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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, R6 of 2017

cold pies: Go pies
cold pies: Pendles 117, Danger 136… sadly.. although pies will win by 19points.. lock it in boys
theoc: cats by 29
AngryRyno: hotskin already got more than he did at half time last week
AngryRyno: carn WHE, 120 to make up for last week
luke394: who traded hoskin?
LMartos: me
wadaramus: Yep!
DanBlack: WHE to be my shinning light this horrible week fingers crossed
LMartos: to be fair, even if he scores 80 I’ll be fine, if he scores 100+ I’ll be livid
cold pies: Who brought in Menegola this week? That’s the real question.. fat piggy
luke394: yeah true LMartos
pcaman2003: They owe Treloar a HB .Not paid?
Manowar: Dangerfield struggling only on 15 unacceptable
DrSeuss: Come on Capt Treloar
AngryRyno: danger resting up on the pine already, 68% TOG
Yelse: treloar missing a hb cp
Apachecats: Danger wasstruggling last week @Manowar ,then got 60+ in the last quarter.
TheBoy89: Who thinks Dangerfield looks injured
Yelse: trelar lifttt
TheBoy89: He looks lazy this year
pcaman2003: Stats very slow coming through.
JButcher: Surely Geelong can’t lose to the pies
theoc: danger like the rest of geelong only rock up in q4
pcaman2003: Treloar 2nd tackle 4 mins ago still not showing.
Yelse: grundy suffers when cox plays
ballbag: curse you C Treloar… LIFT man for the love of God RISE!!!
cold pies: Told u boys at start pies will have this
pcaman2003: @Ballbag.Don’t curse Treloar,curse CD for not keeping up.
theoc: ol cold pies, geelong havent started a game well this season… wait til the last qtr 😉
Breezey: I wanna see more than one quarter @ Cold Pies
Beast_Mode: pendles zombie
Apachecats: Its still 1st quarter Cold Pies
lachlan23t: Lift parfitt
StuL: Yet another faux home game! Do we ever play at Geelong this year?
Yelse: pies need to learn to finish their chances
DrSeuss: Big 2nd quarter from you Treloar and Phillips
bernieV: I agree it’s completely unfair geelong plays home games at the G against melb teams.
Migz: Stul they are doing renos on your home ground. Don’t play in Geelong till end 13 I think?
bernieV: all so the AFL make more money
cold pies: Yeh your all correct haha this just my biased BnW opinion haha.. but we will win by 18/19 points..
TheBoy89: they play the dogs in r8
Manowar: Selwood been subbed out ?
cold pies: If not.. I will eat TheBoy89s boot
kano22: Stfu bernie you whiny plow
TheBoy89: it was only the first quarter cold pies
cold pies: Or his baby slipper.. one of the 2
raffa: Selwood was having a sook coz of the heavy tag from the pig
cold pies: Yes boy. I’m also watching the same game.. I do understand that it’s only been the first q
TheBoy89: tomahawk
GJayBee: I chose Trealoar over Gray, it’s hurting my soul. Please, Adam do your thing!
anthsill03: did anyone field parfitt today?
Breezey: Here we go. Starting to rack up the behinds
TheBoy89: yeah lol…..
tankin: i fielded parfitt over taranto
cold pies: Dw GJB haha I brought in wines for salt n pepper… wines 56 n pepper close to tonnin up haha sc gods bein soggy flowers
TheBoy89: is it just me or does treloar look like frankenstien
anthsill03: i fielded fisher over parfitt
GJayBee: Let’s call Treloar Franky, for Frankenstien for ever
MarksMen: is Howe on ??
GJayBee: I brought in Franky this week, hope he keeps lifting!
GJayBee: Cold Pies, fantasy footy gives no quarter!
TheBoy89: Same i brought in franky
theoc: i put in neale-bullen over parfitt 🙁
luke394: Danger & Selwood slow start
frenzy: should of put Parfitt on instead of Jelwood
MarksMen: ffs Motlop use your bloody left
LMartos: ffs Hoskin, starting to regret early trade
luke394: slow down Pendles want u to drop $$ for next week
the worm: have
Gotigres: Same here LMartos. Now WHE will ton up
StuL: Yes OK, should of Capt Pendles. He loves us.
Yelse: grungy seriouslyyy lift
poido123: how many would have danger captain?
Gotigres: Wake up Dangerfield
Apachecats: Hard to see danger having a big day from here
TheBoy89: i done vc on bont
StuL: Danger as perma, c ends today I think. Welcome back gaz!
theoc: i took sloane over danger for captain this week, he will lift in the last quarter though
StuL: Hard hard tag on sel
pcaman2003: Treloar only 74% game time.WTF!
the worm: yep, after a slightly ordinary start, hard to see d’field scoring well
SC_brAh: Lift Treloar!
TheBoy89: who here has treloar and danger
meziare: Started the season with Smith. Tried to trade him but couldn’t. Now happy!!!
pcaman2003: Hard for Treloar to lift when off ground so much
DrSeuss: Treloar – get a touch perhaps?
pcaman2003: Have Danger,Treloar,Tuohy and WHE
TheBoy89: fuck off greenwood. play the ball not the man #ryancrowley
GJayBee: In my soul I knew to bring in Grey not Trealoar. I hate you world. I’m getting drunk now.
SC_brAh: the week i downgrade whe .. ffs
Breezey: Tool alert Boy
TheBoy89: cold pies is wanking right now
TheOnyas: onya smithy
Stu7: Sucks to have Danger as your captain 🙂
Fizzy343: but greenwood has more ball then selwood
TheOnyas: good job greenwood, selwood will be cheap in a few weeks
the worm: should i even bother bringing in danger next week?
DrSeuss: I wonder what plan Bucks the genius has for reducing Treloar’s TOG?
theoc: worm id pick up sloane instead
cold pies: Yeh just popped.. lovely stuff.. 19point win
Karlpov: Buck’s opponent in fantasy has the C on Treloar
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss.He’ll take him off when the game is to be won.
the worm: hmmm slaone for 730k or danger for 630k?
TheBoy89: i have both sloane and danger
cold pies: Everyone baggin pendles last week.. flowering doorknobs..
Hadouken: thought Captain rocky was bad, danger could be worse lol
theoc: oh wow didnt reaise sloane had gone up so much
9inch: Happy so far. Pendles Adams WHE and Grundy
the worm: oops, got sloanes dt and sc price confused, he will only be about 700k in sc
Yelse: 90 percent would have danger as C
SC_brAh: missed dangers tackle
Raspel31: Had Rocky and then danger but at last minute changed to Sloane-fingers crossed
poido123: got horlin, hoskin, danger, tuohy starting
ballbag: @coldpies pendles was shit last week you fucken doorknob yourself
the worm: low scoring round for sc? anyone look like cracking 2200??
daniel87: my midfield has been bad this week wines captain Zorko d beams Fyfe and treloar and danger to come
poido123: calm down ball bag. we all know you have Danger captain and you will slip back in the back ha ha
poido123: pack*
CamT: Parfitt hit the Rookie Wall before he even got going
SilverLion: Need 184 SC between Grundy and Laird, should win, right?
Karlpov: In my elite league – should I play BCrouch or Cotchin?
Karlpov: Need 95 to win?
Raspel31: Should indeed Silver
the worm: is that the same rookie wall that pepper hit last week?
Maltburger: Trade out WHE they said. He will make bugger all they said…
the worm: @malt, yeah i pulled the trigger on whe too 🙁
CaptainWho: WHE repaying the faith
Maltburger: I held SPP though so I guess not all doom and gloom. Still annoyed because WHE would be handy while Greene is out.
Migz: even if whe hits 100 he will make another 12k?
CaptainWho: I’m 1416 worm with 9 left, project 2289
cold pies: Hehe ballbag getting sweaty and salty.. like a summers day run
SilverLion: Cheers Rasp, heres hoping! Hope Sloane kills it for ya too
theoc: cats definintely struggling without menzel in the forward line
the worm: thats pretty good capt. im nowhere near 2200
ballbag: @cold pies… LOL nahh, just replying to a toothless pie who shouldnt use so many words with the letter “eth” in it
Raspel31: Cheers Silver-and I got Grundy too.
TheBoy89: yes parfitt!
poido123: nice hog parfitt. horlin was wide open in the middle
cold pies: New material would be appreciated.. where’s the effort son? Oh pies up by 19 lol
circle52: Varcoe down the rooms – possibly hamstring
DanBlack: Cheers for the BS @Coldpies. Just dropped $100 on Geelong to comeback
the worm: yeah, used that joke lst week…or was it yesterday?
CamT: Will Parsons come straight back into the Geelong side ?
ballbag: 19 pts up? and you think you will win today? madness. enjoy your sorrows later
cold pies: I think it was used in the last game chat.. the go to insult… but has no affect lol
Apachecats: Any odds Cold Pies?
TheBoy89: what the fuck is dangerfield doing
poido123: ballbag sallllttyyy. enjoy your suck score this week ha ha
theoc: cold pies is just ya average collingwood supporter, gives his team a bad name
Grumpman: come on no way the pies can win this can they? after the last 3 weeks ??
Hooks: Parsons replaces Aaron Black or Parfitt
ballbag: @theworm never said it before… and the chat logs are there for all to see 😉 youre delerious
luke394: Danger having a stinker happy with the Bont VC
CamT: Thanks, Hooks. That’s what I’m thinking.
Grumpman: I my do i dare to dream….!
cold pies: Theoc ya stinkin cat fan
Yelse: trelaor what are you doing today?
the worm: well if you didnt say it you’re using someone else’s material
JackRipper: I have WHE and he scores well. But gee he is a weak player. Misses tackles and gets pushed off the ball way too easy imo
TheBoy89: fuck you danger and treloar
colin wood: Come on Pies!
poido123: I agree with that Jack. Will be out of my side soon
TheBoy89: its all over. 🙁
Grumpman: Cats playing the pies back into form, me thinks:-)
9inch: Pies very up and down. Wher was this last week
Apachecats: Put another $100 on Cold Pies ,better odds now.
cold pies: Can
cold pies: N did
Hooks: Who doubted WHE.
colin wood: WHE so frustrating… has to hold those tackles..
cold pies: Everyone eatin soap!! We’res that lip
theoc: cold pies im a melb fan XD
SC_brAh: after that kick from treloar he’s out next week
Apachecats: Guts effort CP ,good luck
AngryRyno: Treloar and Danger suck, delete team
Ash777: so many under performing premos
willywalks: this weekend has been shower, barely going to crack 2000 and only 2 mids to get me a tonne, rubbish…
9inch: Grundy gets no love from CD. Been much better than his 54
the worm: if your captain got 100 this week you’d be stoked
circle52: Should have known Pendles will bounce back. Pity did not C him. Anyone do.
willywalks: had titch captain at least in this carnage
TheBoy89: my cap got 141
TyCarlisle: thanks for the captain loophole. bont’s 141 looking extra nice now
ballbag: then I’m using someone else’s material, hey. lol
theoc: mycapt and vc should both crack 100
Apachecats: Worm my captain got 62 and most ofmy bench outscord him ,not a good week ,also traded WHE out ,not happy.
Hooks: Treloar and Dangerfield do something
circle52: Pendles my first mid to get a ton.
Breezey: Fasolo can’t kick them from 30mt in front. Then does one from there
cold pies: Na i went jpk and fyfe.. biggest cock up.. opp went dahl n danger
DrSeuss: Traded in GAJ this week – should have put the C on him instead of Treloar
the worm: i had rocky vc into danger :/
cold pies: Seuss you pounced at correct time.. hopefully he stays in form
luke394: Treloar backing up 140 with a 60
BeastMode: pendles <3
colin wood: I swapped from daanger to AT7 before the bounce.. unreal..
circle52: Jelwood with a tag ouitscoring C Danger. What are you doing Danger,
Yelse: seriously whats wrong with trelaor ?
the worm: i had no intention of doing sc this year, then my mate sucked me into his cash league….god i hate sc
TheBoy89: fyfe, danger, treloar, rocky, selwood, beams who’s next sloane?
luke394: Danger looks sore
cold pies: Sc is the best! In my opinion that is.. much more planning involved.. lot more involved
cold pies: Boy!!! Sloane dogg will top it this week.. easy 130-140.. home and will be flowerin hot
the worm: same amount of planning as other comps, except you have loopholes and a subjective scoring system
Apachecats: No chance of a 60 point quarter from danger this week.
Grumpman: go sidey:-)
whafc: wtf just wtf
cold pies: Check 1, 2 check 1, 2 calling all cats fan! Were you at?
theoc: apache everyone said that last week
anthsill03: danger to score more in q4 then first three Q
colin wood: Not over yet cold pies FFS…
Karlpov: Give Pendles the *
PLACEBOPIE: bunch of inbreds 😀
pcaman2003: Danger and Treloar. I give up,you obviously have.
9inch: Parfitt to Nank this week. So far so good.
cold pies: Of course not.. but when the opportunity rises to dig it in to cats fans i eill take that opp any day
ballbag: Buckley is pure genius
PLACEBOPIE: true ballbag if he’s a hack in a loss then yes he is with a win 😉
CamT: Only one person in my league didn’t have Dangerfield Captain .. the guy I’m playing he had Bonts.
preki1: wtf is happening to my midfield this week. danger, fyfe, treloar, murphy, d. beams all sticking it the fuck up
TheBoy89: im a goat
ballbag: treloar like rocky. useless and not needed for a win
willywalks: time to get the big boy pants on danger and cape up!
cold pies: The boy u backon pies now?? Hahahaha u flowein flog.. you had a cats logo previous.. flog
TheBoy89: treloar’s kicking today is fucking woeful
the worm: or a jackass
mardyb: time to drop parfitt..
willywalks: sniper got parfitt
SC_brAh: partfitt cooked
9inch: Parfitt gone. Xtra glad i traded him
PLACEBOPIE: parfitt out this week
pcaman2003: FFS, Are they going to sart giving Treloar his tackles. Should be 4,still showing 2
TheBoy89: parfitt is gone
TheBoy89: here comes treloar…
PLACEBOPIE: Treloar goal inbred handbags stunned 😀
AngryRyno: ping, riparfitt
poolboybob: Never heard a commentator so excited about a player blowing a hammy
Erich1036: @pcaman2003 do you know the difference between an effective tackle and tackle attempt…?
Roksta: Glad I didn’t trade hoskin
colin wood: 5 Day break pfft…
pcaman2003: @Erich1036. Yes! They missed a clear effective tackle in the 1st qtr mentioned much earlier
frenzy: trash can treloar
StuL: Worst Capt score ever.
SC_brAh: as if i didn’t keep whe and trade out partfit
poido123: wow danger
SC_brAh: yay danger..goal
Breezey: Shut the flower up BT
casty46: BT youre a fuckwit
SC_brAh: Flower off umpire he rolled him
CamT: Is BT a better commentator than Cometti ?
Stu7: Great stuff seeign Dangerfield in the 60″s woooo hooooo 🙂
poido123: waaaaah SC Brah ;p
Wends: Afternoon all. I have some whegrets about this round.
the worm: @camt is there anyone who wouldnt prfer silence to BT?
TheBoy89: fuck me
CaptainWho: Lol wends nice!
TheBoy89: fuck me again!
Yelse: 3 times now hawkins gets away with it
cold pies: Why is my my prostatectomy gland
poido123: keep going horlin
cold pies: 19 points slugs
CamT: @the worm. I’d doubt it. I feel sorry for his fellow commentators.
ballbag: gone in AF Grundy. trading you out
SC_brAh: lmfao cox … noob
circle52: Muppet for Cox
TheBoy89: muppet for cox
Wends: I caved and pulled the twigger @CaptWho, serves me right…
the worm: im surprised at how much i enjoy richo in commentary
AngryRyno: big cox pulls out too late
colin wood: x factor jack crisp
PLACEBOPIE: reid for cox next week
ballbag: tasty. many prems are going to becheap cheap now 😯
pcaman2003: WHE I expect this effort every week thanks.
9inch: Why even play cox? Surely there is a better big farward choice
CaptainWho: Treloar ripped again
frenzy: trash can treloar
TheBoy89: i’m happy with adams and whe but not happy with treloar and danger
poido123: ballbag meltdown 😛
AngryRyno: raise the bat WHE
Breezey: Cop it sweet Selwood ya sook
cold pies: Flowering. Tasty as count flowering
frenzy: welldone Wellsy
pcaman2003: GAJ stole Danger’s Mojo.
TheOnyas: onya hosky
Wends: Anyone rethinking their Aaron Black plans next week?
Breezey: Wells will be the oldest Gatorade shower recipient ever
Ash777: he’s going to cash up well
ballbag: @poido looks like I have to be happy with only 2230 sc this week. this week you laugh but not next week
Tommo2909: Nah @wends he didn’t kick a goal and was in a losing team. He will still make cash
poido123: ballbags actually score is sub 1900 ha ha

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