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Chat log from R5 of 2017: Richmond vs Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R5 of 2017

Chelskiman: Evening, lads!
frenzy: good evening
J_Herer: Go the Dees!
wadaramus: Send in the butler with a tray of 80SC please 🙂
watt043: nank 140 tonight
Chelskiman: The more I listen to him, the more I hate Paul Roos.
frenzy: Spencer for another ton
heppelitis: Hi ladies and gents
pcaman2003: G’day boys. Waiting for Hoges to light up a dart.
Chelskiman: Opp has Oliver as captain so I quiet one from him would be nice.
pcaman2003: Butler and Nanks to go big please.
JackRipper: Rance punched ball away. Is that worth +2 guys ?
Chelskiman: Nice, Jack!
Chelskiman: Haha, Grimes got away with that.
boo!: cmon rance stretch
TheBoy89: He
IKnowALL: How does Dusty look? Proppy? I am not watching the game
TheBoy89: Nankervis for 120+
Chelskiman: Dusty looks fine.
heppelitis: dam big spencer in trouble
feralmong: Dusty looks fine but it’s pissin down so congested.
frenzy: spencer cactus early, shoulder
runt: There is going to be a shower or two tonight. Maybe a few more than that. Vindaloo anyone?
feralmong: Petracca has a leg issue too it seems.
Chelskiman: Slow down, Oliver! Sheesh.
GJayBee: The question with Dusty will arise in the fourth
m0nty: Vince trying to set a record for negative metres gained.
Pecks: Hate Paul Roos +1
circle52: Nankervis could go big if Spencer can not get back on
FlagDog: Stay off spencer, will get a win
Chelskiman: Is this the 3rd quarter? It must be, Caddy is on 16.
TheBoy89: keep it up dusty
GJayBee: Is Watts rucking?
feralmong: Spencer on
circle52: Yep at the moment he is
heppelitis: Watt?…whos on the bench?
circle52: Spencer now back on though
GJayBee: Watts rucking to change game dynamic could be good for dees
Chelskiman: What a fucked rule that is.
boo!: spencer to ton up
thommoae: Who’s on first. Watts on second. I dont know’s .. boom boom.
GJayBee: Nanny nan nan Nankervis has my happiness in his hands
circle52: Gee this deliberate rushed behind is getting used now
circle52: Fumbled over the line imo
myteamsuks: That was clear as rushed
Costanza: my cousin
heppelitis: lol
SaintsMan: well, you’re wrong circle
Chelskiman: Not only is the rule stupid, it’s a brutal penalty. It’s basically a free goal, not a free kick.
feralmong: Astbury looked lazy with it.
Pecks: You know, Dees could have had Naitanui with their #1 draft pick instead of Watts. Just sayin
GJayBee: Good to see Hibberd doing his thing.
thommoae: Wonder if Joel Bowden’s having a giggle over the storm he’s created with ‘rushed’ behinds.
Apachecats: don’t care that Petracca gave away a free ,at least hes back on.
myteamsuks: Martin fend off then just drops it. Martin throws someone to ground after ball left contest. Who’s getting looked after?
Chelskiman: Melbourne just match up well against us. They have done for the last ten years.
feralmong: Dees look a lot better than tigers for intent at the moment.
runt: Will Rance punch Watts in the nuts if he kicks another goal?
GJayBee: Chelskiman that sounds like code for ‘the have the wood over us’
heppelitis: houli plays it cooly lol
Chelskiman: I want a head count.
wadaramus: IsButler playing further up the ground this week?
GJayBee: God is watching over Rance, he’ll behave
Chelskiman: They definitely have the wood over us. Most teams do, lol.
runt: Caddy is very average
feralmong: Spot in GJ dees and Roos our bogey sides
heppelitis: great to see hibbo……wish he was still a bomber though
TheBoy89: carn the tigers
GJayBee: I have twenty bucks on dees to win by three goals or more at four to one. not bad.
Ladbrokes_: Happy with Butler and Nank so far
sfmmp23: Hibberd could be a decent upgrade target in 2 weeks
circle52: Spencer with a knee injury now.
circle52: My thoughts exactly sfmmp
PLACEBOPIE: nank will ton up against watts in ruck 😀
boo!: trust me to get the wrong hibberd
heppelitis: haha boo…you and many others
pcaman2003: @Ladbrokes…exactly right!
GJayBee: If Nank equals Martin, my long weekend will be blessed.
Chelskiman: Nank was in beast mode then, haha.
Breezey: Dominating this one Nank
boo!: is spencer on?
myteamsuks: Seagull jack
PLACEBOPIE: no ruck no dees tiges to win now
Yelse: oliver and butler over 200 together please will make my night
Hadouken: spencer lol, so weak
Chelskiman: That kick went about 8m to Petracca.
myteamsuks: Anyone have. Neal-bullen? Big year so far
heppelitis: spencer 10 minutes to patch a scratch lol
Apachecats: Petracca making up for lost time.Killing it now.
frenzy: lol Hadouken
Hadouken: spencer with a kick !!!!!
jxxxxk: Seriously 27 for rance? off 3 good handballs and a free kick against?
Apachecats: Would mind him mts ,ultra consistant.
boo!: i wish rance would get hard
Apachecats: *wouldn’t
jxxxxk: But seriously do Supercoach wanna blow him anymore 27 gtfo
myteamsuks: So Martin got 33 sc going at 33% pfft
Apachecats: Spencer a bit like the knight in Monty Python ,done his knee ,done his shoulder ,still fighting.
jxxxxk: myteamsuks Thats reasonable though with 3 tackles, a mark and one free for is already like 20 right there
Chelskiman: I’m convinced they have more players on the ground. It always seems like a 3v1.
Hinchy: never expect good DE from elite inside mids like Fyfe, Danger and Martin
heppelitis: spencer does some great taps to advantage
DrSeuss: Let’s go Oliver…more kicks less Frees
frenzy: Nank<Spencer on the cards
jxxxxk: Dance however has 3 handballs yeah ahahah… THATS A 27!!!!!!
PLACEBOPIE: if that was selwood he would have got the free for high 😛
Chelskiman: Well we’re cooked.
Ash777: got salem, NB n nank playing
Chelskiman: Night fellas, I’m done watching this shit.
TheBoy89: lift dusty
PLACEBOPIE: you will still get up cheski 😉 another dee injured
Yelse: how did butler go from 35 to 27 without doing anything wrong
Apachecats: Early days Chelk
jxxxxk: seriously guys is it just me or should rance really be on 27
Ladbrokes_: butleeerrrrrr goal
Breezey: Nank and Oliver going nicely for me
Heizenberg: Hi guys
myteamsuks: @yelse butler hadn’t got to 30 yet but now he will
PLACEBOPIE: it must be his spoils 😀
IKnowALL: Knew the tigers were all hyped… If tigers win it be become of limited rotations
the worm: its just you
pcaman2003: @Yelse…was wondering that myself. A bit screwy.
Jukes82: classic chelsk, absolute flog.
Apachecats: Hibberd goes on the watchlist.
Torpedo10: He was credited with an effective kick I50 which he didn’t kick, @Yelse
Yelse: you guys keep talking about dance 28 from 4 possie what about grimes 28 from 2
3rdstriker: I think he was wrongly credited with an effective kick which they rectified
Heizenberg: God chk your team is undefeated
Heizenberg: Chelk*
heppelitis: Hey Hiez…long time no see.
Heizenberg: Give it a chance man, try being a Carlton fan at times
Torpedo10: Smith going to the hospital apparently according to 7.
frenzy: Spencer will catch Nank
Pokerface: cross for smith
boo!: spencer to ton up
Heizenberg: Hehe hi hepp
Heizenberg: Yes hepp been a while
Apachecats: Read down the Demons SC scores top to bottom ,amazing even spread.
circle52: Smith done for the day
Heizenberg: How’s things bro?
runt: Spencer wont last the whole game
jxxxxk: Yelse 100 eff and 3 tackles tho
myteamsuks: Watch rance score go up after that FA
jxxxxk: Whats wrong with viney he hasn’t been himself lately
BOMBRBLITZ: Rance SC is a deadset JOKE
myteamsuks: Rance has had at least 2 FA so it’s crap
Heizenberg: Omg fuck off 29 off 2
jxxxxk: myteamsuks lol it won’t go down but it will stay level because SC suck him off
circle52: Rance seems to get more SC than other comps which is why I have him in SC
heppelitis: alls good…cricket seasomn a long slog for me…recovering watching footy
J.Worrall: Is Rance’s ASC correct?
Pokerface: how many spoils has he had? rance always does the one percenters
Heizenberg: Even without those like he’s had a handball even with pressure acts
circle52: % contested possesions for him worth 20 points there
fonzie: lift dusty
PLACEBOPIE: 5 cp from 4 handballs 😀 rance
heppelitis: oh piggy..please come back
sgriff5: Nice goal hibbered should still be a bomber
Apachecats: Heater to Hibberd looking good at the moment.
Heizenberg: Okay cool hepp
jxxxxk: m0nty Rance supercoach score is broken
Ladbrokes_: hahaah butler you absolute ledge
circle52: Thninging more one of my 4 rookies fattening to him Marchbank, Otten, Hampton or Newmann
Pokerface: great work butler
boo!: heater to rance
heppelitis: does butler get a clanger for smoothering for a point?
sgriff5: Now that hurts
JockMcPie: Shaw out for being a flog, Hibberd in based on form
Heizenberg: What did butler do?
Pokerface: they should have paid it deliberate rushed
IKnowALL: Come on rance, you have been so poor the past 3 weeks get the pill… Only 8 more time an you’ll crack the ton.
TheBoy89: how does butler get a clanger
J_Herer: Neal-Bullen = idiot
Breezey: Nank amd Oliver heading for tons. I’m happy with that ladies and gents
runt: Nankervis is having a nice time
Apachecats: If Rance can knock up a few more FA he could end up anywhere.
Pokerface: @heiz smothered the behind kick in in the goalsquare
heppelitis: 9 more handballs for sc ton…common rance
SilverLion: Not sure how hes got 5 CP if hes only had 4 handballs and no kicks, but thats none of my business.
feralmong: The butler always did it.
JockMcPie: Spoils = contested possessions, fun fact
Pokerface: a possession is not a disposal silverlion
Torpedo10: A disposal isn’t necessarily a possession @SilverLion
SilverLion: $ for Butler, Graph for ANB, Zombie for Hibberd…
Torpedo10: Collecting the ball = possession, kicking/hand balling = disposal
Rilian: Tim Smith already gone to hospital according to Fox Footy – out for game.
SilverLion: @PF and Torp I see, spose that makes sense. Doesn’t explain his 29 SC still though 😛
feralmong: Cp can be hard ball gets, knock ons etc. rance does a lot of those contested.
CamT: Rance has 4 possessions but 5 contested possessions.
SilverLion: @CamT Scroll through chat mate haha
heppelitis: Rance did a couple of great spoils early…should be worth heaps imo
CamT: just saw it lol
Pokerface: and where he does his spoils make a difference too.
SilverLion: Is Hibberd gunna be viable in SC?
feralmong: Monty should change the legend to disposals.
heppelitis: the returning players have struggled 3 or 4 games in…beware
Pokerface: after the other banned guys died after 3 rounds, it would be brave…
Pokerface: geez, possible collapsed lung for tim smith
Pokerface: hannan should get back in
ballbag: @torpedo agreed. and a tackle isn’t always a tackle.
McSpud: mcdonald repaynig the faith so far…
JockMcPie: Red cross for Tim Smith
circle52: agree feralmong and i hardball get is worth 4.5 points
Sloan4Pres: wish nankervis would piss off
circle52: Yes M)nty red cross for Smith saying possible collapsed lung.
the worm: if anything, rnce should be on about 33, not 29
Pokerface: basil is the first person i’ve heard call the don’t argue a fend off
Breezey: Spencer not looking like coming back now. Still in the rooms
circle52: Spencer has not returned as yet
jaxx: monty will give rance the star again tonight
luke394: loving the Nank and Buter
the worm: he deserves it so far
3rdstriker: rance may double his score with that play
ballbag: you there @bestcoast? flog zempliss at it again it seems
luke394: far out Hibberd going nuts
Ladbrokes_: been away for 20 mins and nank is on bloody 75 at the beginning of the third?! Creaming all over
sgriff5: Another player blues should of kept Garlett
IKnowALL: Come on rance baby
Breezey: Oliver is racking up the possies
feralmong: Gee plan was to upgrade nank at some stage. But who too.
ballbag: any chance of getting some service here butler?
Pokerface: he’s a top 6 forward feral
feralmong: Many who don’t have nank will be pushed to upgrade to him.
pcaman2003: Yeah Butler….get going!
heppelitis: have not noticed prestia tonight
LuvIt74: The Nank is just supurb
jfitty: You mean there’s people who don’t have Nank?
luke394: why did Butler just lose points for a fumble?
ballbag: keeping bank forward and getting better R2 makes more sense
Ash777: Martin or Grundy if you want to trade nank
IKnowALL: Thank you rance
LuvIt74: I had the Nank from day 1 but when Gawn got injured I moved the Nank to the ruck & got in a premo mid
Breezey: Tiges would be travelling better with the experience of Relton Roberts in their side. Pure finisher
circle52: Nank has only 50% ownership.
ballbag: *nank
JockMcPie: Remember when people had menadue in their team? No me neither
J.Worrall: Right on, Breezy!
circle52: I started with Martin and Sandilands with Nank fwd and happy so far
Pokerface: i remember having jay kennedy-harris in my team
Breezey: Geez I miss him
circle52: maybe some $ to AFL there
myteamsuks: Tigers have had more frees and they carry on like they’ve had none
Pokerface: rance is a gun
Yelse: butler keeps losing points fml
mace485: I’m enjoying this
ballbag: I still remember pain of not getting rookie zorko
circle52: Rance has been back to his intercepting marks this quarter
Hadouken: where is spencer? he alive ?
circle52: Loving the feeling in this game as well
3rdstriker: spencer dead
IKnowALL: Thank you rance
luke394: hes lost them for a fumble in the middle Yelse lol
circle52: @ Hadouken has not come out of the rooms after half time.
pcaman2003: Nank hasn’t scored for 10 mins now.
LuvIt74: However soon I think i’ll look to trade a player such as WHE to bring NANK into my FWD via DPP & get Martin or Grundy
the worm: how is rance only on 67? ridiculous
myteamsuks: Wow Oliver is some kind of player
Hadouken: cheers circle.
poido123: butler and martin SC. ffs
Breezey: I think Spencer is still in the sheds eating the halftime oranges
heppelitis: put some hemorrhoid cream on yur scratch spencer and get on with ffs
mace485: Jayden hunt is a jet
mace485: Silly headband, but still a jet
poido123: spencer in the sheds and hasn’t come back out i heard.
GJayBee: Nanny nan nank, this is love, lets do this
StuL: Oliver going to go at premo level all year by the look of it
luke394: anyone bringing Hibberd in in 2 weeks lol?
LuvIt74: Hibberd very good & will be interesting to see how he goes next week, if he scores 80+ ill get him in
duckky: Butler, whats happened?
Hadouken: great spencer is done
JockMcPie: Spencer Red Cross gone
luke394: Spencer done lel
Hadouken: hes in a tracky
Ladbrokes_: Okay I’m going to disappear again because Nank hasn’t got a single point since I returned. Let’s hope for the best!
ballbag: red cross Spencer
Breezey: Get out the Red Cross for Spencer
circle52: Spencer on bench with arm in sling done for the night
luke394: annoying thing about Hibberd is everyone has prob now missed his best score
LuvIt74: I had hibbered in my side all pre season but once he wasn’t named for round 1 that had to change
Smurf_x: I called oliver having a big year after the JLT
Hadouken: @jake spencer, wheres that anzac fight mate?
JButcher: Lift Jones you tow ball
heppelitis: haha hadouken,,,i feel your pain mate
LuvIt74: Hibberd has always showed promise, he should score us several 100+ scores
TheBoy89: dusty for oliver??
Breezey: Who’s the No 3 ruck at Melbourne. Must be cheap as chips I assume
Pokerface: sam frost?
LuvIt74: Those poor prickles who brought in Dusty
kano: Fuck Basil is rubbish
Hadouken: @heppeltitis good thing i guess is i have nank in forward i can move back, this week was an experiment 🙂
TheBoy89: anyone think i should trade dusty for oliver
luke394: why is Butler losing points?? fuck me
JockMcPie: Butler has got 0 SC points this quarter…NONE
heppelitis: same..and ryder here
pcaman2003: Butler ya spud. Lower than 1/2 time score.
TheBoy89: i’ve had dusty from the start but probs its the time to trade him out
myteamsuks: Butler has lost 2 points sc
luke394: Butler hasn’t done anything wrong he’s a 88%
CamT: relax they’re giving Butler’s points to Dance. It all evens up in the end.
Breezey: Dees short on rotation. I think the Tigers could finish over the top of them still.
LuvIt74: @Theboy stick with him m8
colin wood: Have a feeling Nanki is going to go big in the last here.
TheBoy89: dusty for oliver???!!
Torpedo10: Two missed tackles from Butler near the end of that quarter too.
wadaramus: Flat qtr for Nank and Butler.
CamT: * Rance
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Stuart88: Wow did rance almost triple his SC score nice
TheBoy89: ok cheers luv
colin wood: Complimentary CD points for Rance again tonight.
CamT: Yep Rance being rewarded for all his tackles :O
luke394: why dont they give Butler his own score and not to Rance annoying
sfmmp23: Nank and Butler just stopped. come on boys
pcaman2003: Oliver V Butler…..Stud V Spud.
sgriff5: Time for Dusty to go Stonecold or Clangers
luke394: Dusty has been lucky to get what he has he’s turned it over all night
TheBoy89: clangers are so stupid
luke394: Rance getting sucked off by champion data again lol
Breezey: Prestia’s SC is a bit like Rance’s compared to DT
Pokerface: oliver keeps sharking nanks taps
sgriff5: I know just need him to have a really bad game
Torz: So many BS frees against Oliver.
valkorum: I have no problem with that pokerface. I have both players 🙂
mace485: So when does the Richmond hype fade?
Pokerface: valk its a negative to nank though!
heppelitis: to be fair to the ums..oli does some lightning handballs, must be hard to see.
valkorum: not in AF
Pokerface: does houli now own the league’s biggest beard?
Breezey: Tiges will finish hard here
Yelse: butler get to 76 and oliver 125 please
coldog: @mace485 it’s not over yet mate
DrSeuss: Finish strong ANB and Oliver
IKnowALL: Dustin is so selfish he has gone for goal twice now, his lucky jack was on the end of his short kick
colin wood: Nanki going big lads
ballbag: norf needs to walk a dog to get practise holding a lead. maybe the dees too.
AngryRyno: S/O to Nank for being a lad
TheBoy89: come on martin push for 90
man0005: RIP players who didnt start with Nak
TheBoy89: oliver stay down so i can get u in next week
TheBoy89: whoever said nank will get 130+ i love you
Ladbrokes_: Alright we’re back again, looks like the tricked worked 🙂 Onya Toby
jfitty: Hibberd on track for his highest SC score ever
3rdstriker: dusty
poido123: cmon dusty!!!
feralmong: Dusty
luke394: dusty fuck off
PLACEBOPIE: 30pts to martin 😀 for goal
HawkTalker: Goddamn it, Martin. Just stop!
Breezey: They’ll be singing YELLOW and BLACk very soon I reckon
TheBoy89: get in dusty!!
poido123: Calm down luke. ha ha
myteamsuks: Jroo like you’d get a free kick for tackle
poido123: another goal please dusty
IKnowALL: Praising praising Richmond is all I hear, Melbourne are down 2 men… Otherwise it would be GG already
Pokerface: lol myteamsuks
TheBoy89: cmon dusty get a ton u spud
JButcher: Cmon Jones crawl your way to a ton thanks
Pokerface: did basil just call him ‘holy’
HawkTalker: Oliver has not touched it this Q
frenzy: has Butler touched it this half
LuvIt74: Who was just saying at 3/4 time to trade out Martin to Oliver?
luke394: kick the winner Butler ffs still hasn’t got those points back off Rance
LuvIt74: Dusty will ton up relax u lot
mace485: Does anyone watch that rubbish show ‘the front bar’ after the footy?
Breezey: They can only play what’s in front of them.
pcaman2003: Will someone show Butler what a football looks like?
ballbag: that butler only works half a shift
sgriff5: Not with that tool Andy Maher
JButcher: While their at it show Jones too @pcaman
LuvIt74: Tigers are full of running, melbourne seem like they are tiring fast
luke394: get a touch Butler u fukn retard 5 points since halftime
frenzy: nank stopped
JockMcPie: Dan Butler. 5 points since half time. You’re kidding
IKnowALL: Luvit they have been on two rotations since 3rd Qtr
feralmong: Probably a draw would be just right.
TheBoy89: i was the one who wanted to trade dusty for oliver lol
9inch: T McDonald double SC to TD
TheBoy89: anyways come on dusty beat oliver
Seb78: Petracca gone cold
luke394: Dusty getting 10 points a possession atm
wadaramus: Nank going backwards fast.
LuvIt74: Buttscratcher has scored a whopping 7 points since half time, gee give him a break will ya.
TheBoy89: what a quarter from dusty from 51 to 98
the worm: gee a rookie having a quiet half, there’s a shock
luke394: anyone else on the ground getting 10 points a possie?
Seb78: Dusty DE shower. He would be on 140+ by now
feralmong: Point for point. Agonising.
poido123: dustyyyyy on fire
LuvIt74: Dunty might reach 150 at the level CD are going about it
TheBoy89: he’s doubled up his 3qtr time score in one quarter what a champ! hes ‘s doing a danger
feralmong: Changed underwear 10 times this qtr.
ballbag: nankervis lift. for gods sake man!!
MrGmax: Great game.
LuvIt74: Dee’s are stuffed now without a ruck
poido123: You were trading him out TheBoy lol
Breezey: Jack getting it done for the Tiges
luke394: pisses me off he’s had a couple of kicks and kicked a point whys he got 50 points?
TheBoy89: i love you @ballbag
cobrakai00: King flog Riewoldt
LuvIt74: lol
Pokerface: get over it luke. you don’t have him, we get it
Pokerface: he’s been a star this last q
LuvIt74: he has risen like the arousal curve
SC_brAh: why hasn’t hibberd played prior to this game? Injury? Looks like may need to keep an eye out
myteamsuks: Oliver hasn’t been on ball much this qtr
TheBoy89: if dusty hes under 100 im quitting sc
Ladbrokes_: Doesn’t make up for 8 clangers and 36 disposal efficiency
luke394: butler big play lol
Pokerface: cos he was caught taking part in a doping regime brAh.
PLACEBOPIE: game over 😀
pcaman2003: Nank,you’re a star,Butler,you’re fired!
Breezey: And home they go.
3rdstriker: demon hearts breaking, ski resorts breathing a sigh of relief
poido123: boo fcking hoo you babies
luke394: settle down Poker just trying to figure it out
feralmong: Five oh five oh. The hype continues.
franklyfun: Get on Dusty for Brownlow. BOG first 3, no votes, BOG this game when it counted. i.e. Q4
luke394: @ladbrokes exactly he’s had like 4/5 touches this quarter and hasn’t kicked a goal for 50 points lol
Breezey: As their song goes, the Tigers of old wouldn’t have won this game
luke394: Butler just had a goal assist to seal the game for 5 points?
SC_brAh: Why does nanky have a bluemoon he’s pretty much average 110
IKnowALL: Richmond are a joke really, 2 players down the are lucky as flower
Yelse: oliver went off for a break and he just couldn’t get back on… wrong maneuverer
mace485: Nomination free kicks are absolute shambles
brentz: nank blue moon? please. he’s a tank.
jfitty: Reckon Oliver should get the gun
benty691: blue moon for nank?????
Chelskiman: I’m back, boys!
Pokerface: they’re on to you grigg
Pokerface: that blue moon is a joke surely?
carlton_99: Gutsy win, but still not convinced if Melb had a full team they would have won.
Ladbrokes_: averaging 115 and a blue moon?! I’ll have you guys lynched for that!
Pokerface: zombie dusty
casey22: Got to change channels before they interview Jack!
Jukes82: chelsks you are a flog!!!
feralmong: Wow and next game will be massive to win.
sfmmp23: Unlucky for the dees, 2 on the bench.
poido123: oliver, butler, nank and martin not bad
AngryRyno: moon surely a joke
Breezey: Nank BOG over 4 qtrs. Dusty got it done when he needed to
Jukes82: typical scum bangwagon supporter lol
TheBoy89: of cause the richmond fans talk now…
Breezey: Daisy gets all the good gigs these days
ballbag: tigers fans really go ape shit
Chelskiman: I’ve been supporting the Tigers for 25 years, probably before you were even born.
feralmong: This is one we stole. But that’s how it goes sometimes.
Seb78: You killed me dusty. Shower SC score
Smurf_x: @Breezey, i’d have oliver as BOG over 4 quarters over Nank. Jack was Phenomenal as well though.
sfmmp23: Crows will dispose of them next week
TheBoy89: how was nank not the best player lol… at least give him the gun
heppelitis: great to have you back piggy hibberd
LuvIt74: @feral they deserved to win it they had the legs in the last quarter where Dee’s didn’t
myteamsuks: Dees would have won with a full bench. Unlucky.
Pokerface: has there been any softer first five game draw than tigers were given?
LuvIt74: That being said I don’t see the Tigers as a top 4 side or a premiership threat to any of the top teams. No disrespect
intergaze: 28 shots to 20. I don’t think so

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