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Chat log from R5 of 2017: Essendon vs Collingwood

Chat log for Essendon vs Collingwood, R5 of 2017

J.Worrall: Bombers one short of a full formation!
man0005: Bombers one short of a full formation!
Bazza2014: hot pies
PLACEBOPIE: lest We Forget Go Pies
PLACEBOPIE: lest we forget go pies
TheBoy89: Bombers one short of a full formation!
AngryRyno: lest we forget
TheBoy89: Respect!
TheBoy89: respect
JButcher: Worried about WHE, won’t get many uncontested marks today
Tommo2909: Lest we forget
Heater: Go Adams, Pendles & Treloar
AngryRyno: very McNice start
pcaman2003: Go Adams,Treloar and WHE. So far this week going okay
JRedden: treloar captain gogo
LMartos: Not the day for WHE, unless he goes forward
TheBoy89: go adams and whe
Tommo2909: No!! @theboy89 I’m up by 89 and opponent has those two
Tommo2909: Actually 93
Heater: Think you are in trouble, Tommo
Tommo2909: Yeah for sure haha. I think ink I’ll be out of the game before half time
All Reds: stay down adams
luke394: need Treloar to outscore Heppell
cusch1: Grundy and Jobe vs Adams and 61. who wins?
Jogrrr: why is grundy playing forward???
IKnowALL: Trelor should score well, he loves these condition
runt: Fasolo slow as
JRedden: grundy kick missed
wadaramus: Hmm, is WHE even at the ground?
m0nty: Big call by Bucks to put Schade on Daniher and Reid on Fantasia. I love those match ups if I am Woosha.
pcaman2003: @IknowAll…..Hope Treloar smashes it.
Grumpman: come on elliott need 80 from you mate.
cusch1: that was magic
JButcher: Looks like WHE is scared of contact
gdshifty: havent seen WHE once yet. Is he even on the bench?
pcaman2003: Haven’t seen WHE on ground yet,but he’s there somewhere.
runt: Pies messy start.
StuL: How is Treloar on 28 from 4 pos at 50%? Tackles? (not watchibg)
GJayBee: Grundy needs his luck to turn.
wadaramus: Thre he is, just saw him on the wing.
wadaramus: 5 tackles StuL
pcaman2003: @Stuhl….5 tackles
Rilian: Need WHE to get 60pts for top team in my draft league to be beaten. Didn’t think it’d be a sweaty task..
luke394: 5 tackles StuL for Treloar
LuvIt74: wtf is WHE
cusch1: Francis playing well early
StuL: Cheers boys. Considering if hes worth getting later. prob not.
runt: WHE and Wells will have plenty in reserve
wadaramus: WHE bit like Collingwood, gone missing.
JButcher: @Rilian I’m up by 250 with WHE against Heppell, BJ + Kelly, very nervous atm
pcaman2003: C’mon Adams….where are u?
Thedude24: Hoskin-Elliot ToG??
pcaman2003: Must’ve heard me…lol!
heppelitis: tuff day for winger types..zaka coyler WHE and wells all flopping atm
Kenny27: can someone organise a cold ice bucket of water and pour it on TIppa the bloke is killing us
Heater: McNiece a nice downgrade in a few weeks if he keeps his spot..
runt: Sidebottom needs to lift I think…
Kenny27: solid start to your pies career Wells thankgod we only paid a little more then Mayne for you
CBeezDeez: Expensive reserves players Kenny.
Kenny27: no kidding what a joke
runt: Broomhead in a sweeper role working well for him
fonzie: lift adams
Manowar: Get less than 123 Pendlebury
GJayBee: Bit cold for WHE
wadaramus: Get some kicks Treloar!
fonzie: whe a bloody spud
cusch1: that was a goal
GJayBee: Sidebottom gonna be cheap as. has a massive break even, traditionaly loves anzac day, but
wadaramus: Need Treloar, Adams and Watson to make up the WHE shortfall.
GJayBee: Fonzie WHE is not a spud, it’s just that it’s a bit wet and cold.
thommoae: Treloar’s busy but his disposal is poor. So often puts a team mate under pressure.
bones351: if Treloar loves handballing so much he should learn to punch the bloody thing. So many soft crappy handballs.
Zeratul: 1st qtr was wet… even more reason WHE should atleast score more then cox
runt: Goddard ownership at record lows but he is as consistent as, Great POD
pcaman2003: Treloar scores better with tackles rather than disposals. Happy with that!
thommoae: If BT says “O- RAHZ -io Fantasia again, I’m gonna scream
cobrakai00: Go Bombers
luke394: harsh pcaman he’s going at 75% today he’s due
DrSeuss: WHE and Phillips and Adams – not what I was hoping! Treloar keep going – don’t stop!!
luke394: stay right down Adams
cusch1: Who’d have thought that essendon would be big winners in the draft we got fantasia and zerrett
pcaman2003: @luke394….based on prior DE and clangers
runt: WHE looks weedy and soft today
luke394: fair enough pcaman he can make up for it with a bog one today
pcaman2003: Crapola!!! WHE got another possie.
cusch1: WHE just needs the one good quarter to get a decent score though
runt: Sidebottom lifted, good for him
arbel: spud for bucks… playing his best player forward to get more ‘players’ through the middle
runt: Pendlebury right out of sorts
runt: I hope it doesn’t rain again I’m worried people will catch a cold
cusch1: idk if that was a lot of luck or just messy by our defenders
colin wood: Class by WHE there
Kenny27: the amount of easy marks Moore has dropped this year. cmon son lift
LMartos: WHE’s pick up before was so elote
LMartos: elite*
jfitty: Adams not playing in defence at all, not sure why he has the shield
wadaramus: WHE starting to get involved on the RHFF
TheBoy89: adams lift mate
LuvIt74: Pendles doing bugger all
runt: Dumb play by Fantasia
colin wood: WHEngreat little period has a bit of X factor here
cobrakai00: Pendles navicular
wadaramus: Adams playing 100% forward.
runt: Varcoe kick a beauty
Ladbrokes_: LuvIt74 Yeah it’s irritating, but hey, my opponent at least has the C on him
runt: Pies trying so hard to lose this
wadaramus: Surely someone at Collingwood can kick straight?
IKnowALL: Thank you trelor, knew you would come good buddy
TheBoy89: treloar on fire!!
DrSeuss: Any chance of Phillips or WHE getting a touch?
pcaman2003: Go Treloar….I luv u
AngryRyno: Treloar is GOAT
luke394: Id suck Treloar off right now
JRedden: grundy you better ton up, brought you in
TheBoy89: i know murphy has only had 1 bad game but if i trade him for treloar would it be worth it
Heater: Pendles looks sore to me.
9inch: Pendles looked to struggle picking up the ball at ground level.
Grumpman: figjam =Treloar
MONEY TALK: pendels amy chance of u doing something
cusch1: Elliot Moore and Pendles are arguably Pies only reliable set shot scorers
MONEY TALK: theboy depends when u traded murphy in
Grumpman: your a sick man luke394
luke394: @TheBoy89 Murph is injured
TheBoy89: i’m gonna trade murphy for treloar only because treloar is more consistent
preki1: almost went treloar to zmerret cuz he was pissing off with his shite kicking. happy i didn’t.
TheBoy89: i had murphy since the start
GJayBee: pendles carrying something for sho
IKnowALL: Treloar was always gonna be a better SC pick over Murphy in the Long run
luke394: thanks Grumpman 😉
TheBoy89: wait what is he?
preki1: yeah, something def. wrong with pendles. they should make that shit public.
shaker: Pendles quiet
ballbag: m0nty ban @theboy for talking gob shit and trolling
GJayBee: I hope WHE wears a jumper at half time so he can warm up
SilverLion: In SC, Treloar+WHE+Grundy+McGrath+McNiece vs. Watson + 222, who wins?
StuL: AFL site said pendles was a ?. Obviously shouldn’t have played.
Blaknight: Man I hope Trelor doubles up from here. Was sitting at 2222 before this game with just him left to play….
hinsch: Pendles my C this week joy
TheBoy89: what trolling @ballbag
Kenny27: pendles will lift boys the game is still close so one good qtr and big points are on offer
GJayBee: I feel for Pendles, when he couldn’t pick up that clearance it was just not him at 100
TheBoy89: treloar will go down in price unless he gets 150 and marc murphy will still go up by 10K
Hoot: Good idea getting off murphy now
9inch: Jaybee. Yep saw that and created the turn over. Was a normaly easy centre clearance for him.
Sloan4Pres: you’re missing the free against that elliott got
Torpedo10: I only have Pendles when he gets injured. Traded him in before last week’s game. Chucked the Captaincy on him too!
SilverLion: Today could be an example of the medal/star going to a player from the losing team
TheBoy89: so should i trade in treloar for murph
cusch1: Treloar has been the only real standout thus far silverlion.
ronl: Pendles to Sloane or Hanners if worse comes to worse
SilverLion: @cusch My point exactly 😛
cusch1: One player from either side must have a big second half to sway an even game. WHE or Colyer/Tippa are the ones to watch
cobrakai00: Pendles has been injured since pre season anyone who has him took the risk
cusch1: In other words its a battle of the small forwards
TheBoy89: treloar stay down so i can afford you
cusch1: what do we think that attendance is going to be? 90k + or a bit less
DrSeuss: WHE, Phillips and McGrath – what a top show you are all putting on today.
LuvIt74: i hear ya DrSeuss i got WHE & McGrath also
pcaman2003: Treloar,WHE and Adams….you guys still playing?
LuvIt74: What a huge stain in the jocks
luke394: stick to the spring carnival Bruce
luke394: stink it up Adams so I can get you
LuvIt74: carn the pies I need u bastards to win for my tipping
Fizzy343: When was WHE ever playing
cusch1: Holding the ball???????
LuvIt74: The pies were lucky there that was two holding the ball within 5 seconds
Pokerface: umpires forgotten how to whistle
LuvIt74: @cusch bloody oath it was
pcaman2003: @Luke394 ….Adams is obliging so far
feralmong: Gee bombers have to fill a form in triplicate to get holding the ball.
tankin: excellent WHE!
carlton_99: 1st one wasnt as he got a handball out but 2nd one was.
cusch1: If Joey could kick straight he could be Buddy like. Big call I know
JRedden: sorry guys i cursed grundy
DrSeuss: WHE and Phillips only going to go downhill I think with Wells and Jamie Elliot coming in.
LMartos: Treloar stiff SC wise this quarter
LuvIt74: dropping the ball
cusch1: There is 2 more HTB holy shit
LuvIt74: Umps have money on Pies
Pokerface: did the rules committee get rid of HTB?
CBeezDeez: Geez! Shoer umpiring!!!
Death: its cox. he ruins grundy’s scoring. american prick
Ladbrokes_: WHE and Pendles pull your heads in farr..I’d take a 70-80 from one of yous at this point
Pokerface: this pies structure is stupid. so many goals where dons forwards can run back. noone plugging the back
cusch1: Probably the only good thing Stanton has done this season in all honesty
LuvIt74: Pendles, WHE, McGrath all a huge stain in the under garments
cusch1: Of course you pay that
luke394: treloar had 4 possies for 6 points
9inch: Yep cox in stuffs Grundy scores.
luke394: my bad just went up
ballbag: lol Grundy and pendles 40sc at 3qt? what’s the deal?
DrSeuss: Capt Treloar trying to make up for WHE and Phillips scores himself
Manowar: H-Elliott at the RSL ?
gdshifty: WHE still not at his BE :/
pcaman2003: Move Adams from the Fwd line Bucks
luke394: its gold ball bag
LuvIt74: @luke do u know how to do anything different other then whinge about players scoring ffs
Pokerface: really, was anyone expecting a ceiling higher than 50 from WHE in the wet?
Zeratul: Collingwood are garbage. way to ruin a perfect week of tips.
DrSeuss: At least the Lions moved on from Voss and Leppitsch- how does Buckley still have a job?
jfitty: Has Wells taken Adams’ spot in the middle?
ballbag: WHE is a spud. stop talking bout him FRS. you’re fault if you picked the hack
september: Go The Mighty Bombers!!!
cusch1: How is that HTB but the 10 from before that hasnt???
MONEY TALK: WHE having a bad game but meh he is making me money
pcaman2003: Time to trade out WHE while he’s still worth something.
Pokerface: ballbag who would you suggest as better forward rooks. eddy? pickett? taranto?
mattmac24: Only reason I got WHE was for his initial price rises. Up $112k is good enough, he’ll most likely be out next week
LuvIt74: money talk not anymore
TheBoy89: stay down treloar so i can afford you next week!
DrSeuss: Phillips just remembered what the ball looks like? Doubled his score in 5 minutes
MONEY TALK: im hoping WHE does a sandi and goes big in the last
cusch1: Wells played on did he not?
TheBoy89: adams and whe lift!
gdshifty: reckon WHE’s BE next week wll be around 70 odd
carlton_99: @cusch nope he never went off his line.
WesfireBlu: Treloar seems to be a good pick up for the Pies.
LMartos: Adams missed two easy chances, only got 7 for a mark and goal assist as well. Could be on 75 if he’d finished well
TheBoy89: whe for wells?
IKnowALL: 60 for Adam’s I’ll take that, he has hacked the ball today.. And most passes have put his teammates under pressure.
cusch1: Grundy and Watson vs Adams and 61. Who wins?
Heater: Greenwood does not do enough. Poor recruit IMO
LuvIt74: why would anyone consider bringing in treloar in? There r tons more consistent to choos
Pokerface: adams has been horrible
benzammit: Phark Watson has been hard done by I can’t see how many cp has he got?
Pokerface: i think theres an error m0nty. it says goddard has alot of contested ball
cusch1: 7 contested Zammit
a1trader: in the end, good always triumphs over evil. Go pies
LuvIt74: Daniher and his 1970’s porn stash look
anthsill03: lift grundy plz kick match winner
LMartos: I’d be disgusted as a coach if Fantasia was beating my defenders 1-on-1
IKnowALL: Put them to bed bombers, thanks.
TheBoy89: stay down treloar don’t get more than 130
september: Here comes the pain Collingwood!!!
fonzie: not looking good for bukcs
TheBoy89: keep getting the clangers treloar and keep kicking goals dons
cusch1: Isnt it good to see Gary Moorcroft back at his best
a1trader: fancy looking to these bums, bye bye Bucks
luke394: husking Elliot is in the rooms still drinking all the gatorades
Roksta: Need treloar to get under 136
cusch1: Sorry Green
ballbag: buckley is brilliant.mthis guy will
a1trader: that should read, fancy losing to these bums
J_Herer: cya Bucks time to start booking RSL talks
IKnowALL: Lol they paid pendles the tackle an not treloar
luke394: Go large Treloar
ballbag: buckley is brilliant. that guy will win 5 flags
cusch1: Zacka needs a spell in the 2s
LuvIt74: essendon will win by 40+
TheBoy89: hooker to put it to bed
luke394: zaharakis shitting the bed now with al the players back
Manowar: It’s time to go Nathan!
IKnowALL: This Is usually Zackas occasion… Normally goes big
fonzie: nathan buckley you are the weakest link goodbye
ballbag: need 140 please treloar. no worries mate!
pcaman2003: Wake up Bucks! Wasting Adams up FWD. Put him on the ball FFS
TheBoy89: need treloar to get no more than 130
september: Finish them, time for a mortality finish
ballbag: this Buckley fella is ahead of his time. he belongs in the future!
luke394: Treloar going 140
jfitty: Treloar with the Atlas even
fonzie: he belongs in the unemplyment line
a1trader: I think we’re watching 15th vs 16th at seasons end
TheBoy89: buckley mate u put adams on ball i will love you
september: gg pendles
luke394: Hoskin Elliot is on the ground lol
Manowar: Pendlebury is tanking to get Buckley sacked!
cusch1: WHE appears to be in the backline which does not make sense
ballbag: you couldn’t be pathetic as WHE even if you tried to avoid the ball. lol fucken hack hehehe
stoo: WHE and Phillips pass their BE
All Reds: hehe
fonzie: pies are tanking
luke394: geez Hoskin Elliot is retarded
TheBoy89: hehe whe is a spud
Manowar: You idiot Hoskin Elliot
Ladbrokes_: Hosk you clown
pcaman2003: Buckley worst coach in AFL . Totally clueless.
tankin: whe still shy of be in rdt
TheBoy89: daniher will win the anzac medal!
TheBoy89: monty star for daniher
J_Herer: Hosk got his DT BE, time to say goodbye to Mr Outside
LuvIt74: Happy with McGrath’s score
Pokerface: come on adams, i backed you for anzac medal. still time
LMartos: Collingwood are useless going forward, no creativity whatsoever
lock98: Treloar Atlas, Kelly x-factor
Blaknight: Lets go Trelor
arbel: Buckley playing all his players out of normal position. how does he not get sacked. he’s so bad
JButcher: Now Hosk starts to get the ball….
ballbag: headie McGuire running a hot bath for bucks.
luke394: 150 Adam cmon
gdshifty: WHE still gonna have twice the score of Pickett…
Torpedo10: Lock, Kelly had been awful
cusch1: Bucks thinks he is playing AFL Evoloution and has accidentally pressed the wrong button when choosing his team
9inch: Bringing Cox in was a bad call.
LuvIt74: The only reason Buckley is still training is because Eddy is in love with Buckley
TheBoy89: let’s go adams 90+ and whe 60+
luke394: he costs twice as much Ballbag
gdshifty: lol at Cox on wet day. Nice inclusion bucks
LuvIt74: cotching
pcaman2003: Buckley reminds me of the DPRK. All talk,no substance.
luke394: Treloar wins the medal
9inch: Pendles going to lose a ton of cash.
ballbag: wonder if eddy will blow bubbles in Buckleys face
Costanza: good win
J_Herer: The Pies are gone this year
luke394: hes had 40 touches, 12 tackles and a goal
Grumpman: Buckley gone, Eddie to pay Paul Roo’s 1 million a year to coach the pies next year.
Raspel31: Good win indeed Costanza
cusch1: Laters Buckley. Good luck on AFL Evolution mate
hinsch: Buckley will never get fired by Collingwood
jfitty: Merrett the butcher
9inch: Old firm are no more. Ablet Watson Pendels etc
GJayBee: Joe D would will the medal if he had grabbed his jumper instead of twirling his fingers
Ladbrokes_: Not even 70, pendles you dud
intergaze: rarely
SilverLion: 322+Watson vs Grundy+Treloar+WHE+McGrath+McNiece, think I lose by single figure.
TheBoy89: called it joe daniher
september: WavE GoodbyE CollingWooD
Pokerface: medal up Jo m0nty
pcaman2003: Opposition supporters hoping Bucks offered 5 year extension. get 5 ear
LuvIt74: ill score a little over 2300
benzammit: Still time for adjustment!
SC_brAh: Treleor + 34 pts vs Adams and Pendles = victory lel
benzammit: Carn da Bombers!
pcaman2003: Ended up with 2318. Rapt!
LuvIt74: SilverLion you’ll win by 2 or 3 after scalling
benzammit: Ask Hawks supporters and 1-4 was something to celebrate!
luke394: Buckley has to go he has no idea he has the best midfield in the comp, trades and ruins Cloke Reid is a natural fwd
Sunday2810: best midfield lol
SilverLion: Lost by 6, rats. I was the latter of the sides btw. Ah well, can’t win em all.

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