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Chat log from R6 of 2017: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R6 of 2017

Salambo: No Zac Dawson again tonight? Aww man, I was sure this was going to be his breakout season. Averages of 50 on the cards.
SilverLion: Will be watching Mutimer with interest in this one.
SilverLion: Sandi off to a good start
cold pies: Went fyfe as captain last min over danger.. nek minute… fkd up my round again haha #fookinfootyfail
Migz: yeh got fife sand JJK and shuey and balic!
CBeezDeez: Fyfe gotta be due a big game surely!
SilverLion: @CBD Hasn’t gone below 100 SC all season, not sure what you mean.
BestCoast: Go Sandi Fyfe Kennedy and the Eagles
CBeezDeez: 150ish SLion
feralmong: Multimeter do,something.
SilverLion: Ah fair call CBD, well lets hope so 😛
CBeezDeez: One where he slays them rite up is all…
JRedden: do something other than handball fyfe…
SilverLion: Yo-yo yeo at it again
BestCoast: @CBeez like the way you think 150+ would be greatly received
Migz: he soldcandy on his first touch feral. what more do you want ;p
DrSeuss: You can kick the ball Fyfe
feralmong: I did type Mutimer, but apple says otherwise.
feralmong: Hehe miss as usual got it just after I hit enter. Lol.
SilverLion: LeCras is the barometer at west coast,you can tell how well they’re playing from his stats
CBeezDeez: Can’t argue with Apple or Samsung I’ve discovered Feral!
feralmong: Oh apple shitting me I did type migz.
CBeezDeez: Well that’s my excuse anhow! That & bein a Dee supporter!
BestCoast: Masten is just behind Glog Thomas as spud of the year
kangawalla: Bring back the downhill skiier icon for LeCrap, Monty.
luke394: as a cats supporter I can we can say old u so WC Vardy so injury prone
feralmong: Might have to get a surface instead.
CBeezDeez: One of each! We might have a chance then…
Migz: what choice did they have luke haha.
ballbag: don’t go ball lick they say
luke394: I think it was a you can have him Migz lol
CBeezDeez: What hope freo if Cam Mac ur leading point scorer!
Sloaney: Knew i kept u for a reason mccarthy… now go real big…
SilverLion: GOod to see west coast winnig at home, nice fortnightly reminder that they can play well at 1 stadium
Raspel31: Cam McCarthy a joke for years-is this happening?
SilverLion: ***winning
Migz: better than winning at no stadium hey silver :P~
Raspel31: SilverLion-what the hell happened to Rocky today-thank god for the loop-Danger or Sloane
tankin: mccarthy will always score in bursts. then go missing for a qtr
BestCoast: @Silverlion hahaha you spud side just can’t win
the worm: whats with the mccarthey hate? he’s 22 and missed a whole season. what am i missing?
SilverLion: @Rasp and Beams and 3/4 of the team. Rocky puts in the odd stinker from time to time.
CBeezDeez: Just banter wiggly
SilverLion: @Migz and BeastCoast, whilst thats true, doesn’t help your chances of competing for the flag. Sposed to be contenders?
luke394: its the man bun worm is draws hatred
SilverLion: And I’d go Sloane Rasp, should destroy Richmond
ballbag: arty coit is useless so he was moved on quick smart
BestCoast: @Silverlion we are not in a bulls roar of a flag
CBeezDeez: But honestly… That hairdo!!!
ShavedApe: We will be called Flat Track Bullies until we can win more often away from home. Its an easy tease.
tankin: go balic
BestCoast: Any person that thinks Eagles are contenders should get there hand of it
Migz: need shuey to break his tag. maybe lyon will move blake off him cause it aint helping his team
Raspel31: Agreed Silver-cheers
kangawalla: Wasn’t it Arthy Cou, Ballbag?
Migz: dont eagles have the 3rd best interstate winning % over the last few years?
ShavedApe: Vardy must be so used to getting injured if he sneazes he comes off to check all is ok
the worm: arthy cou, arty coit? what?
BestCoast: Half the Melbourne sides need a GPS to find Tullamarine
StuL: Ablett on 114 at half time
heppelitis: arty coit is russell cousin
Stu7: Balic the boat anchor!!
kangawalla: Typing error by ballbag earlier in the season re: McCarthy
Migz: yesss crablett finally working for me. Might be heading for the top score of the year
BestCoast: @StuL back to his pig best, hope he dosent brake out with leather poisoning again
SilverLion: @Migz wasn’t aware, may well be the case, its just I personally don’t see them win in vic very much.
ballbag: @kanga yes but autocorrect is fucken with arthy cous value
the worm: well from here on out what should we all go with? arthy cou or arty coit? I like arty coit myself
kangawalla: Mc”arthy cou”dn’t get a posession in a haunted house he said
BestCoast: @Silverlion same Vic wins are a rare as hens teeth
kangawalla: Great to see Russell Coight returning to our screens this year. 🙂
CamT: I had pencilled in Mutimer for two weeks time.
zadolinnyj: keep going yeo
poido123: proud josh kennedy owner this week 🙂
BestCoast: @Kangawalla wonder if he will introduce his son Lindsay Coight Thomas
StuL: One of his best of all time BestCoast. Just a lazy 16 CP in a half.
Beast_Mode: Sandi gonna have 50 hitouts
ShavedApe: Need a two bandaid symbol for Vardy
DirtyDawn: Evening all
CamT: What’s your team name Migz ? If you have Ablett you’re a chance.
StuL: Put on Yeo on the park in WA. Bench him anywhere else.
the worm: good to see coit having a big crack tonight
JockMcPie: Need a ‘mummy’ icon for players who should be bubble-wrapped pre-game
heppelitis: arthy coit not named this week on an all aussie adventure
Migz: Camt Miggas
kangawalla: @ Best coast. Kudos 🙂
AngryRyno: not sure what the icon on Mitchell is, but it says sour Hawthorn fan to me
Ash777: J hill going for another medal
kangawalla: @hepp. Arty coit could do an episode in a totally secluded location. On the Dockers forward line!
CamT: Good luck, Migz.
9inch: 3 points to the yellow maggots.
JockMcPie: @AngryRyno its the ‘spitter’ icon…coming off the back of the square
ShavedApe: Glad I held on to CamMcC
heppelitis: ffs coight not playing…back on game please lol
JButcher: I was so close to putting McCarthy on my field over Houston, so close
DrSeuss: Fyfe with a rough quarter….
pcaman2003: C’mon Sandi ya big blob.Only 4 HB’s.Get some pill.
heppelitis: i got sandi and witts..has there ever been a couple of big dopey fuckers ever?
JButcher: Jezza McGovern is a pretty decent get in AF draft
SilverLion: Sandi, Fyfe, Balic. Can’t complain.
CaptainWho: Keep going Fyfe,sandi,balic
Ladbrokes_: Sandi, Fyfe, Priddis for me. Feels good
heppelitis: can griffen rise from the ashes?…oh that would be a pheonix
jxxxxk: Had the C on fyfe hope he rises up
kangawalla: Unlikely trio on Freo leader board. Blakely, Langdon & McCarthy
DrSeuss: Come on Fyfe – show something
Migz: 199 For ablett still 10 mins to play
JButcher: Please do something Fyfe
Stu7: Fyfe is injured
Costanza: GAJ warming up for the Cats next week
DrSeuss: Fyfe going backwards now – ugh
TheBoy89: GAJ for beams??
preki1: wooohoooo jjk
Ladbrokes_: God priddis would get much greater scores if he actually kicked the bloody thing
9inch: Fyfe capt this week. Luck Gaj is 200+
StuL: Gaz for your mum.
StuL: Yo Yo – like his team. Millionaires at home. Rubbish anywhere else.
tigerman28: Jjk and Yeo – yes. Fyfe – poo!
TheOnyas: onya nealey
IKnowALL: Nice JJK thx bud.
StuL: Doesn’t matter about Fyfe cos everyone has him.
Lodgy: Who is everyone looking at to upgrade, or downgrade, Mcarthy for? probs next coupla weeks…
J.Worrall: Simply an honour to see Gary play!
pcaman2003: Go Sandi,go large big fella.
frenzy: fyfe> gaj
poido123: sandi has been a pain in my side since the start. same as witts
The39Steps: This game has the touch of Cronjes about it.
Stu7: No most people have Dangerfield
J.Worrall: no pain here poido – I stareted both!
J.Worrall: Game over
poido123: both players i was close on. sandis offseason injuries scared me off
sfmmp23: come on Fyfey, get to 90.
J.Worrall: Is odiop backwards for nitwit?
JRedden: fyfe a complete joke
luke394: ur really ranked like 100k aren’t u Poido?
J.Worrall: Balic!
poido123: luke, i have just about every other good choice. i got a few wrong, like everyone
preki1: fyfw, murphy, dbeams fuck youse all
J.Worrall: ease up there luke!
luke394: fair enough mate I can’t talk shocking start but starting to hit my straps
CamT: You missed Rockliff, prek1. I have him too.
Stu7: Come on Fyfe get to 70!
Crowls: its a bad night when your rookie goes higher than fyfe with C on him.
luke394: Balic 3 points for that goal 🙁
Lodgy: Junktime now Sharrod. get me some of them easy points!
CamT: They’re doing that luke394 when the game result is in the bag.
luke394: Lodgy u dont have Sharod Wellingham do ya? :/
luke394: I know CamT
luke394: it wasn’t a question
TheBoy89: what the fuck fyfe?
Lodgy: Course i have Wellingham. Draft league
Blaknight: Nooooo. Phone died when I was out bush and had captain on Strndica… VC on Rocky today. There goes My SC
luke394: @lodgy, draft is ok
tigerman28: I’ve got JJK, Yeo and Sandi. Good times!
BoredSaint: There’s gonna be some massive scores this week but also some terrible scores..
J.Worrall: Noo. Phone died – a very balck night!
poido123: fyfe…anyone stupid enough to trade him out?
tigerman28: Fyfe! Get rid of the man bun and harden the flower up
luke394: Redden is a dud
J.Worrall: what u mean, poido?
Lodgy: @monty I have to say that new icon ‘Spitter’ that u got on smitchell just sounds like absolute garbage imo.
Raspel31: I’d love to trade Fyfe out but, damn, I don’t have him.
Lodgy: dunno what everyone else thinks
luke394: man buns are just the worst do u have one poido? 😉
pcaman2003: Fyfie lost his mojo.
J.Worrall: chuckles @raspel!
Pinkman: Fyfe…anyone stupid enough to put the C on him? Yeah me:(
tigerman28: I’m gonna fashion a man bun out of my scrotum hair
poido123: fyfe looks like he is cruising. knows that his team isnt going anywhere. big danger of going elsewhere in the offseason
ronl: don’t think Fyfe is interested anymore
J.Worrall: Sadness, pinkman!
pcaman2003: LOL!@Pinkman. Thta’s stiff!
luke394: two in the pink one in the stink @Pinkman
Ladbrokes_: priddis is the second coming of jesus. He’s my dream POD <3
Stu7: I’m convinced Fyfe know I chose him as captain!!!
J.Worrall: Hey tigerr, you need mine too?
TheBoy89: I’m trading fyfe out. bite me!
pcaman2003: Sheridan! Another bad man bun error
Stu7: Is it keep mens off Fyfe?????
J.Worrall: Got lots!
J.Worrall: Biting now, Boyo!
tigerman28: Thanks for the offer Worrall. As long as you’re not a ranga
poido123: 19 disposals by fyfe. lack of effort
J.Worrall: Balic a great rookie in a losing team!
J.Worrall: No red here tiger!
BoredSaint: Remember when everyone was jumping off the GAJ train.. Don’t trade out prems..
frenzy: ah theres nothin between Balic and Fisher they said
luke394: McGovern got a dad bod
TyCarlisle: Guaranteed everyone will be trading fyfe to ablett looking for his 200 socre. rookie move.
jaxx: the one week i have fyfe and beams unique

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