move but couldn’t swapped parfitt to myers and hold out on my ruck move till tomorrow
BestCoast: G’Day TB89 top of the day to ya
Lodgy: Tribunal went in to punish
PLACEBOPIE: hoping pruess plays if not use the other pick to upgarde to grundy
BestCoast: We might cop a donut from poido this week
duckky: 7 J’s if you include Jim Membry
Lodgy: Lukie Darcy just said callan ward was known as cement head… i sense i new player icon….
berniebern: Hamburger for Jack Steven. What happened to him?
Breezey: I traded Newman for Himmelberg. Good start by the rookie
Kahunas: G’day fellas, Go Steele
PLACEBOPIE: The Rant goals
Snarfy: Jack Steven looks like an ACDC groupie!
Lodgy: Burger Stevens moving up the ladder nicely atm… only halfway thru the first!
Lodgy: burger steven*
cold pies: Can someone tell me dustbins be and should i hold off till next week.. considering I’m coping a loss this week.
BestCoast: Yeah Roo anytime you would like to contribute
cold pies: Or I double down with marchbank/butler to evw/parson
Lodgy: DT i think the trash cans BE is about 115 according to FW but i aint sure
LMartos: I’ve been reduced to bringing in Soldo to avoid a donut
LMartos: feels bad man
zadolinnyj: Evening all
Lodgy: imo u hold onto dusty coz at the end of the year he is a premium
Heizenberg: Hi boys
JockMcPie: where the fuck is nick riewoldt
Heizenberg: Anyone do match day?
cold pies: No I want to buy dusty lodgy
boo!: lift heater u spanner
cold pies: Tradin jom to dustbin or tmitch.. but keeping in mind I’m after them now because cheap.. I’m coping a loss this week
at_123: Brought Mummy in this week. Looking like a super move.
BestCoast: If you are coping a lose cold pies hold off trades are at a premium this year with the rookies we have been dealt with
LMartos: ffs Heath that’ll be -6+
Lodgy: my bad. got the rong end of the stick there CP
BestCoast: G’day Heiz
cold pies: Even tho I have 6 rookies about to drop and have jom to dump before cash drop
Lodgy: Well CP i would wait, against the dogs i rekon he will miss his BE.
luke394: nice start be Heater
GJayBee: Thank god we are hear gent’s. I don’t even believe in God. But, tonight, thank god I made it to Friday.
nic-n-nat: Yeah brought Roo in this week…
Breezey: Stevie J 10 touches. Nice start
LMartos: Shaw is playing a weird role
Lodgy: Im in RDT, got rid of hampton for vickers Willies. just coz i have a heap of blokes topping out the same time
GJayBee: My love for Heater is cooling.
nic-n-nat: Even out the VC on him *sigh
Lodgy: Need Shiel to Hulk for my Draft league
GJayBee: Stevie know’s he’ll need some GWS injuries to play in a prem
Heizenberg: Hi best coast
CamT: What did Shaw do to have his core halved ?
Lodgy: I didnt think that ross has been a tagger or follower all year? what do u guys think?
CamT: * score
Heizenberg: I remember you xD
boo!: shaw absolute burgular of turds
Beast_Mode: damn I regret trading taranto when he was rested
Lodgy: spilt my drink 🙁
bones351: @CamT gave away a 50m penalty
Sloan4Pres: St Nick wtf
bones351: Pushed Billings after a mark.
CamT: thanks bones351
Lodgy: Hopefully Giants will get a win and shaw should catch up in kick to kick later
TheOnyas: onya tarranty
BestCoast: @Sloan4Pres agree come to life St Nick
Heizenberg: lol lodgy
JockMcPie: this year in supercoach is the worst ever
Heizenberg: What drink?
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Cameron intercepts a horrid Webster kick in 20m out, very easy goal for Jezza, oh dear for Jimmy.
BestCoast: Stay in crab mode Mummy
DrSeuss: Come on Man of Steele
GJayBee: Is Shaw finally loosing his ming?
Schillaci: That’s my boy Roberton!
boo!: i wish zac dawson still played, would trade heater for him
Sloan4Pres: that was bs against membrey. umpires have been instructed to make gws win
LMartos: Shaw is out of the game as if he’s being tagged but he’s just not in the right spots
Lodgy: Bruce not playing the Hawkers this week…
Heizenberg: I was so close to leaving mummy out 🙁
Hoot: Mummy is going to get the tv the way he is behaving.
circle52: Agree with the BS push call on Membrey
Tonche: whats wrong with Hopper?
DragonLass: Mummy should probably permanently have the TV next to him
CBeezDeez: Evenin all… That’s the story every week isn’t it S4Pres?
DrSeuss: JKelly good – Steele Lift
BestCoast: I have donut in ruck opposition has Mummy so far so good
boo!: in fact heater to adam kennedy would yield more points
m0nty: not sure I like Heater forward, the defence looks a bit pants without him
LMartos: Shaw playing more wing than anything else, roaming the outer wing
circle52: Looks lost as well m0nty
luke394: Go Heater give us another 50
JockMcPie: “Premiums” Roo and Shaw, I’m disgusted
ballbag: mummy is a bully with mental issues. gonna really hurt somebody soon
circle52: Umpiressoft on HTB this week about 4/5 both ways in the last 5 mins.
DrSeuss: Is Steele getting much TOG? Only 1 tackle this quarter
LuvIt74: currently ranked in the 700’s not sure if i go parfitt to Parsons & Butler to Steff Martin & have $66k
LuvIt74: Or trade out two rookies Parfitt to Parsons & McGrath to EVW or Melican & generate $570k
BestCoast: m0nty is will Owen be around this week
pcaman2003: Greetings all from Kao Lak in Thailand.No foot to watch here.Damn!
luke394: I’m heading there in 2 months pcaman how are the cocktails?
CBeezDeez: U should be at the “clubs” pcaman!
Hoot: Riewoldt you fool.
BestCoast: @pcaman2003 jealous the weather would be warm and thirsty up there
LuvIt74: Coniglio looking good in his first game this year
pcaman2003: Cocktails cheap and bloody good in steamy weather.
JockMcPie: lesson learnt roo – never sideways trade premiums
Heater: Another 80 plus from Taranto would be handy…
Hoot: Longer seems to be keeping Saints in the game.
Kahunas: Isn’t Thailand the home of the LadyBoy
BestCoast: And plenty of me love you long time @pca
pcaman2003: Lady Boy territory here alright.
BestCoast: No @Kahunas they are inicent Hawk supporters
Kahunas: hahaha
pcaman2003: @Kahunas. Also home of the “happy ending ” massage. lol!
PLACEBOPIE: Must be Don Scott 😀
Gotigres: nice 5 min shaw
Heater: Love you long time!!
GJayBee: Go PacMan!
pcaman2003: Was hoping Taranto would score better. Kelly great though.
GJayBee: Pacman, it’s a good game, GWS quality vs Saints heart. Monty good, Lobb scary. Ward and Shaw on. Bruce on.
Kahunas: Went thru a phaze of the asian girlz awhile back, but after awhile they all look the same 🙂
boo!: bye bye kahunas
pcaman2003: @GJayBee. Thanks for the leg up.Frustrating without TV footy.
BestCoast: Roo behaving like road kill
Raspel31: Hmm-hello all-we appreciate your efforts Mr Steven and Mr Kelly But we expect more from you Mr Reiwoldt.
poolboybob: Wtf Steele, 6 touches? Raise your game.
Breezey: Is there much for Koby Stevens to worry about. Noticed he has the TV. I Missed what happened
tankin: koby is gooone
Costanza: nice dob Lobb
StuL: TT not moved since QT. Which is good
circle52: Wilson back on may save Koby.
Hoot: Mark and goal for McFly
StuL: Devon Smith coming to the cattery next year according to a Facebook thread.
StuL: Don’t like reports for a tackle but it’s nanny state now.
Raspel31: Just a bit Stuhl
CBeezDeez: Not yours is it StuL? Be better long term than God i reckn…
boo!: who turned the Heater on?
StuL: He’s a Geelong boy, just bought a house in West Geelong.
Manowar: Riewoldt no good, season going down toilet
jimmyboy: finally in for a chat – having trouble logging in
Breezey: Someone said it earlier and I agree that Mumford is going to hurt someone soon and will go a row of Showerhouses
luke394: Mummy having a stinker
Umpirespet: Stul you have no draft picks how you gunna get him?
CBeezDeez: True Breezey and the AFL will just let it happen til he does!
ballbag: @breezey I did. the guy won’t be happy til he busts someone’s shoulder. he’s gotta screw loose
DrSeuss: Steele – get involved and LIFT!!
StuL: No idea. We had none this year because we traded those. Should have some next year.
PLACEBOPIE: ablett and sloane too and boak 😀
nic-n-nat: Roo a last 5 average of 108, scored 110 last week. How so Manowar?
m0nty: Shaw heading for votes with that move
circle52: Shaw back to his HB role probably the reason
Breezey: I think he’s clumsy enough or just plain loose enough to knock someone’s head off
luke394: do something Steele
DanBlack: Heath Shaw the Muppett
Hoot: GWS the new Hawthorn of SC
StuL: Settle heater.
LMartos: Steele doesn’t get enough TOG
CBeezDeez: BB & Breezey. Upires said they were watching Greene last week. Shoild be monitoring Mummy.
luke394: I don’t see how getting a kick smothered is a clanger for Shaw
Raspel31: Is Jack Steven dead? Asked with all sympathy to his family.
Breezey: Yes I remember that CBeez.
jimmyboy: lift taranto
ballbag: the umpire will watch him. watch him break some bones
Costanza: Sheila
cold pies: 70 points with a heavy tag chill luke
cold pies: Raspel sorry
BestCoast: Roo Ted
ballbag: lol. Spud cracking the shits about maxwell being 19th man for gws
luke394: I am settled cold pies just a question bro, Gresham hardly a hard tagger either
StuL: Dam wall is just holding I think.
boo!: need a crane steele???
JockMcPie: Roo playing injured for sure
cold pies: Na Luke hahaha I was talking to raspel sorry mate
Hoot: Coniglio running like a rabbit.
nic-n-nat: Was gonna ask that jockmcpie. He’s bit slow atm
luke394: no worries my bad
ballbag: gws gonna pound them in the 4th like pacman & ladyboy in Thailand
at_123: I’d take 80 from Mumford here. Nothing less
Raspel31: Never apologise coldpies
luke394: Heater sheep dogging there got caught lol
Raspel31: Go Sainters!
CBeezDeez: Pcaman watching ping pong isnt he? Not football. ..
myteamsuks: I lost beams nankervis Greene and parcitt and Stewart and fiorini only 20 players avail I’m stuffed
Manowar: Steven reported for kneeing yet?
LMartos: if you don’t get reported at the time of the incident you don’t get reported at all
cold pies: Heater running on a 12v ATM
myteamsuks: I don’t have Scully but is champion data really saying Steele has had more of an impact atm
BestCoast: Heater warming to the occasion
LMartos: Steele 0 clangers, Scully 6 clangers
Raspel31: Watching St Kilda very hard to know which Jack or Steven is involved. Name changes?
BestCoast: Need to Roo to kick a lazy 5 in the last
StuL: Come home Devon.
CBeezDeez: Like the good ole days when even goal umpires could report you Martos?
luke394: Scully uncontested and clangers @myteamsucks
myteamsuks: Scully 1 goal and 18 non clangers compares to 11.
ballbag: where’s wends? she loves Timmeh
luke394: Traded Taranto out after he spudded it for the first 5 rounds, then of course he’s gonna start pumping out 80’s
myteamsuks: I have Steele so I don’t mind.
Hoot: Roberton and Williams looking good for D5&6
DragonLass: yes but point is, I think CD take too many points off for clangers. at least the player with the clanger has the ball
TheOnyas: onya tarranty
jimmyboy: are clangers on the ff stats sheet
DragonLass: jimmyboy – clangers is the muppet column
myteamsuks: I struggle to see that a guy that runs 50 metres to be on the end of the ball alone is less worth than a CP.
jimmyboy: @DragonLass – thanks my screen might be too small on my laptop, not showing everything like usual
thetank: Big quarter shaw
ballbag: @jimmy press control and minus key to zoom out
Raspel31: Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod-Koby Stevens? Has he found a home?
jimmyboy: @ballbag – cheers mate
luke394: ur a living legend @ballbag control/minus love it
Costanza: Steele foiled tonight
LMartos: Shaw cooked his score with the clangers towards the end of the 3rd, should be 85+ by now
ballbag: @raspel you must have tiny thigh bones lol
carlton_99: Horrible deliberate call
Texwalker: 18 disposals for 34 points.. well done stevie j.. lucky no one is dumb enough to have u…
Ash777: koby’s problem was injuries
runt: If the Saints have a weakness its Josh Bruce. Put Mccartin in there instead
Texwalker: @runt beu
Texwalker: Bruce and mccartin need to play.. but bruce is better than mccartin atm
cold pies: Raspel still mouthin of steven?? Hehe
ballbag: start directing points my way tarantino ffs
StuL: Unbelievable. This would be good. GWS won’t lose many.
Raspel31: Methinks finally time to lose The Roo-sad.
PLACEBOPIE: come on steel over 80
cold pies: I vc’d shaw… Methinks I’m my head is flowered
Raspel31: Why would you ever v cap a defender averaging 80 cold pies-defies anything?
luke394: How does Sam Gilbert still get a game?
BestCoast: Cold pies I went out on a limb and VC’d Roo at least I have rum
runt: The saints insistance on having a Jack attack is paying off
Breezey: Webster having another good week.
cold pies: Because I have 9 players out.. went for a gamble.. was taking a loss any way..
ballbag: so you gonna do fuck all in the last 2 qtrs Taranto it seems
runt: insistence even
CamT: How many donuts cold pies ?
Ash777: saints are cheating they have 5 jacks. everyone knows a deck has only 4
Hoot: GWS flicked the turbo switch too early
runt: Cameron has stacked the ferrari
cold pies: 4 donuts
cold pies: 3 sorry
Manowar: Steven 2 or 3 weeks?
cold pies: With trades
Raspel31: Yep I lost 6 this week cold pie but surely a Sloane, Danger, Rocky etc
CamT: ouch. Plenty will be is that boat. What a week.
jimmyboy: Stevie J has too many clangers – given them nothing for such a talent
ballbag: @ash yeh but there’s almost always at least one jack off
m0nty: nominations for star please
DragonLass: Stevie J is pretty much a liability for them really
J.Worrall: Billings, monty
Raspel31: No stand outs Monty. Your call.
runt: The star of the night is Jack
Breezey: Billings the best by a long way I reckon
circle52: Acres for me with his last quarter
DragonLass: Jack Steven for star
TheBoy89: Billings
Texwalker: Billings for star
cold pies: Billings you think..
Costanza: JSteven has done it all
J.Worrall: Ross and Roberton not that far behind …
DragonLass: or stars for all the Jacks
Umpirespet: Steven
BeastMode: Seb Ross BOG for me
PLACEBOPIE: steven now
bigpens: Johnson star
jimmyboy: Stevens or Billings
cold pies: Is jack Steven dead?? Think he just answered yo question… whoop
faisca7: Ross X factor, been hugungous this qtr
at_123: Steven for star, Gresham X factor
3rdstriker: gresham is the x factor surely
myteamsuks: Jack Steven should get 3 weeks for that hair
Raspel31: Jack Steven methinks Monty
TheBoy89: probs steven now lol
StuL: Steven bog
cold pies: Mate 80s hair at its best
Texwalker: U could go nathan brown.. 23 has to almost be a record score for him lol
BestCoast: Jack Starven
cold pies: Back ur boys raspel
Costanza: Saints vs Dogs in 3 weeks will be big
J.Worrall: Well done Sainters!
duckky: Steele junk time
PLACEBOPIE: taht inside 50 by steele should get him over 80 😀
myteamsuks: It’s a mullet
cold pies: Go sainters
Ladbrokes_: Shaw 21 kicks and still didn’t ton up…that’s annoying
runt: Saints Premiership chances now. Cant deny they aren’t because opinions are like arseholes or whatever
TheBoy89: roberton is amazing
CamT: Whoever said that clangers were penalised too much is on the money.
luke394: Steele better get points for that last centre clearance need 80+ atleast
ballbag: saints crowd sound awesome
lukefield9: Hey @monty do you know a bloke with the last name McClaughlin?
scotty: how does Longer have 48 hit outs and end up with 23SC?

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