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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R6 of 2017

J.Worrall: Woof woof!
Ash777: lol the dogs banner
fonzie: hey j
fonzie: yo
Pusti: Hahaha! Great shot of Jeremy Cameron picking his nose before running out on Channel 7.
wadaramus: Ruff Ruff, tipping GWS.
JockMcPie: Hoping for a great game, especially for Dahl and Shaw. Bont to have a mare??
BeastMode: should be a good game!
wadaramus: LOL, nice observation Pusti 🙂
The39Steps: First for me. Fan Footy at 38000ft 2 hrs out of Dubai. Got to love wifi on Emrirates.
Thedude24: greene got 20 sc points for 2 standard kicks. Why lol? ive got him so not complaining
boo!: cmon heater 203sc
LMartos: Scores usually inflated at the start of the game but this is a bit ridiculous
The39Steps: And just watched Manly beat Souths live. Dont think this game is on though.
Breezey: One of the best ever that 39Steps
Lodgy: hope libba is having one of his tackling nights. 3 a great start
Gotigres: This is the first time i have asked for advice in 10 years of playing sc. Do people think i should get Hanners, Heppell
BeastMode: GWS look like theyve got something to prove
ballbag: @39steps wait til your 1 hour out and see how many females change into their burkas before landing. Its hilarious
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
Gotigres: or Treloar
myteamsuks: Finding super hard for my bench rookies to be making money when only 2 are playing. Slim pickings
TheBoy89: G’day boys
ballbag: need 140 from you dahl. need better than this son
wadaramus: Evenin’
circle52: Evening all
Heizenberg: Hi the boy
Heizenberg: Hi circle, hi wadaramys
wadaramus: Awesome man, watching Cowboys v Parramatta but surfing Fanfooty for the AFL info!
boo!: cmon sucking wood
Heizenberg: Haha cool mate
Heizenberg: Lol sucking wood
Heizenberg: What a typo
Hinchy: Ward went down into the rooms 🙁
wadaramus: Lets go Greene, Shaw and Dahl 🙂
frenzy: Umm Dahl?
TheBoy89: Greene and shaw please stay down
boo!: heater vc fail
circle52: Mummy with ankle trouble
Heizenberg: Damn mummy in my match day
ballbag: thanks for nothing dahlhaus you floglett
tankin: where all the dog fans
wadaramus: Not yet boo.
JockMcPie: @tankin they’ll be here when they’re 3 goals up
boo!: thanks wadaramus for your belief
wadaramus: Bit early for that isn’t it ballbag?!
Breezey: It’s the first time Macrae has been a unique for me this season
Gotigres: Time to ton up Shaw
circle52: Mummy now down in the rooms as well
Gotigres: Mummy would’ve had a field day 10 hit outs already
StuL: Yey. Mummy price drop! Come back in the byes Mummy would be ideal.
boo!: 1 kick heater aint good enuf
ballbag: @wada yout hink? the game is nearly 25% over and he is on 6!!!
Beast_Mode: lift
TheBoy89: Shaw no more than 110 ok
wadaramus: It’s barely 20% plus time on over, still plenty of time to shake the floglett tag!
circle52: Mummy back on
JockMcPie: Dunkley playing #1 ruck at the moment…
Manowar: I want my Mummy!
StuL: Go Macrae!
The39Steps: back now. Flew over a country that didnt allow wifi.
duke: mcrae -7??? how come?
Breezey: Macrae and Greene. Lovely start boys.
StuL: TT and JOM will both ton up, guaranteed. Seeing as I dumped them both.
tbrowne: Taranto 25 haha not complaining
StuL: I had too many non playing rooks and thus 2 donuts so something had to give.
Manowar: Libba get your act together
Ladbrokes_: lets gooo shaw and macrae, dahlhaus needs to lift but I’m content atm
Beast_Mode: dollhouse needs to lift.
TheBoy89: Lift Bont and doll
TheBoy89: Lift bont and doll
TheBoy89: Shaw and macrae stay down your on my watchlist
TheBoy89: Same with you greene
daniel87: cmon macrea smash out a 150 tonight champ
addysstuff: taranto can fook right off
man0005: Lift Bont and doll
PLACEBOPIE: Boy 89 last week you had shaw wanting to upgrade to doc 😀 must have 20 teams going 😛
cold pies: Haha placebo I remember that hahaha. I think he maybe a lonely troll
Breezey: Is anyone else playing against your own brother.
PLACEBOPIE: yes coldpies 😀 big time
TheBoy89: Boopie yeah On second account but didn’t end up trading him out
Apachecats: You a speed typist Boy89?
StuL: We need dogs to win, GWS may not lose again for a long time.
JButcher: Cmon JJ repay my faith
StuL: Flower off JJ. Come on Bont!
Apachecats: Not sure Breezy ,what’s your brothers name?
TheBoy89: Keep it up bont
wadaramus: Try a little bit harder please Heater!
Ladbrokes_: Here we go shaw, loves turning up for a quarter and then disappearing for the next
Breezey: Anthony hahahaha
StuL: Stick a fork in Shaw and forget upgrading to him. He’s done.
wadaramus: How hard is it to skirt the backlines for cheap disposals?
TheBoy89: Nice Greene, shaw keep it down also macrae fuck off
Apachecats: Hes’s on his last chance with me @Stul
TheBoy89: Bont I love you xx
Breezey: Any other requests Boy.
Manowar: Greene and Libba have given up
Heizenberg: Anyone here do match day?
poido123: anyone else hate gws?
StuL: Go Bont, contested beast!
frenzy: yep heiz
Heizenberg: No poido
Breezey: Bont is turning it on now
runners47: Yep, Heizenberg, I do
Gotigres: Shaw is ranked 26th for def. averages with 86.2
StuL: The footy world needs the dogs to win. Giants won’t lose for a long time after tonight.
MrGmax: Heiz, yep – but forgot to pick teams this round until this game started.
Heizenberg: How you going crazy?
boo!: shaw
Manowar: JinAi supports GWS
DanBlack: Yep Heiz
Heizenberg: Frenzy*
TheBoy89: Bont you’ve lifted now doll lift
poido123: i dislike the advantage they were avoided over all clubs. just ridiculous how much those new clubs were given
Heizenberg: Okay cool, how you all going?
cold pies: Nearly traded Roughead to Cameron this week.. flowering wish I did.. but then probably regret when Roughead picksup
Heizenberg: I’m currently 242
StuL: Here you go, Shaw yet lives.
circle52: Gee that rushed behind was more deliberate than some we have seen paid previously – No pressure at all
Yelse: where is dahlhaus :(((
sfmmp23: Bont having a big qtr
Ladbrokes_: as long as bulldogs keep scoring these behinds, shaw will rack up his disposals from the kickouts
MrGmax: Heiz, nice – #1328 here for now.
cold pies: Still. Of course he does. Easily top in 8 backl. Anyone to trade or say otherwise are bonkers. Previous years prove this
poido123: shutup about dalhaus. everyone serious about DT and fantasy has him
TheBoy89: Bont 45 so far this quarter
Heizenberg: Bong is my copt
MrGmax: Heiz, or do you mean in this game? In which case, 0.:)
Heizenberg: Stupid predictive typed bong
CBeezDeez: Good going Heiz. U been close to the $1k?
Yelse: my opponent hasn’t got him he has bont and johannisen 🙁
cold pies: Taranto you mutt!! Now you wanna rack em up..
PLACEBOPIE: taranto looking the goods today
runners47: Sitting on #648, Heiz – best for one game is #77 so far…
Heizenberg: In this game mr gmax
Seb78: Why did greene’s de go down after his last kick?
PLACEBOPIE: and dollhouse is back 🙂
heppelitis: Shaw does not play on much anymore from kick ins and hurts his score a bit.
feralmong: owdy
Heizenberg: Thanks and not really man
Apachecats: Dahl on the march now.
Heizenberg: @runners how do you check live ranking in the app??
luke394: love it how Tony Greene gets a point for that clanger before
TheBoy89: Nice doll 60 would be lovely before half time
Heizenberg: Hi feral
DrSeuss: JKelly – stopped..
feralmong: hey heize hows ur match day going
pcaman2003: Evening everyone! Close game I see.
DanBlack: Sitting 570 in matchday
Heizenberg: Currently 242 buddy, you?
runt: Excuse the pun but the Dogs really are a dogged unit
Heizenberg: Dan black how do you check live ranking??
feralmong: 260 odd but i notice total is 100 pts behind player scores if u add them
Heizenberg: @runt that pun had more bark than bite…
feralmong: or did u mean overall in that case 577
Heizenberg: Okay wow feral
ballbag: have a good hard look at yourself Dahl. smh
Heizenberg: That’s strange feral
Ladbrokes_: shaw again at a halt…he only gets his disposals from the kickouts
myteamsuks: Stringer and bontempelli are polar opposites in being likeable
feralmong: yeah the game total always seems behind.
westy501: hey gs can you give me some details on matchday? ie web address and other info?
Heizenberg: I’ve asked like three times
StuL: Screw you JJ. Should have picked you.
feralmong: i put mummy capt thought he’d go feral lol.
Apachecats: If shaw kicks to himself what SC points is that?
jxxxxk: at this point I’m glad i put the vice on mumford
Heizenberg: I’m 359 according to my math
pcaman2003: Greene,Shaw,Kelly….where are you?
Heizenberg: Download afl fantasy app and register enter team
Heizenberg: It’s free and no Salary cap
zadolinnyj: Gents
duke: lol bont kicks it straight down the throat of a defender + 5 no clanger…
StuL: Forget upgrading to Mummy then. He’s going to be worth 3 million at season end at this rate.
Heizenberg: Hi zad xD
zadolinnyj: Hey Heiz
Heizenberg: How are you mate?
Apachecats: Got Mummy in Perfect 9 ,go Mummy!
TheBoy89: Shaw no more than 90 Greene no more than 85 and macrae no more than 100
PieBoy: onya macraey
feralmong: hehe apache i have jmac. see who gets chocolates.
Breezey: Really Boy. Any reason for them numbers.
Gotigres: Mummy gets injuried regularly
feralmong: ohh no my change before game didn’t register. i have jj. oh well still ok.
zadolinnyj: Good mate
Heizenberg: That’s good man
Gotigres: Should i get Hannebery, Heppell or Treloar into my side?
StuL: Heppell
runners47: Treloar the best of those atm
CBeezDeez: I like Hep Gotifre. Thinking of making him C this week… Could bust us up big this week…
Gotigres: Thanks StuL, runners47 and CBeezDeez
feralmong: short week for dons CB i think urs will get thru.
man0005: Hannebery
feralmong: Gee tipped gws in this and not lookin good.
Pokerface: theboy what if Greene busted you and got 90, but shaw balanced it by only getting 85? would that be ok?
Ladbrokes_: Jack Macbae
jxxxxk: Hannebery for consistency but not for huge scores, Treloar will get massive scores but won’t be consistent
heppelitis: if you want consistancy and can afford it zmerret
Gotigres: thanks man0005 and jxxxxk
CBeezDeez: Only 1 night longer for us Feral & no rucks is a worry. But cheers gor support.
StuL: Reasoning because Treloar is a butch, Hanners, not convinced his down patch isn’t real. But they are probably all OK.
StuL: And Gotigers. May we see you in the finals like in 95! 🙂
franklyfun: Does anyone know World Record for hit-outs. Remember Mummy missed half of Q1.
Ladbrokes_: Probs gone to Dean Cox
circle52: @franklyfun think it is the 70s from memory.
CBeezDeez: Didn’t Goldy have a big game last year? 70 I think?
DirtyDawn: Evening all
ballbag: shocking kicking. dogs should be 10 goals up already
Gotigres: Thanks Heppelitis but $11,000 short for Zerrett. Heppell also $30-$40,000 cheaper than the other 2
runt: Most hitout is 80 by Goldstein in 2015 v GWS
benzammit: Goldy got 80’s 2 years back, dunno if a record
Pokerface: didnt goldy and sandi get in the 70s recenttly. one took the record, and the other got it straight away?
circle52: Thought the bont would get cheaper with his B/e of 154 – looking to kill that now.
boo!: lift wood
Gotigres: Thanks StuL for the comments. Richmond have a difficult 4 weeks coming up. If we can win 1 or 2 of those we’re a chance
Pokerface: @boo! keep it pg rated thanks bud
fonzie: keep going bont
heppelitis: treloar a jet
circle52: Hi Dirty
feralmong: goldy tops it 80. Sandi 70 same year.
standog: Jezza Cameron still worth a serious look in dt? Or too late? (Price rise)
feralmong: 15 of top 20 hit out records are currently playing.
boo!: ???? i want wood to lift, thats all
Yelse: bont going up doing nothing as usual
TheBoy89: I traded in treloar for spp
jxxxxk: cmon dahl and mac keep going
TheBoy89: Shaw what a spud
jxxxxk: at this point bont is a must have for getting scores like this and not doing much
westy501: bont gets 15 pts per tackle..
Pokerface: @boo! yes i know you want wood to lift. i wouldnt mind wood lifting either.
luke394: will everyone stop with shaw he’ll average well from now on
Gotigres: Nice move TheBoy89
luke394: I think that was a tackle, free for and inside 50 @westy501
Torpedo10: 14 touches and 2 goals is quiet?
man0005: spud for TheBoy89
pcaman2003: Greene and Kelly starting to move.
Costanza: no wood, no poke
westy501: so
boo!: cmon heater 203sc
circle52: Dogs kicking keeping Giants in game
Gotigres: Yes, it looks like that jxxxxk. Maybe i should wait till next week and do a triple trade to get the Bont
Pokerface: hello Costanza
luke394: so it wasn’t 15 points for a tackle westy
Gotigres: Shaw’ sc goes up suddenly.
cold pies: @theboy come out from underneath that bridge you sneaky troll
myteamsuks: Didn’t notice dogs 6.15 poor kicking again could cost them
Breezey: All class Toby
zadolinnyj: Shaw gets points by kicking too himself on kick outs. Gains so many points doing it.
PLACEBOPIE: i should of told him to get rid of shaw his second team is beating his first now 😛
colin wood: Shaw strutting his true SC stuff now 🙂
JockMcPie: Cmon Dahl
Breezey: Ya not wrong Cold Pies. Best ever bridge dweller
pcaman2003: Thanks Mr Greene.3 more please.
Raspel31: Amazing insight myteam
boo!: cmon shaw kick it to your self
TheBoy89: Don’t worry shaw will get changers for the rest of the match
Heizenberg: How we going now boys? I’m 481
boo!: wood enjoying the bottom
TheBoy89: Fuck off shaw with your cheap little kicks
zadolinnyj: Is that match day Heiz? Not bad score
Gotigres: Kick a goal Dahlhaus, don’t let the side down
heppelitis: heater playing on after i said he doesn’t do it anymore
Heizenberg: Yes man and thanks xD
Beast_Mode: shaw going bananas since he got the icicle lol
wadaramus: Rack ’em up Heater.
Costanza: ahhh to be Shaw, to be sure
Heizenberg: Does 800 a game put you right up there?
cusch1: Josh Kelly is doing his best impression of Treloar it looks like
tankin: taranto dominating
BOMBRBLITZ: nice 5 min patch there Taranto!
Pokerface: suckling ahead of wood
zadolinnyj: You would think so
Pinkman: haven’t used the vc loophole once this year. aint going to happen again is it Dahl?
franklyfun: @Theboy89, what is your teams name please? Shut us all up one way or another.
StuL: So Shaw’s a gun again. This game is fickle.
Heizenberg: Thanks zad
PLACEBOPIE: taranto impressive today
TheBoy89: For sc it is TheTransGender legit
Costanza: ha nice Poke
ballbag: ffs Dahl ya lazy drip
cusch1: Bontempelli gives regulation handpass and commentators lose their minds???
CBeezDeez: Yeah Heiz but 900+ to usually win the $1k
PLACEBOPIE: the other caitlin jenner’s 22 😀
tankin: career best for taranto and its not even 3qt
BOMBRBLITZ: Taranto beast mode activated this quarter
Breezey: But Bruce said he cut a swathe @ Cusch
wadaramus: FU Taranto.
calboye: gee tarantos score has exploded
CBeezDeez: LoL Placebo!
Costanza: grand taranto
Heizenberg: Thanks cbeez
poido123: what was wrong with that tackle? BS
PieBoy: onya tarranty
Heizenberg: I should do more research on it
DanBlack: Dahl is winding up here. Getting hungry
BeastMode: StevieBEEEEES loves a taranto
Yelse: omg can’t loophole tarranto and got dal who won’t break 100
Pokerface: woods starting to explode too
ballbag: who’s the tough lil pipsqueek with the scone protector?
franklyfun: Cousober (i.e. not me) screenshot TheBoy89’s team to analyze ents for the rest of this weekend.
zadolinnyj: Green a muppet
Ladbrokes_: Clobbered him on the nose. Complete flog Green
PieBoy: greeney gonna get a couple
daniel87: dirty green
Ash777: goodbye greene
Pokerface: greenes in trouble there
LMartos: Why does Toby Greene need to do that, so stupid
luke394: of course after I trade Taranto out
BeastMode: bloody hell green brainfade
Costanza: lucky it’s not a Giant wood
leorosman_: Toby Greene will have a couple of weeks off now!
heppelitis: gonski thug
zadolinnyj: Caleb Daniel @ballbag
Heizenberg: Completely unnecessary greene
CBeezDeez: I enjoy it Heiz.i got 1st in one game last but jot the round and got Jack Shower for it!
Blaknight: Evening lads. So glad I didn’t trade Greene in this week.
franklyfun: Meant someone sober to screenshot TheBoy89’s team to analyze his comments from hereon in.
Pokerface: hehe Cos
ballbag: Greene’s a self centred flog. a bit like Buckley was
sfmmp23: Greene’s luck should run out now
zadolinnyj: Toby Greene is like the angry mitget in the movie elf
travo: i literally just thought Greene might be a sneaky for the brownlow
zadolinnyj: *midget
BestCoast: And the Bont tons up
TheBoy89: My midfield is all preumim
Costanza: looked like Greene hit the ball first?
Heizenberg: That’s strange c beez
9inch: Green should of been suspended kast week. Dirty lil shit
Pokerface: @ballbag *is
poido123: thanks for nothing greene you idiot
AngryRyno: someone like Greene is never gonna win the brownlow, not in umps good book
TheBoy89: Please give Greene 3 weeks+
myteamsuks: Greene may get off cos the ball is right there.
heppelitis: shaw and dollhouse good work
PieBoy: dodged a bullet with greene was going to bring him in, his punchable face swayed me
Raspel31: Not with the other arm swinging Const
tankin: if it wasnt greene wouldnt have been report
Breezey: Nothing in it Toby. You’ll be right.
ballbag: that Caleb Daniels got big fucken aggits!!
wadaramus: Gee whiz the AFL is getting soft as fuck. Scott Thomson drives his elbow into Dangers face and gets fuck all.
Heizenberg: No way Constanta straight in the mo
luke394: have a holiday Toby u flog
runt: Greene has been trying to get a holiday for some reason. Must have family problems.
zadolinnyj: Never heard the word preumim @TheBoy89. Won’t look the word up. Must mean shower
Heizenberg: In the mouth*
TheBoy89: Frank I’ll see you my team
CBeezDeez: Green will surely get off for the AFL Giants!
Pokerface: 7 touches now seems to have got wood moving
BOMBRBLITZ: Dollar Sign for Taranto
Yelse: bont had to frees against and doesn’t lose much at all wonder why
wadaramus: Greene does fuck all and we call for weeks?
Heizenberg: Mouth*
9inch: Watching the game and tought Taranto has been crap. Oh well
runt: Greene should get 2 months for looking rather stupid
TheBoy89: Hah mate I’m averaging 2102 don’t know what you’re on about
Hoot: Angry midget haha
zadolinnyj: I love all the padding Caleb Daniel has and he copped it in the face
tankin: cuz champion data have bont captain yelse
luke394: Daniel went off as a result wadaramus so that may hurt if the medical report is bad
Heizenberg: Marcus Adams my only let down 🙁
jxxxxk: I traded Taranto out last week for Viney ahahaha
Costanza: Patton it gently with 1 hand ball
tankin: blue moon for taranto
cusch1: He should miss one week considering he got off lightly with a stupid headbutt on his record
runt: Thats what Shaw meant to say to Papley.
Heizenberg: Greens ack not as embarrassing as stupid Dennis commeru in the woolworhs ads
pcaman2003: Greene u spud….big last qtr, or else
zadolinnyj: Lol runt
Pokerface: oh the tin foil hats are back now bont is playing. great.
StuL: A bare a((e for TT for those that traded him out. Really wasn’t sure he’d be back. Preuss also ‘rested’, now dust.
jxxxxk: Im averaging 2230
Gotigres: Haha Heiz
Heizenberg: cmon fuckin Marcus fuckin Adams. Please man
nicho1: Greene the new Thomas
TheBoy89: Nice jxxxxk
Heizenberg: Haha tigers 🙂
Pokerface: Im averaging 2231
Breezey: Umps shower me saying that. You’ve been treading a fine line for a couple of weeks
zadolinnyj: Adams an unusual choice mate? He looked good forward few weeks ago
cusch1: Ridiculous free kick against Mummy there
franklyfun: @ TheBoy89, I’m in a local cash league, $250 buy in. Don’t care about you all premium mid, worried about 17 in my league
tankin: these umps are so biased to dogs
ballbag: mummy is a fucken idiot!!! always crunching young guys for nothing
Heizenberg: Why breezy? Seems a legit explanation to me
cusch1: On second thought, after seeing libba not getting up might be more in it
Ash777: mumford a week too
BestCoast: @nicho1 nobody is like FLOG Thomas
Yelse: why doesn’t anyone man up on bont seriously
Heizenberg: Yeah I know sad I always go one unique and pray haha
myteamsuks: Mummy is a dog piles him into ground clearly injuring him n then ruffles him up while hurt
zadolinnyj: About 80 ahead of me poker. Wmy paid
TheBoy89: I’m gonna vc bont
Heizenberg: Thought withband ebd to end game he may just score well
boofjb57: 130kg landing on you ofcourse ya gonna be sore
luke394: love the Bont!
wadaramus: Free kicks for good tackles now?
zadolinnyj: Doing well now my paid league but terrible for site ranking so far this year
Ladbrokes_: That was only dangerous because it was Mumford.
carlton_99: You can only feel sorry for Libba, but if Mumford gets sanctioned for that tackle I will no longer follow the AFL.
Heizenberg: Zad*
Schillaci: Bont is a champ.
ballbag: @bestcoast what about zempliss & razor buddy?
Heizenberg: Poor libba 🙁
Breezey: I agree with Carey there. Shouldn’t be making statements like that. It begs of bias against him .
boofjb57: Agree carlton.
Heizenberg: I agree Carlton, not suspension worthy
Heizenberg: Maybe breezy……
myteamsuks: I think the free was for the strangle on him while on the ground
pcaman2003: Start scoring Kelly and Grene
luke394: Bont going 140+
Breezey: Can’t see Libba getting back.
zadolinnyj: Agreed carlton
ballbag: LoL!! idiots. he lifted him off the ground. hell get weeks
poido123: i have Greene and i think he is gone
StuL: Love the Bont.
sfmmp23: Thank you vc bont
TheBoy89: Since Greene was at the top of my list… macrae or tom lynch
tankin: bont gets 140 for putting his boots on
Thedude24: Traded in Greene this week. Im so fucking annoyed
fonzie: gun for bont
JButcher: Macrae 100% TheBoy
carlton_99: @ballbag, sorry but he didn’t lift him in tacklet the only reason the ump paid the free was cause of the concussion.
lisapizza7: Menagola got a week and hodge did not even go off the field
Hoot: Locking Bont as Capt… thanks CD
Seb78: Cmon johanissen
cusch1: Muppet Wood
Ladbrokes_: Don’t like tom lynch in terms of sc. If he doesn’t kick many goals he won’t contribute much else
calboye: where has jj gone
Pokerface: 50m wood
zadolinnyj: Good game here
StuL: Greene will get 2.
zadolinnyj: Dahl to kick the winner
TheBoy89: Lloyd or tuohy
Breezey: Get Greene@Boy. You’ve got plenty of premos anyway.
Costanza: wood pumped up
BestCoast: @ballbag BT has been inducted into the Flog club as well
Manowar: Get back on the ground Liberatore…
zadolinnyj: Dahl lucky then. Mummy could have smashed him
Costanza: or just over-excited and went early
Pokerface: get in there wood
cusch1: Libba is 99% likely to be done for the night considering he has 20 minutes offthrough concussion
calboye: haynes rock?
ballbag: @bestcoast officially? he was always there. he was always there! king flog that BT!
zadolinnyj: Does the 20 min rule still exist without sub replacement?
cusch1: BT would be legend status by now in that illustrious club
Breezey: The General delivers.
westy501: how good is patton!
zadolinnyj: Just saw that ad Heiz. You are correct
StuL: JJ not moved since half time. Good.
Gotigres: Cameron 3 pts since half time
pcaman2003: Greene fallen apart.Cold as ice.
StuL: Come on dogs. Come on pigs, beat those gougers!
BestCoast: Carn Dogggggies don’t pluck my multi
ballbag: @gotigers Cameron 3 pts since you said that
Ladbrokes_: macrae you silly bugger
wadaramus: Deadset AFL umpiring is pathetic.
TheBoy89: Fuck off greene you dirty shit
Wends: Evening all. C’mon Timmeh! Don’t stop now!
Gotigres: Blue moon for Haynes
runt: very few people have Wood
Breezey: Good boy Toby.
zadolinnyj: Evening wends
Yelse: come taranto get us more cash
Gotigres: yes ballbag. He’s powering along now
Pokerface: @runt i have wood
wadaramus: Suck on that Greene haters.
Heizenberg: I picked giants by 33, let’s see
m0nty: Patton does the Babe Ruth then Greene delivers the knuckleball.
zadolinnyj: Dahl hurt after smother
Heizenberg: Hahaha thanks zad
Manowar: Greene running hot now
pcaman2003: About time Greene.
Pokerface: and im looking for a big finish from wood here
Heizenberg: Ohhhhhhh toasted cheese xD
Heizenberg: Hi wends
runt: If I was amartian I may have some idea what you are talking about Mr Monty
LMartos: All my players doing well but Dahlhaus hurt and Greene gone for at least 1 probably 2
Ash777: dahl might be out for a week
zadolinnyj: Imagine bonts ore if he ever was in the game the whole 4 quarters
Ash777: dahl might be out for a week or 2 with that
ballbag: @ m0nty LoL knuckleball. reminds me of being mothballed
Yelse: dal nooo 🙁
Wends: Evening Heiz n zado… wrist or arm strain/break for dahl?
Wends: *sprain
zadolinnyj: Hope no break
preki1: greene and dahlhaus there goes my fucking forwardline next week.
Heizenberg: How are you wends?
malteaser: ooch
BeastMode: those splits had me cringing hard
Pokerface: come on bt, richo. groin jokes are not funny
TheBoy89: lol big daddy??
LMartos: Haynes that is so cringe to watch, would hurt so much
thommoae: Anybody noticed how much the Umps love the Bulldogs? Anyone?
Heizenberg: Ouch Haynes
Heizenberg: Me too beast mode
Costanza: Wood needs Bruce to squeeze it
Breezey: I’ll go with ya Thommoae
Stu7: What’s happened to Macrae???
StuL: 14k, “big crowd “. Upgrade the ground or flower off.
zadolinnyj: Dark back out there tackling
Wends: Feeling restrained Heiz, keeping away from the trade button. How’s yourself?
Heizenberg: Haha cool and yeah not bad wends xD
Heizenberg: Though I didn’t do SC his year
runt: Dahlhaus is all heart
ballbag: sc is boring with no trading. avging 2250 & got 27 trades left
Ladbrokes_: Christ that was a shank form boyd
BeastMode: cmon bont, game winnning goal for me SC
a1trader: thats why he’s the $1m dollar man
Wends: It’s called delaying gratification ballbag 🙂
zadolinnyj: Seriously if the kick goes 50 metres it should not be deliberate
malteaser: giants win
tankin: umps doing their best to get dogs over line
BeastMode: gg
daniel87: mcrae gets robbed by sc agaijn
ballbag: dogs threw that game away 3 qtrs ago
StuL: Flower AFL umps are useless. Free to Mcrae missed then a wrong 50 to decide it.
runners47: Dogs kicked the shape of their hind legs – cost them the game
myteamsuks: McRae needs to learn to hit a target 53%
Wends: Nice one Timmeh!
runt: 9.19 wont win many games
PLACEBOPIE: boyd dud 😀
ballbag: @wends it better be worth it holding out then
wadaramus: Not quite enough for the VC loop on Heater.
a1trader: did Camerons score drop from 1/2 time to full time?
Wends: It’s a wierd schaudenfraude when everyone in yr league’s out of trades…
TyCarlisle: whats your supercoach team name @ballbag
ballbag: timmeh tarantinos best performance
dtownsend: HI they missed a +1 for mumford for free kick for. who do we contact
luke394: have an enjoyable couple of weeks off Greene u flog
poido123: cant believe people would pick up cameron for SC or DT lol

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