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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R6 of 2017

m0nty: go Rocky!
cold pies: Wines go big son!!!! Went salt n pepper to you
cold pies: Yep sc gods flowering hate me!!
PLACEBOPIE: lol you cursed wines 😀
luke394: cmon SPP get a 90 need some $$ generation
SC_brAh: 100+ pt loss here?
PLACEBOPIE: go pal pepper
Ben_Gogos: Could be more. Lions seemingly can’t apply an ounce of pressure.
Ben_Gogos: Power fanatical pressure.
colin wood: I’m with ya like. SPP lets do it!
Zeratul: Claye, pls give Dayne his guernsey back…
crazyet23: Witches hat. for every BL player please…..
Zeratul: So many points, and PP/Houston on single digits 🙁
Strskes: Beams off to a slow start!!
leorosman_: SPP is on 20 crazyet23
PLACEBOPIE: more game time for pow pepper
TheBoy89: i was so close to trading spp
PLACEBOPIE: beams leapfrogged rocky and zorko 😀
SilverLion: Good last 2 min, but games already over
Heater: Traded SPP for Fisher. That worked – not! I do have $250K tho..
ballbag: rocky is a shit footballer. no skills.
cold pies: @ballbag a bull is handy in this game
Hooks: Bet Fisher gets dropped next week so much for a Cash Cow. lol
CBeezDeez: Possibly Y no-one wanted him during trade period BBag?
DrSeuss: Beams and Martin WTF
poido123: i dont have rocky and he is a very good player. i think a lot of teams would have him
ballbag: true
Hooks: WHE and Roughead GONE this week for me
sfmmp23: Come on SPP, it’s a slaughter, get involved
Ben_Gogos: @Hooks there were positive signs for Rough in the last term btw. Played some ruck.
ballbag: time to cash PayPal Pepper in. he’s toasted
PLACEBOPIE: go pal pepper goal 😀
sfmmp23: Good boy spp
luke394: cmon SPP
poido123: you guys have PP starting? lol
PLACEBOPIE: over 40 ht will be nice 🙂
SC_brAh: Housten get a 70 plz
CBeezDeez: I think i need SIX trades next week to sort my shower out!
PLACEBOPIE: we have him loophole noob for max result 😀
cold pies: Why? Why.. traded spp to wines this week. #chasinpoints dietcoke
sfmmp23: He’s on my bench making cash before he makes way
luke394: gonna be a nice 90 on the bench for u poido
PLACEBOPIE: if he goes big may have to keep him for 2 more weeks 🙂
luke394: stink it up Rocky
poido123: thats fine 🙂 i dont intend to start him until the byes to cover.
sfmmp23: SPP already hit his be and it’s not even h/t
luke394: hell be gone after his bye poido
PLACEBOPIE: blame cold pies for wines 😛
ballbag: LOL poido keeping SPP for the byes
colin wood: Good boy SPP. Now lift a Stef and Beamer.
SC_brAh: Come on Housten!
Zeratul: lol, why would you still have SPP when te byes come round.
poido123: because he will cover the rounds in which all the main premos will be out? ill trde him after the last bye round
luke394: so ur gonna wait until round 14 to trade SPP poido?
ballbag: @zera coz he has no clue and talks rot. end of byes and ya full premo
lachlan23t: Am I the only one with Jackson Trengove
PLACEBOPIE: when i trade pepper to sloane i will re-draft him for byes 😀
Preston007: Pumped I left rocky on the bench this week…
poido123: i finished top 600 last year, and sit top 4000 right now. ballbag is exactly that
luke394: lies Preston007
SC_brAh: hope beams and martin b/e at least
Costanza: H, we have a problem
luke394: u won’t this year if u keep SPP that long Poido
Zeratul: lol, so he got lucky last year.
SilverLion: Had Murph on the ground over Powell_pepper, youd’ve thought that woulda been a good decision…
Zeratul: SPP will have peaked and will stagnate/drop in value by the bye rounds
cold pies: Placebo this flowering crap.. i cant believe it.. honestly i have angered our all-mighty sc gods. Iam sorry wise ones
ballbag: @poido even a blind raccoon can find a chestnut
BzBman8: sitting 109th, first time having Houston on field, come on mate dont burn me
PLACEBOPIE: 😉 it happens to the best of us
poido123: ballbag. give advice to the newbues. SC is not done one particular way, you should know that if you had a clue
SilverLion: $ for Houston and not SPP? haha
Hoot: Stay down rocky
ballbag: I haven’t given any advice poido. just responded to your tripe 😉
wadaramus: Gee whiz Brisbane, can you get any more insipid?
luke394: poido just loves arguing with everyone he’s an angry man
shaker: I reckon all you sprouters would not have a clue advice from you guys ha ha ha you have to be kidding
PLACEBOPIE: no news on pruess getting a late call?
SilverLion: Just trade out SPP when his BE goes above his average?
ballbag: agree with shaker! advice here is like finals advice from Richmond
PLACEBOPIE: second language of FF is lies like KB would say
frenzy: why does McClugg have cash icon?
kano22: Rocky spud
shaker: It’s good just to sit back and watch the shower you guys post 🙂
DanBlack: With ya shaker. Obnoxiousness at its finest
poido123: off luke. i take advice from none of the qwambys here ha ah
Ladbrokes_: That’s it martin and beams, good start to the quarter. Keep them points coming!
ballbag: now now poido let’s just turn that frown upside down shall we
GJayBee: poido, cheer up i believe in you
Ben_Gogos: There’s another for SPP owners
Sloaney: Come on beams…
mickelo: Benched SPP to take Tarantos emerg. score of 86. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Tommo2909: Hopefully Rocky stays down. Want to pick him up in a few weeks as well as Pendles
shaker: Surely Barrett gets another run in this team?
Strskes: Got D.Beams as captain…. #fail
Strskes: and not a single tackle. Not a captain’s effort.
jayshi: just logged in, what happened to wines??
BzBman8: captain beams thats keen. I have him Vice
kano22: Catch up mode engaged
TheBoy89: Trade beams?
TheBoy89: Beams break even looking like 178 at this rate
poido123: beams captain lol
Yelse: where is brisbanes mids Beams killing me.. both opp don’t have him trust
SC_brAh: are stats not updating or just me? ssp 1.0 thought he had 2
frenzy: scores stopped???
ballbag: sc scores are updating but that’s all
brent_007: Not for me either. stuck on 7.55
TheBoy89: Nearly traded out spp
GJayBee: When Clay is the best Beams, it’s a bad day
m0nty: Stats are frozen, yes. Appears to be affecting all sites.
TheBoy89: Why is the stats frozen
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
heppelitis: sc scores are moving though i think
brent_007: If anyone is watching, how is Rocky, Martin and SPP doing this Q?
TheBoy89: Don’t worry it’s not just fanfooty is also the afl app
Sloaney: I hope sc scores are frozen.. means beams might have few more points lol
Sloan4Pres: this always happens, AFL is amateur league
TheBoy89: lol
ballbag: sc scores aren’t frozen boss
poido123: wow this game sucks. snore alert
mickelo: Come on Port, we’re due for a 100+ point win
thornz23: Buy more hamsters m0nty!! 😀
TheBoy89: the stats are frozen the time is frozen
Costanza: I’m thirsty
SilverLion: “due”
Sloaney: Brisbane r better than 75 points down at 3qt
shaker: Looking like the Lions have made the wrong choice as coach
JockMcPie: damn those +39s
LuvIt74: Are these SC scores correct, sorry i just got home?
SilverLion: Down Arrow for D. Beams, and surely a $ for SPP now?
kano22: Rockliff is a seagull potato
BzBman8: yes
heppelitis: lol players all lifted in last min
SilverLion: Yeah sack him shaker. Obviously our list is fantastic and we should be in the top 8. *rolls eyes*
colin wood: Come on Stef and Beamer FFS
TheBoy89: Trade out beams ?????
frenzy: beer o’clock
maygs: Surely we have a better option than Robertson – SPUD
duckky: Wines … shakes head
LuvIt74: Wines what a shcker
SilverLion: @TB89 He’s a premium, do so at your peril.
Hooks: Beams do something
mickelo: Freo by 89, Carlton by 90, I’d say due is right
Rush: Not a nice game for my SC side. Rocky and Beams on field, SPP off
ballbag: wonder if poidos noticed S
PLACEBOPIE: Spp yeah you know me 😀 I said Spp 🙂
Apachecats: Plenty in that boat with you @Rush
ballbag: SPP is doing as well as beams & rocky combined
poido123: i notice everything 🙂
cold pies: Fuck my sc life.. is over.. early trade on salt.n pepper to wines. N this happens. Im flowerin cursed.. can i swap teams
TheBoy89: Oi is it time to upgrade marchbank?
JockMcPie: Beams might be an early trade-up this week…
Rebuild: It seems SPP can only perform when he’s on my bench.
LuvIt74: until you wake up
poido123: beams needs to go. too lazy
thommoae: SPP is a funny dude; evry week he starts slowly and then builds to a half decent total.
JButcher: I traded in Beams for Swallow this week……….fuck
Apachecats: Had SPP on field when Murghy was doubtful and swapped them at last minute .SPP will ton up SC for sure.
PLACEBOPIE: probs boy 89 either hibberd or roberton if affordable
blashtroko: Is Robbie actually rotating through fwd and mid? Or playing exclusively deep fwd?
TheBoy89: If your gonna trade beams get Treloar or Oliver
Migz: i guess barret should get a game next week then
TheBoy89: So is beams a out?
SC_brAh: come on housten kick a goa!
BestCoast: @frenzy always beer o’clock
TheBoy89: Cheers bopie
BestCoast: Brisbane copping a slapping
StuL: No. Don’t trade Beams.
ballbag: houston-like a missile on nth Korea, Trump says YOURE FIRED. Pack ya bags and fark off
poido123: leave oliver alone. stay away
maygs: @blah it’s hard to tell as ports midfield is always forward
BestCoast: @ballbag enjoy your beverages tonight great win by your boys today
TheBoy89: I’m hoping she does the same thing spp does
Apachecats: Not trading Beams ,the whole side is “off” tonight.
PLACEBOPIE: as long as beams stays with zorko and rocky all is not lost
ballbag: @bestcoast yeh. but we only slapped around a zero & 5 team. nothing special
TheBoy89: Whe*
poido123: ballbag, you want to stop running your mouth, your team has been abyssmal for a long time now
TheBoy89: Beams has piss me off
Migz: poido is the saltiest mofo i’ve seen on fan footy.
ballbag: he was from Sydney and they called him Owen. Owen Six.
colin wood: Come on SPP ton up son!
JButcher: Loving Wingard’s move into midfield
the worm: hands up who doesnt have beams
thornz23: Yeh poido is grim lol.. always trying to start something with someone
poido123: Migz is the biggest knob on Fan footy. Eat my
man0005: he was from carlton and they called him Tanker. CapCheat Tanker.
Apachecats: Nearly there C’wood.
BestCoast: @JButcher same as
zadolinnyj: Ryder beaten Martin today
the worm: dont let the kids get to you poido
BestCoast: Capcheat that would be the propped up Swans me thinks
PLACEBOPIE: raise the bat for SPP everyone when he gets the ton
ballbag: oh poido please! you need a spoonful of sugar
poido123: bunch of muppets worm 🙂
TheBoy89: Podio admit it. You are a salty shit
zadolinnyj: I blame Brisbane for all of today’s ff rage. Games been terrible. Deserve cones
man0005: better propped up than drugged up ey?
poido123: Salty indeed. salty that i should be b.tchslapping you youngens even more than I am atm in SC and DT
thornz23: It’s been a boring af game lol. Probly is half the reason we got some salt flying around
Apachecats: We need someone who can make Brisbane great again.
TheBoy89: Spp for the 100 point margin
IKnowALL: I definitely second on that, podio is a salty shower, always arking up to like a flower hero
BestCoast: Drug up the way to go
poido123: yep, zado. all that is left is to taunt the kids here
CBeezDeez: Heaven help us Zad… We’ve got the Kangas 2 come yet m8…
PLACEBOPIE: that might get him there
thornz23: I don’t get All the animosity between teams.. just barrack for your boys and appreciate good footy, whoever supplies it
the worm: if you ignore kids they eventually go away
zadolinnyj: Lol. Mitch Robinson deserves the heart for trying so hard when others havent
poido123: ballbag’s brother has arrived. :/ iknowlittle is here
Migz: who’s the kids worm. poido was whining all over the other chat aswell.
TheBoy89: Podio what mushrooms are u on. Fuckhead Sydney are shit this year deal with it
zadolinnyj: I’m feeling rage thinking about it @ CBeez
heppelitis: nicely said thornz…but nah…fuck i hate carlton hehe
Salambo: As a Swans fan, it’s looking more & more likely that I’ll be naming my firstborn “Owen”.
JockMcPie: I swear my IQ drops reading this chat…
ballbag: p.p.p.please p.p.p.pepper p.p.p.p.points and not frees
maygs: @zado I agree he always has a dip
the worm: who’s the kids? the 12 year olds using “salty” every second sentance. adults dont use that word
CBeezDeez: LoL Zad. No Thomas tonite tho 🙁 He’s always worth some good ole anger!
thornz23: Hepp!! I barracked for your boys when I went to the Anzac match. Can’t believe you! 😀
poido123: OK Jock, ill behave 😛
TheBoy89: I said salty once even your mate Salambo agrees Sydney are shit this year
kano22: The worm your salty tears are delicious
zadolinnyj: I am so happy he is finally dropped. Worst player ever. Take up acting..
Salambo: He’s not my mate.
thommoae: Yeah! Adults use words like ‘Power’, ‘flower’ and ‘shower’!
maygs: 15 quick ones boys
heppelitis: haha thornz, my missus called my salty once.ythink she was talin about something else though
BestCoast: Flog Thomas was ommited with a pulled heart muscle zado
colin wood: SPP 25 possy’s in only 68% GT impressive.
zadolinnyj: I want chips with all this salty talk
CBeezDeez: They’re only sayin 1 freakin week tho!!! Damnation!!
the worm: what am i crying about? i have simpson and docherty 😀
scrappers: your a disgrace thornz !not a true carlton supporter if you barrack for essendon in any game
maygs: 90 pointer?
JockMcPie: Thanks for repaying the faith SPP, Houston we have a problem
shaker: How can Robbo top score in this team?
IKnowALL: Oh well I’ll give you a spell this week Martin, hope you repay me nxtweek
SilverLion: Yay we’re better than Carlton
zadolinnyj: Spot on there @BestCoast
SilverLion: @shaker 7FF, 2 goals, 25 possies
shaker: Ouch I have Beams but no others this will hurt plenty
frenzy: ugly scores
maygs: @Shaker cause he doesn’t give up like some of the others
CBeezDeez: Coz he has a go! Not like the other passengers!
zadolinnyj: Best 13 post game Robbie. Hardly left the forward line so primed for next week
ballbag: finally the hack icon for rocky m0nty. good job
luke394: great work SPP 300k plus now
Salambo: Well. Time to go watch Fernando Alonsos engine go KAPOW in FP3.
thornz23: Scrap the alternative was the pies
luke394: love rocky he’ll be affordable soon
ballbag: @thornz agreed
Manowar: Beam I trade you out no good

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