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Chat log from R6 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2017

frenzy: time to start tanking roos
PLACEBOPIE: logic Pruess was rested last week goldstein almost done an ankle why not rest him and give pruess a go? idiots
frenzy: yep, our best team for the 2017 season thus far, no thomas no swallow
Sloaney: Pls go bit tonight martin and miller…
poido123: Placebopie, they still think they are a chance of finals. no kidding
PLACEBOPIE: lol cheers poido 😀
Ben_Gogos: Suns short of a key defender or two. Shall be interesting.
the worm: u mean just for this week?
Ben_Gogos: @the worm actually one place they’re okay given May and Thompson.
SilverLion: Need 100+ from Higgins.
ballbag: time for a a ton matera
tbrowne: Why the fuck is this game on free to air TV. No one playing in this one of course
chinkas: come on gold coast. smash these flogs
thommoae: Interesting to see if the Goldstein ankle holds up tonight. Seems he’s been playing injured since this time last year.
CBeezDeez: Huge fantasy interest in this game i wager… Anyone got any roo players in their teams?
poido123: please tell you dont have matera ballbag…
thommoae: GWS officials will be watching Roo players closely … not.
poido123: Only Scott Thompson. Gun.
chinkas: rule number 1 in DT. no roos players
luke394: lol @poido123 I was about to ask the same
JockMcPie: I have no1 from this game. Such an irrelevant fantasy night of football
man0005: GWS supporters will fill a stadium … not.
CBeezDeez: WA derby Jock?
SilverLion: *whispers* Go Higgins!
thommoae: Sheesh, give us a few years, man. We’re building every season!
poido123: i have jack martin. maybe im mesmorised by his talent
heppelitis: same poido. was going strong at the end last year. goes alright
CBeezDeez: A packed hoyse @Manuka last night! Cangerra will take tye Hawthorn games off Tassie after todays perf…
poido123: what was wrong with that shepard?
Sloaney: Nice umpring..
JockMcPie: i have 3 freo @CBeez, but no WC
poido123: yeah martin can get going, needs to be better at staying in games more.
ballbag: GC fans streaming in to bring a massive crowd of 14,000 odd.
thommoae: Youare pousts are makoing mey eyes huart, CBeez!
kano22: Atrocious umpire
CBeezDeez: Whoops! I’m on the turps again!!
SilverLion: ENoguh with the dissing of crowads already. We know NM, both QLD teams and GWS are gunna have low crowds, deal with it.
SilverLion: ***enough, crowds. Sorry am tired haha
thommoae: Understandable if you’ve been a MFC supporter for any length of time …
CBeezDeez: Good ole Samsung tablet keyboard sorry folks…
heppelitis: understood perfectly cb….on the turps too
CBeezDeez: Tru dat thommo. LoL
pcaman2003: Stay down Goldie…….good boy!
man0005: Ben Gogos obviously on the turps judging from the amount of moderation today
CBeezDeez: No more for you hep! I got the big C on you tomorrow! Make it Ur last son…
poido123: moderation sucks here. so strict. think ive been banned 5 times already
SilverLion: So many Jarro/yds.
Sloan4Pres: arn’t free kicks counted if a team mate takes advantage?
heppelitis: haha..nah im having a few more
Sloaney: Its the yellow thing touk..
Ben_Gogos: @man0005 I don’t control any banning element of the site.
cold pies: Only a dumb count would trade spp to ollie with the current outc
luke394: how much does Goldy suck these days two years ago he was unstoppable
poido123: much better game than that brissy port one.
SilverLion: Wouldn’t be hard poido
cold pies: Luke he was unstoppable last year. The battle if the goldiehawn
poido123: Hey Ben, think its that sensitive ranger running the site. such a control freak
ballbag: Goldy? lol. more like silvery. he is pushing tinny status.
SilverLion: Don’t lie it, leave poido. Swearing adds nothing to the comments anyways fwiw.
luke394: god I wish I started Witts instead of Gawn
zadolinnyj: keep going Witts. Good man
SilverLion: ***like
Raspel31: Great to see the little Gablett back.
ballbag: matera lift man for gods sake
StuL: Is the GOAT back as a factor!?
zadolinnyj: higgins is a mirage. looks great when you don’t have him but dissapears suddenly when you do
cold pies: Bit of ba.
luke394: he heard u Ballbag
poido123: I like it here. Plenty of good guys, just sucks you cant talk freely because big bad red head is lurking
heppelitis: matera just went coco banannas….and one of the idiots that has him
cold pies: bit of rude banter is goid
ballbag: today was Range day in melb. march of the redheads at Fed Square. there was millions of them
cold pies: sorry phone plying up… haha lost my point now. I deserve to be laughed at
ballbag: *ranga day
Crowls: wittiland sh..ting on goldy/gawn/grundy choices
Beast_Mode: vintage gaz that quarter.
cold pies: Because i brought it fiorini an matera last week hahaha n brought in ollie this week for snp..
Apachecats: Cunnington back to his old self
thommoae: Fiorini in last week. Out this week. Think I’m glad. Red-faced too.
SilverLion: @zado Agreed…
poido123: Bloody rangas, breakdown in the gene pool 😛
cold pies: I believe i deserve the biggest diet coke of the year.. wasting 5 trades in 1 round.. yep im on the ball
SilverLion: Who said Matera was a bad pick?
BestCoast: @ballbag know as lance whitnall day
PLACEBOPIE: it was ranga day today in melbourne 😀
shaker: Witts SC wow poor old Goldy
PLACEBOPIE: pruess wouldnt allow witts to do that
ballbag: chill little Jesus. I’m getting you in a few weeks
Raspel31: What a season-Saints whip the Hawks-Sydney winless and Norff winless?
SilverLion: @Rasp and the Lions are actually winning? Oh wait
the worm: yes rasp, 2 out of those 3 are definitely surprising
ballbag: that’s wrong!! rangas are a gift from god
poido123: 46 SC points last round. Matera is still a bad pick ;p not sure on DT
poido123: ha ha ballbag, im still not convinced on that shoulder…
Sloaney: Everytime i see the ball near jack martin he seems to just be slowly jogging along watching…
Raspel31: Not a criticism-god forbid-but have no Norff players. Who would you possibly have?
CBeezDeez: Stops me from gettin him Poido
thommoae: One in six see EVW as a likely lad … maybe on benches.
heppelitis: id have mason wood rasp. enjoy watching him play
poido123: Sloaney, i think his best position is on the ball. He looks more engaged there.
Migz: I grabbed turner. and speak of the devil!
Raspel31: Butbyou don’t do you hepp/
CBeezDeez: I got sucked in with rnd1 rookies rasp & still stuck with some!!!
heppelitis: only cause of inj at start.
thommoae: Ummm … just remembered Mitchell Hibberd is hiding on my bench.
SC_brAh: Why would north play hansan, piece of sh!t
poido123: yep. mccreadie comes to mind. same with pickett
Sloaney: Totally agree poido, get him on the ball already
poido123: oh and the poor man’s hibberd
Raspel31: Sorry you were injured Hepp.
pcaman2003: Vintage Ablett,he’s baaaaccck!
SilverLion: Nothing better than the Little Master on song
heppelitis: haha…nah had him planning and changed after jlt setback
zadolinnyj: how do afl players kick it out on the full with no pressure? terrible
iZander: how does turner not get a tackle for that???
boo!: cmon gaj 200sc
sfmmp23: Double ton on the cards for Gaz?
DrSeuss: Ablett great – Witts WTF – You haven’t moved since QT
Sloaney: Abletts gonna score 200 at this rate
SC_brAh: Gaz, Matera, Lynch stay low!
MarksMen: is Witts on ??
Beast_Mode: Lol gazza has tonned up in sc already
StuL: Most bought in player this week, gaz.
Sloaney: Wats the biggest sc score ever??
Raspel31: Gaz-you can have my children-coz I’m over them.
SilverLion: HUGE 1/2 from the little master
poido123: north players are so dirty. looking to rough up players at every chance
sfmmp23: Gaz is gonna be an upgrade target now
cold pies: Bc on GAJ… na just flowerin dreamin
StuL: Shame nth fans booing the greatest.
DrSeuss: What is Witts doing?
luke394: Gas turning back the clock
SilverLion: Give Gazza the star already, no way hes not getting 3 votes here
Raspel31: Agreed Poido-the dirtiest team.
luke394: Matera and Witts still in the rooms getting a rub down?
sfmmp23: good to see the little master back
Hoot: Shame on all of us who doubted him
Sloan4Pres: lonergan’s a joke
PLACEBOPIE: shut up and take my money ablett 😀
Migz: had him since the start. about time he killed the oppo for me :p
thommoae: Norf fans boo anyone better than their players. Go hoarse.
BestCoast: GAJ going for another dose of leather poisoning
SilverLion: Pumpkin for Martin?
ballbag: when I think of zieball I think of tribunal and turnovers
poido123: yeah martin’s lack of interest bothers me. doesn’t want the ball enough. might have to burn a trade on him
Apachecats: Pumpkin for Simpkin also
heppelitis: its like the second coming of god
frenzy: remove the tv, you have no clue
SilverLion: Hrovat just going about his business over at Norf wowee
preki1: cuntington lol
frenzy: atleast he’ll be fresh
Beast_Mode: Spudington
Sloaney: @poido theres no maybe burna trade… hes gone
9inch: Gaj repaying me after a so so start to season. 200sc would be great gift.
ballbag: LOL 3aw saying ablett had no influence on game so far!
Hoot: I think he has a 136BE so his 230 wont hurt us too much. Hehe
boo!: gaj on track for 228sc, I’m calling it
poido123: martin, you are killing me
DrSeuss: Not watching – is Witts still on field?
JockMcPie: #PredictGary: I’m going 194. Anyone else?
Sloaney: @podio dont wprry martins BE is only about 130 i think
JButcher: Aaron Hall for Ghost?
StuL: If you have the C on Gaz you probably top score in the country.
AngryRyno: #PredictGary 200 exactly
man0005: #ThisisntTwitter
heppelitis: snow flake for hall perfect…no more lakey footballer….great 4 2 weeks. cracks the sads the next
frenzy: cash icon for matera, we in the money
TheBoy89: higest ever score is 229 by dangerfield and gary beat that
BestCoast: @StuL if you had the C on GAJ you would have serious trouser arousal
StuL: Go Higgins. I know I’ll be tearing my hear out as he struggles to 60 in the near future.
luke394: gaz has scored 254 before
AngryRyno: Danger’s 229 isn’t the biggest ever
StuL: If I had the C on Gaz I’d be down on my knees trying to kiss my own ars.
CamT: Ablett got 256 SC against Adelaide. I know because I didn’t’t make him C that day and gave it to Shaw who got 19.
sfmmp23: The highest ever score is Browny with 262, followed by Gaz with 254.
leorosman_: jonno brown got 264
luke394: Round 5 2008 against Sydney 254
TheBoy89: did he get 254 when got 53 disposals
Ben_Gogos: Haha gold comment @StuL
Ben_Gogos: No that was a different game v Swans @TheBoy89
boo!: cmon suns win by 1 point. gaj 228sc
Hoot: I thought the record belongs to Carey.. pre SC days. .
poido123: you martin. rage trade this week
sfmmp23: Slow down higgins, my opp has you
The39Steps: Browny was second highest. Relton got 272.
SilverLion: Just got back now, missed this quarter. GO HIGGINS YOU STAR
luke394: how are u going well poido with Martin in your team?
luke394: suppose he’s averaged 88 so far
Tommo2909: Get Gaz in quick smart. Always felt vulnerable not having him
Beast_Mode: give gaz the gun already! if gcs win give him the star
SilverLion: Star can go to a player in the losing team, no?
the worm: i really wouldnt go near gaz if i were you, too unreliable. a 600k disaster
poido123: Luke I picked him up after the 2 big scores. thought he was breaking out, obviously not
JButcher: Gaz surely can’t retire now
MarksMen: witts ???
Sloaney: Martin out docherty in..
StuL: Come home Gaz.
Raspel31: Can you lend me 500k worm?
SilverLion: Since I’ve been watching, Higgins -2. I’m gunna walk away again heh
boo!: gaj make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. cough cough ahem
kano22: What could that random norf flog cunt possibly be saying to bald Jesus??
Seb78: Cmon witts do something!
DrSeuss: What’s happened to Witts after the first quarter? Can’t watch the game
StuL: Our midfield with gaz would suddenly be insane.
luke394: lol StuL as much as I would love it I dont think the cats can do it
Hoot: Where’s Ablett’s protection???
frenzy: the potato with a shot at goal
StuL: I don’t know what Witt is doing. Barely seen him
boo!: lift brown wood
LMartos: Did not think Gaz was capable of pulling a score like this again
SilverLion: Mare for Cunnington
feralmong: Hansen what a dirty grub.
luke394: Witts has been spotted at Munich Brahaus in docklands still in his GC colours smashing a stein
StuL: Playing like this we can’t afford him.
pcaman2003: Gaz tearing Norf a new one.
JButcher: Downgrade Houston and upgrade Beams to Gaz?
man0005: Mare for the whole Brisbane team
Sloaney: These north fans r feral.. they r watching one of the all time great performances and they boo gaz..
Hoot: Ch7 i believe said he was ‘ On the pine ‘. Seems to be back now.
SC_brAh: They’re booing because they all play SC and GAJ is in their opponents team as C
poido123: norf are feral like their players. dirty, useless lot
poido123: norf fans*
Raspel31: Why I hate Norff Sloaney-thugs on the field and off.
LMartos: If Gaz continues 105+ average form he’ll be great to bring in post round 9 or even earlier possibly
boo!: i love seeing a rare 200sc
tigerman28: What is the SC world record? I forgot
Hoot: No wonder GC wouldn’t let Gaz go.
CaptainWho: GAJ playing like he has a point to prove, going nuts!
man0005: lol @ the drug user supporter criticising North off the field
Kenny27: hey guys ive got he roos by -6 at the line can they actually win by 6 or does it need to be 7?
Costanza: don’t wake the snake
Beast_Mode: its not really a world record when it’s only an australian league
Migz: 0.5% of people have ablett as captain.
SC_brAh: Time to jump on the GAJ train and pull him in?
Pull: Ablett gonna break the CP record!! Finally repaying the faith i showed
CaptainWho: -6 means u win with 6, most lines are -6.5 these days which means u would need 7
preki1: 6 u get your money back, kenny
Team Flog: should GAJ’s score or go with Sloane??
SilverLion: I don’t care if North wins, Ablett HAS to get the Star. 100% getting 3 votes.
boo!: world record I’m not sure about, but it aint relton
Kenny27: ok cheers guys got it in a multi haha
frenzy: lol norf fans, ya lucky to know one
the worm: gaz will burn you, dont do it
tigerman28: Chill out beast
Ben_Gogos: @SilverLion he will mate. Just a question of whether he can keep the cape.
jxxxxk: Team Flog I hope you’re joking
Team Flog: Yes – jokes. Dont even have GAJ 🙁
SilverLion: Cheers for the head up Ben, heres hope he does. 220+ SC lets go.
iZander: haha abblet the star already, doesnt matter who wins 😛
man0005: inb4 North lose another close game
LMartos: Gaz needs 6 CP for most ever and 7 CL for most ever
SilverLion: @LM Might get CP, doubt clearances
heppelitis: jm with a +11 poido!
CaptainWho: North hoping for GAJ world record to take attention away from choking again
TheBoy89: beams for abblett
poido123: leggo martin! keep going!! for Hep and poids 🙂
circle52: Ump gives North a goal definite hand ball there.
LMartos: hate umpires
iZander: thats a horrible call, i hope doesnt decide the match…
Sloaney: Martin makes 70 he might just last 1 more week in my team
poido123: was thinking the same sloaney
circle52: Also changed momentum.
heppelitis: even worse when he in my sc team iZander
TheBoy89: fuck off umpire
LMartos: GAJ ruining his chance of 200 here
DrSeuss: Umps turning the game…
iZander: why has matt rosa got the icicle, he got knocked out?
TheBoy89: come on gaj 200
TheOnyas: onya browny
TheBoy89: there’s the 200
heppelitis: haha great job ablett
BestCoast: 200 GAJ well played son well played
Ladbrokes_: GAJ goal, that’s it
circle52: Goal will help Gazz ro 200
pcaman2003: The doubters should hang their heads.
LMartos: clear HTB on MacMillan then he legged Ah Chee
luke394: Matera lol
poido123: i wasnt wrong about matera at least. still a hack ha ha
StuL: Never doubted his ability, just his body.
circle52: Agree Martos umpires want Norf to win.
TheBoy89: GAJ for beams
the worm: yin yang for gaz
circle52: and Lych pulled down and no free.
Hoot: No way im passing up the next 200+ from GAJ.
luke394: everyone will trade Gas in chasing points now
BestCoast: Gold Coast always letting GAJ down, let him go back to the Cats
TheBoy89: GAJ for beams??
heppelitis: i laughed when i saw my my opp has higgins fml
StuL: Gaz for anyone.
Sloaney: Y does everyone wanna trade beams.. hes had 1 shocker, but so did every lion.. hes not exactly
poido123: Jack Martin lol imagine a consistent effort?
colin wood: Witts exposed tonight by a seasoned ruck. Time to move on me thinks
Hoot: No chasing.. Buyers just want to be sure he is still good for it.
frenzy: Gaz Clap Clap Clap
Hoot: Buyers just want to be sure he is still good for it.
frenzy: good girl missy
Tommo2909: Gaz you legend
luke394: Goldy scored 78 Colin wood?

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