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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Chat log for Hawthorn vs St Kilda, R6 of 2017

Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt appears to be unwell in the warm up today (via FoxFooty)
TheBoy89: mitchell 150
PLACEBOPIE: I have 22 premo’s on field no one under 500k
McSpud: no you dont
tbrowne: Come on O’meara i kept my faith in you son
ballbag: @tbrowne LOL
TheBoy89: bopie i have 22 premo’s over 501K
heppelitis: i have 22 shit trucks
pcaman2003: Have the VC on Mitchell this week with the loophole. Have him and Steele. Big scores please boys.
DrSeuss: Burton? You out there?
Pokerface: 3 tackles steele already. atta boy
TheBoy89: I’m vc bont
Costanza: Saints looking pacey
man0005: pacey…you mean fast?
pcaman2003: @theboy89….good thinking. I like it.
JButcher: I need hodge to fail
fonzie: Comn shiels big game
Pokerface: no i think they mean saints look like his best mate in dawsons creek
JockMcPie: Go Roo and Titch, Steele for a mare
DrSeuss: Anyone spotted Burton in this game?
Pokerface: especially montagna
Gotigres: yes vc Titchell
SC_brAh: Need Stratton and O’Meara to stay low, Steele to go ape!
PLACEBOPIE: roberton looks good for 6th defender
pcaman2003: Go Titch. I need it.Opponent has Bont VC.
Crowls: steele ape +1
man0005: steele ape +2
PLACEBOPIE: 3 tackles already steele
pcaman2003: Surely no one still has O’Meara?
luke394: missed a roughy handball
Crowls: long way back for jom
CamT: Burton has spent plenty of time on the bench
PLACEBOPIE: please let us know if pruess gets late call so i can throw nankervis back to fwds 🙂 cheers
JockMcPie: Is Roberton relevant…?
DrSeuss: Cheers CamT
PLACEBOPIE: Pies should pinch him.we gave them freeman + Brown 😀
frenzy: has to be, Jockmcpie
cobrakai00: give Podge the bin already
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch…’ve stopped.
Hooks: Titch is average how does he get points
PLACEBOPIE: go burton steele stay down roughy i got rid of you 😀
StuL: Go Steele. What a beast.
luke394: Steele did this last week 65 half time and got 80
PLACEBOPIE: O’meara could be a worst get than mayne 😀 for what they gave up
rocketjack: go roughy
StuL: I have faith. He will turn a good start in to a big score one day. Today looks good.
JockMcPie: @Placebo at least we got a good VFL player, they got a benchwarmer
ballbag: roughy is done!!!! AFL is past you big fella. You will have to captiain from the seconds.
luke394: I hope StuL he’s been a handy POD down forward so far
TheBoy89: told u mitchell will get 150
the worm: i wondre if coming back from cancer is tougher than coming back from a knee
SilverLion: Watch Steele fail to ton up again…
Ben_Gogos: @the worm it must be.
Ben_Gogos: Roughy not done however, not many opportunities for key forwards at the Hawks atm
Pokerface: roughy not really just stuck in the front 50…
the worm: agree 100% ben
the worm: how did lance armstrong come back so well from cancer, oh thats right, nevermind
ballbag: @theworm I dont roughy has the concern of cancer worrying him like a knee would
Ben_Gogos: @Pokerface I think you’ll find that its about a 90/10 fwd-mid split.
Ben_Gogos: @ballbag cancer would effect everything. Your strength, your cardiovascular system, your mental state, exc.
man0005: Another brilliant off-season decision making Roughead captain. Undroppable now
ballbag: @gogos dont be ridiculous
Pokerface: man0005 – but out (managed) will still be acceptable.
the worm: @ballbag dont be ridiculous
Ben_Gogos: @ballbag I’m very aware of how serious cancer can be.
PieBoy: onya steeley
frenzy: Jaeger woken, bugger
PLACEBOPIE: go burton 😀
Hoot: Everyone was saying Fisher Fisher Fisher… the ones that went Hardwick showing the biggest smiles now.
SilverLion: Early days Hoot
luke394: Fisher will be ok he has a crack
SilverLion: Steele has a nack of coming in and out of games
Ben_Gogos: There was a difference of 100k between the two iirc. So not sure they’re in the same convo.
SilverLion: @Ben In SC, difference was 17k
BzBman8: Roberton the real deal this year?
Hoot: I was talking SC sorry.
LMartos: Reckon Steele should be on more considering he had 39 SC to 29 DT at QT
luke394: surely Steele goes 110+ today
LMartos: Roberton turned it on this year, reckon he’d be worth a punt as a POD, could be quite expensive next week though
SilverLion: @LMartos its because he did nothing for 10 minutes. You lose points when you stop in SC. Hence my earlier statement 😛
ballbag: wheres roughys score? ohh there it is. right at the bottom with 24 pts at HT. awesome
Costanza: Dal Santo high talker
Ben_Gogos: @SilverLion ahh okay thanks for that mate
StuL: Jom and rough both suck, that’s good.
JButcher: Should I trade out Johannisen to Roberton?
SilverLion: @Ben Anytime 🙂
luke394: Frawley is a massive spud
SilverLion: Got Mitch and Steele, surely 220+ from the two?
LMartos: That is one of the most pathetic efforts I’ve ever seen from Josh Gibson, sick of him this year
luke394: Gibson has always been a sheep dog LMarthos he’s just getting found out this year
pcaman2003: @SilverLion…Let’s hope so.Mitch to go really big though for my VC loophole
9inch: Hawks really are done.
poido123: hate to own JOM, Swallow and Roughy lol
LMartos: Gibson is a great switch player but as soon as it becomes a contested battle he can’t stand up
pcaman2003: @9inch. I’d have to agree. Making too many erors.
luke394: hawks are shocking
Ben_Gogos: Gibson predictably in decline, has been for some time. Age does that.
LMartos: players don’t want to work hard
sfmmp23: Hawthorn supporters were back for a week, they will go back into hiding after this.
LMartos: I though Gibson had one of his best seasons last year
sfmmp23: Tmitch was a great pick-up though, didn’t think he could handle the pressure but he has done really well
Ben_Gogos: Not wanting to work hard lacks a bit of analysis. Hawks have aged and lost quality. The long term view has been taken.
poido123: so sweet to see the hawks done 🙂
LMartos: I wasn’t able to go last week Ben but I went to the Geelong and Adelaide games and it was pretty clear that once
DrSeuss: Burton back on the bench? Hasn’t touched it this quarter
GJayBee: Mitchel, Sydney are on the phone, saying that they love you and want you back.
LMartos: we turn over there isn’t anyone pushing themselves hard enough to get back, always jogging in the middle
Costanza: O’Smeara gets a kick
Ben_Gogos: @sfmmp23 Titch has done well from a fantasy perspective, wasn’t great for that first month football wise. #butcher
pcaman2003: @poida123….Yep! Sick of premiership glory.We’ll give someone else a go.
SilverLion: Star for Roberton, even this early.
Yelse: omega waste of space if you ask me… doesn’t get much SC for anything he does
shaker: O’Smeara did not realize he was related to Papley
9inch: Far out, why did I think Roughy would have a good one. Bad choice trading out Parfitt instead. 🙁
pcaman2003: Gibbo!….you suck big time..retire now ,please.
duckky: Roberton flying – wish I brought him in
SilverLion: Surely, SURELY, Steele tons up from here.
poido123: Is this seriously what Omeara wants to give a club that gave him everything to come over? what a money grabbing POS
luke394: hawks making the saints look like a good side here
chris7399: Tackle count 50-29 says it all really. Steele has triple the amount of the best Hawks player. No effort from the Hawks
luke394: Jack Steele getting robbed by SC here
SilverLion: Give that man the star god dang it
ballbag: the hawks really have landed on their knees
Karlpov: id be pretty angry if i was a hawks fan – seeing this performance clearly the players don’t care
DrSeuss: Steele killing it, Burton…not so much
Costanza: coming up to 20 more scoring shots!
travo: time for the witches hats ?
pcaman2003: @karlpov…too right I’m angry. This is a very soft effort
chris7399: Getting beaten by the inside mid team of Steven, Stevens, Steele, Ross and Acres. What a shambles
wadaramus: Yep, get the witches hats out.
luke394: regretting keeping roughy
poido123: there will be a few big name hawks out next week. id guess gibson and omeara could be out.
9inch: Who picked the Hawks?
poido123: could add frawley too
DrSeuss: FFS Burton do something
Ben_Gogos: Huge junk from Titch there
StuL: This is awesome. Spoonthorn!
grossn: @9inch *with tears in eyes, slowly raises hand*
gers: witches hats please
chris7399: JOM 1 contested possesion. TMitch 3 tackles as an inside mid. Roughead 1 mark. Witches hats plz
Karlpov: spuds for the hawks
Barniclez: keep going saints, lovely to watch
oc16: geez there are some cringe comments on here
travo: @ 9 inch … yep i did not sure why
SilverLion: Cacti for the hawks imo
Pokerface: saints ensuring they get the no.1 draft pick
chris7399: Im a saints fan and this is just a bad display of footy. We are not playing great, hawks just no heart
SilverLion: If Steele doesn’t ton up from here I quit SC.
duckky: Saints to get #1 draft pick. Love it.
travo: witches hats, spuds, or catus pick one
9inch: When your ruck out scores your entire fwd line combined things are not good.
travo: lol saints playing for pick 1 with a 15 goal win
cold pies: Roughead and Omeara w
travo: shizer
DMS774: WestCoast must be hurting knowing they lost to Hawthorn!
grossn: Even collingwood could beat hawthorn lmao
poido123: misssss
pcaman2003: How does Mitch only get 2 pts for a mark and kick to adv.?
Pokerface: they are down by 11 goals pcaman.. anything now has no influence on the match
pcaman2003: @pokerface….doesn’t answer my question.
Pokerface: yes it does. junk time points are worth way less
TheBoy89: come on titch 130+
Ben_Gogos: Thats the first time Roughead has started in the ruck this season.
pcaman2003: You’re telling me a mark and kick to adv is only 2 points then?
GJayBee: I wouldn’t mind the CD bias in SC if they just told us the teams they have so we could all adjust.
Costanza: Hawks pushing for a spot in AFLW
Pokerface: no i’m not. but the sc points don’t get added at exaclty the same time as dt points
luke394: Roughy storming home for a 70
Pokerface: what i am telling you is stop whinging about sc scoring.
poido123: Omeara is useless hack
Sloaneyyyy: so glad I traded out Heath Shaw for Roberton 2 weeks ago, best trade i’ve done all year so far
Erich1036: @pcaman2003 what type of kick was it? 40+ metres is worth 5 points, short 2 points and backwards 1
pcaman2003: I’m not whinging,but trying to understand di..head
luke394: pcaman, pokerface is exactly right, junk possess when your down by 11 goals means less points and saints points inflated
Ben_Gogos: Perhaps the greatest muppet of all time for Bruce. Misses from 1m directly in front!
wadaramus: Now thats a great trade Sloaney.
Sloaneyyyy: just need to get myself in my team now, but i’m playing so well I can’t afford myself
tbrowne: my mate legit has Roberton as C wtf
Costanza: half the Saints could ton up here
wadaramus: Don’t clock off just yet Steele.
Pokerface: have hawthorn had 1 player win their position today outside mcevoy?
luke394: 120 Steele cmon
bones351: @SilverLion good to Steele finish the job this week.
SilverLion: @PF Mitchell has 31 possies, not sure if ya call that a win, but certainly not a bad game.
SilverLion: @bones351 Yes indeed mate haha
DrSeuss: Burton – nice 2nd half noob
Pokerface: @SL the saints mids have had it alot.. mitchell should have more than 4 tackles.
Pokerface: how long are you forcing Bruce to wear that muppet. That’s a long penance!
sfmmp23: Hawks are woeful
TheBoy89: shaw or lloyd or tuohy
colin wood: Time left guys?
wadaramus: Carn Burton, get some junk man.
luke394: 1 min colinwood
luke394: Roughy doubled his score in the last won’t leak as much cash now luckily :/
DrSeuss: Burton -> Ro-Boberton after this showing.
Hoot: Hows that Fisher over Hardwick trade going?
Zeratul: Cmon buddy, never too lte to kick a few quickies!

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