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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R6 of 2017

Beast_Mode: grand final preview boys
mardyb: not a chance beast
Beast_Mode: i’m taking the piss
luke394: Dan Butler due for a stinker? i hope not
AngryRyno: crows by 10 goal
theoc: beast im assuming you are a richmond supporter?
poido123: cmon martin, better disposal please
Hooks: Im sick of Nank playing good he is so shite
Hooks: shite*
AngryRyno: Nank is GOAT, face it
the worm: he’s shower because he play good all the time?
Hooks: Not for Sydney lol
kano22: Your goal maggots
DrSeuss: Laird and Hampton LIFT
willywalks: any chance hampton can pull at least one finger out, ive had enough carnage this week without another shower score
DrSeuss: Laird nice comeback. Hampton – not so much.
pcaman2003: Time to dump Hampton?
luke394: Hampton u retard
poido123: hampton stay down 🙂
Roksta: Martin is overrated might get the ball a bit but often misses targets
circle52: Early Days but may regret playing Hampton over Otten in AF and DT.
JButcher: Same here circle
willywalks: did the same circle…
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Pinkman: arghhh…what a horrible week
thommoae: Welcome all, to the ‘Holders of ANB and Hampton’ Club.
colin wood: 5 Day break pfft…
willywalks: pumpkin for hampton
colin wood: wrong chat sorry lads.
willywalks: what about the hampton, anb, watson, fyfe, houston and danger club
AngryRyno: Hampton, ANB, Fyfe, Hall, Treloar, Danger
thommoae: Those are impressive clubs.
ballbag: what about the GAJ, simmo, docherty club?
DrSeuss: Hampton – remember last week, when you touched the ball? Try that again
circle52: At least Hampton has made his B/e so easy trade
Wends: You’re in the 1% ballbag – earning 99% of the points this rd. The rest of us are povo.
CBeezDeez: Look like needing 120 from BCrouch Hampton & Butler… Not confident atm!
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week I put Hampton on field and Otten on the bench
Wends: Agreed circle; thought it wld be Marchbank out next week.
TheBoy89: hey boys what have i missed
willywalks: wall for butler, went backwards in q2
J.Worrall: game over, run over, 9th again Tiges!
circle52: Me too Wends – Whatever Hibberd in
J.Worrall: who’s the png player?
CaptainWho: H2H butler +71pts vs nothing!!! Might crack a coldy and enjoy the rest of this one!
Wends: Same – along with 74% of other teams 🙂
9inch: Finally bring in Nank to my forward line in SC and look what happens.
Wends: Dr Seuss that may well have been a masterstroke
Texwalker: Could this team end up being the crows greatest ever??
heppelitis: that would be a 9 inch flop
poido123: Calm down Tex, Crows will be taken apart by a stronger midfield come finals. I think Bulldogs or GWS will smoke em
Texwalker: @poido i did say end up being.. im thinking next few years..
Texwalker: Perhaps most complete team is a better way to say it..
J.Worrall: Next few years is a long long long time in footy – more than 9 inches for sure!
poido123: adelaide are built for reg season. play tough each game,then when more talented teams measure up,they will be found out
9inch: First Tiger in my side for years. Should of known better.
PLACEBOPIE: go big sloane big C
poido123: lol 9inch. thinking the same thing
colin wood: I think this has been the shittest week in sc history so many horrible scores.
heppelitis: dont worry 9inch. if he could hit a target today he would be scoring well
Raspel31: Many many many Colin
Texwalker: my tablet hates this website just freezes and slows instantly
luke394: is everyone really having that bad of a week in projected for 2250
poido123: nakervis stinks today. my gosh thats bad
poido123: Luke, shutup ;p
luke394: plus Gazza getting 210
luke394: dont worry poido I’ve got plenty of points to make up :/
circle52: Just seen Nanks D/e at 20% effecting his score.
colin wood: Come on Nank beat otten by 41!
9inch: Im predicted 2295 before this game and thats with Capt Fyfe.
circle52: I will be flat out getting past 2000pts this week
luke394: laird is a SC pig
Wends: When swanky nanky turns skanky 😐
Raspel31: I was predicted 2300-2000 looks beyond reach-but not alone.
Wends: Evening Rasp and Hepp. My tips 4/8 so far no thanks to yr mob…
poido123: sloane is unbelievable this year. did he even have a preseason?
colin wood: Raspel very simular mate. Must have identical teams haha
J.Worrall: Bragging? Yes!
heppelitis: haha…good evening…they did not turn up to play today thats 4 sure
poido123: off sloane…f.cking hell
luke394: Sloane is unreal poido, he might be leading scorer if he stays fit
Raspel31: Evening Wends-and sorry. We were following your lead.
Hooks: Richmond getting put down like the bottom 8 side they are
J.Worrall: Tiges to fnish 9th again again
PLACEBOPIE: sloane baby 😀
runt: Tigers aren’t bad. Crows have too much fire power up front
luke394: Richmond are pretenders
JButcher: Richmond are playing like Richmond again
DanBlack: Cape that man!
BestCoast: Tigers fully squatting down
J.Worrall: Butler Hampton Nanks here – 2088 atm
poido123: where are you ranked placebopie?
Raspel31: The one and only good thing was to bring in Sloane this week and cap him-the rest-aargh
9inch: Did you hear that thud? Richmond falling back to reality
Wends: Yep, self inflicted. Shld’ve followed my own rules: never tip swans & always tip the pies.
sfenda1: sloane was 64 at HT
Wends: M Crouch =2nd worst on his team, killing me.
Breezey: Sloane 7 tackles this qtr
poido123: but how could you of picked Sloane at the start? he didn’t even have much of a preseason
Wends: *2nd worst DE
J.Worrall: sfenda+serial offender?
circle52: Soane was on 20 at quarter time and thought I may be saved but no he steps it up.
9inch: Rance scores well when Richmond lose. Might have to get on him now they won thier 5 for the season
theoc: poido he had a great season last year, thats what made me choose him as captain
ballbag: why Sloane star? TeX may kick tigers total score by the end
luke394: could Otten and Hampton actually do something
poido123: Theoc, yeah but he’s jumped his average quite a bit from last year, but how?
BestCoast: Crows are dangerous big time
Wends: Lol Bestcoast, just saw your post
StuL: Pumpkins for Hampton and Often?
J.Worrall: “big time” = “very” ?
Tommo2909: Good one Nank. Gone for a few weeks. If he gets suspended do we trade?
TheLegend6: No one will go to Adelaide and win this year, so long as tigers learn from this I’m okay
BestCoast: Big Time means Crows would butch slap any side in the comp bar none
luke394: I dont think so Tommo
J.Worrall: Otten grabs a birthday present
StuL: Crows GWS, top 2 and probably GF. Everyone else may as well go home.
Breezey: Otten just gave back his pumpkin
frenzy: power off rance, you shower me
Raspel31: Nank gone-just hope Norff bring Preuss back to save a trade
kano22: Nank in trouble ? Was taking a piss, missed it
Tommo2909: I have no cover as well so am a bit worried
pcaman2003: What a schizenhausen SC round this is,
theoc: poido his tackling pressure has improved as hes progressing, thats his difference between this year and last
luke394: thanks Andy
shaker: Can’t deny the Crows are streets ahead but wrong time of the year
J.Worrall: Otto again
kano22: April premiers
heppelitis: is there a better small defender than laird? seriously good
BestCoast: @shaker they would have to lose key personal to fall over they will improve
StuL: I reverse mozzed Otto. Ton up Otto. 60+ will do.
J.Worrall: Nanky poo may hsve to go.
TheLegend6: Agree Crows and GWS easily the best 2 in the comp. Should both be in the GF>
Wends: Sloane off with the trainers, limping
runt: The idea is to keep the crowd quiet. The Tigers are playing so badly the crowd has gone quiet!!
TheLegend6: Hopefully Preuss gets a call up
J.Worrall: Does Sloane count as “key personal”?
heppelitis: fair change in momentum since qtr time
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly TheLegend
Wends: Getting left knee strapped apparently.
ballbag: nice. rest up sloeney you’ve done enough this week
BestCoast: @runt the lions would of halved there membership yesterday with what the dished up
boo!: no vickery no tiges
BestCoast: Sloane key personal you would have to think so Einstein
ballbag: what this butler has served up is again average.
McSpud: sloaney is tip top
runt: @BestCoast Lions supporters don’t throw their memberships away so no problems there.
Apachecats: By the look of ithope Preuss gets a game ne
Raspel31: Most definitely not the butler this time ballbag-innocent of doing anything.
luke394: if Butler gets 60 in this loss ball bag thats pretty good
J.Worrall: Who is Eisenstein?
Wends: Yep ballbags, his legs is like linguine.
BestCoast: @runt just kidding Cob
J.Worrall: Goldy’s brother?
StuL: How many Richmond memberships go into the microwave this week?
Kenny27: probably the same amount as Geelong’s @stul
Raspel31: Does Sloane come back on-pleeez
StuL: Sloane on.
poido123: i could see richmond falling off pretty hard
poido123: why would the dumb coach leave sloane on after injury and game rapped up?
BestCoast: Kenny27 pass on my best to Bucks for saving his job for another month
StuL: Give bucks a 3 year extension too I reckon
Raspel31: Because I asked him poido
Wends: He’s back on Raspel, put the single malt away.
Kenny27: lol Bestcoast happy this week your playing at home. remember the big dance is at the G your no hope
Raspel31: Ha ha Wends-no,just cheap cider.
luke394: how was Andy Otten’s kick inside 50 not effective F off CD
BestCoast: Comedian Kenny should call you Pete for repeat we won’t be no where near the last dance
ballbag: gonna be some huge sc scores this week
Bull8: poido123? dont have Sloane haha
McSpud: same dumb coach has a record of 22 and 7
CBeezDeez: You would think if Fyfe, Beams & Danger were Ur worst scores U’d be havin a good week…
poido123: martin you lazy sod
McSpud: i have all plus rocky too
the worm: how many flags have the eagles won at the G? 3?
Kenny27: sloaney!
poido123: faaaaaark off sloane
Raspel31: Add Rocky Mcspud-at least Sloane on the money.
Breezey: Sloane just might be the favourite for Charlie
TheBoy89: Don’t forget treloar
Bull8: who has won a flag not at the G?
TheBoy89: Sloane insane should of stuck with Sloane Captain instead vc bont o well
jxxxxk: piss off sloane
BestCoast: the worm many years ago in a galaxy far far away we won those
Kenny27: forget the might be breezy. he is the fav
Bull8: Sloane is pushing me over the line,, on his own go good thing
shaker: Sloane as C might just winme some league matches
the worm: more than most clubs in the last 30 years though
BestCoast: Bull8 hawks beat us at VFL park 91
gers: Sloane eyeing off a quadruple double
Breezey: I’ve got 8 from 9 in tipping. Missed The Swans. Anyone beat that
luke394: nice poido
CBeezDeez: Ouch! The list gets longer… Absolut carnage in the Fantasy World!
shaker: And probably time to ease up poido
jxxxxk: Lair should be on 140 with that eff
Bull8: dam,, hate them fu–s
Breezey: That’s pretty much what I was suggesting Kenny
Kenny27: Hawks won at Waverley 91
carlton_99: 8/9. Got the pies wrong
Raspel31: Still think Richmond are favourites… to win at least 2 more games this year.
Wends: Whoa poido, let it go…
pcaman2003: So many duds this week.What to do!
runt: Blues beat Swans for the 1945 flag at Princes Park
heppelitis: want to start my year again lol
poido123: we can’t vent?
anthsill03: why hasn’t poido been given the flick?
CamT: Even BT would say Richmond can’t win from here.
BestCoast: Sloaney giving it to poido with no vas
Manowar: Don’t give up Richmond you can still win!!!
m0nty: Please don’t abuse the swear filter.
TheBoy89: Come on martin! Ton up
luke394: Hampton got no points for an inside 50 kick to tex, goal assist wtf?
runt: Tigers at princes Park in 43 and Bombers at Princes Park in 42
heppelitis: haha funny bestcoast
Bull8: Ruff Rider Sloane
Roksta: Richmond are putrid
Breezey: Plenty of garbage points up for grabs here and now
Wends: *delete team button heppel
ballbag: sloany pounding poido hard
TheBoy89: What happend to Sloane
mardyb: i need laird to beat hampton by 66…
BestCoast: Poido might of got the big A for a week or two
heppelitis: yes wends…it is very tempting
carlton_99: Was gonna win $50 if Sloane got exactly 34 possies. Are you serious.
Wends: Tonne up MCrouch.
pcaman2003: I got the potato farm this week.Spuds everywhere!
jxxxxk: hahahah sloane gone for night
Bull8: Iced up pecker after feeding it to Poido
BestCoast: @ballbag the worst thing is poido looking back
TheBoy89: Is Sloane injured
CamT: Richmondd were always one week away from being Richmond
runt: Bombers won the 1901 flag at the Lake Oval
willywalks: i see since HT hampton still doing SFA, who to trade out first with butler, watson and hampton
StuL: Leather poisoning for Sloane
Bull8: Rory junk it up son!!
CBeezDeez: Ah McCain U’ve dunnit again! Heh pca?
heppelitis: haha bull
ballbag: think old poido needs to be iced up too ouch
Raspel31: Poido is actually an acronym for idoop-which means nothing but is suggestive.
jxxxxk: Why is brodie smiths sc so low? he’s been great
BestCoast: Poido carrying on like a pork chop all weekend
runt: Crows obviously a good unit but not convinced Tigers are that bad
Breezey: Give every Crows player the bin. Toying with them
frenzy: rance is getting bont numbers
luke394: did poido got the boot?
Wends: Poor poido, hope Sloane didn’t snatch all yr league wins away.
pcaman2003: Goodnight all.Will be posting from Thailand next 2 weeks.
luke394: Butler u stupid fckwit kick the fkn goal
BestCoast: @wends way to kind
heppelitis: stuff you butler trading you for that
bazzazz: What happened to Sloane??
Bull8: lucky you
BestCoast: @Raspel poido is polish for receiving
feralmong: We got pwned today. Hopefully they can bounce back but tough next one.
Wends: Nice PCA, where in Thailand??
luke394: cost Butler 60
Raspel31: Enjoy pcaman
pcaman2003: Kao Lak an hour from Phuket
Wends: Round 6, the round of pwns Feral. You’re not alone.
runt: Tigers powno
jxxxxk: sloane is so humble
CBeezDeez: Half ya luck pca!
Texwalker: Sloane injured?
Tommo2909: Will scrape to 2000
Texwalker: Is sloane injured

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