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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Essendon vs Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R6 of 2017

Sloaneyyyy: Booo, where’s David Myers
Sloaneyyyy: at least I’ll get SPP’s score instead now
iZander: well, dons look terrible right now :/
boo!: sorry sloaneyyyy i don’t know
CBeezDeez: Great start Hep. Oh captain my captain…
teachrtony: Batman, Myers coming in when we downgrade before Poorts bye
Gott2Win: Surely Vince is due for at least an 80+
Sloaneyyyy: Garlett’s been half decent this year
Karlpov: Comon Merrett need 120+ from you for my elite team
boo!: lift zerrett, stay down oliver
CBeezDeez: Geez Vince has become the turnover king!!!
teachrtony: Keep going Oliver, stay down Zerrett
PLACEBOPIE: lift oliver stay down merrit 😀
Raspel31: Lift Oliver lift Zerret.
PLACEBOPIE: for my above elite team
boo!: oliver v zerret, know who i think will win….
duckky: Lift ANB and Heppell
iZander: this is so painful to watch….
teachrtony: Hibberd backing up from last week. Welcome to the team next week.
CBeezDeez: Agree duckky. Got em also.
Ben_Gogos: ANB less mid time with Lewis back it appears
poido123: stay down ANB
Texwalker: C’mon melb win by 26
duckky: how to fit Hibberd and GAz into my team next week
StuL: Oliver is unstoppable. Should have got him.
teachrtony: Hold off on Gaz until after Round 9
frenzy: Belly flopped
the worm: yeah hold off on gaz until he is 800k
PLACEBOPIE: Rd 1 to Oliver Vs Merritt
the worm: but seriously, gaz is one solid bump away from missing a month, dont bring him in, he is toxic
teachrtony: lol, one vintage performance and everyone thinks the King is back. Will wait and see until after his bye.
Gott2Win: The 2 most traded in this week are both in this game
frenzy: McNice
SC_brAh: hibberd in next week
PLACEBOPIE: Hibberd & Dea 😀
AngryRyno: McNoose did this last week, don’t get too excited yet
poido123: agree worm. team next week will look to aim him up
Gott2Win: He still had 61 last week, if he gets that again he’ll be coming to my side, can’t ask for much more from a 102k player!
CBeezDeez: I woulda thought kangas would put a bullseye on that shoulder. ..
the worm: gaz gets one giant score per year, if you dont have him you’ve missed it, no point bringing him in at all
Apachecats: ANB is a flat battery today.
CBeezDeez: Maybe Zeibell couldn’t catch him?
poido123: they were trying to injure him on the ground CBeez, when the ref wasnt watching
Apachecats: 11 one pointers for Ding Dong Bellchambers
Breezey: Does anyone thinks Watts is any sort of trading option
the worm: trading in or out?
poido123: no breezey, hes been doing this for years. couple of good games, then falls off
BestCoast: @Breezey NO
CBeezDeez: Nah. I couldn’t Breezey…
Apachecats: Trading out or in? @Breezey
colin wood: Pull out a 60odd Oliver! Opp has him
BestCoast: the worm when GAJ is on song he smashes 140+ like they are going out of fashion
Breezey: In. I’m too scared personally.
Apachecats: Watts would be on a few “never again” lists.
the worm: purely thanks to BT i have a hatred for fantasia
poido123: collin wood, he will go minimum 90
MrGmax: I traded in ANB this week. Going to cost me this round’s HTH.
the worm: @best coast he’s rarely fit enough to be on song anymore. 30ish games in the last 3 years 🙁
Ben_Gogos: Watts will become a strong force when Dees start challenging for the 4. Great one for keeper leagues.
italeader: FFS Merrett… got the C on him
Apachecats: Opponent has Hurley and Goddard ffs
BestCoast: agreed the worm if i could be asured of his fittness he would be straight in
AngryRyno: ANB and Zerrett C need a lift
DrSeuss: Oliver, ANB and McGrath – but McGrath is on my bench. Great decision by myself!!
thommoae: Right with you, worm. Hope he doesn’t get a touch just to shut BT up.
Breezey: Turnover after turnover
morgs640: Hibberd an option? his scores should be inflated by the dees fantasy friendly game this season.
BestCoast: Topsy turvy season this one
Apachecats: Hibberd is the biggest buy in SC @Morgs
poido123: a good game usually follows a bad game. Geelong v collingwood should be a ripper
cobrakai00: hibberd doesnt just look like a pig
gers: Is there an icon for being off target? Daniher cleaver?
frenzy: the Dees and top 4, haha, how bout they make the 8 first
drumfoot: this is hard to watch
CBeezDeez: God! Melb senior players ridiculous!
poido123: wow ANB. on track for 4 points 😛
PLACEBOPIE: watts a keeper made me laugh frenzy 😀
Breezey: Is it possible that the skill level could get worse than this
DrSeuss: Is ANB just not getting near it or what?
thommoae: ‘When Dees strat challenging for Top 4’, Ben? What are you smokin’?
iZander: no@breezey
Apachecats: McKiernan has been the best ruck option for Ess this year ,at least he could get a kick in general play.
Ben_Gogos: @thommoae not predicting its going to happen short term. More that this is when Watts will be a fantasy force.
teachrtony: ANB spending half the game on the bench
Raspel31: No complaints-ABN’s 2 possessions pure quality-groan.
bjones38: lift ANB
bigpens: Butcher icons for both teams
Breezey: Horrid umpiring.
poido123: theres that stupid over the mark play on rule again
thommoae: Give us a time frame, Ben. Be brave.
CBeezDeez: Flowering hellfire! How long til next game!!
Apachecats: pumpkin daniher
PLACEBOPIE: 1hr 13mins
Yelse: worst skill level boring game and how did this mob beat the pies
thommoae: Fiorini in last week. Out this week. Thought I was glad. Brought in … ANB!
Ben_Gogos: @thommoae they need a lot to go right. Two strong drafts are essential. They’ve got the raw ingredients but still need..
PLACEBOPIE: very defensive game when both teams back lines lead the points
Breezey: If Anzac Day was today we might’ve beaten Essendon on this form. I say might’ve.
Ben_Gogos: to add.
Ben_Gogos: Lets see them make the finals first mate 😉
Raspel31: Anyone can beat The Pies
DrSeuss: Oliver and ANB with less total points than McGrath – who is of course on my bench
PLACEBOPIE: except sydney wc at mcg and maybe hawks cause there shit now 😀
Breezey: Except Sydney
thommoae: MFC also need s to subtract … the losing culture hangover since the tanking days of ’09
drumfoot: breezy will be interesting to see how the pies go. might be a 5 day break thing
CBeezDeez: Is Hepp spending time on brnch? Howz his shin?
Breezey: I’m praying for something good today.
StuL: Melbourne has had a losing culture since the 60s.
CBeezDeez: *bench
Solat: @benny surely you jest saying tyson is playing inside
PLACEBOPIE: gawn owners who went to spencer did you go to pedo after that 😀
Pavs: when will the umpires stop guessing
gers: Daniher has finally kicked a goal …s worth of points
Breezey: Umpiring standard is mimicking the footy standard
willywalks: if u were trying to sell this game to someone who hasn’t watched the game before, you couldn’t pay someone to like it…
thommoae: Not true, Stu. Stynes, Neitz, Healy, James McDonald etc didn’t let it happen. Dean Bailey et al changed that.
Texwalker: Cant wait for pies cats to start, dont think i can watch another half of wat ever the hell that was.. def wasnt footy
PLACEBOPIE: mcgrath petracca oliver love it 🙂
Zeratul: I’m not gonna expect a miracle, but hopefully ANB can atleast reach his BE
duckky: McGrath Hurley Heppel Yay… ANB … why did I trade you in this week?
StuL: It’s Thom. I like melb. One of the opp teams no one hates because they’re mostly not a threat.
poido123: that is a miracle in itself zeratul
poido123: have oliver and mcgrath this game…
StuL: Having the non buyers remorse not getting Oliver at 382
fonzie: im glad i got oliver at the start of the season
Karlpov: Tyson you can stop now
LuvIt74: Think Hibberd will be the most traded in player this week
theoc: im glad i traded in neale-bullen over toby greene this week… :S
benzammit: That was the worst half of footy I have watched all year
LuvIt74: McGrath was a great to start with, he’ll fatten up nicely with his B/E of just 4 so he’ll make quite a bit
Raspel31: Agreed benzammit-lacked a tad of finesse
LuvIt74: Think this round there are going to be some huge scores & some very average scores
PLACEBOPIE: Rd 2 Oliver Vs Merrit score 2-0
GJayBee: I traded in McGrath after his first price rise in SC, not regretting it!
Batto09: Impressive insight there Luvit….
willywalks: jobe and fyfe have to go, shadows of their former selves after a couple of good weeks to start…
GJayBee: Fyfe only bombed a couple of games. It’s hard being so pretty. But a keeper in SC and RDT no doubt
poido123: oliver heating up 🙂
luke394: happy i didnt put Hannan on for Butler
willywalks: im in afl fantasy only, so he is a sell, GAJ looks good, probably put the mocker on him trading him in this week…
poido123: would anyone seriously think of trading Fyfe out?
GJayBee: I hope Oliver doesn’t get into any drunken street fights, he’d accidently kill people!
luke394: i hope not Poido, everyone else think Hibberd is a must next week? im locking him in
GJayBee: Development is very important for the bombers so they should all kick to McGrath
willywalks: would anyone seriously not consider trading him out considering every other player around his price is scoring better…
SC_brAh: only time i play someone with tom mcdonald seriouslyw tf
GJayBee: Hibbard in! Always loved him
StuL: Hibpig will rise in price like a rookie so just about a must next week
JButcher: N Jones is suffering not having Gawn tap the ball down his throat
feralmong: Think I need to replace Watson. Not scoring enough.
Breezey: Totally agree GJayBee. Kick it to McGrath
TheBoy89: Fyfe is a keeper unless he gets injured
Ben_Gogos: Daniher splits the middle! Inconceivable.
ballbag: @feral for sure. Watsons gone vegan. the guy needs some protein and energy the tree hugging hippy!!!
poido123: fyfe in SC is a no trade. DT might be a small case…
StuL: Fyfe pigged it only last week. Keep. But jobe has to go.
Breezey: Bloody hell the Boy’s a genius
willywalks: magnifying glass for jobe, useless
GJayBee: I am doing vodo / christian / jewish / muslim / satanist rituals to get Mcgrath to score more.
casey22: Both teams bottom 4, for sure. Skills woefull.
GJayBee: Love it that Watson’s vegan! Femenism suits him as well. as well all know, feminists are allllll about equality hahahah
TheBoy89: I want cats to dominate but also want treloar to go big
poido123: dont stop mcgrath. keep going
Apachecats: I think you’vre got that covered GJB
GJayBee: Buck’s should have said to Cloke, stuff it, all big forwards score 3 goal five points, just crack in, i love you
circle52: Hibberd has not moved this quarter. Sounds like most ookies in my team.
IKnowALL: Can’t believe some comments on Fyfe, he has scored 108, 117, 113, 107, 126, 62, with a break even of 106 next week
IKnowALL: Give the man a break, everyone has a stinker…
Apachecats: Bottom four is pretty crowded at the moment @casey 22
GJayBee: McGrath is the chosen one, he will kick winning goal and talk about the team. Go son.
willywalks: hasn’t scored that in afl fantasy has he…
cold pies: Had Fyfe as captain last night it burnt me.. but will never trade!! #fyfe4life
Ben_Gogos: Watson may be one of those who really struggled with the five day break.
GJayBee: Fyfe’s not going anywhere in my team. More likely to trade him based on his appearance than scores.
JButcher: ANB at least try making your BE
StuL: I trust Hibpig. He’ll junk it up late and still get 120.
GJayBee: Watson is vegan? is that true, please say it is, my evil valve will explode with glee if it coincides with form drop!
cold pies: Will olivers form stay this way threw out year?.. hrmmm.. I hope he breaks down.. I’m very sour his not in my team lol
teachrtony: Hey Boo, here comes Zerrett
StuL: Flower off McGrath. Should have picked you too.
CBeezDeez: Anti ranga cold pie?
IKnowALL: @Cold Pies, he is a solid bloke he will only get better an better imo, I also missed out.
Raspel31: After ANB’S amazing spurt of 2 possessions he’s gone quiet.
casey22: As a long tern supporter I am disgusted at the lack of basic skills shown by bombers, kid stuff!!!!
StuL: We will both be salty all year CP
GJayBee: I brought in Trealoar and was about nine grand short of Merret, spewing! SC LIFE
Apachecats: You wont feel too good if he does break down now @cold pies
StuL: Wato and Siddle both went vegan for a chick and sunk like a stone in their sport.
Raspel31: There’s a lesson Daniher-not funny
cold pies: @cbeezdeez certainly not mate.. have roughies red patch in my side..
Breezey: Now that the Dees are dominating Oliver can’t get a touch.
casey22: roll on 3.20 so I can watch a real game of footy, I hope!
benzammit: Pfft absolutely over Mkenna no football knowledge whatsoever
GJayBee: Chickens and cows are like ‘eat us and colonise other planets, it’s our gift to you,’
Sloaneyyyy: considering Daniher for my fwd line, am I crazy
GJayBee: McGrath will be the last on field rookie in my team at this rate. tempted to put him down back as a keeper
ballbag: no meat for Watson. His partner is allowed some meat if you know what I mean but Jobe is weak now
poido123: howlett keeps getting a game. he is useless
whafc: umpires have lost the plot
IKnowALL: The real game starts over in Adelaide… The cats will smash the pies I think.
CBeezDeez: Not so much Sloaney. Worse decisions hav been made?
casey22: Top point scorer for bombers is a man who will cost us the game,wtf!
poido123: anyone buying Ben McNugget this week>
CBeezDeez: Yeap IKnow. Lookin fwd 2 Crows bringing tiges back 2 earth!
Raspel31: Golly-Jobe was never fast but soooo slow now
poido123: watson has been invisible. what an old hack
GJayBee: I’m not watching. Can anyone tell me if Daniher has been doing his finger twirl’s this game?
PLACEBOPIE: Rd 3 Merrett Vs Oliver Score 1-2
benzammit: Doubt we can win more than we lose based on this effort, coaching has been ship house also.
ballbag: cant play AFL with salad
Thedude24: Daniher’s 1.6 doesn’t help either
benzammit: Poor matchups through crucial positions?
cold pies: Hahahaha @ballbag nice one
Lowrider: tbh… I thought Jobe was cooked for about 18 months prior to the suspension
StuL: “the pig? The cow? ” “you’re way off, think smaller, think more legs. “
GJayBee: Jobe’s a good man, no doubt, but, this looks like a long year for him
Breezey: What you doing Oliver. Get amongst it buddy
casey22: 18 zac dawson’s would beat this team by 20 goals.
Ash777: wtf is wrong with ANB
Breezey: Pedersen doing a good job
Thedude24: No elite sportsperson should ever turn vegan. Especially in a strength sport like AFL
poido123: He’s not a very good player Ash? Dont know why people jumped on him
Hooks: Essendon to finish bottom 4?
luke394: Hannan lifting
thommoae: ANB ave = 99. Seems a fair ‘jumping’ reason?as
Ben_Gogos: @Ash lost his midfield spot to Lewis
GJayBee: The Diaz bro’s have been vegan, but they are skinny brawlers. They did it for fighting, which sounds like bad advice
Breezey: Bombers are shagged. When I say shagged, I mean tired.
poido123: Hooker has looked pretty useless too. Id drop 4 players from this bombers team next week
LuvIt74: glad i changed my tips over yesterday
Hooks: Brown and Green are must goes
poido123: brown is a key defensive player. hasnt really been bad, Green looks a grade under
AngryRyno: thanks Zerrett you beast, great second half
Jackwatt$: Boy oh boy wowee! Go Dee’s! How many games do you see Dee’s losing from here Ben? I think 2 (GWS & WCE both away)
ballbag: Jobe cactus? hasnt he just been in New York for a year eating Kale and other rabbit feed? He needs a burger
Ben_Gogos: Hahah I think a fair few more than two Jack!
Jackwatt$: Jobe Watson must be very nervous after Stanton got dropped. Him and Myers very similar types. Just saying
frenzy: yinyang belly if ever there was one
m0nty: geez look at the Dee spupporters up and about! 😀
Apachecats: Watson is a shadow
Jackwatt$: Jack Watts oh my!!!! I haven’t had a hard on like this since, well ever!!! Sorry for language m0nty and any kids watchin
AngryRyno: finish it off Zerrett, hit 120
Beast_Mode: this loss is on the butcher daniher
Sloaneyyyy: Heppell you flog, trading your side-show bob ass this week
GJayBee: Junky junk junk for love McGrath, do it, do it
DanBlack: Supporter* no plural
poido123: Oliver you gun 🙂
Karlpov: Good junk Heppell keep going
poido123: heppell seagulling the cheap
PLACEBOPIE: Rd 4 Oliver Vs Merritt 3-1 oliver wins 😀
bernieV: looks like he heard you sloaneyyyy
Raspel31: Love McGrath still going up though off for 20 mins
willywalks: still trading heppell sloaneyyy?
Raspel31: He’s back.
CBeezDeez: I’ll take it! Ton up Hepp!
Beast_Mode: seems like having a sook worked lol
poido123: mcgrathhhhh
poido123: oliver’s SC should be higher than that
boo!: Fantasy football scores I’m here for. Oliver beats Zerret. Plebbopie lost

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